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Romney Caught Cheating. Campaign Over. Obama vs Paul

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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by Doalrite

Originally posted by flyswatter

Originally posted by Doalrite

Originally posted by flyswatter

Originally posted by Doalrite
A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.... its that simple.. both have the same policies and will have the same agenda

Ron Paul is the only sane choice
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Yup, because Ron Paul is SO much better than anything else out there, right? I like Obama, but I dont think that he's been a great President. Romney? I can put his religion aside, but I cannot stomach the love of outsourcing or his abortion stance. Paul? My God, I'd move to Australia.

Why is Ron Paul so terrible? Facts please

Why do I think he is so bad? I'll toss a few things out there, but by no means is this a comprehensive list:

Support of a high federal sales tax
Stance vs. gay marriage
Support of withdrawal from NATO
Stance on abortion
Support of Dont Ask, Dont Tell

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I disagree with his views on all of the above. Not trying to convince anyone that they need to see it my way (dont need to, he isnt gonna win anything). But you asked, so I answered.

Gay marriage.. he has his religous beliefs and stands by them
We are NATO... yes we shouldn't be supporting Nato or fighting illegal wars.. bring all our soliders home
He has delivered more babies than anyone in office.. he says its a states right issue not federal
Dont ask don't tell is a good option.. I've been in the military and know how they think

No federal income tax would be good, but his way of making up the money for losing the income tax is the federal sales tax. The impact on the less-than-fortunate would be bad, and it certainly would not help the economy.

If two people want to get married, I dont care. Whatever flips their trigger. It is absolutely NOT something in my future plans, but I have no right to tell someone else they cant. I dont want his religious belief of this to dictate policy on the matter.

Yes, we should support NATO. Our decisions to send troops overseas have been suspect at times, no doubt. But bring all soldiers home immediately? It would basically be the catalyst for starting World War III.

And I really dont care how many babies he has delivered. I dont like the fact that he would leave it up to the states, but then turn around and attempt to pass a federal sanctity of life law. Its a woman's choice, and while I would never ask someone to have an abortion, it is a right that a woman should have up to a certain point.

And dont ask dont tell is HORRIBLE. So you've been in the military and "know how they think," congratulations. That doesnt make this a good idea. Boot a person out for admitting they are gay? Very, very wrong.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 02:17 PM
As a Canadian, i only see news, im not actually there.. my opinion from the outside is... Ron Paul seems to be someone who would be good president at the same time, i think Obama did good as a president, remember he had to clean up the previous presidents mess, all the -$ is transferred/related to previous president.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 02:12 PM
A vote for Romney is the only way to stop the fast NWO's that simple.

Obama has moved too fast and failed at trying to kill off the small business climate.
He has created more problems than TPTB want.

The local economies may be vulnerable to the worldwide agenda, but not as much if left intact and be allowed to recover from the recent attempts to install the NWO at lower levels.

"Individualism" is still necessary because they have failed to completely indoctrinate enough people.

Back to the drawing board as they say. They have not re-educated enough common people to serve the NWO on their terms.

TPTB know Obama & Co. has failed to achieve their goals as promised.

They will regroup with Romney and we will have a generation or two before we see the final NWO takeover at localized economic levels.

Romney will "start" a new 30-year cycle.

Ron Paul lacks the support of TPTB.

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