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The Jewish Problem: World's Oldest Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:26 PM
It's time for me to write a post proving the ghastly agenda perpetuated against the Jewish people by societies elites.

When I say elites, I mean it in the sense that Plato, Aristotle and others meant it: the philosophical amongst mankind, as opposed to the men ruled by their passions.

So philosophically, what is meant by "antisemitism"?? What IS antisemitism at a philosophical level? Lets shrink this question into a microcosm, into the individual...I'll use myself for an example. Everyday I struggle with sexual fantasies due to an overactive libido. I try with all my might to contain these desires and prevent their expression - at least beyond what's reasonable. This limitation and restriction made by consciousness is instigated by something we call the "conscience".

Now, the conscience is an obscure thing. Generally, it refers to the application of reason upon external events; "I shouldn't do this" or that, because it is unjust, unfair. This is a thought motivated by conscience. But beyond this, conscience 'encroaches' upon things which some people adamantly feel it has no right to delegate on. For instance, sexuality. A utilitarian would argue that sex is good because it's serves a purpose, that is, promotes happiness. Happiness is good as long as it doesn't harm others; therefore, sexuality - to whatever extent - as long as it promotes happiness is a good thing. Moving to another side of the world, the east, in Tantra, the 'left hand path' of Hindu religious thinking, ALL THINGS are in themselves holy; unlike in the more austere forms of religious feeling, the Tantrist holds the body to be sacred, and so, all things, sex, food, wine, are indulged in as a MEANS towards divinity. It seems very counterintuitive, and some would argue, a devilish deception of the ego, but, it's maintained, that Shakti can be united with Shiva through a conscious engagement with physicality.

Both sides of this spectrum, the utilitarian, and the mystic, share this basic viewpoint; there is nothing wrong with unrestrained sexuality. To the former, it serves the needs of the self, to the latter, it is sacred and good and indeed a necessary part of the universal harmony between masculine and feminine; to oppose sexuality, to pontificate about 'morality' and above all, to insist that sex should be limited to the marriage - such a thing is vile idiocy to the 'awakened' illuminate; the gnostic, sufi, taoist, tantrist, shaivite, neoplatonist, hermeticist, and so on, share this common view.

Now, no religion insists on the sanctity of sexuality like Judaism has. It's the basis of it's religious logic; not Shakti - Not the feminine, or SEX, is to be worshiped; that shall not be the measure of proper devotion. The Jew feels that there is something beyond the power of sex more deserving of worship. The Jewish religion, however it was founded, discovered man in his true existential situation; it didn't philosophize before analyzing this situation. Man was put into a world that BEGS the question, how did I come to be?? Because this question forces itself upon man, more deeply and necessarily than 'sex' compels man to reproduction, this force, this wonderment, deserves to be thought over. Eventually, it was discovered that man was created by God; this creation, however, is not impersonal, as it appears in most other pagan religions, but vehemently personal, vociferously mutual; God GIVES to man life, and faithfully provides man with all his needs. To the Jew, this seemed to mirror mans own relationship to the female; a man seeks a wife, and together, they live as one. Correspondingly, God, who gives, is like the man, and man, who receives his daily bread from God, is like the female. This focus brought into perception the extremely lofty, and at that time, highly radical idea of faithfulness, loyalty and fidelity. A love between a man and wife is monogamous and private because God needs man the way man needs God. It is a relationship based on trust and mutual regard. Thus, the conscience entered the sphere of the sexual (just as a side note, I am not saying that sexual modesty is a Jewish invention; its just that the Jews made it a national mandate) and since that time, the Jews have been at odds with their pagan neighbors.

Whether in the biblical episodes of their oppression in Egypt, their disputes with the Philistines, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylonians, or in their historically verifiable skirmishes with the Selecuid Greeks, and the Romans - the pagans have made it a item on their agenda to get rid of this people and in their minds, their virulent influence on pagan society.

It's been argued that just before the turn into the common era that as much as 10% of the roman empire was Jewish, or, according to Seneca "The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors.". The Jews were apparently active in proselytism, consciously engaged in a agenda to change the spiritual focus of mankind away from the licentiousness of pagandom, towards a conscientious lifestyle where sexuality would be controlled, instead of worshiped.

