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A Seneca Indian Prophecy (Including Star People)

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 09:25 PM

Originally posted by acmpnsfal
Reply to post by 5pooky

Lol If a bunch of metorites were to crash into the Earth that would be game over. There would be no women left to heal anything and most wildlife on land would die. This prophecy makes no sense.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

We have had some forms of life on this planet for half a billion years or so? And how many meteor impact swarms have we had since then? Many, I'm sure. And yet we still have a multitude of plants, animals and other organisms.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 09:29 PM
Great post and fantastic read. Honestly I am very interested in these prophecy stories from native tribes and always give them a good read every chance I get. Most of the time it strikes true to my heart and I feel it's sincerity to be quite unique.

I feel that this prophecy speaks of a woman's power of sincerity and purity. The popular culture of today has pushed them to abandon it, which is quite a legit conspiracy on it's own (and so in depth, I'd rather not get into it in this thread). Thinking back we've all seen it for ourselves but the issue lies in having the faith to believe in a better future for our species as a whole (altruism). The most popular retort to that philosophy is believing the human race has never been one to look after others, which may be true in most cases as of now but ask yourself which future do you want to have for your descendants?

I am most fascinated to hear that it will be the women who will come to realize the power themselves again. Truely at this time only they can make that decision, most of the men do not have the balls to go against the entire world's philosophy as they know it to fight for the true honor of women. But even if they did it's a major losing battle, there is no argument in his resolve unless he is supported by a woman. Such is the way of the world today.

Very encouraging read indeed... the veil of the spirit and physical world is indeed being lifted. When they say the dark will become darker and the light lighter, its tragic thinking those who would choose the path of avarice over a noble future

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by PlanetXisHERE

Originally posted by acmpnsfal
Reply to post by 5pooky

Lol If a bunch of metorites were to crash into the Earth that would be game over. There would be no women left to heal anything and most wildlife on land would die. This prophecy makes no sense.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

We have had some forms of life on this planet for half a billion years or so? And how many meteor impact swarms have we had since then? Many, I'm sure. And yet we still have a multitude of plants, animals and other organisms.

Maybe the Anunnaki will come back and initiate the human race again. It will be like deja vu, after mother earth is inhabitable again. Maybe the Star people are familiar with the Anunnaki for all we know. Maybe that part of the prophecy wasn't communicated.

Either way, we are nearing needing a clean slate. Not yet, we still have a fighter's chance. It's quite a shame when humans are admitting we might need to be wiped off the earth

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by tinker9917

"The animals and plants will become confused."

I kinda see this happening now.

i've seen some strange things in the plant world too. My parents yard has atleast a dozen baby live oak trees growing in it. this has never happened before

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by six67seven

The annanuki took the Equality away and put the viels/burka's on the women. They downgraded the DNA, to 2 strands, and created slaves. They were the slavers.

Now I understand there were splinter groups including reptilians. They did a lot of hybridization/dna work. They also opened the gate to another channel/realm/dimension to exploit it and ended up in a major war.

So this human type family was not all negative, but ended up in war with cousins. Those who did not wish to lower their frequency didn't win.

The native populations, though influenced at a later stage by the annanuki, come from pleiades, and Lemuria, and the EQUALITY.

The real way home is respect for women and the lost boys gain unconditional love and equality rather than dog eat dog. Sophia is the tree of life. Matrix universe is called a womb to be born from.

Everyone needs Love and boys need to be taught to be hero's, work for community, have virtue at heart. Teamwork. Mothers energy/Father's energy wedded. Equality and Freedom for example.

Not all the annanuki groups or the pleiadians were bad by any stretch, it became sides. But there is more than the 2 sides here, for it isn't a rebellion, but a raising of frequency needed.

But the natives were the Equality, not the slavers though they also had their human flaws, and times when they behaved less well, and were also influenced by the world wide net of the annanuki.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by aBeneGesserit

The instigators of the male dominated religions, with help over the centuries, from successive political systems, have always known that women are more intuitive and in tune with Mother Nature and have always known that if women were ever allowed to show their true selves, there would be peace and harmony and true, natural spirituality from the heart and more importantly, there would be no need for the religions and political systems that those men created to give themselves money, power and control.

Those.... Those HORRIBLE men.....

Those men who created EMPIRES on the backs of people believing in Gods, and Fates, who led people to the Slaughter..... for PROFIT!!!

Those men could NEVER use a Neo-Pagan religion centred around the worship of a FEMALE goddess, target mainly to FEMALES, to further their goals at world conquest, could they?

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by 5pooky

A very well written post, 5pook, deserving of the many stars and flags I already saw on it. I too have Native Roots, and I too hear the pain cries of the Divine Mother. Oh, I think of Her, and give Her energy with my words and thoughts, but She is weak and sick. Only a true and pure love of this planet, and all working to heal her many wounds would stop what is coming, but I doubt it. Many demonize any mention of a Female with Divine status. And many of Her representatives, the women of the World, are hurt, raped, and killed by men, not to mention terrified in the home and in front of the children, and controlled so they cannot ever be free. I fight against this. Not to toot my own horn, but I take in and help women in distress. Over the years, I have helped over 40, some even went on to create a new life for themselves. I have one here right now, abandoned by her boyfriend, who talked her into leaving her home in a State far away, he left her homeless and sick, with no friends, and no place to go. No money, nothing to eat. she was pregnant, but since has miscarried.

