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Lilith, the Royal Family and the abducted/murdered children apologies to all!!

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 10:34 PM
I thought this would be interesting to those who have any wonder about THE THRONE and their power.

You are absolutely right. This was a pathetic thread. So, I have thought for many years that the root of all evil begins in England. This article just affirmed that for me. The royal throne is the epitome of evil. They have shown their ugly faces time and time again. I despise them but I do not fear them. The 2012 Olympics is going to allow them to rear their ugliness in the most public venue possible. They will rub our faces in the obvious. There are very obvious numerology and symbols they use over and over again. Grant you some of what you may read in the article may be a stretch at times, but I think the overall gist was how you say in UK, spot on. Freemasonry, Illuminati, Bildenberg Society, all have their roots in England, or the NEW roman empire. Take a good look at the symbolism surrounding the coming Olympics. This is a ritual they have been setting in motion for many years. It goes back as far as I am concerned to the days of early Roman history. This will be the culmination of 1000's of years of planning through Royal bloodlines handed down to the current Rulers. Just my gut feeling, we are in for one hell of a show. Of course, if it doesn't happen now they will just throw the whistle blower's under the bus and keep rolling. But I suspect they are enjoying all the attention, as this is what they want, it just adds to their thirst for power and control. Personally, I think the world needs a cleansing of major proportions whether they do it or the Karmic forces of the Universe does it. I would not for one moment want to be anywhere near England when the # does hit the fan. Will be very interesting to see how many of TBTB manage to be there the entire time.



posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 10:43 PM
You had me right up till I read:

"Personally, I think the world needs a cleansing of major proportions whether they do it or the Karmic forces of the Universe does it."

Our world can change in the snap of a finger, together and harmoniously, as the victors and true keepers of our precious planet.

Does this mean nobody has to die? No, I'm sure many will die. But do we really need a cleansing?

That's some powerful talk, man.

Just a thought


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