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The Coming Trials: What Happens Next?

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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by KingArthur

Thank you King Arthur. I happen to completely agree with your analysis.


posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 03:47 PM
Aronolac: You surely must know what it sounds like to hear your thinking voice as you work out a problem with yourself? When spirit becomes part of the inner wakefulness that is the voice he uses. Instead of you doing the thinking, spirit does the thinking and speaking. You would get used to it in a hurry because it is so natural. This is not trance and it is not channel, but it is total awareness of everything around me and I hear the gentle voices of spirit provide answers to those who can not yet hear this way.

My response: That’s a wonderful way to explain the process. I suppose I would not fear my “own voice,” and would hope to be humble and aware enough to accept one such as these loving beings.

Aronolac: The answer is simple. Jesus is the Creator Son through whom this entire area of space was dedicated to and which he built with is own powers to manipulate material energy. With the Creator Son resides the Creative Spirit, the feminine version of Deity, and together they created much of the life, including the human pattern we individually fill. The universe is set up to provide humans a career, an eternal life of service, and the Creator Son sponsors each of us to reach graduation from this area of space, to the grand worlds of true spirit life beyond the boundaries of this galaxy. Christianity only knows Jesus and so that is how it is expressed in their scripture. In this, for persons on this world, it is literally true all must go through the Creator Son to gain their credentials to the higher spheres of existence. But you question a deeper meaning perhaps by asking is it not true that as long as God ordains that man shall rise to glory that it is the privilege of his sponsoring Sons to help those who ascend? Yes, of course. Other religions use other names for the divine sponsorship, and in that sense they are all correct.

My response: I could not imagine a Creator who would not allow others – who had no knowledge of “Jesus” – to be abandoned. I am grateful to know they need not have known Him as Jesus or whatever name He was during their lifetime on earth. And surely their soul would have that inherent knowledge. It saddens me to know that some religions downcast those who do not share their beliefs and say outright “you will not go to heaven.” Because, surely The Creator would ensure everyone would be able to ascend one day, no matter how long it takes. Is this not true?

Aronolac: Christianity as well as all other major religions on this planet are about to experience a tremendous enlightenment that shall forever change their limited views of the divine cosmologies at work on our planet. And this will happen, not because theologists will volunteer to do it, but because events will make it obvious they have to.

My response: That day cannot come soon enough. Religion in itself has done more harm than good. I am very heartened to hear of Homo Spiritus and it makes complete sense. Is it also true that ether that will assist in shaping this new design of humans?

Aronolac: Yes. And this part of the universe is far older than science would have you think. Humanity inhabited this planet just a tad less than one million years ago. High civilizations were already in place 100,000 years ago at Dilmun until it and those that followed were destroyed by a fierce rebellion that isolated our planet for 200,000 years. The coming Magisterial Mission will teach how to sustain civilizations in order to prevent endless cycle repetition of losing our history and the wisdom of what we learned to build those that even failed.

My response: What a shame this information has been hidden from the populace. How much more we as a civilization would have gained (both in spirit and virtue) had we been given the knowledge of what went before?

Aronolac: Answer: you work will be in the area of thought processing (author? teacher?) for the new administration about to appear on the planet they will rename as Urantia. Your work deals with the supernal realities of thinking and doing which you are so very good at doing. If you only know how well you prepare your lessons and think through your lectures, you would not doubt these words.

My response: It would be a privilege to work in such an area, and I am in awe that this field is one in which I would be suited. If I might request one more thing should you have the time, if I may know my guardians, I would be so appreciative. I have often felt them, and I know they are beside me as they have certainly taken the brunt of actions that could have resulted dreadful otherwise. I would like to know their names if they permit.

Thank you Aronolac for your kind response and the guidance that was given. I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts. What you have imparted to those who seek your loving assistance is appreciated.

Blessings - Puss

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by Gutterpus

Aronolac: Yes. And this part of the universe is far older than science would have you think. Humanity inhabited this planet just a tad less than one million years ago. High civilizations were already in place 100,000 years ago at Dilmun until it and those that followed were destroyed by a fierce rebellion that isolated our planet for 200,000 years. The coming Magisterial Mission will teach how to sustain civilizations in order to prevent endless cycle repetition of losing our history and the wisdom of what we learned to build those that even failed.

