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The Coming Trials: What Happens Next?

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:24 PM

Originally posted by Aronolac

What have you heard with regard to upsets having to do with world religion?

World religion and myth are at a unique stage, imo. Humanity has the capacity to compare religions, mystical traditions, and mythologies like never before. We can analyze the universal themes and motifs, and we can grasp the universal truths that inform each and every local religion. We can realize the unity of our spiritual heritage. We can overcome fundamentalism, tribalism, extremism.

"No one, as far as I know, has yet tried to compose into a single picture the new perspectives that have been opened in the fields of comparative symbolism, religion, mythology, and philosophy by the scholarship of recent years. The richly rewarded archaeological researches of the past few decades; astonishing clarifications, simplifications, and coordinations achieved by intensive studies in the spheres of philology, ethnology, philosophy, art history, folklore, and religion; fresh insights in psychological research; and the many priceless contributions to our science by the scholars, monks, and literary men of Asia, have combined to suggest a new image of the fundamental unity of the spiritual history of mankind.

Without straining beyond the treasuries of evidence already on hand in these widely scattered departments of our subject, therefore, but simply gathering from them the membra disjuncta of a unitary mythological science, I attempt in the following pages the first sketch of a natural history of the gods and heroes, such as in its final form should include in its purview all divine beings--not regarding any as sacrosanct or beyond its scientific domain. For, as in the visible world of the vegetable and animal kingdoms, so also in the visionary world of the gods: there has been a history, an evolution, a series of mutations, governed by laws; and to show forth such laws is the proper aim of science."

-Joseph Campbell

All we need to do is make comparative religion, comparative mythology, comparative mysticism, and parapsychology available to the people and we can overcome our petty tribalism by connecting the dots between those fields of study. Along with that comes the means to reach our spiritual potential and claim our inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God.

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by Scribe611


You write:
friend of mine (Sled735) suggested I visit your thread, and I'm glad I have. When time is available for you, I do have a couple of things I'd love to find out about.

First, I believe I "channeled" someone else in December 2008, and it has totally changed my life. I am wanting to return to this, and my question is: did I actually channel another entity, or access my own higher consciousness?

Aronolac: You partially channeled an entity we have no access to as name and number. That individual was a "stow away" in the planet's energy grid which is the location of where many personalities reside. But if you feel like the whole thing was something out of wonderland, relax. You actually made partial contact. This happens for several reasons: 1) You are too inexperienced to hold the transmission from sliding out of contact; 2) The individual who is contacting you is no longer available and was attempting to get out of the way of a cleansing of the grid begun around that time; 3) You found a rebel and he can no longer report to anything but the authorities. I can not tell anything about your contact except what I have already said. He or she is gone.

And also, the spiritual gifts I've been given relating to ghosts and crossing spirits... which way am I supposed to go: working cold cases, helping spirits to cross, or counseling people new to paranormal sxperiences? I really don't know which way to point myself!

Aronolac: You picked a very interesting time to consider this line of work. I may not disclose very much about the work being done on the planet to completely revise the grid other than to say it is nearly finished. A mercy sweep of the grid was made in October of 2011 which cleared out over 1,000,000 individuals who were hiding in it from the authorities. There still resides in the grid over 10 million individuals who will be removed by force if necessary sometime, we think, at the end of this year or by the end of this year. The Magisterial Son will be arriving shortly. When he arrives he will act as a Magistrate and bring all of them before the bar of justice to make final decisions about their ascension careers. All must be removed and will be. A brand new grid will reopen and it will be energized by the appearance of the Creator Son on our planet, perhaps in a few years.

