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The Coming Trials: What Happens Next?

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by HEYJOSE

Thank you for your kind words!! Today I feel a lot better that the week before
The sun is shining and i'm enjoying it with all my heart

Thanks again!!


posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by ErgoTheConfusion

I've been thinking about your post for a little while and your right. I've been following my stream to long without doing anything. Now that i'm being confronted with all kinds of problems I don't know what to do. But thanks to you I know I have to swim up and stop drowning in my problems.

Thank you for your wisdom, it really helps.


posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 02:47 AM
!st post. Apologize if it looks out of place.

Aronoloc. If I spelled that right.

Ive just learned of many like you from your post on youtube. Thats if your from galactic fed. or fam of light.
Your the first to mention this line in your thread here.

"a direct intervention of spirit will become evident as a Paradise Magisterial Son of great power will become visible to the human eye"

Can you go into detail of who this Elect is? If your a Celestial being. Which to me who believes in the Father and Son cant grasp outside worldly influences except from the unseen heaven. Though Ive had a message that the souls and/or spirit accumilates to four Quadrillion across the universe. not possible to just earth.

.Even seen multiple lights flying through the sky in April 2010.and still hard to grasp.
Numbers on clocks i've been reading since 9/11. what does time of birth mean if seen or even 1144 or 144 or 411 or 4411 etc.
Heck even the US governments or say State etc. has been poisoning me since 2002.

I know I went off topic. sorta venting. The Elect Son is who Im wondering you may know about. No yt post. sites say anything. So thats why im shedding this fear to ask you. to even sound stupid to strangers who read this.

I will write one of my Angels names hear and ask you also if you know of her or of her. Voilet.

If your with the celestial family Do you know the Father of the West and the Mother of the East.
How do you guys know the Elect plans to reshapen the universe as mentioned by Salusa. I think. or an etc angel or alien. also why do u post yt vids coming with word from yeshua or God.
One heaven above one eternal plane below. no more planets a flat earth as you would say with one sun that never goes below the horizon.
Another reason Sheldin Nidle sounds more schizo than what I can believe. trust me I know.
Because of visitations ever seven years. twice this happened. 2001.-2002 and 2007-2008. Ive dreamed of 2012, but I know 2015 is the right answer.
I dont know how to use abs. but private message me if your able.

Thank you and to readers and commentaters. My apologizes. thanks

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by BlueMule


I love guitar, how did you know?? Even though i'm not so good at playing it, I always love a good song


posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by Risingfall

The interesting thing about opportunities to offer wisdom, is they usually mean the giver of the wisdom probably needs to heed it themselves too.

I have been contemplated it as well and it made me realize that I've been doing the same thing too... marveling at progress up to a point, then pouting during a seeming lull. I can remember moments where I got in "the groove" and started to feel things pick up again, but I've continued to allow it to be distracted in one manner or another.

Thanks for giving me the chance to self reflect while offering whatever seeds could be of use to you as well. I've been in need of a nudge!

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 04:55 AM
reply to post by Aronolac

Thanks for sharing all this info with us. It was a great help to me as well as all the others. If you find the time to respond to my post, thanks in advance and I could never express in text just how far my appreciation extends.

I would like to know what exactly my mission is here and now, why I seem to be so stagnant in my spiritual growth after coming so far..and more specifically, why I must endure the pangs of loneliness in this current journey.

There seems to be some barrier which I cannot remove. What's this all about?

Any advice or answers would be overwhelmingly helpful.

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by Aronolac


Could you also tell me what I have to do here or what my 'mission' is? I have no idea what I can do to help humanity now or in the future. Everything has been going downhill, I can sometimes see the beautiful things in life, but most of the time i'm down now. I think knowing I'm going somewhere would help a lot, but I don't know where.

Thanks for your thread


posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by Risingfall

Totally right on board with you, dude! Do you ever feel like you're just sitting around in an airport terminal--waiting for..something--while everybody else seems to be moving along and getting where they need to go?

I feel like my bags are packed, my ticket is processed, but just waiting for something to whisk me away. I don't want to sound like an arrogant jerk or anything. But it's been hitting me for many years now that my time is done here. That I've accomplished all the good I can and have learned the lessons I needed for this life. So, what's the hold up? Is there more?

