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I have Connected The Dots. And It All makes Sense.

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by bjax9er


Thank you for opening up our eyes with your well thought out post. Y'know, instead of actually demonstrating via short series of links or well thought out sentences that the person you take issue with is wrong. Yep, calling people insane and then offering up no reason for your claims is how we are going to stop this madness right? come on dude. I believe in sky wizards and even i don't make such rash accusations. There may be truth in the OP's claim. Have you done the research to disprove or prove it? Or do you just "know"

Seriously though, OP, it would be nice if you provided some evidence for your claims. While i do agree, the power shift does seem to heading towards the East again, i think it is far more complex than simply being a series of Chem-trails and an evacuation of japan.

I've often wondered if they would try to "expose" the secret societies and then link them up with european and American governments and then use that as an excuse to execute an NWO with the Eastern nations at its head. Wouldn't that be a kicker? Expose yourself and have yourself arrested so that your hired and groomed goons can pick up where you left off and later they break you out of prison or report you "dead" only to resurge again under a new name and a new guise. The east has been the labour division of the west for some time now. that has to foster varying degrees of resentment and hatred, or at the very least blind apathy. Our alliances on paper may not represent the alliances in our hearts or their hearts.

Of course this is PURELY speculation on my part. And i base this largely off of what i have witnessed take place in the MSM, alternative news sources and of course threads here on ATS and abroad. I. Its just as likely that i am wrong and things will be business as usual and we will witness the slow evolution of america into something else. Democracy and Liberty die in hails of applause do they not?

The recipes for a New World stew are countless...and they all taste awful.

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