Now, I think you may see why you picked an interesting time to work with what you call ghosts and spirits in the 4th dimension as some call the grid. There will be very little work in the area you wish to train in after the declaration of the new dispensation. The Roll Call of Justice will be sounded, and all will be removed for an entirely new era in a relatively short time. Right now you can work with the grid, but you need training. It is far too dangerous for you especially if you accidentally reference "borderland". These are two different realities appending to the planets energy grid. The BORDERLAND is residence for horrors you never want to experience and they can attach themselves as egregores which are thought forms that can propagate through the human mind and deplete the reservoir of energy in a human being. The grid is relatively safe to work with. Be sure to maintain grounding and center with the light of the Creator Son in your presence. Most folks in the grid are people who can not make up their minds about what to do about their future life. Those in the Borderland are evil and seek destructive means to force an untrained human into great mental difficulties. A book could be written about these events, but for now I provide you some idea of what you are getting into.
Thank you so much!

Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could you find out who my guide or guides are?

Aronolac: You have no Seraphic guides with you assigned, but you do have two midwayers who help you out now and then in your inquiries. They do not have names like you and I because they are known by alphabet serialization. For instance I have a guide midwayer who is DEF 14. They tend to be shy about giving their names and I have been asked to keep them confidential. You might be able to speak with them yourself if you develop clairvoyance or transmission capacities. It will take some work though to be able to do that which you can. Psychic ability is certainly yours and I wonder if you are able to clearly determine what areas they will shine? Sort of a blurry dot over what you want in this, and that is yours to determine.

Thank you
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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:32 AM
Thank you very much for your answer. No need to apologize for your response time as I have much time on my hands and you are helping many. I identified very much with what you said about disturbed and getting adequate sleep. I gain many insights from my dreams and really need to devote more time to sleeping.
I have stayed away from religion for a long while. Lately synchronicity has been undeniable and feeling like I'm waking up from a long nap. Don't really think organized religion feels right to me but would like to reestablish my connection with creator. Changes in my way of thinking make me feel this is already happening.
Could you tell me if I have any guides to communicate with or if directly praying to god is the only thing I need to do? The response you have given me has been very helpful much more so then I could have imagined. Very grateful for your time and knowledge.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:10 AM
My apologies...

"Whos2know you present a dilemma. Let me give you a visual picture of the means available and your case. If I were an archer, the lack of information you show in your post about real conditions you have in life, I would be aiming an arrow of information at a target sitting 1 mile away. Accuracy is not available at the distance you present me and I can hardly see where to aim. It is okay and it is not criticism but it is being honest about the lack of vision I have with your request. Being lost and feeling lost are two different things. I am not so sure that the energy I feel from your self is truly lost, but a little confused and frustrated for the lack of action you crave to "get going". It may help to know this stagnation you feel will pass. It always does when the world starts to go crazy, and this world and your world will do just that. You will have not a lot of time to take care of all you need to soon enough. Enjoy the quiet and the relative tranquility you now experience while you can."

....I wasn't sure how to word what I was asking exactly, lol - seems to be a problem of mine. Please let me clarify: I would like to know who in the outer realm accompanies me to guide me in this life. I would like to know if the spirtiual experiences I had approximately 12 years ago following my mother's passing were real. Many odd and frightening things happened while meditating...and scared me away from pursuing that avenue. I've tried to maintain my learning and growth...but not as diligently. And you are correct - I am stagnated for the action I crave to "get going"! How incredibly correct that statement is. Now, what worries me DEEPLY is your following comment stating that I will not have a lot of time to take care of all I need to soon enough - can you explain exactly what this means?

I anxiously await your reply...and truly do appreciate all the time you take to assist all in this thread.

Thank you - Whos2know

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 06:31 AM
link the lack of response because I already know what to do or because I'm just too darn Evil to speak to?

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by elliotmtl

Hello Elliotmt,

It is the simple problem of being missed and probably because there is nothing to really work on when there is nothing specifically mentioned that is wrong.

You write:
Aronolac...can you ask them what I should be doing to return to feeling love and accomplishing my mission here? I'm very lost and confused Thank you

Answer: The human psyche has little to do with destiny which all missions are directed toward. Feeling love and being loved are consequential to the end game. How have I treated others whom I adore? What can I do with all of this material I receive and not be able to attract others who can enjoy it with me? Above all, why am I here at all if this is all one gets for trying?