I feel like I'm just waiting around doing soduku puzzles, biding my time, or something.
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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by Aronolac

I find your post drawing me for some reason. Usually I take posts like this with a grain of salt. I have some serious questions for you and I am eagerly awaiting your answers.

1. who said to me, "we are the council".

2. Who verbally yelled "stop the car" seconds befor the child stepped out from behind parked cars?

3. Im a 444 person who sees this number everywhere everyday. What does it mean for me?

4 . you mentioned the Universal father as a seperate entity from God the supreme. There are differeent Gods?

thank your for these answers ahead of time. also any information you have reguarding what "they" want me to know.................well iM LISTENING.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:10 AM

Originally posted by Aronolac

1 - Trials of an unusual nature may well begin by October of this year. These trials concern both the material planet and the spiritual changes that will occur at the same time.

2 - More spiritual prompts are to be issued from the beginning of this year until they are no longer entirely necessary. Those who see 1111 on digital clocks and other devices and other numeric configurations are being informed that it is an invitation to listen closely and prepare to participate with spirit when representatives of the high spiritual rulers become visible. So far there have been 75,000,000 prompts issued since about 2004 to make people wonder and listen.

3 - There are alarming indications that an event will overtake the United States after wreaking havoc in Europe, and in both cases it sets the stage for a complete examination of government policies and even government sovereignty issues.

4 - Spirit will speak directly to those whose mind frequencies have reached the level of the lower levels of the indwelling in each person of normal mind. Those of you who have received spirit prompts have the capacity to reach those frequencies.

5 - Level 2 experiments such as this will end and a direct intervention of spirit will become evident as a Paradise Magisterial Son of great power will become visible to the human eye. His administration will encompass the totality of this planet. One hundred others will become visible from spirit as his contact staff in various parts of the world, and many of you will be asked to serve if that is your desire. Training will ensue for those that accept.

1 - What does "Trials of an Unusual Nature" even mean? That term is so ambiguous that it could literally mean anything. The worst part is, you KNOW that is the case, and that is WHY you choose your words so carefully. Because you have absolutely have no idea, but on October 1st when below-average-Joe goes to the vet and finds out his dog has cancer and has to be put down, you want to be able to use that to manipulate him. You want him to believe that you talk to "CELESTIAL BEINGS" who "TALK TO YOU IN YOUR HEAD BECAUSE YOUR BRAIN IS SPECIALLY ADAPTED" and you found this out because "A DIGITIAL ALARM CLOCK TOLD YOU SO, BY FLASHING 11:11 PM" which everyone knows here on bat-****-insane land, simply can NOT happen without divine intervention.

2 - Spiritual Prompts. Because everyone knows the chosen few have to be ignorant enough to interpret seeing "11:11" or "10:10" or "4:20" on a clock (something that man made several thousand years ago to measure the amount of time it takes to go around the sun) otherwise they're just not radically devoted enough to celestial beings to be of any interest or use, and obviously deserve to die in the great Earth-Sundering event because they had the brains to say "Hey, it's 11:11. Make a wish. It won't come true though, because fairies don't exist." 75,000,000 different prompts since 2004. I'd like to know who, besides the magic invisible divine beings who only reveal themselves to you, in your head, is doing the statistics for that? I'd also like you to name 20 example. 20 out of 75,000,000 should be easy, especially when your idea of "spiritual prompting" boils down to, "THERE WAS AN ELECTRICAL SURGE. ALL THE ALARM CLOCKS RESET! LEVIATHAN AND ASMODEAN ARE AMOUNG US!!!"

3 - What are these alarming indications? War? Political Corruption? Struggle for Power? Discord amongst the masses?

Ooooohh. You mean the same problems we've had literally ALL of human history since society was conceived. Yep, for some reason those are so much worse now than there were during.. I dunno, World War II about 80 years ago.


Please, if my assumptions about your "alarming indications" which you failed to specify were wrong, please correct me with another incredibly vague comment about how our spiritual selves are darker than they were in ancient times. And then prove it with empirical evidence. Oops, you can't.

4 - Spirits, whom you've previously referred to as "Celestial" can/will only talk to people with lower brainwave patterns? Oh right, so the nonbelievers can't just call you a schizophrenic because you hear voices in your head and listen to them. For some reason the aliens (since celestial means from outer space) have limited their technology so only some people can use it. That, or angels are just reeeeeally bad psychics. And why would they bother actually looking into people's backgrounds?