So that explains pagan antisemtism, but what about Christianity? Why did the early Christians, the Western Christian empire - the Byzantians, evict all Jews living in Jerusalem? Perhaps St. Paul could provide an answer to that question. The philosophically astute will see what he means when he says:

6 But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code.
7 What shall we say, then? Is the law sinful? Certainly not! Nevertheless, I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “You shall not covet.”[a] 8 But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting. For apart from the law, sin was dead.

I would not know what sin was were it not for the law, seems to mean, the concept of "law" creates the concept of "sin". If we just "follow the spirit", we can rid ourselves of the law. It's hard really to argue with the Valentinians who accepted St Paul as their spiritual teacher, the founder of the 'inner christianity' of gnosis, the Christianity meant for the pneumatics, versus the Christianity preached by Peter, the simple, "demiurgic" approach meant for the bulk of the masses, called the psychics.

In essence, the spirituality propounded by Paul in these 3 verses coincides with the ethos preached in the East; there is no evil, there is no such thing as moral corruption; there is only gnosis - knowledge of the primal unity - and ignorance of that primal unity.

The Jews thus stand to one side, with the rest of the world on the other.

I've taken the time assemble some quotes from relevant authorities on esotericism and history. Perhaps they will open up my argument to the reality of what I'm asserting. First, let's look at Islam. It's imagined - quite falsely - that Islam is just like Judaism....But that is a very superficial assessment. Islam, even moreso than Christianity emphasizes the absolute 'undifferentiation' of Allah, who as at once the Godhead and Creator, which in itself is a contradiction. To conflate the former with the letter essentially identifies the latter with the former. Hence, Islams coldly fatalistic attitude, and its sometimes sheer disregard for morality, particularly when some moral issue hinders the end pursued by Islam as stated in the Quran.

In addition to what Abraxas has written, I wish to emphasize two points. The first point is that along the path of high magic there is no need, in following a discipline, to initially acknowledge the notions of “good” and “evil” in a moral sense. This may be necessary for a passive spirit, in whom the function of command is totally lacking: it is only because he does not find this function in himself that he seeks it elsewhere, wishing to be commanded. A being who is complete and integrated on the basis of being two (as Abraxas mentioned before) can create in himself the power to command and the power to obey, which are both absolute… Abraxas has pointed out that in order for the mystical way to yield good results from an initiatic point of view, it is necessary, at a certain point, to effect a role reversal. This reversal applies to the state in which, once the duality is created, the divine image embodying the higher self stands before the mystic as another being. Interestingly, in Islamic esotericism there is a technical term indicating this change: shath. Shath literally means “exchange of roles” and expresses the point in which the mystic absorbs the divine image so fully that he feels it as his own self, and feels his earlier self as something foreign. The divine image then speaks from him. In Islam there are “sure signs” to recognize cases in which the shath has objectively occurred, as opposed to just being a matter of individual self suggestion (e.g., the case of Ibn Arabi). However, we should warn that esoteric truths that are experienced in this new condition must be kept secret, since they are dangerous for simply believers. Apparently, the death suffered by El Hallaj, who is nevertheless regarded as one of the main teachers of esoteric Islam (Sufism), was due to the violation of this precept. – Julius Evola and the Ur Group, Introduction to Magic, pg. 57-58, Inner Traditions

Niffari, who incarnates esotericism in the truest sense of the word, and not a will- conditioned and still largely exoterist pre-esotericism, bore the following testimony: “Allah said to me: Formulate thy petition to me thus: Lord, how must I attach myself firmly to Thee so that on the day of my judgement Thou wilt not punish me or turn Thy face from me? Then I (Allah) shall answer thee saying: Attach thyself to the Sunna in thine outward doctrine and practice, and attach thyself in thine inward soul to the Gnosis which I have given thee, for thou art one of those to whom I speak; thou hearest me, and thou knowest that thou hearest me, and thou seest that I am the source of all things”. The commentator on the passage remarks that the Sunna has a general application and that it makes no distinction between the seekers of a created reward and the seekers of the essence, and that it contains what any and every person may have need of. Another saying of Niffari: “And he said to me: My exoteric (zharari) revelation does not support my esoteric (batini) revelation”. And yet another, of an abrupt symbolism that needs to be understood: “The good actions of the pious man are as the bad actions of the privileged of Allah.” Which indicates as clearly as possible the relativity of certain elements of the Sunna and the relativity of the cult of the intermediate [strictly moral] Sunna. – Frithjof Schuon, Understanding Islam, pg. 99

