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What's wrong with this picture? The milking is in effect.

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 11:01 AM
Wow ... our electric bill is 350 dollars a month. I dont see how you do it ...
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Thanks for the input, Big.

See, that's the thing, all of my bills look exactly like this. My previous months bill was 72$ total I think, and the month before it was like 40$ and even less the month before.

The issue here is, we cant choose our company here. There is only 1 and supposedly the people vote these people into possition. How that works, is beyond me. All Hogwash.

The idea of the matter here isnt the actual cost of the power, but the cost of the usuage.

Let me see if I can narrow this down even more. I think everyone is missing the mark here.

I use 25$ of electricity. - Company charges me 25$


25$ to deliver the electricity to me....


another $25 for maintainance.

So... If I use $25 is electricity every month... I would usually (in forever... Ive never seen having to pay more than I use in electricity) have to pay JUST 25$. With these guys... I pay $25, plus another $25 for maintainance, and ANOTHER $25 just to deliver that juice to me... So how do you deliver electricty if not through the damn wires connected to my house..?? Apparently someone didnt inform me since I never recieved the electricity in the mail.

And another fee to keep the lines clear? seriously? So if my electricity goes out for 2 days... Does this mean I should not have to pay the other 2 manditory fees?

The sadness about it all is.... We dont have an alternative choice. Either you live with electricty or you dont. If you dont, dont get caught cooking your food in your front yard. You'll get thrown in jail for potentually causing a wildfire.

Man... Just how much freedom do we really have? Seriously now. When do we start keeping tabs of how screwed companies keep us? If someone goes postal one day and starts doing some horrible stuff to these companies, their employees, innocent or not... who would blame them? I certainly wouldnt. Lately, I see myself cheering the criminal on more so than ever. Why? Because no one looks and feels more like a crook today than the same people enforceing those laws... no where else. have the right to let me rip you off, screw you and take all that is yours without one single word comming from your lips. We passed a law on that last year.. Dont do it.. it's illegal to argue... We'll lock you up and do things to you that will make guantanimo look like mc playpen.

This is where I see us in 5 years.

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