This is but one of many I have seen. I wish every Man would man up, and help the woman of the World. They more than deserve leadership, and they are not all about war and killing. Religion has kept them enslaved, in America the three headed male God and his followers hates the Goddess, hates women, and blames women for evil.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 11:06 PM
Excellent post, OP.

I believe that much of what you said will come to pass, if not exactly in the way you said it than at least close. (meteorites?)

I just want to say two things: First, I think its ridiculous for us to blame ourselves for the problems in this world. For the most part, this is the world we have inherited. No one person can change the tide of things. We must all seek change within ourselves, IMO. We can't possibly hope to create anything in this world if we are corrupted from within.

Secondly, I just wanted to comment on the nature of the problem itself. The prophecy mentioned the devaluation of the feminine. I could not agree more with this. I believe that feminine wisdom was long ago devalued by the community of scientific thinkers who hold reason as the end all and be all. The mystery of the feminine is that its wisdom is not grounded in such strict rational thinking. That is where we get the term "feminine intuition". And this wisdom, IMO, should not be taken lightly. I feel that it is just as important and instructive as evidence based, rational thought.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Do you think all men should be killed off?

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 11:56 PM
I would urge caution in terms of what you wish for. The sequential path requires that both polarities dis-empower themselves through guilt and giving away your power to the perceived weaker polarity in the pursuit of equality. Balance is achieved when both sexes acknowledge their advantages and weaknesses with acceptance.
I'm reminded of a children's book called Rainbow Fish. This sparkly, beautiful fish is guilted into giving away it's scales to the other fish in the pursuit of equality (socialism). In the end that once very unique and independent fish has been assimilated into the group mindset of equality.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by 5pooky

"There will be great plagues that you do not understand. Many of these plagues are born from your scientists whose intentions have gone awry. Your scientists have let these monsters loose upon the land. These plagues will spread through your waters and through your blood and through your food because you have disrupted the natural chain through which your Mother cleanses herself.


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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by KenArten

I see quite a few men who had fathers growing up and they are exactly the same way.


So whether they have fathers or not, they are this way.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 12:14 AM
households with bad or no influence from the father can almost be worse as no father for someone growing up, as it gives them a reason to continue

Really all these possibilities of the lack of parents end up to the same child lacking a legit fatherly/motherly figure

To me it sounds like the problem is nobody in the family has a spirit. They just take on a politically correct stance which is to wander around aimlessly without stance (possibly the best way to fleece someone of their $)

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by awake1234

"Heal the women.Then the women can heal the men, and together they can heal the earth."

"Only those who have learned to live on the land where the waters run pure... will find sanctuary."

sublime advice for anytime & anyplace for humanity

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by skepticconwatcher

I see quite a few men who had fathers growing up and they are exactly the same way.

Accepted, but a qualifier lies in the terms "absent" (that I used) and "had" that you used. Absent fathers means they are absent as fathers, even if they are right there in person all the time. The real question is, are they involved in the job of fathering, or, as stated in the OP, are they leaders?

They are no longer leaders,so their children do not learn, and the children wander aimlessly through life,without spirit.

But certainly, you are right as there are no guarantees, however good a father is at his parental duties. There are just too many outside influences. But one hopes the situations you refer to are the exceptions.

I have just seen first hand, far too many situations with uninvolved fathers (physically absent or otherwise) and the results are significantly different to those with involved fathers - especially with male children. And indeed, it is a worldwide problem and serious concern, as a quick Internet search will show.

A father is a child's first leader. And he is in the best situation to make them, or break them, by doing it well, or badly, not at all, or anything in-between. Obviously there are many opportunities/reasons/excuses/obstacles etc, valid or not valid, that influence this. It is not a simple situation that can be defined simply. But that is beyond the scope of this thread.

So, All in all it was just a brick in the wall.

Daddy's flown across the ocean
Leaving just a memory
Snapshot in the family album
Daddy what else did you leave for me?
Daddy, what'd'ja leave behind for me?!?
All in all it was just a brick in the wall.
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.
thanks, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd
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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 12:56 AM
I was deeply moved by the OP's post and it reminded me of something I had just read and would like to share because it pertains to the history of the systematic removal of any type of "Goddess" worship from the Westernized world over the past few thousand years.

It's from Alan Moore's story of Jack the Ripper titled "From Hell" and it has one William Gull (the proposed "Jack the Ripper") enlightening his chauffeur about the secret history of symbols and occult rituals within the city of London and in the meanwhile explaining how many of them are directly related to the put down and control of women.

At one point he goes into a rant about the efforts undertaken by certain groups of men who went about destroying any female deity (goddess) and those that worshiped them. Here's a small excerpt:

Symbols direct our thoughts and deeds; rouse buried shapes beneath our waking minds. All magic is symbolic...why, consciousness itself is naught but symbols, metaphors which build upon themselves and thus extend their metaphysical domain.

