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Understanding the RED and BLUE polarities when traveling on the roads/interstate...

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:25 AM
Ok so for people traveling the interstate this summer on vacation or especially in the case of an emergency like we are having now with the power on the east coast, those people are going to encounter other drivers traveling the roads. Im going to try to explain how red/blue works on the road so that everyone can move quickly and effectively. First, because youll be reading road signs/license plates/etc, its important to give some numerology background. I put that thread up and and did my best to explain the numbers and how they work/what they represent so sorry if its not complete or parts are inaccurate. Read that thread before this one or else this will make no sense to you. Consider it a sort of prerequisite (just as the color system is the prerequisite to teh number system).

Ok so you should also know colors (explained in my other threads search by my username) and you will use both to identify hazards and opportunities, ultimately keeping you safer on the road. This is really just tips and tricks rather than full methods as I am learning myself so bear with me ill fill it in later as I figure it out. Its thought out but each person is going to experience it differently and specific to their interests and personal meanings. This is the reason I tried to (and always try to) stay balanced and general about the topics in my threads, so that everyone can relate hopefully. Things we all see.

Ok so I guess first off, you need to identify your own polarity. A simple way to determine this if you dont know is to perform a few tests on yourself. First, what is your sex? Generally, MALE = BLUE base FEMALE = RED base. Are you left handed (points more to RED) or are you right handed (points more to BLUE)? What color is your car? (generally you need to own the car yourself, it cant be borrowed as its normally attached to the owners polarity-but not always, such as when someone borrows a car for a long term period or something, they will start to adopt that colors habits) Lastly, when driving on the road, which color can you stare at without getting a headache or getting sleepy? If looking at RED for more than a minute gives you a migrane, you are most likely BLUE base, for example.

So when you know your polarity, you can see what pattern or group you fall into. RED cars travel with BLACK GOLD and SILVER generally. Outside of just red/blue, other colors pattern up naturally when the main 2 are not present, such as: WHITE cars match up with BLACK cars when they are the only 2 cars in between gaps of traffic, GOLD following SILVER or vice versa, orange and red, purple and blue, etc. The idea is that they are balancing naturally for the most part, with polarities that are drawn to each other to make a complete or a whole.

So heres some things to do and look for and some explanations, in no particular order:

-BLUE generally travels in the right hand lane, and red in the left or "fast" lane.

-Most cars with no passenger travel in the right (BLUE) lane. This is because in the USA, the drivers seat is the left seat. Moving into the right lane balances the polarity between the driver and the road. He/she moves into the right lane while piloting the vehicle from the left seat to provide balance (that was the orginal definition).

-WHIITE is generally positive RED and BLUE people, but can also be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Hard to see (camoflauged) danger example is: RED car, GOLD car, WHITE car around a BLUE (4th car) car. BLUE car operator gets a headache and simultaneuosly might see a 96 which would be 2 factors indicating that things are "out of balance"

-Ways to reduce manifestation of RED (which brings danger because it is a channel for black-think of why red cars are so attractive, have higher insurance rates, and are more frequently pulled over). RED is not bad but is the messenger that serves as a portal (somewhat ties in with the definition of an organic portal) or "opens the door" for black.

-People can wear sunglasses on the road, smoke cigarettes, refrain from speaking (remember RED manifests verbally) even when alone without a passenger and even on a cell phone (this would be a double bad because cell phones and speaking both manifest RED and make it stronger in combination). Sidefact: Eddy Murphy just made a movie about a guy not speaking because it would manifest RED and he would die in the movie. Just as an example to illustrate it already being out there and attempts to try to explain the method to the public without coming out and directly saying it (like I am here LOL).

-You can also play music, as RED cannot really tell (they can but it helps to muffle you out to them) what car its coming from but dont sing along they can lock on to your voice when you speak.

-Wearing a hat of opposite polarity helps. Dark hats for REDs and WHITE/lighter hats for BLUEs. You can carry both and switch it up to mess people up that might be fishing on you (ill write a thread on it some time)

-If you start to get a headache, switch lanes. You will be surprised but this does work.

-Sometimes the car will be "guided" into the other lane by what seems to be wind. The wind IS in fact being used but there is intelligence behind that wind controlling it. That same "force" can push you off the road when passing opposite polarity. Look for it.