As Schuon explains, there are two approaches to Allah; the ignorant requires the guidance and direction of Shari'a, while the mystic, the one awakened to the reality of the Godhead, follows his heart alone.

From a slightly different point of view, it might be objected that a quintessential and consequently very free interpretation of the Sunna could only concern a few Sufis and not the salikun, the “travelers”. We would say, rather, that this freedom concerns the Sufis insofar as they have transcended the world of forms; but it also concerns the salikun insofar as they follow the path of Gnosis inspired by the perspective that conforms to this path; by the nature of things, they are aware a priori of the relativity of forms, especially of some, so that a social formalism with sentimental undertones cannot be imposed on them. Frithjof Schion, Understanding Islam, pg. 101

God is the Absolute, the One before whom no relativity may even be said to exist. – Seyyed Hossein Nasr, The Garden of Truth, pg.35, HarperOne

Allah denotes at once Godhead and God as the divine person and Creator. It contains, therefore, both the impersonal and personal aspects of the divinity. – Seyyed Hossein Nasr, The Garden of Truth, pg.35, HarperOne

As human beings, we have the ability to reach the state of extinction and annihilation and yet have the conciousness that we are nothing in ourselves and that all being belongs to God. We can reach a state of unitive consciousness prior to bifurcation into object and subject. To reach such a state involves, according to certain Sufis, the three stages mentioned already: annihilation in the spiritual master, who represents the prophet; annihilation in the prophet, whom God has addressed directly; and finally, annihilation in God,. Also, in the divine order there are again three stages, that is, annihilation in Gods acts, in His Names and Qualities, and finally in his essence. That supreme level implies the annihilation of annihilation. (fana al-fana) which is also called subsistence (al-baqa) in God. This is the state that would be called in English spiritual union, although Sufism usually uses other terms. This state also corresponds to what certain other Oriental religious doctrines call the Supreme Identity. In this state one swims in the ocean of Divinity and Unity and could assert with Hallaj:

He am I who I love, He who I love is I, Two spirits in one single body dwelling.
So seest though me, then seest thou Him. And seest though Him, then seest though Us

– Seyyed Hossein Nasr, The Garden of Truth, pg.135, HarperOne

This is an important point which the philosopher Rene Guenon makes. When one religion transforms into another, for instance, when hellenistic greeks or pagans, left their old religions and accepted christianity, was their any real appreciable change, METAPHYSICALLY, in outlook?

These readaptations are no more than changes of form, which do not touch the essence of the tradition: with a metaphysical doctrine, only the expression can be modified, in a manner more or less comparable to a translation from one language into another; whatever be the forms it assumes for the sake of expressing itself – insofar as expression is possible – metaphysics remains one, just as truth itself is one. – Rene Guenon, The Essential Rene Guenon, pg 16-17, World Wisdom

Now I can touch on the juicy stuff. Manly P Hall, the esotericist and champion of world democracy, makes a crucial point: in order for there to be unity, there needs to be complete agreement.

Man has passed out of the stage of savagery and become a civilized creature with the development of social consciousness. Civilization is a collective state. In our collective type of life the isolationist is a detriment to himself and a menace to all others. - Manly P Hall, The Secret Destiny of America, pg. 23, Tarcher/Penguin

No people has been accused of being 'isolationist' more than the Jews, as Alice Bailey, the famous theosophist said:

The Jewish problem will be solved by the willingness of the Jew to conform to the civilization, the cultural background and the standards of living of the nation to which -- by the fact of birth and education -- he is related and should assimilate.

and again,

The evil karma of the Jew today [written in 1949] is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to the point of relinquishing material goals, of renouncing a nationality that has a tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries of other nations, and to express inclusive love instead of separative unhappiness..."(Ibid.)

