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Is Obama 'waiting' or 'resisting'?

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:05 PM
Obama is facing more and more criticism regarding his Iran policy. Here is an example-

He is being criticised for waiting, that Iran is getting closer and closer to getting a nuclear weapon and yet he waits, trying to solve the Iran problem diplomatically.

Here is Obama's view-

Obama is making it clear that he does not want to rush to a war that would be bad for the economy, that would cost American lives etc.

There is no doubt many are 'beating the drums of war' against Iran, so is Obama waiting for something to happen to 'justify' giving the green light for military action (by Israel for example), or is he actually resisting the very powerful lobby that has incredible influence over American policy and government?

Here is Israeli PM addressing the very influential AIPAC this year, banging the war drums, and yet Obama is waiting. The question is, is he resisting his controllers?

'The cost of stopping Iran, I think it's time we addressed the danger of not stopping Iran.'

What is Obama waiting for?

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:21 PM
Could it be possible that he's not doing anything because the troops are spread pretty thin right now? I think that in order to do anything, he'd have to bring troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

But I don't understand the need to do anything now. There really is no evidence that Iran has nuclear weapons or is developing them, just a bunch of hyperbole from both sides.

What we need to do is wait for our intelligence, then we need to be really cautious and confirm that our intelligence is actually right before we do anything.

Because if we do anything pre-emptive and there's nothing there, then we'd be really embarrassed and have more reasons for the Europeans people to hate and criticize us.

So perhaps Obama is just being cautious.

And these people who are criticizing are just criticisms to look good for their constituents. In other words, just more hyperbole on top of hyperbole.

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:29 PM
I would guess that answers will depend largely upon party affiliation. The "R" folks will say he is afraid, a weak leader and so on. The "D" folks will say he is doing everything in his power to avoid war because he's just awesome like that.

I think he's waiting for the time when we can intervene without looking like we started it. Doesn't seem to matter who the president is, we are always looking for some place to take democracy to

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:32 PM
Way to go Faux News! Get the former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. on. He will tell you the "truth". Don't worry.

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