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Is There Success Without Modern Society?

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 02:20 AM
Recently I have been developing some broader perspectives in terms of where humans lie in the natural order of things on this planet. The knowledge of the perspective is common knowledge, but the actual realization of it is different than just 'knowing' it. There is layers of understanding, as with all things. It hit me the other day that a large portion of my life is defined by modern technologies such as the computer and TV. These things have only been around for the past 50 years or so, yet I can barely imagine my life without them.

Life seems very dull when I imagine life without these types of modern day technologies. This despite the fact that for the overwhelming majority of human history, they did not exist. Certainly not everyone felt bored all the time before these things, so it just gives some interesting perspective on what enjoying life really is. I then extrapolate this perspective further, and imagine life as an early human, a hundred thousand years ago or so. These people were fully human, just like me, and yet lived nearly like animals, totally in nature, no luxuries that we consider to be in the human domain. Their human advantages basically amounted to them being more proficient animals. I try to imagine myself in this situation, realizing that I am really no different. It is amazing how drastic of a shift this is. If I extrapolate this a bit further, I realize that as a human, I am simply the product of evolution from the animals, of all different types. That is to say that I could just as easily be an animal; we are just on different steps of the evolutionary sequence.

Realizing all of this, and then rethinking modern society and everything associated with it, it starts to seem very silly how seriously we take it all. I think about how we're all in this rat race to get a job and make an adequate income, and yet this too is a quite new phenomena. Am I really so dependent on society and its structures? Is life unthinkable without it? If this is so, wouldn't this represent somewhat of a de-evolution, in the strict Darwinian sense; this meaning that we have actually become less capable of surviving as a living organism, without the crutch of modern society.

When I think of my life, and being successful, I imagine myself doing well in college and getting a good career. Is my being successful and happy really dependent on this relatively new human institution called 'college'? But how can I be successful without it? I then think of myself becoming a well known author. Is that then to say that my only chance of success without college is becoming a famous author? All in all, I am feeling like this shocking dependence on social constructs is very silly. I feel that there is no way, considering the history life on this planet, that I really have to depend on these constructs in order to be happy and successful. And yet it can be difficult to think practically of an alternative.

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