A group of individuals who look to digital clocks for spiritual guidance is clearly as capable as the next group....

It's like choosing to date someone for their nifty tinfoil hat. It's so cool at parties.

5 - When the day comes when 101 dalma-- I mean men, are **** out of thin air before my eyes, I'll believe you.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by Magantice
reply to post by Aronolac

I find your post drawing me for some reason. Usually I take posts like this with a grain of salt. I have some serious questions for you and I am eagerly awaiting your answers.

1. who said to me, "we are the council".

2. Who verbally yelled "stop the car" seconds befor the child stepped out from behind parked cars?

3. Im a 444 person who sees this number everywhere everyday. What does it mean for me?

4 . you mentioned the Universal father as a seperate entity from God the supreme. There are differeent Gods?

thank your for these answers ahead of time. also any information you have reguarding what "they" want me to know.................well iM LISTENING.

Quantum Mechanics is a touchy subject at the moment, but if you're really interested you can learn about the science that seeks to prove your conciousness does not come from your brain.

Nonlocal Consciousness

I can't tell you what DOES cause the anomalies in your life for certain.

However, I can tell you in all scientific likeliness, it's not something or someone in the sky we could relate to as a human being. And because of that, you will never understand the nature of "god" and should strive to understand what you have the ability to understand.

Thinking about things you CAN'T understand will only lead to more unanswerable questions, and may leave you susceptible to manipulation. Live your own life. Don't live the life someone else tells you that you should. Because they are wrong. Because "right" is relative.
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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:25 AM
Op, very interesting topic you have here. I have been reading through the entire thread and there are questions I have.

You mentioned the name Manotia. Could you expand on your relationship with this "person" and what role he/she plays?

Also, by doing a search of certain terms you have used, the Urantia Book comes up. In it's own description of the book, and separate writings as a companion to the book, communication with "sepheric" beings occur in just the manner you have described. The term "Father" is also used for explicit purposes.

I am not trying to be overly critical but is what you have laid out i this thread based on the teachings of the Urantia Book?

Many, many terms you have used coincides with just the brief overview I have seen of the subject.
Urantia Book

Edit to add:

A thread you authored in 2009, The Lucifer Manifest, is very similar to the idea laid out in the Urantia book, specifically the "loyal Sepharic Commander" section.

In that thread you link to the Urantia Book. Are these communications real as we would call it, or is this entire thread more about belief?

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:43 AM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

Thank you .I was wondering where this religion began. and I have to believe with this urantia book. though im not going to deny the book sincerity, but after listening to numerous videos from the galactic fed and fam. just thank you cause ths whole topics been puzzling. who knew youd have to believe in wiki. unless that jokes old now. it seems like an intersting book that lays out interesting subjects from the bible to books of thoth which i see similarity.

Aronoloc If all this true, ingore my previous post. u might be just another human who escaped the goverments. sorry to sound rude.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by Aronolac

Humm, I have been seeing the number 11:11 a lot as well. I can't remember exactly when it started, but it has been years.

Anyway, does the name Selith mean anything to you? It is the name I have been called, and have known was my name, in my dreams/visions.

As for time frame, it is very difficult to put an exact time frame to things that will most likely happen in the future, and I don't think anyone truly knows the exact time frame.

I do know for certain the following, things are pretty bad as they are, but if Obama is chosen again, it will truly be the end for the United States to a point that it will not recover even after the changes have settled.

I know that most probably there will be another civil war in the United States, and it will be started unfortunately by race differences.

I know that the UN will use this war as an excuse to bring their peace keepers into the U.S., but the main countries that will invade are China, Russia, and a few of their allies.

I was shown literally at least some cities being rubble in the U.S. as we were fighting amongst ourselves and against the UN nations that will invade.

I have been shown at least one, but up to three nuclear explosions will occur in at least one city, or three in the U.S. I am not sure if what was shown was in the same city but from different angles, but saw them as I was inside three different people. One of the explosions seemed to occur out at sea. The other two seemed to occur in the city/cities, but it is possible that I was made to experience one event/explosion as three different people from different angles.

