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Vote Here - Modernacademia - HermaphroKite Party(summation) - ATS Regent

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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 08:32 PM

I would officially like to announce my party, the HermaphroKite Party
The party where we don't look at you as a man or woman but just someone who was born with the right of freedom, the type of liberty where you feel like a flying kite, like a bird.

Every good govt. policy should always start with the people having the most power
I am here not to command you, or even guide you but only to represent you

Some say that I guide them, but I do not, I merely point them towards a path and they chose whether to take it or not, but merely finger pointing is not guidance.
It's intelligence coupled with liberty.... with choice!

I will always fight to the end for your internet privacy.

To me alot of the debates here on ATS can be solved with one simple ingredient.
The promotion of individualism, promoting individualism helps a society/online community to not only speak their mind but also to be open minded to opposing views.
Because if you believe in individualism then you don't believe in group mentalities, and if you don't believe in group mentalities and neither does the majority then I, future ATS Regent will never be able to divide and conquer!

Though ATS is a conspiracy website the HermaphroKite Party will not jump to push conspiracy theories but we will enforce due process, the rule of law, transparency and will always advocate the release of ancient knowledge yet never oppose dissents or protesters.

Whether you are religious, an atheist or an agnostic like myself YOU will always have my vote!
This means that voting for me is really voting for you

Though I do not believe govt. should involve itself in the market I may sometimes make statements.
For instance I would like bazooka joe gums to make a comeback so I may make a mere statement like that, also those small bags I think they were called "gold rush" with gold nugget candies in there, some may have been banana flavored.
Also I have never been to a buffet with banana ice cream available, to me that just seems wrong!

Please flag this thread now and VOTE FOR the HermaphroKite Party..... VOTE FOR YOUSELF
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

If we are members of this new androgynous party, I demand that ATS immediately remove all gender oriented designation from the doors on the public restrooms and further more, said designations be replaced and restroom doors properly designated with the term “unisex”.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 09:06 PM
The HermaphroKite Party
Liberty come now, freedom need not be tardy
The people... I will represent largely
Peace... I will promote calmly

Be an individual
Don't be another man's residual
The man in the mirror does not bow to group mentalities
Therefore no generalizing, nothing but fallacies

The world is one land
cool everyone off with freedom, it so acts like a fan
The HermaphroKite Party, let me be your main man
And my competitors, HA... snakes in a can!

But be careful, snakes slither through the grass spineless
Not to mention other Regent candidates rhymeless
But my rhymes span through multiple galaxies like a vibration
Vote for me and watch me give sheeple mouth to mouth resuscitation

Modernacademia, always fighting for truth with lust
But the truth is so controversial it burns and turns into dust
And don't update yourself the truth will rust
Why am I running for Regent? Because I MUST!


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