My response: What a shame this information has been hidden from the populace. How much more we as a civilization would have gained (both in spirit and virtue) had we been given the knowledge of what went before?

My own take on that situation is not so much that those things have been "hidden from the populace" as it is that they have been "lost to the populace", the knowledge forgotten to us more so than actively "hidden".

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by Gutterpus

Hi Puss:

Your guides are a pair of Seraphim, the great angels of Destiny who guard a child of God until they take their seat at the table of God and his teachers. You also have two former guides or guardians, and they are called Amenhotep and Tirana. Amenhotep is the real Pharaoh of Egypt who wishes to follow your earth work because you are quite similar to him and his attitude to entrenched religion, which he tried to do something about it when he walked the earth in the shoes of the flesh. Tirana is a sibling of his, one of the children of his fourth wife whom he adored above many. Tirana washes the feet of God symbolically on the mansion worlds as she was taught as a child to honor the greatness of the God Amenhotep proclaimed to his realm.

I might add that Amenhotep actually composed some of the most beautiful Psalms of the Bible we have today. this is not known to scholars, and with a little prodding I probably could find out one or so that he wrote. They got into the Old Testament because Amenhotep married one of the Priests of the Israeli tribes of which Abraham was progenitor. I hesitate to tell you more as I will get, maybe, too much attention from ancient history buffs.

Amenhotep wishes you the greatest career in teaching possible. He thinks you are the best he has ever fun into in the thousands of years being allowed to observe humans and their work as study in his ascension career. He currently resides on the third mansion world and has fused with his indwelling. When a mortal does this, they can no longer be heard as wishing to become eternal. They are eternal from that moment on.

Tirana is still a child in many ways and loves to watch you set the table and becomes happy when you sing your songs to the children you love. It is her wish to join you when you sing and she often learns the English words to accompany you. Much could be told to you, and you will learn of these things in more detail later in this year when you are approached by the great teacher Machiventa who chooses to meet you and ask you if you would consider becoming a teacher on his university staff.

The seraphic pair with you are named Hanna and Tirsmoyna. They spelled the name for me because I could not spell it by the sound I was given. It is pronounced (Terz Moi E nah). We have no such name in our language. They are Destiny Guardians as you have approached your third psychic circle with care and met them as they arranged to become yours before you reached this accomplishment. In a few years they expect you to have reached your 2nd psychic circle in which you will be tested to hold forth on the knowledge you posses of God and his domains surrounding the development of the church. They love you dearly. If fate allows, they will counsel you the whole way to Paradise to be mustered into service of the existential Deities.

I think I have given you enough to be able to ponder your fortunate circumstances of having so much talented help beside you.

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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

You wrote:
My own take on that situation is not so much that those things have been "hidden from the populace" as it is that they have been "lost to the populace", the knowledge forgotten to us more so than actively "hidden".

Aronolac: You have spoken the truth. The records are buried beneath the ocean, Gulf, and the Mediterranean Sea and no civilization high enough could find the places they were buried on the land such was the amount of volcanic ash that covers them still.

Much of the outlines of our lost history are to be restored very soon. Historians will find they will actually have a trail of information leading back to the original human pair that began the actual habitation of our planet 993,486 years ago. They were a pair of twins having been born 11 years previously to a pair of advanced primates, non human parents, and they received the first indwelling of God on the planet, and when they did the archangel watching over them proclaimed our planet inhabited. They called each other Sonta-an and Sonta-en, Sonta-an meaning "loved by mother," Sonta-en signifying "loved by father." They died together at age 42 leaving sufficient children to build the first human race this planet had.

Now you see how much our administrators want us to have our history back. They teach me to teach you that which has been lost, and soon you will not need me to repeat these little gems, because the record will be restored for all to read.


posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 07:48 PM
Aronolac I apologize for plundering your thread and assuming.
glad to see your here.
like with gutterpus above, can you be willing to sense my spirit an if any connections with guardian spirits I may have and purpose. though you stated my forward purpose is good. I understand that. my faith and belief is puzzling,

when manotia said to the founding of the persion empire, i know little of the persian empire and its meaning. they good or bad?

