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Where does the theory of "Ascension" in 2012 come from?

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posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 11:50 PM
I can fully agree with him

Now i will make my longest post ever on the 21 december 2012
be open minded and find the truth in yout hearts

OK since the 21 december is almost there .. time is critical now . but becomes irrelevent after
it was a great video and i feel i need to explain the rest of how i see things
i will explain everything in a very simple manner and easy to understand
share my post to other if you connect to it

once you wake up... the lies will become clear has day light
like if you were freed from the matrix .. but not totaly yet
21 december is the end of time literaly

This is how i see the 21 december 2012 now :

This 21 december of 2012 .. the end of time
mark the last day before the galactic alignement occurs after 26000 yrs of waiting
this is the most important event since earth creation .. and not the first time
some people call it "the big harvest" where you can finaly be one with the Creator
for thousand of yrs each souls reincarne themself into new bodies with their memory wipe out (mostly)

you must know by now that each souls are eternal
and very powerfull energies that can travel through dimensions
because they are from the 4 dimension .. a higher plain of existance (Ascension)

The Creator has given each soul many chances to choose their side (Good energy team or Bad energy team)
and this 21 december is the end of all those life cycles in a 26 000 yrs mega cycle

still dont know how it fully work but i suspect that you Ascend or Descend literaly

Ascend :
transform into "gods" living beside the Creator himself in "heaven"
in a world full of love living with universal knowledge of everything
living in the 4th dimension (out of the matrix) eternaly

Descend :
or be sent back on earth until you get it right till the next harvest 26 000 later

Concerning the devil ..
The devil a fallen ascended angel that rebelled because he didnt understand how could his dad (God)
love so many souls egualy to his sons and though he loved them more then him
which wasnt true .. Jesus understood all of that but lucifer couldnt stand to be loved egualy to all others

The bad energy of lucifer... the hatred and jealousy he had for all other souls
became like an obsession and vibrated loudly through the page of time
he was cast out into another realm/dimension where fire burns everywhere
maybe the center of earth

cursed his Father for being punish
and made a pact to steal has many soul has possible
before the big harvest happen and the more souls he gets ..
the more he think he will be able one day to return to heaven

thinking that if he have enough of trapped souls now ..
that his Father would accept him back and save all souls and himself
mixing both hell and heaven .. but that will not happen
the trapped souls just return to earth waiting to be harvest 26000yrs later
and correct their mistakes

thats why the illuminati made a pact with lucifer
to make sure he can consume the maximum potential good soul
trapping them with deceptions games into hell
with the only though that if himself cant return ..
then NOBODY in this cycle will ascend before he do

its literaly a huge war between the force of good and evil
people have no idea how they waste all their good energy on bad energy tricks
making them greedy and lost

How do i know all of that ? just a feeling

everyone should already be able to suspect all of that by now

good luck .. and its never to late to repent for small mistakes before the harvest
if you made big mistakes because the devil decieved you ..
then only The Creator will be able to judge you reviewing all your hundreds of lifes
thats why its called the Judgment Day

sorry for my bad english to people reading this ..try to do my best

hope my message that is directly from my heart and soul got through many
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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 01:53 PM
You lost me at December.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Domo1
You know I've never stopped and asked where this theory come from. Thanks for doing it OP. It's pretty out there, you would think after all my ATS browsing I would have seen the answer at some point.

eh eh it was just before your post

Don't quote me on this, but I think there is a prophecy (perhaps by the Mayans) that claims that our Earth will align with the "center of the Universe or Galaxy" and that we will receive a beam of pure cosmic energy (whatever that is) which will fuel us enough to evolve our consciousness.

if you seek you will find

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by Ben81

Perfectly put! NICE ONE!
People take heed. This is REAL!

ASCENSION it WILL happen to ALL regardless of anyone's belief or

non-belief, or faith or no faith. Will happen even to atheists.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by Ben81

I have really been curious about this. What time zone do we set our watches to for the end of time? Is it the international date line, greenwich mean time, etc? Would it be at the start of the 21st of Dec on planet earth or on its completion of that day?

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 12:28 AM
I never really understood Ascension. I think people relate it to 12/21/12 is because that is when the age of Aquarius hits. It's supposed to be a great change inside of people and see the "bigger picture" in life and possibly come into peace with themselves. Lots of rebellion, and lots of anger to be unleashed to meet that peace too.