-Tinting your vehicles windows works like sunglasses and helps to filter RED polarity's influence on your vehicle. Also something ive noticed when an opposing car is balanced, with a married couple for example (most likely would be a WHITE/RED and a WHITE/BLUE because of the marriage but not necissarily. Strippers in Vegas get married all the time to rich dudes that roll up there. Just for example.), and say the female is the RED (typically). Say the husband is the BLUE balance (typically) and is driving, but the female, who is the passenger, is asleep in the passengers seat. Her RED influence is greatly diminished/compromised. It appears that when a person is out of consciousness, their polarity is not projected. This is also the reason that on the road sometimes you will see those mini vans and stuff with family illustrations: a father, mother, and kids (and sometimes they have a pet) in vinyl on the back of their car. There are people im sure that do it because its trendy, but the real reason it was created and made popular was a group of people figured out that this would be a visual ID tool (some people say its NSA think tank but I think its more just the intelligence community in general, civilian, etc) to get a polarity match. Especially for fishing.


When heading west (from the east coast or vice versa, basically mid USA) to the mountains by plane/copter/etc, the towns are identified by markings laid out at the front of the town, near the main entry road, or near the airport. They are meant to be seen from the sky. It is usually a letter or a symbol, or a combination of both. This is how the pilot is clued into the towns polarity from above before choosing to land. A lot more people travel by private plane in small towns than you would think. Its harder to see identifiers like car colors or store logos and colors from the air. An example would be a ficticious town called "Roddenberry". The town would have a large "R" land out in rocks or something semi permanent on the hilltops (could be moved but might need crane effort, etc) of the town facing skyward. MORE

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:47 AM

The pilot sees this and can know "ok, this is Roddenberry", its most likely a RED polarity because of the R and the term "berry" in the towns name. Not always correct but with these general things he can make a more qualified decision by making some inferences that can lead the pilot to safety.


-Exit 66 on most roads is (RED/BLACK)

-Exit 137 is usually royalty elite (BLUE/WHITE) or universal (PURPLE/BROWN)

-Exit 69 is usually a (PURPLE) or (BROWN) town and is balanced-youll find that the stores and gas stations carry products both polarities (red base, blue base) in these towns. American Indian towns usually work well with 69's because of thier personal neutrality to both sides as well. They are the foundation REDs and spiritual gatekeepers.


License plate numbers to confirm. See a WHITE car traveling with a RED car and a GOLD car but dont know if they are balancing or assisting the red car? Look at the WHITE cars plate. Does the plate have a 66 in it or a negative/dark number (from the numerology thread)? If so, they are most likely assisting the red. If their plate or sticker on their window or bumper stickers (such as one of those "coexist" ones) has a 69 or a 1 or a positive double number on that WHITE car somwhere, its there balancing the motorcade. Use the numbers as a backup to the colors to get more details about whats going on around you and make safer lane change/passing/etc decisions. This is also why you see blue colored headlights and purple foglights on cars. They add balance or identify polarity (or throw people off, depending on what you are going for). This is also how they make people "fall asleep at the wheel" (the polarity can put you to sleep, and they can intentionally direct it at you) and they crash and die. Thats why we need to know about it so we can fight that kinda stuff.

Ok so thats all I got for now, I could go into minute details about the numbers because theres deeper meaning in everything but I suggest just taking a loose, general approach. This way your mind wont get all worked up and you can test it piece by piece 1 at a time then put it together. Some of the stuff can get you hurt if you are not prepared. Also, when "hanging loose" like that, you dont get sucked into 1 arena or facet of the entire situation too much. If you really want to know something youll look it up. Youll do the effin research. Thats why we got the beastmasters and such these people have practived these arts their entire lives. They are the experts and are proud of their positions because they deserve them and are the authority on the subjects and should be regarded as such. Peace.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 12:10 PM
Colors can not express just how I feel right now after having read your post.


posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 12:14 PM
I'm color blind and only can see the blue spectrum clearly. I also have ADD and couldn't fully read the wall of text, as I forgot about what I read at the beginning, once I got to the end.

So here I am, knowing I am blue, but not understanding the meaning behind the blue polarity.

I thought people drove on the right side becuz if we drove on the left side we'd have head on collisions.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 04:41 PM
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