Shes right when she states about being a founder, of what I am not positive.
to serve men. she is also right.

the second part with the end of evil. she's also right.

but what i am hiding , can you see in my eyes?

i don't mean it to be a questionaire. my apologizes. I've also read through page 4. and slightly thinking on the way they prescribe the creator to be.
Does manotia know on what stage of the seven superuniverse that contact me? maybe that help.

I'm not a normal joe an I know this. my headaches the past 4 years is aching my patience in everyday.

thank you.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by RadioHawken

Hello Radiohawken,

Your angels are named Pearlson and Vianna. Their names are in the universe language and they have given me an approximate equivalent of the sound in our English language. I have spelled them phonetically because we have no direct translation. You have two guides as well: The guides are former mortals who lived on this planet about 500,000 years ago in the age of the first revelation ever given to mankind on this planet. Your guide names are Averay and Delores (one former male and one former female and again translated and phonetically spelled). Their interest in you is to follow your learning patterns and report them back to the world of the Material Sons and Daughters on one of the clusters or worlds surrounding Jerusem, the capital sphere of the resurrection worlds known as Mansonia. This complex of worlds numbers 49 which surround Jerusem, a giant capital architectural sphere, making this system of planets a total of 50. If you knew where to look in the sky, you might see them as a faint cluster looking somewhat like a tiny galaxy, but normally the position of our earth obscures the line of sight.

Many of us are studied for how we cope with the conditions found on our world which is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. Your one-time human guides do what is equivalent to a term paper about your abilities and how you adopt to life on this sphere. The Material Sons and Daughters use this information, along with millions of others they receive reports on, to determine the best policy for teaching humans yet in the flesh. They will arrive with the Magisterial Son very soon, and very soon you will hear an announcement telling of the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter with about 70 of their pure line children as staff of their schools for thinking and doing.

I have provided you the basics of your spiritual information for the time being as I am not permitted to provide too much. Humans are designed to scratch the earth for the information they need to enjoin their God particle. Your God particle, the Thought Adjuster, is well aware of your need for information give all of the revelation you have received through visions and dreams. Your head gets to aching so much sometimes because you have to learn to control your blood pressure by sleeping for ten of fifteen minute cat naps if you can manage to do that. For the most part, that is the cause of the headaches. Calm down and develop the habit of occasional contemplation instead of frequent bouts of worry and sadness. If it is significant to you, I had the same trouble and I had to learn to control my excitement and my emotional turmoil that seemed to happen all at once. I could get really bad headaches from it some last for days. The practice of stillness and rational thought about what I was doing to myself reduced the episodes by about 85%. The other 15% I still get headaches too.

Thank you

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by Aronolac

All I can say is ...thank you.
thank you and I hope she (?) comes too. im well aware who they are, the son and daughter and if your confirmations accurate that takes my hope to knowing.
maybe by different names their known i still love the names they shown me.
im a person that is like, " i have to know". to the information you might be holding, but will hold back from asking anything more.
your awareness is nice and appreciated. thank you

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 10:57 PM
Hi Aronolac,

After all of my quasi-fun questions, I will ask the ones that matter-

Why do I have the gifts I do and what am I supposed to do with them?
Do my guides say, or is that the entire lesson?
Time seems to have stopped for me, and I don't know why.

Thank you for any words of wisdom.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 11:16 PM
Im sorry aronolac I was just about to get off the pc and before I did I went to reread what you wrote. I posted it to a sticky.

One last question and the most important. If it's too much to know or if your unable to know. just be honest.

Who is She(?) that I contemplate in understanding.

I don't want to give much more info than that. Everything you've written to me describes my pains and actions almost to a T.

If you don't mind me let me know reasonably and this is my last post.

Maybe I wasn't who you wanted to find. Maybe I am The reason. idk.

