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The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 10:15 PM
How would one plan an effective resistance against the recent executive orders and UN rulemaking on possible gun confiscation? Many have said that such a move would result in the line drawn in the sand for them personally, even though they know they'd be outgunned and outmanned if it went beyond talk. So the overall concern seems to be that any resistance to force and confiscation would be too disorganized and isolated from others who would stand with them if they could just get together and plan a course of action. So the question is: is some disorganization really all that bad?

American opposition movements have always focused on the notion of organization. It has always been their goal to organize the people. Their hope has been to wield the collective power of the disaffected, downtrodden, and exploited as a single unit against the concentrated power of the ruling class. While their hope has been noble, their methods have been foolish. Organized resistance has many drawbacks. These drawbacks have seldom been discussed by the opposition. We believe that the only effective resistance is a completely disorganized, decentralized, and leaderless opposition.

Lets rethink our strategy for a moment and see if "leaders" or "organization" would be to our advantage.

In the American experience, movements that look to leaders are decapitated. Leaders are a liability, not an asset. Organizations can be (and are) infiltrated. Organizations can be taxed. Organizations have legal responsibility. Organizations have membership lists and lists are wonderful tools for the oppressor. Organizations take on a life of their own. They struggle to exist and their continued existence takes priority over their mission. Organizations attract opportunists, power mongers, and attention seekers. Organizations tend to exploit their rank and file for the benefit of their inner circle. Disorganizations share none of these defects.

So what are the advantages of being as disorganized as we appear to be?

Bureaucracy cannot comprehend disorganization. Disorganization is invisible. The asymmetry of the relationship between organization and disorganization favors disorganization. Organization depends upon planning. Planning requires predictability. Disorganization cannot be predicted. This leaves organization at a disadvantage.

Organization requires a supply chain. Supply chains can be disrupted. Disorganization depends only upon the resources of its members. Supply chains that do not exist cannot be eliminated.

There is much more to consider at the link above and I hope you will take a few minutes to absorb it and share your thoughts.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 11:02 PM
You can bet the farm that TPTB are gonna watch this thread. Be careful what you wish for. The problem with the Internet is that it is organized; predictable.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by UnaChispa

You mean to say they're not monitoring the other threads on this forum that are calling for a revolution?

The internet is actually a great example of organized disorganization, you can look for any bit of information that you might be interested to have and find it in the least expected places. The site this information was taken from, for example.

Even this ATS is an example or organized disorganization. Anyone from anywhere can post anything they please to it and the mods can either lock it or delete it but that is not to say it won't pop up again at another time.

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