If any of that sounds familiar, welcome to the club we all belong to. Spirit and the personalities who direct its application to us have no sympathy for those who carry a load of responsibility and then do not provide the wherewithal to expand their consciousness with the discharge of those duties. This is not specifically directed at you, but it can apply if you find yourself feeling sorry you ever took on what you are doing. May I say this also happens to the vast majority of us who attempt to "get ahead" but find the path incessantly blocked by pesky relationship problems that will not go away. That said, do not bother to feel badly about the many things that seem to hold back the gusher of emotion you sure would like to experience again. The psyche is well fortified to end the problem by ignoring the worst offender of making progress: yourself.

Being lost and confused is a subset of not feeling loved. If I, or you, or other readers do not feel valued, it is not easy to say "I love you too!" You will be quite surprised to learn that once someone walks in on your feeling of dejection and pulls you up by your bootstraps, you will flower like a field of dandelions. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of all those dandelions? Well, the point is, you have no idea how hard it is to get rid of melancholy when the flowers do not bloom at all. Clear your blue psyche with thought that actually expands your life into those areas you care not to mention here, and you will develop the relationship and the heart you so much want.

Care that you take on the responsibilities you have been given. Spirit appreciates the dedication and effort to do it. Become offhand about them just decreases the self-love you also need.

Thank you.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:26 PM
It's not easy to like those who your human instinctively dislikes, shies and wants to flee from...let alone love them except in the mechanical way of an empath who can't help themself.

Unless I'm completely misinterpreting.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:13 PM

Originally posted by Aronolac
reply to post by Scribe611

Now, I think you may see why you picked an interesting time to work with what you call ghosts and spirits in the 4th dimension as some call the grid. There will be very little work in the area you wish to train in after the declaration of the new dispensation. The Roll Call of Justice will be sounded, and all will be removed for an entirely new era in a relatively short time. Right now you can work with the grid, but you need training. It is far too dangerous for you especially if you accidentally reference "borderland".

Thank you so much... you've given me a great deal of things to think about, and some clues on doing more research myself. I realize I have been lucky in that the two spirits I have helped cross over have been confused and frightened, so they were easy to convince. I've had many experiences throughout my adult life that could be called ghostly or spiritual in nature, and so far I've been blessed to have met only nice ones, so to speak! I haven't encountered an angry, vengeful or evil entity yet, and I know I need some training before I do. Once I start pursuing this instead of waiting for it to fall right before my eyes, I know the more evil ones will seek me out. It is unnerving to face this, and sometimes I think I'd be better off to not pursue it. But if this is what I was given these gifts for, am I not turning my back on my Creator by not using them? Not to mention the souls who will still need help if I don't step into the role created for me.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. I really do appreciate it, and I wish you wonderful things!

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:57 PM
Aronolac I have to admit I'm a little envious. I spent many years wondering if God was real, and several more years praying he would show me in some way. I really wanted him to tell me why I’m here and my purpose (along with dozens of other questions).

I figured out that I was not alone with my thoughts by accident because someone/something answered me in my head, but answered with a saying that might have been used by someone’s great, great, great grandmother, although I had never heard that particular saying before. While I cannot remember the actual saying, I remember that it applied perfectly to the situation and was quite catchy. That incident has since spurred many questions about my existence and man’s existence for me.

I’ve experienced quite a few other odd instances, in the last several years especially. I would love to know exactly what is going on and what it all means and could fill page after page with questions about various experiences and dreams that I wonder about. I’ve tried to remain patient with God, telling myself that HE will let me know what I need to know when HE feels I need to know it. Sadly, I'm not a patient person (((sigh)))

Anyway...great thread and thank you for sharing so much with all of us.
Love and Blessings

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by GreenEyedGemini

GreenEyedGemini from a BrownEyedGemini,

It is timely that you mention your impatience. As it so happens here is a transmission from the Mentori, a celestial group of high spiritual beings who volunteer to serve mankind in the Mentori group for 1,000 years of earth time. In other words, once you enlist for this service, your contract runs a millennium. One of the Mentori transmitted this little gem a few days ago to one of our transmitters, and I think it is worth the read: It is on human impatience.

Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Impatience, So Very Human.”

- -

Mentor: “You are human, wide-spread all over the universes, and your many species live on disparate worlds. In some instances the duration of terrestrial life is no more than forty-five of your years. On other planets your species may well live a few centuries and a little more. Whatever their ways, lives, mindsets, and in whichever way they see themselves, this has always much to do with time, limited time. Most of you are incapable of ‘looking beyond your terrestrial life into eternity’ to always see your future existence as a continuance of life. They are the time limitations you focus on, which create your ‘so very human impatience’.

“Limited time is much of what you have in which to do your planning and your timing as the hours tick away. Time is important as to when to begin a task. Time is important in determining how much time can be allocated to complete the task. Timing is important from the point of view of when a task may dovetail with what follows. It is very much the human way to work out things in time. And to a degree, the Midwayers which are many on most of the worlds also necessarily need to work with time. It is different with Celestials above their ranking.

“The way a Destiny Guardian measures progress is not in time, but in the steps his or her human subject takes and progresses in life – the circles or levels of progress. For other Celestials progress exists in looking forward to see a task nearer completion, but not in how long it takes. It is with humans that time is so important and it is in humans that patience is not always there to be found. For Celestials beyond the realm of the Midwayers, patience and impatience are virtually unknown quantities. They live by what they achieve. They see the future as a number of achievements, personal progress and that of others, as it came about in the past, and as it will come about in the future, whilst they live in the now.

“So much on this earth can be achieved when patience is king. So much on this world is being spoiled when impatience rules. No matter how yogi-like you may become in your life, you will not achieve the total loss of impatience to be entirely like your celestial brothers and sisters. Beyond this life, however, you will be functioning with an entirely different mindset. Actual times, hours ticking away, will no longer be important to you. The completion, the conclusion and the success in your various exercises, in your area’s learning experience, and in your various teaching experiences will become the most important things. And the ‘hour’ will come when you will have changed, when you will look back at your impatience as you expressed it, or suffered from it, back on the planet of your birth. You will then not quite recall what and how you once felt, as you shrug, smile, and move on."


Thank you for stopping by!


“This is my talk for this evening. I thank you greatly for your time and your interest in the subject. Make patience, constantly practiced, an important part of your life divine. I am the Mentori spokesperson you know so well. I say good night for now.”
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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 07:36 PM
So do I get a response to my question

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by CaticusMaximus

You were missed.

Your wrote:

Interesting thread.

Since it seems youre taking questions of a metaphysical/philosophical nature... what am I supposed to be doing in this life? I cant for the life of me (lol) figure it out, and Im pretty sure thats not whats supposed to be.

What insight into this are you able to give?

Aronolac: You have no particular wage earning nature accompanying your question. Very weak energy that is hard to determine even what area you want to be directed since nothing wants to stand out. Is there a problem with health? I keep getting a picture of your thyroid that needs some regulating. That is related to energy spikes and troughs and that in turn makes it awfully difficult to maintain interest or to remain in pursuit of a goal. Your interests are wide but short on focus.

I also see a change in attitude very shortly. It has to do with the last house you lived in and because it was short sold it gave you a hard knock on your ability to make choices that pay off. I also wonder what this business is that gives you lots of heart energy and then it drops off to nothing when the chase becomes enigmatic - can't make decisions because the choices are less than comfortable for you.

These are personal choices at work for you that have little chance of succeeding so long as you do not put forth the full effort to make them work. You need to clear the weeds out because some of the pending situations for good or bad there appears on the horizon for all of us, within a month or two, a mess in financial houses you seem to hold interest in or with. I am not talking about the dollar or the euro in particular, but I am talking about the loss of jobs that will become a pandemic in the western world. The Pacific rim is in for even a bigger shock for lack of a better word, there will be wholesale slaughter on the secondary stock markets before the big guys run for the hills. Some of this will affect you, and your real direction for the rest of your life comes about because of the necessity to get out from under the financial mess that is brewing. Do what becomes necessary; not what is charming or preferred at the moment.