This question is what hurts me every day.

thank you


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 05:33 AM
Aronolac and some to NoReaster

As I keep reading. I've noticed my need to know is strong and Aronolac I shouldn't be coming to you for all my unanswered question.
I've honestly have know of Urantia my entire life and never knew it. I am a medium and an empath and the connection between myself and the celestials above.
My midwayer is my thought adjuster. Who is the holy spirit and as I read and as I take my catnaps I find myself in prayer and in worship for the heavenly slash universal father and the eternal son and their creator sons. To free myself of my bondage and once again let the soul/spirit I have to reside over my matierial self/to ascend.

ps please don't take that out of context, nothing more than believing in him it just the way I wrote it.
posted after rereading

I been a jerk in your thread. I shouldn't of argued with NoReaster. To be honest I know his intelligence is greater than mine. I'm self conscious and he had no way of knowing that.

but I did learn he is right, and I am right. The answer is survival to mans journey, but also it is existence. without the term existence our concept of thought would not be, but without action to strive we would not survive. One term is to be and to do to act

if NoReaster reads. I've noticed there are at least two types of post-corpreal beings, slash new age groups. That believe to aware and to channel.

One group of new age is the group I found. A group who believes in God and we were created by his grace.

The other new age group are the ones who channel the sumerian/niburo/created in a jar to be slave group and believing in the aliens hovering over earth.

Honestly I found since I could never find a sect of religion to belive in. I just know that the eternal son is Christ Jesus and the thought adjuster is the holy spirit and that the universal father is heavenly father to me.
This is my feelings right now as I write.

If you can aronolac I do want to know who SHE is. the only info I want to give is a date. I don't want to say more . The date is Oct, 4, 2008.

Even though the names of the angels pearlson and vianna don't ring a bell maybe I knew them differently because I never could hear their names. I knew my soul is of old and born again here. I have no idea how old my soul is I just know old is right.

But when I read the name parlson I thought of an angel I knew as Albert, vianno could very well e voilet. whom I asked you about.

To have guiding spirits of old who pesonally transmit or transmute all I am to the creator sons. is an honor.

NoReaster..I trust in Aronolac, because What he says rings true and that he is not leading me off to anywhere, I have myself you don't know anything about. please don't always test their spirits, just because they give free advise.
I know theres false prophets out there, more than you an I can count.. I'm sorry again if I was rude to you.

ps. I think my signature says it all for the second part of 2012

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by amarenell


You write:
AM: Why do I have the gifts I do and what am I supposed to do with them?

Aronolac: You have gifts; we all have gifts. They represent individuality and the mode through which service rendered to man and to God. What more could you do then to develop them and use them as you find them.

AM: Do my guides say, or is that the entire lesson?

Aronolac: Your guide is Anna. She is a seraphim of great splendor. Her work is to change you from being helpless to being advantaged enough to make your own choices and to develop them into your individuality as a child of God. Anna tells me you need to keep doing the work of an artisan as you are provided a lot of help from the "other side" in this work. This shall teach you to be good and willing to be what you need to be as a strong soul that can get things done when you know exactly what needs done. So far you disallow some of those impulses and keep yourself distant being afraid that if you commit yourself it will cause you serious problems later on. Do not worry about the consequences. The old saying remains true today as it did millennia ago: "The ACTION is ours and the CONSEQUENCES are God's!"

TRANSMISSION: "I love you my child. Develop your purpose with me." (directly from your Indwelling Father, the Thought Adjuster).

AM:Time seems to have stopped for me, and I don't know why.

Aronolac: TRANSMISSION: From the Creator Son, Michael:

"Give no heed to those things that seem to prevent you from realizing your heart's desire to serve. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you will develop all of those skills that will allow you to express beauty in no time once you realize there is nothing to stop you but yourself.

"Time is but the avenue through which you learn to be yourself and to develop the means through which self-expression becomes available to you in ways that serve us, your Father and Mother. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will perform those things within your mind that now prevents you from walking through the rooms of your choices. Keep me in your thoughts as well, as I provide you the very heart that needs heard through walking to the crossroads you seek in order to send all love through your various pursuits in art and talents in mystical appreciation of the infinite."

Aronolac: I believe this is best summed up by telling you you have the full support of God and his workers, the celestial-spiritual personalities who attend your development from the other side of the veil.

The Creator Son: "Be in my peace. I love all that you do and attempt to be!"


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by RadioHawken

A couple of things for you.

