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**Who determined that the Mayan Calendar Ends on December 21, 2012?: (Best Review)

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by whyamIhere

That is the easy answer, but it won't stop people from wanting things to change. The key is that people want things to change, period. This is not due to any kind of belief, it is because we are geared to move from where we are now to where we can go. It's the basics of physics. The cure is to make things move. None of this happens quickly. Even the Mayans knew that so they made their projections reach far ahead. If there is anything we should learn from the Mayans is they understood this: careful what you wish for, you might (will) get it.

posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by alumnathe

"...hundreds of millions of calendars from different cultures and civilizations.." Are there really that many?

Sure. My local newsagent alone has about 40 different ones and it is late July already. Every one of them ends on 31 December 2012. I know for a fact that there are probably several hundred newsagents around the city with similar stocks. And then there are all the newsagents in the rest of the state and country.

To be fair there are a few that end on 30 June 2013.

I'll bet you've got a few dozen scattered around your house and workplace. And if you don't think there are a few hundred million calendars in China, you haven't been counting.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:19 PM
Lets see? What about that missing day or so maybe 4 and a half days + 1 = 5 and a half so it is really it is 918 in the morning on the 19th right now opps 2 miniutes just passed to wright this.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:57 PM
Just for the record, no one that is a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ adheres to a 12/21/2012 end of the world theory.

Because the Lord Jesus Christ said, "No one knows the day or the hour; not even me. But only my Father in Heaven knows."

It would be wise not to include "Abrahamic religions" with the group of people that expect the world to end on that date because there is no basis for that statement. Anyone who claims to be a follower of God and yet adheres to this date, they are not obeying Him and they are not of Him; so do not judge us true believers by the mistakes of liars!

That being said, I have some knowledge worth sharing.

There is a mention somewhere on this website that a particular man was told in the year 2003 that something major would happen in 2012. Because of T&C's, I will go no further. If you are allowed by T&C's to discover this information then you will find it with reasonable use of the search engine here.

Also remember that the GOP plans to base their campaign on the idea that they will restore the gold standard, or a gold currency, and they will also audit the Federal Reserve (this because they want Ron Paul's supporters is the excuse the media uses, but I think more because...)

We also know that the 99-year contract for the Federal Reserve is over on 12/22/2012. Yes. That's right. Now you're understanding. The first piece of information which you can learn by search predicts the problems that arise from the end of the contract for the Federal Reserve. The end of the contract for the Federal Reserve means that it is completely possible for there to be implemented a new form of currency; if they truly intend to go with gold, which I do not doubt on account of the fact that these gold-buyer commercials have been airing for the last five years with increasing amounts of money offered for everyone's gold in exchange for cash that will be rendered useless shortly!...

You should have enough to pique your imagination right now. I could continue, but I wish not to turn this thread off course. But I did need to say what I have said so far to support my final statement.

That "Mayan Calendar End Date", while a hiccup at first, turned out to be the perfect story to get people thinking about survival. Think about it... This 12/21/2012 story has caused so many people to learn more about survival, retain some semblance of material wealth if necessary, to dive into topics of spirituality so that people might find their salvation; it revealed the crazy minded people, it has created a certain tension so that people would be less sensitive in that they are anticipating an event - EVEN IF they seem to not believe in it (I refer you to the thread today regarding the opening of the time capsule in Norway -- how many people expected nothing out of it and yet also at the same time were thoroughly disappointed to learn that they were right [or so it would seem, but I am not so certain that the items collected were merely antiques... digressing...]).

So then I think that this date is actually important and there will be quite a ruckus; but for different reasons. But this Mayan Calendar story has made people a little more resilient - because the world isn't going to end yet; no... but a lot of people might feel like their world is ending when they realize that their central bank no longer exists and all of their money has disappeared and is gone.

So, regardless of whether the Mayan Calendar actually ends on 12/21/2012 (which any calendar could be perceived to "end" at any point and no calendar actually ends as numbers appear to be infinite in nature), it was a move by The Powers That Be - a somehow generous move in a way. Generous for them, anyway. But lies are not the proper way to deal with problems.

But that is the society we live in, isn't it?

posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 03:02 PM
Only 114 days left.

Give me you car. You know you want to.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 09:56 AM
I think that the "end of the world" is probably more like the "end of an age", meaning that we are transitioning from the age of Pieces to the age of Aquarius. Here's a little video on my thoughts about all of this!

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 06:08 AM
A cosmic intergalactic referburation of the neo-quazi psychi advancement consiouscness parallel universe?

I can't wait!

No, but seriously. What? .... no, really... what? First of all, the Bible, yes, the Bible... says no man knows the date nor hour. So, that puts the world ending out of question. If it doesn't for you, you need to get off of ATS and go get your ... what? no.. shush. Time to grow up and get real. Go get your Bible. Yes. The grown up book. That's right. Enough now. Shhhhhh..... shhhhhh... it's gonna be ok.

Anyway, and about the "consciousness expansion" thing.

Let me tell you one thing, friends...

There won't EVER be a universal conscious expansion because there are too many, like me, who won't allow it.

In order for it to be universal (meaning all people involved) then you would have to also expand my consciousness, and all the people who are going to get smashed (yes, drunk) on whatever day that ANY of you say there is supposed to be a conscious expansion. In other words, I won't let you expand my consciousness. So therefore, it's not universal, and won't ever be. If you try to expand my conscious through external means, I'll slam my head into a brick wall until I'm as stupid as that brick wall. Got me? So enough with this contrived balooey. Seriously, do something good for people, stop wallowing in your daydreams and selfish and outlandish nightmares.

Oh, and good luck killing us off. There's a lot of us.

If you want peace, you might want to look elsewhere besides earth. Grow some and tough it out for the remainder of your life like the rest of us.

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