Other than I'm not all too sure about why people think we will Ascend. I know Jesus said we'll be transformed. He never really said when though. I'm sure that has something to do with it.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 12:39 AM
Too many people believing in Stargate science fiction I believe. However I can't remember which came out first, the idea or the tv show. Several years ago I stumbled on an internet site that thought some kind of ascension was going to happen to a few people claiming humans were 12th dimensional creatures and that this 3D reality is something our minds created so we aren't really experiencing everything we were meant to experience. I'm wondering what's going to happen in 2013. I'm not hung up on all this 2012 stuff. I believe most people will still be here in 2013.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 03:21 PM
So it's just bogus 2012 garbage, then. That's a shame. No one can even figure out where it came from. It was probably someone selling a book, and making up garbage in order to make money, as usual. David Wilcock style.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:20 PM
Here is an excellent historical overview of the origin of the "ascension" idea:

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by MrUncreated

I'm also curious as to the origin of the idea of 2012 as an Ascension. To my knowledge no actual ancient Mayan source contains a prophecy about Dec 21st 2012, the idea of it as a Doomsday seems to stem solely from the fact that their very precise calendar ends on that date. This explains why new agers and pseudoscientific con-men get to sell books and DVDs and do lecture tours each putting forth an alternative "theory" on what will happen in 2012. From the return of Jesus, to the return of the feathered serpent God, to asteroids, to crustal displacement, to spiritual revolution, to "insert absurd claim here".

Most, if not all of the ideas, have been debunked or are just fundamentally stupid. As for Ascension its a more or less un-falisifiable idea because of its very nebulous definition.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:56 PM
The idea originally stems from Frank Waters. However he was writing before the GMT correlation so his claims related to December 24, 2011. The theory was popularized by Jose Arguelles and John Major Jenkins. However Arguelles' theory hinges on a calendar that he created with no basis in Mayan beliefs and Jenkins' has contradicted himself a number of times. Another major proponent was Carl Calleman. Although he claimed that the ascension was going to occur in October 2011 and we all see how that went.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 10:08 PM
GREAT question, OP. I'm doing a related search right now in my thread Question for New Age Adepts: Vibrational Density?

Much thanks to Pauligirl for directing me to this thread.

Before Ascension became a buzzword in the West it seems that early New Age proponents were playing with the idea of what I'm calling "vibrational-density," i.e. the higher an objects vibration the less density it possesses or vice versa, the lower the vibration the more density an object has. The New Age used it primarily in reference to our earthbound bodies.

I had read that the concept was linked to an early Contactee by the name of George Hunt Williamson. That perked my ears up.

I Googled and was further fascinated to find that GHW and vibrational-density was referenced in The Ra Material.

My most recent post in my thread has some biographical info that I'm fairly certain you will find interesting.

I'm not buying Ascension either. I'm leaving you some stars and a flag.

Maybe we can cross-pollinate a little in tracking this down and shedding some much needed light on the subject. Peace.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 10:25 PM
Such a good question. The universe seems to be waking up. We are reaching a tipping point, but just because we can't see what's on the otherside does not make it something to fear.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 02:09 AM
Don't know if anyone has posted the following link yet, but it presents some Ascension history. Haven't fact-checked it, but it looks like some research went into it and is extensively footnoted.

New Age Ascension History
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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 02:56 AM

Originally posted by The GUT
Don't know if anyone has posted the following link yet, but it presents some Ascension history. Haven't fact-checked it, but it looks like some research went into it and is extensively footnoted.

New Age Ascension History
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I read it. Well, well... it seems that Ascension is just a fabrication of the delusional. But those people claimed to be channeling beings from beyond. Were they really communicating with something, or were they just talking to themselves? And I have also noticed that channelers these days praise Obama, as if he were the second-coming or something. That just makes me believe they have a political agenda. "He may seem to be doing very, very bad things, but TRUST US! He's a saint! He's your savior!" Blah, blah, blah... and then he signs the NDAA. Hm...