I know that natural Climate Change will continue to get worse, and more so for anyone, or any cities close to the oceans. Such disasters will include large tsunamis, winds that will literally blow you off your feet even if you are holding onto anything such as a tree, as well as people drowning, but not sure if it is from the tsunamis themselves or sea level rises.

For what I have been shown these natural Climate Changes are occurring due to either the new region in the Local Fluff (interstellar cloud) the Solar System is entering, or due to the companion star to our Sun and one of the planets that orbits it. Was just shown that the cause is from outer space, and not due to humans.

Was also shown all night what appeared to be the trajectory of a meteor that will enter the Earth's atmosphere, but wasn't shown where it would hit or what would happen. (I know it is very vague but it is the truth)

Was shown that a large volcano will erupt in the NW of the U.S. That there would be an earthquake in which literally all bells will ring in the U.S. at least, and that either parts of the south of the U.S. will sink, or the sea level will rise.

Almost forgot, was also shown that the true elites of this world were aware that such disasters would be very bad, and they have in place measures to try to survive these events, without the rest of mankind being warned about these events.

Again, as to time frame, I wasn't shown any time, just the events themselves and what people will be going through.

That's all I can remember right now.

I have also been shown and experienced life as different people through my dreams/visions. From a boy living somewhere in the Middle East to a poor young man living in the U.S.

If it helps the day I was born was March 4th, 1972.

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 07:19 AM

Originally posted by sheepslayer247
The term "Father" is also used for explicit purposes.

To tell you the truth I have not read this book, but to me his name is "Father" as well, and there is a "Mother" as well.

The "Mother" is the one that has appeared to me in my dreams/visions the most.

In one event/dream/vision she was walking on top of the waters of a lake. The lake wasn't very deep, maybe a foot or two. There were big white flowers, and other foliage floating in the lake. She showed me, and what in my dreams/visions was my sister, Lilith, some things about the future.

To Lilith she spoke in her ear and after a minute or so my sister was crying. I never found out what she said. To me she showed 7 cages, and in each cage there was a different type of ape/monkey. She told me each ape/monkey represented evil/the devil for each cycle, and in specific I was shown the last cage and the monkey inside it. It was a baboon but with a red stripe from his temple to his nose, and with very large teeth.

(I can't remember right now if the cage with the monkey/ape that escaped was the last, or the one before the last cage... This happened years ago, so I am a bit fuzzy in that particular detail. I wrote this in a page right after I woke so will look for it)

She opened her right palm and showed me a leaf, which she explained to be the key that opened and closed the last cage. She extended her hand to give it to me, she explained that I was the guardian, and as I was about to take it, it fell but didn't try to catch it thinking it would be worse. Instead I waited for it to land on the water, but as it did it sunk fast. I tried to find it but couldn't. As I looked up the last cage was open and the baboon was gone. The Mother/Lady told me that evil/the devil was loose again in the world.

The Mother/Lady appeared on other occasions to me, in my dreams/visions, and together with my sister, who I don't know in the waking world, the Mother/Lady showed us the evil/devil as a man, but we couldn't see his face, or the rest of the body. It was all black from head to toe with the figure of a man.

I know it sounds weird, and sounds like a horror book, but it is the truth.

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 07:30 AM
This forum has quickly descended into many people justifying their own dreams, ideas, beliefs, and feelings as "religion" and crediting the OP for it. It's so far off from what the OP was getting at. This is one of those cases of a ton of fans of a novel giving all sorts of meaning to "read between the lines" horsecrap that the novelist didn't even intend.

And guess what, the author is eating it all up.

Your dreams are not a religion, they are dreams. And sorry to burst your bubble, but everyone has them, and just because they're sometimes nonsensical, scarey, or symbolic, doesn't mean yours are special. In fact, they aren't. And neither are mine. Willful ignorance is willful bliss, I guess.

Many religions might have been dreams manifested into literature... But that doesn't mean YOUR dreams are religion.

...WHY do SO MANY PEOPLE need to feel like some sort of divine magic is swirling around constantly playing with our lives in order to feel content? Wasn't part of growing up learning to be responsible, and isn't part of being responsible separating the creative, child-like side of life from the object adult-side?

Give me proof, or give me death. Or just give me proof or shut up.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by thegagefather
Give me proof, or give me death. Or just give me proof or shut up.