Evil karma indeed; but who are the executors of Karmas wishes?? HMMM?? Mrs Bailey?? How convenient, to claim the Jews are bringing punishment upon themselves by "karma" yet human beings with complete free will, with the simple power of choosing not to be executioners, willfully engage in plots to dehumanize and destroy the Jewish people.

Peter Levenda notes that the murder of 6 million Jewish people, which 'surprise surprise' is being touted as an exaggeration or a flat out lie today (to just show how consistent these devils are), served no rational purpose for the Germans. Germany sacrificed it's military success to the liquidation of Europes Jews

The wholesale slaughter of the Jews and other “subhuman races” was of virtually no political or economic value to the Third Reich. On the contrary, the holocaust was an expensive and extremely problematic program. Vital resources were diverted from the war effort to the pursuit and execution of isolated, powerless groups of people who posed no real threat to the state. Human resources as well as valuable raw materials were wasted in the design, creation and maintenance of the death camps. There was no earthly reason for all this. It was not logical, not pragmatic. The holocaust could only be considered of value in a strictly metaphysical sense to the Nazis: they actually believed they were engaged in a spiritual struggle of truly divine proportions, that the Jews were the children of Satan – a subhuman species that, through its demonic collaboration with Freemasons and Communists, was intent on destroying the world and delivering its ashes to their lord and master, the father of lies. – Peter Levenda, Unholy Alliance, 363, Continuum

Here, Manly P Hall shows off his erudition, rightly asseverating that the Jewish religion is one "notable exception" with aims different from that of the rest of mankind:

Although this globe filled with the contents of material existence is being hurled through space to ultimate destruction, the secret philosophy of the ancients taught that it was possible for the individual to free himself from the swirling mass and by right of his own divinity break through the shell of the world egg and thereby achieve individual liberation. Upon this hypothesis nearly all the mysteries of ancient antiquity were established, a notable exception being the Jewish which taught that there was no liberation for one apart from all. - Manly P Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, pg. 85, Tarcher/Penguin

The Jewish God is the demiurgus, the 'artificer' - the force responsible for the created world we see around us; but his 'screen' of creation deliberately conceals the ultimate unity beneath the surface

Man wandered hopelessly in the gloom of mortality, living and dying without light of understanding in his servitude to the demiurgus and his host of spirits. At last, the spirit of rebellion entered creation in the form of Lucifer, who in his guise of a serpent tempted man to revolt against the mandates of Jehovah (the demiurgus). – Manly P Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, pg. 163, Tarcher/Penguin

It is said in holy writ that none shall look upon the God of Israel and live. But Israel’s God was the Lord of another day, and woe unto him who shall turn back from this day to worship the irate gods of yesterday; for he shall parish from the narrowness of his own vision. - Manly P Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, pg. 238, Tarcher Penguin

Manly P Hall states it clearly. Man is God, and God is man. The Jewish religion is an anachronism, a 'dehumanization', or a degradation of mans rightful place: Man is the microcosm who assumes the prominence of the macrocosm when he perceives the unity of both himself and the cosmos.

The God of tomorrow stand’s forth in all it in its majesty of suns and moons and stars….This God is not hidden behind flowing draperies, nor are his ministers avenging angels. Unmoved by the passing of ages he contemplated the worlds that are his substance, and through his own mind in man seeks to probe the depth of his own reality…For what is the quest of knowledge but the God of man seeking the God in all? God is; man is. Therefore, man is God and God is man. - Manly P Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, pg. 238, Tarcher Penguin

This is a delicious quote. Manly P Hall observes that the pageantries of the catholic church are nothing more than recreations of ancient pagan ritual with a more or less similar meaning. Why the need? of course, the Christian religion accomplished an essential victory for the illuminists: it subverted Judaism, supplanted it's claim to originality. It essentially castrated it.