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 04:46 AM
I think the idea of 2012 being something *special* began in the mid-70s when New Age folk started to look at the Mayan b'ak'tun 13. A guy called Frank Waters wrote a bloody awful book...Mexico Mystique - The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness where he waffles along with the themes of densities, signs and higher consciousness. He goes for 2011 as the big date, but it's really just proof of concept and a flexing of the 2012 hysteria to come. It includes ascension concepts, but they were already floating around in the minds of people for centuries.

Guys like Waters turned to Hopi and Mayan mythologies to suggest coming ages of ascension and catastrophe so he's somewhat seminal to 2012....or to blame, depending on your view. You can read some of his stuff in Visions of the Millennium and Hopedance - Visions of Catastrophe.

In '83 Bob Sharer wrote about the anthropology of the Maya. I think it's the first time December 2012 was identified accurately as the end of the Mayan calender.

A number of New Age writers were following similar thoughts and it's always been a pretty small pool of ideas. They tend to have leading thinkers (McKenna), second rate wannabes (Drunvalo Melchzidek) and then the loser copycats (Wayne Herschel et al). They all trawl the same waters for ideas so it's inevitable that a network of self-supporting claims grows into something that looks like a consensus reality. A lot of bandwagon-jumping goes on in New Age beliefs.

So it's likely that Waters got the ball rolling in terms of Mayan and Hopi mysticism. He's the first to play up the end of the Mayan long count, but following Bob Sharer, guys like McKenna in 'Invisible Landscape' ran away with 2012 and here we are today.

On a personal level, this romanticising of Hopi and Mayan beliefs bugs the crap out of me. They're depicted as being 'attuned,' 'deeper' and more 'mystical.' In this way, I think they are turned into comic characters and dehumanised so that New Age psycho-babble and books can exploit them for authority. Although I think McKenna's 'Invisible Landscape' is a bad book, he at least appeared to have a conviction in his beliefs. I mean, using the random number generator of I Ching as an actual 'oracle' to predict a collapsing time-wave aimed at December 2012 requires an insane amount of commitment!

He won't be there to eat his words and neither will Frank Waters. The rest of the cynical SoBs who are portraying themselves as spiritual, whilst ripping of their customers, will step lightly aside on December 21 2012. They'll be hitching themselves to a new bandwagon in seconds and setting our sights on the next stop for Ascension Central.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 04:58 AM

Originally posted by -W1LL
Ascension never had anything to do with 2012 it's just 2 diff theories brought together to further confuse the masses of the real truth. first research ascension forget about the man made time keeping modern man has no clue how to see real time.

personally i think ascension is rooted in Buddhism.

Ascension is a process that allows beings to be able to separate from their physical bodies and to live eternally as pure energy in a superior plane with greater amount of knowledge and power. It can be a mental, spiritual or evolutionary process—a direct result of obtaining a certain level of wisdom and knowledge as a civilization.

The Ancients were the first race to ascend and some of them, such as Oma Desala, attempted to teach the "lowers" to ascend without the use of technology. Dr. Daniel Jackson speculated that this is what the Earth religion of Buddhism is based on, and that Oma is Mother Nature along with the other Ancients as spirits.
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Fascinating post man. Thanks for showing us

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky
Is there anything you don't know? I love ya, Kandinsky, I really do.

A question: Do you think there is any validity to the concept that the intelligence communities dabbled in "cult building." Especially in reference to the Contactees and the New Age movement? Of course by extension that touches on ufology.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by The GUT
I appreciate your comments, but don't let me fool you. I read a lot, but the internet is heavily used too.

To answer the question - yes I do.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 04:06 PM
I have read that McKenna did not originally know about the Mayan calendar when he came up with his theory, but when he found out about it, he changed it to "fit". Um... how do you do that? Can you change your own theory so that it fits with the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012? Not to mention that the Mayans did not have the same number of days in a year that we do now, so who knows what day it actually is, according to them?

Don't get me wrong. If something great happens on December 21, 2012, I'll be ecstatic. But I'm tired of people trying to dupe me and everyone else. This looks like another Y2K to me. And it's going to be an even bigger disappointment. What's up with people selling false hope like it's going out of style? We have the Galactic Federation garbage, Drake and his crew, people like David Wilcock. Hey, everything's going to be fine, right? We're headed for a new Golden Age.

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