With symbols did male Warlocks conquer women, first destroying or discrediting the Goddesses that stood for women's power. The Mother Goddess Tiamat demoted, was made devil first, then lowly chimera.

Goddesses were replaced by Gods. Next came child sacrifice, killing that first, most awesome female symbol, which is Motherhood, their magic and their power.

The hill near "Half-Moon" Lake (in London) is named for Herne, an antlered man whose image may date from the Iron Age. Herne usurped Diana's role as leader of the Lunar Hunt: a male pretender to the female throne...

...Man kills the Moon, exalts the Sun instead; sets antlered men to lead Diana's Hunt; attempts, like her, to bind the ocean to his will.

With symbols man casts woman down, and then with symbols keeps her there. How stern a sigil must be (he's talking about the Obelisk), such power to suppress that which ruled eight million years (Matriarchal society that reigned over tribal culture) beside which man's six thousand is the merest blink...

...Measured against the span of Goddesses, our male rebellion's lately won, our new regime of rationality unfledged, precarious.

Our grand symbolic magic chaining womankind thus must often be reinforced, carved deeper yet in history's flesh, enduring 'til the Earth's demise...

So, the character saying these things in the story is describing the occult history of London, which if you do the history far back enough you can find many different aspects of Goddess worship and matriarchal societies that were prevalent. You can also learn how these belief systems were shattered and deemed blasphemy by the male church as a very large and century spanning conspiracy against human history itself (that most of our ancestors worshiped the female Goddess more than the male God up until about six thousand years ago).

Even to this day, many Native tribes adhere to and order under a Matriarch. Also there are still people practicing Druidism and other forms of "Pagan" ceremonies that invoke feminine Deities but their power (in terms of influence and culture building) is very weak compared to the big male worshiping organizations (Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc.).

I believe a return to the (very) old ways would be a great change.


posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 01:01 AM
reply to post by 5pooky

Originally posted by 5pooky
I am a decendent of the Proud Seneca People. This account comes from a Native American from the Lakota tribe. His name was "Pipe Carrier". If nothing else it is a good read...

"I wil ltell you a prophecy given to me by a Grandmother of the Seneca people. She told me we must work with the women to help heal their pain. In these times that are coming, she told me, we must learn to help women regain their power. If the women do not reclaim their power, it is told, the world will be lost. Because the men no longer act like men. They are not noble or proud, and they do not hold the words of the Creator close to their hearts.

Humankind has lost touch with the female aspect of their nature, having been dominated for centuries by the man aspects of control and war. Getting back in touch with our feminine side will allow us to put our masculine side in check, allowing us to live in balance with ourselves and with the natural universe.

"Men have become sick with ego, sick with greed, lost in confusion. They are no longer leaders,so their children do not learn, and the children wander aimlessly through life,without spirit. A human without spirit is like a ship without a sail. All you can do is float around, hoping to find a harbor.

I always go back to the Lion King...

After Simba defies his father and goes to the elephant graveyard, Mufasa does something that we've lost in recent generations...We stopped expressing disappointment in our children. we allowed them to run free in the early years of their lives, then wonder why they have no respect or discipline as a teenager. We've gotten so wrapped up in working/slaving our whole days away and expect someone else to make sure our children are up to the standards we expect from them. We are lost in a world of control and manipulation.

"The Grandmother told me that in these times it will be the women who come to listen to these ways. It is the women who will remember who they are. Because women have lived for many thousands of years now, knowing who they were but never being able to speak the truth through their mouths. When the people left the Good Red Road and began to walk the black ribbon of road, the women were suppressed because the women kept warning the men that they were wandering from the ways...

"Heal the women.Then the women can heal the men, and together they can heal the earth."

Getting back in touch with the feminine side will allow us to recall the way things were before we were manipulated into the masculine mindset we find ourselves walking in.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 01:11 AM
This prophecy is true. I am not oe of your but I feel t.
It is already happening. We are getting closer to that time.
I fear men will not stop and regret but destroy Mother Earth.
Very sad. It seems we can't change it because it as gone so far.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by morningeagle

I do so agree, morningeagle. Having just written a post about absent fathers, I feel compelled to add the female touch to this.

It should be the father's role to show the girl-child her worth. She should at least be his princess and grow up with a sense of the importance and responsibilities of her role.

Obviously, the elimination of the Isis figure in the evolution of religions from the middle east, gave the male dominance over too many things that were not his realm, such as nurturing (everything from children to Mother Earth).

Thanks for the reminder.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 01:41 AM
reply to post by 5pooky
Right in many ways and only a good woman can heal a man and yet so many women are at war and are dispelling on others personal and petty conflict.I work with a lot of women and they bring their emotions and anger to work.Much more so than men and they harbour grudges until their dying death.But they are the epitome of love and sweetness so something is deeply wrong on this Earth that such a split duality can reside within the hearts of the most emotionally intelligent.

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