The early Church recognized, however, the peculiar efficacy of the pagan ceremonials as evidenced by the introduction of the mystery plays; for on the steps of the cathedrals even during the middle ages it was customary to enact episodes from the lives of Jesus and the twelve apostles. These pageantries were ostensibly to assist the ignorant in understanding the profundities of the faith. In reality, however, they were perpetuations of the ancient Gnostic practices which the church fathers outwardly opposed but inwardly accepted. – Manly P Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, pg. 380, Tarcher/Penguin

As Nietzsche stated

Not only is the bond between man and man sealed by the Dionysiac magic: alienated, hostile, or subjugated nature, too, celebrates her reconciliation with her lost son, man. The earth gladly offers up her gifts, and the ferocious creatures of the cliffs and the desert peacefully draw near…Now, with the gospel of world harmony, each man feels himself not only united, reconciled and at one with his neighbor, but one with him, as if the veil of maya had been rent and now hung in rags before the mysterious primal oneness. – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy, pg. 17, Penguin Classics

Dionysiac art, too, wishes to convince us of the eternal delight of existence – but we are to seek that delight not in phenomena themselves but behind phenomena. It wishes to acknowledge that everything that comes into being must be prepared to face a sorrowful end. It forces us to look at the terrors of individual existence, yet we are not to be petrified with fear. A metaphysical consolation wrests us momentarily from the bustle of changing forms. For a brief moment we really become the primal essence itself, and feel its unbounded lust for existence and delight in existence. Now we see the struggles, the torment, the destruction of phenomena as necessary, given the constant proliferation of the forms of existence forcing and pushing their way into life, the exuberant fertility of the world will. We are pierced by the raging goad of those torments just as we become one with the vast primal delight in existence and sense the eternity of that delight in Dionysiac ecstasy. For all our pity and terror, we are happy to be alive, not as individuals but as the single living thing, merged with it’s creative delight. – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy, pg. 80-81, Penguin Classics

Alain Danielou, the renowned indologist, pointed out something which appears to parallel the platonian concept of demiurge: Brahma, like the God Jehovah, falsely imagines himself to be "God" almighty

As the creating principle, Brahma is not usually worshiped. Mens aspirations go towards liberation or toward divine contemplation, and this leads them towards Siva or Vishnu. Brahma is worshiped by the angels, the seers, the lords of progeny, who are the entities upon whom rest the management and organization of the material universe. There are, however, representations of Brahma in most temples and his name is invoked in rituals. His image in Puskara, near Ajmeer in Rajputana.
The Skanda Purana (1.1.6; 3.2.9-15;3.1.12) gives a number of reasons why Brahma is not today an object of worship. One of them is that he was condemned by Siva never to be worshiped by mortals because he lied, pretending he had reached the summit of the linga of light. (ibid 1.1.6). - Alain Danielou, The Myths and Gods of India, pg. 235, Inner Traditions International.

He also noted a similarity between Shaivism and Islam. Both Shiava and Allah, are symbols for the Godhead, the black abyss, hence, the black Ka'aba of mecca which the Puranas regard as a symbol for Shiva.

Today, Shaivite concepts of spiritual life and Shaivite Yoga techniques are once more considered in Hinduism as the highest forms of religion and thought. In monastic life, the highest degrees of initiation are always Shaivite in character, as is the case in Mahayana Buddhism and even Islamic Sufism, which is derived from it…The data given in the Puranas on the religion, philosophy, rites and holy places of Shaivism have been confirmed by archeological research into the period that can be termed Indian proto-history…The sacred places mentioned are often difficult to identify, although usually they have been preserved by later religions, as for example Mecca (Sanskrit: Makheshvara) whose “black stone”, mentioned in the Puranas, was an emblem of Shiva. – Alain Danielou, Yoga: Mastering the Secrets of Matter and the Universe, pg. 13, Inner Traditions.