Oh about you stay out if you don't even want to admit to be wrong?...

If you don't like the discussion STAY OUT, instead of DEMANDING for people to shut up...

The spiritual world does exist, and your ignorance of it is not going to make it go away.

Now again, if you are just going to demand for people to do your will how about you log off and do so with your children, or whomever in your family you like to order around?...

BTW, I don't feel special, nor better than anyone. Not even you. You are the one needing such labels out of your own ignorance.

We all are here to experience life. What you are supposed to experience you will experience. Maybe you are not supposed to experience the spiritual world in this lifetime. Maybe you will die in ignorance, but if it is how you were supposed to experience life so be it.

I know you need to feel that you are in control of your life and everything. But the truth is that you are not in control.

A control freak like you will be shown by life eventually, if you haven't been shown already, that you truly have no control at all.

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by NotThat

You write:

Why such a limited number of people who can "hear"?

Aronolac: The sad story of our planet will become well known to all of you in a few short years. Just know that the small number "who can hear" will be expanded to all "who want to hear", and will end this drought of not knowing God.

What can you tell me about my guide?

Aronolac: Your guide is a seraphim who loves you very much. She is of the angelic classification that sees to the destiny of earth children, and is one of millions who have arrived to assist you and all those who may go on to eternity.

What is so special about October?

Aronolac: October of 2012 is likely to be the greatest time of spiritual input this world has ever seen. You will see miraculous things that have never been told to human kind before. October could be December and/or November, or even the beginning of 2013. The important point is that it will be very soon in the scheme of things. God does not have a clock or calendar like we do as he works mysteriously through God the Supreme, the Time Lord we all contribute to with our experiential lives. Timing will be when it will be and although we have been given to hear that this year late in 2012 is the time the rubber will hit the road, desire not what is to occur. It will be horrendous but necessary and then it will be over and we rebuild this beautiful sphere in health.

Thank you

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by RadioHawken

I must correct your impression concerning my relationships.

I have never posted to YouTube although I am subscribed. I am not familiar with the Galactic Federation although I know what they claim. I have no direct relationship with the Deities other than to transmit their messages. I am no other than who I am and make no statements concerning what will be done with those who are or who are not "the elect". Those things are entirely in the hands of our Creator Son and in the bosom of the Father.

I wish you success in your quest.

Thank you

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 10:59 AM

This is an amazing thread. I personally have never dealt with the Urantian followers. It's uncanny that this thread had brought people to the surface that have had the same experience with the book as I have, that is, "Whhaat?" Aronolac is on Pacific time an is probably just opening his/her eyes at this post. It will be interesting to see his/her responses to the course of this particular discussion.

Those following this thread are a hungry bunch. Commonality being that we are all in anticipation of a great change that we feel is imminent. I see that everywhere, and cannot bring it into a conversation because the average person is intensely scarred by the great changes of 9/11. We don't want to feel that way again. Here, there is a faction that, more or less, crave that change. This thread struck that craving, as have many other threads of this ilk.

There are many people on this beach wondering where the water went.

The language of the Urantia book has a curious power of convincing one that its words are true. It is anomalous and you really stand away from it wondering if it could possibly be true. When I was looking into it I was spiritually vulnerable, now, thirty some years later, I find that I really don't need all the information provided by that particular book. It makes the universe look like a massive administrative nightmare of hierarchy after hierarchy. If they were dependent on paper, there would be no such thing as a tree left in the universe.

The gist of the book is that at the core of everything is this intense love sourced in the Creator. How can you detract from that? We all want that to be true. The Earth/Urantia is some sort of jewel of creation, that has the intense protection of the Creator and all subordinates. We all want that too. Hell is some sort of place of confinement, like a universal time out box, where you are isolated until you've got your mind right or are disposed of when things don't work out. Then it goes on to address the true nature and identity of Jesus, that you really would like to embrace.

Anyway, Aronolac, has touched a nerve for those that are seeking salvation, tired of christian dogma, and sensing that we are on the brink of a great change.

The 11:11 thing gets me personally. I don't understand that at all. I experience it and can't rationalize it or why it is happening. I try to cancel it by saying to myself that if it is sourced in a deceptive spirit, then there must be benevolent spirits to protect me also. Does that make sense?

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