Here is a suggestion: Clear out the first opportunity you have to leave without embarrassing yourself or your associates. Watch for the chance to get even monetarily. There are stock deals coming that allow you to become involved in the emerging markets but play in areas you have experience with; do not take chances. There needs to be a cleaning up, not out.

Because there is an emerging situation in the house next door, watch out you do not get on the spot for loss of wages in the fight that erupts. I can not tell you why this keeps coming up, but it does.

These things are hardly metaphysical but you are not especially interested and that prevents notice of growth around the areas you want to resolve in the big picture you are beginning to sense, at least enough to ask the question about why are you here? That is always a door opener for those in spirit who have volunteered to take you on as your time is coming for a better view of what the universe is actually like, and how personal it will become to you.

Thank you.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by Aronolac

I felt this in my soul.

This is the line I find myself on. When I feel so very connected, time is immaterial. Actually, everything but love is immaterial. But that state of being and being engaged in this material world have a hard time coexisting.

To be honest, most of the time I don't worry over myself. I love and am loved and that is enough. What I ponder mainly is our world's evolution, and even that is as it should be.

Thank you for your words and advice earlier.

May love and light shine in you, on you, and through you.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by amarenell

Thank you Amarenell,

You wrote:
What I ponder mainly is our world's evolution, and even that is as it should be.

Aronolac: The greatest heed should be taken since the evolution of this planet is about to be radical beyond what most people think is possible. My replies to many of you frequently references the dire circumstances that will suddenly breach our sense of normality into just plain jaw-dropping incomprehensibility. I am not a doomsayer or do I like doom and gloom all the time, but people must take heed. This world is about to be put through the ringer for many reasons including natural causes to intervention by the spiritual forces already poised to react to any nuclear threats or proposed exchanges. Evolution is the watchword for life progression, but that progression has been stilled for reasons history will figure out in hindsight.

Our personal lives will become examined for their worth and not for what we want. that's upside down from the current mode of self-expression. I think you know that very well. Play safe at all times and you will not regret your life being wasted as service will become the dominant role for the healthy and the spiritually sane.

May you also have the blessings of spirit with you.


posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 12:04 AM
Hello Aronolac,

I have been using my pendulum for a while now to get numerical messages and just to ask general questions. The one problem I encounter is not absolutely knowing whether or not I am influencing the movement when it should be coming from my subconsciousness, at least that is the way I understand it works.

My biggest question is whether or not I will ever meet my soul mate in this lifetime, I'm pretty certain my ex wife wasn't and my current wife isn't either. The answers I'm getting from my pendulum is that I won't meet her because she didn't incarnate with me into this lifetime.

I am really fascinated by past life and between life regression and would love to have a session but they are pretty pricey so you recommend any other ways of being able to remember information from past lives and between lives?


posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by taccj9903


My answer to your inquiry may displease you a little, not because I am criticizing anything, but because to answer your question in the best way I know, I will have to tweak your belief system a little. Is it harmful to tell a seeker to look a little higher than attempting to gauge past lives and their effect on the present? I hope not.

Look at your philosophy again. Constantly looking backwards to a time you supposedly lived before is like trying to drive forward while looking in the rear view mirror. Eventually you will not see the bump in the road that would have saved you a lot of grief and spend years attempting to put your life back on track. Stop driving your life by looking backwards more than you work looking at the present and ITS CONSEQUENCES on the future.