And these two quotes sum it all up. From Ananda Coomaraswamy

The doctrine of the Superman, whose virtue stands “beyond good and evil”, who is at once the flower and the leader and savior of men, has been put forward again and again in the world’s history. A host of names for this ideal occur in Indian literature: he is the Arhat (adept), Buddha (enlightened), Jina (conqueror), Tirthakara (finder of the ford), the Bodhisattva (incarnation of the bestowing virtue), and above all Jivan-mukta (freed in this life), whose actions are no longer good or bad, but proceed from his freed nature. – Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, The Dance of Siva, pg. 116, Dover Publications

The activity of genius is not an obedience to rules, but dedication to what is commanded from within, even thought it should appear evil to all others. – Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, The Dance of Siva, pg. 116, Dover Publications

It is amazing that only 70 years after the holocaust, Jews worldwide are being condemned for their insistence on memory of the holocaust. Books are being written left right and center, mostly from Jewish radical professors (norman finklestein, noam chomskey, to name two examples) castigating Jews for their 'manipulation' of the holocaust for the purpose of perpetuating their own holocaust against the palestinians (which alan dershowitz rightly calls an obscene comparison)... It's obscene. The entire thing, is obscene. Only a person so intellectually conceited, so full of himself, indeed, believes himself to be a god in his own right, could go to such an extreme to create the impression of the Jewish state as is being created today....Ignored is the stated claims of Irans extremist shi''ite government; ignored is Shi'itism altogether, as if the religious nature of teh state and the repetitive calls of it's leader for the coming of the 12 imam, were irrelevant.

It is mass psychosis occurring once again. And it works because so many intellectuals, public figures, are actively involved in the agenda. It is a metaphysical drama being put on display; the ultimate destruction of the Jewish people, their "nefarious" conscience which so chides and rubs in the wrong way the minds of those convinced on the unity of good and evil.

Whats being said about Israel today is grossly embellished, completely immoral. But who cares, right?? Who cares about all that I have written. Forget about the background and context for why the Jews are targeted. It's annoying that they exist! That they propagate a morality that is 'antedated'. The world is entering a new world order, the time of Shakti, of the divine feminine, of the supremacy of feeling over reason.

And this helps explain both the logic and iniquity of things like this:

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:37 PM
Why has this "piece" of work been posted in a political forum.

Go and join the rest over at the religion forums.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 02:24 PM
Most scholars estimate only 2% of Jews are Semitic; ‘Jews’ today are in fact, Khazarian. The Holocaust was namely about eradicating positive blood types so that negative blood types, those void of RH factors, would bring in the next root race. Depending on what one reads, one could argue there were more Jews after the Holocaust. Aligning oneself as a ‘Jew” is a mindset/belief system not an actual race. More Muslims have Semitic blood than Jews. Technically there is no such thing as Anti-Semitism as the ADL would like one to believe. Not everyone is naïve.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 08:07 PM
look up jewish autonomous oblast why o why dont they go back there as the world would be a quieter place & its a bit closer to home - pun intended ps wasnt yahuwe a volcano god

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by dontreally

Manly P Hall wrote this:

"I firmly believe that the karma of the Jew holds a gradual dying out of
racial persecution of Jews as a class in the degree and with the rapidity
that the Jew forgets he is a Jew and remembers that he is a human being."

"Jews exist within our midst as a group of people who are essentially
Oriental. They do not look particularly Asiatic, and since they do not speak
an Oriental language or something of the kind, we do not recognize for them
a series of motivations expressing a fundamental psychological difference."

"Persecution of the Jews has been largely charged up as retribution for the
Jew's economic attitude, and many have been the rebuttal explanations that
the Jewish attitude is the outgrowth and result of his persecution in
Europe. In my belief, this has little to do with the way a Jew does
business. I believe rather that he is governed by an Oriental psychology of
living; it is important to recognize that he does not view business the way
we view business. This fundamental psychological difference is one of the
subtle problems of human life, and one not taken sufficiently into
consideration by either Jew or Gentile. For, essentially the Jew is an
Oriental, and as such he has the Oriental consciousness, Oriental

He said that Jewish existence was based on a "principle
of segregation".

"It is the ego in Judaism which causes the Jew to say, "I
am a Jew," and it has been his destroyer."

From Halls Horizon journal Aug 1941
"The Jew Does Not Fit In"

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by dontreally

Maybe Hitler should have tried cold showers?

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by ConspiracyBuff

Actually, the term "Anti-Semitism" was coined not by Jews, but by the anti-semites themselves who wanted a more respectable term for "Jew-hating".

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