The most important thing you may wish to do, is to find a woman who provides the sustenance of thought which you love. You tend to be cool. That's not the lack of libido, but it is a preference for metaphysical or philosophical development. Until you recognize that the heart follows the mind in preferences, take time to develop a relationship with those who work in the fields of education and/or science. Personality attraction is not just chemical, and it is so personal that it can not be predicted. There are too many variables in the attraction results to deny they exist but to predict them is impossible except for the two involved. By the way, you have a chance of meeting someone sometime near the middle of next year (2013). I have no conscious reason why they are providing me that information.

The most important thing for you spiritually is to get rid of the idea of past lives as you presently understand the process. Life is complicated enough without empowering myth to take hold and provide you a false sense of belonging where the truth does not reside. You have read in my responses to others that everyone of normal mind receives the Father's spirit to connect to your individual mind prompts arriving between ages 5 and 6 and some as late as 8. You received yours at age 8 I see and that is no problem at all. You are on the road as you should be.

Why the indwelling spirit of the Father is crucial to note and understand is that it is this spiritual entity that has the power of thought and love that actually guides you to your destiny. The angels help; the guides are useful, but no one else has the power and the insight than the Thought Adjuster, the Indwelling. It speaks and is the one that allows spiritual contact with angels and guides for it is the Father who always provides the permission for the mind to engage with the spirit kingdom.

Now, how does that affect the idea of past lives?

Your life as you know it today is original and the only one in the flesh you will ever have. However, because the Indwelling gains experience in the living universe, He indwelt, in your case, 25 other humans who did not either survive or they were not of the Adjuster-fusion classification. His intention is to finally have an indwelling that chooses life eternal, and makes every effort to change your mind about the work of the Father in you. It is direct; it is personal, and it is life changing.

It may help you to know that the Adjuster who indwells you is partly able to already to contact the higher reaches of your mind and to plant in you the idea of lives moving in and out of the flesh. This is actually where mankind gets the idea of past lives. They happen, but not to we humans; they happen to the spiritual indwelling. When the day should come when you fuse with this powerful spiritual kingdom builder, all of those 25 other lives lived throughout the universe far distant from this planet, those life experiences become yours to use for yourself and the service to the Deities.

Look forward. Find a way to understand this enlightenment of spirit directed toward you for eternity. The same Adjuster will guide you through eternity starting with the life in the flesh. There is no going back. There is only forward progress and that is yours to inherit the moment you commit to the more spiritual life.

I certainly hope I have not shaken you by revealing these elements to believe in. These truths will be verified to you over your life time whether here or on the mansion worlds where you begin the training to be of service.

Thank you.

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by Aronolac

Over the years I've gotten a better handle on patience by looking at life like a roller coaster ride, there are going to be ups and there are going to be downs, but it WILL be an adventure. However, the feeling I've been having that something big is coming is a bit unsettling. I'm not afraid, just curious. I've known about stuff before it was going to happen in the past, sometimes it was just a feeling, sometimes more. This feels very different. I know this may sound a little funny, but I feel as though I've been prepped for lack of a better word to handle whatever it is.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by GreenEyedGemini

Some roller coasters are scarier than others. This one is the biggest to hit our planet for 40,000 years - the approximate end of our last ice age. It would not surprise me one iota to learn you have had preparation for several years. You will need all they have given you I am pretty sure.


posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by Aronolac
reply to post by taccj9903

I certainly hope I have not shaken you by revealing these elements to believe in. These truths will be verified to you over your life time whether here or on the mansion worlds where you begin the training to be of service.

Thank you.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Aronolac. You have by no means shaken me, I still and always will rely on the answers from within myself. The reason why I do ask questions is more or less for confirmation or for better understanding because I am still new to the process of trying to reach into the spirit domain.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Aronolac

I agree about the scary part of the upcoming roller coaster ride. I feel that there is a lot coming, not just one thing. The prepping has helped me accept what is to come, whatever IT is. I'm not afraid to die because I know that our version of death is not the end. The snapshots of what I've been allowed to remember and see comfort me, and also make me feel a little homesick, if that makes sense. There is one thing I would like your insight on, a battle/war without weapons. Do you know anything about it?

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