Just a small correction so you are on the right track: Midwayer is not the same as the Thought Adjuster. Your Thought Adjuster is the spiritual fragment of the Universal Father given to each individual at around 5 and 1/2 years of age when the first moral choice is made in that human life time. Your Adjuster was received when you were about 8 years of age, and that is unfortunately the average age that is occurring on this planet. Billions of children on this planet are now receiving Adjusters later than ever thought possible because the environment here is very poor to condition children to act on their own on their own responsibility. It is a fatal error to keep children from making decisions and keep them from taking their consequences. It is the only way children will become responsible adults. It matters no more when you received your Indwelling; what matters is that you are ready to serve.

Midwayers are not indwelling beings. We are their cousins in the flesh. They were born here and they help us acclimate to the introduction of spirit into our lives. They are among the useful beings in the universe for humanity as they are so close to us in so many attributes of being. No need to confuse them with God the Father who indwells you. Midwayers are unique and wonderful companions to our daily lives and they observe you daily looking for signs of commitment to the cause.

You write:
If you can aronolac I do want to know who SHE is. the only info I want to give is a date. I don't want to say more . The date is Oct, 4, 2008.

Aronolac: It is virtually impossible for me to identify the source of your inquiry here. I have no connection to the subconscious of any being to delve into these mysteries. I wish I could help you, but there is no way for me to know things you have placed so deeply into your hidden mind - hidden to all but yourself.

Radio: Even though the names of the angels pearlson and vianna don't ring a bell maybe I knew them differently because I never could hear their names. I knew my soul is of old and born again here. I have no idea how old my soul is I just know old is right.

Aronolac: Your soul is not that old at all. Souls are not what you are speaking of in this regard. It is the age of your Thought Adjuster who indwells you who comes with tremendous experience having indwelt over 20 humans in his career in this universe alone, and there are exploits of your Adjuster that happened beyond your knowledge and mine as well. He is a wise and experienced Adjuster and is able to travel freely when you sleep.

Radio: But when I read the name parlson I thought of an angel I knew as Albert, vianno could very well e voilet. whom I asked you about.

Aronolac: That is a perfectly reasonable response; however, know that I have heard advice for you because I was allowed direct contact with your angels and they have graciously supplied almost all of this information. I merely provide their voice so you can hear what they tell you. My job is easy compared to what they have to do to keep you on course. You should smile a little when they tell you you have no calling beyond the moment and that is to hear the voice of God, because that is the very foundation all else is being built upon for the rest of your life in the flesh and for your universe career in the local universe of Nebadon.

Thank you.

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 10:03 AM
Aronolac...can you ask them what I should be doing to return to feeling love and accomplishing my mission here? I'm very lost and confused
Thank you

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 10:42 AM
Hi Aronolac...can you tell me who accompanies me and why I would have chosen to be here at this time? I'd also like to know which direction I'm supposed to be going in - stalemated, at best, is where I seem to be.

Thank you - very much appreciated.


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 02:23 PM
jhill76 thank you for the response. I think you are correct as far as getting my attention. Even though I'm feeling quite board with the silly things I do to keep myself entertained still find a way of avoiding the truth under this shell.

Aronolac perhaps I was a bit vague with my question. I seen you told another poster this was one of the reasons you hadn't given them a response. Sometimes I think seeking answers from others is all a bit self indulgent as I believe we possess these answers within. We look for others to hand us these answers when I think it could not possibly be that simple. Yet I'm still human so I will continue to seek. Maybe you sensed this about me and decided not to bother.
I asked about my name being called out on page seven. I would like your opinion on who or what this is and if I should reach out or leave it alone. I try to be careful as I know our world is full of deception. Wasn't frightened more shocked and only checked about the house becuase of my protective instinct as I have children.
I feel lost a lot of time. Like I have to try to fit in with others. I know there are many people who feel the same. I'd like to know where I fit in and how I can contribute to the world and others.
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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by Aronolac


It’s difficult to express the deep emotion I sense while reading these words. Honestly, I can’t know if what you say is true or not, but it feels fantastic to my heart. I’ve had read and re-read your reply and posts several times to try to absorb the information given.

However I am to meet Machiventa, and for such a being to ask me to become a teacher on his staff, is beyond me. Any teaching talents I supposedly possess are totally unknown to me. I’m a pretty simple person and live a pretty simple and happy life, but with very few talents. And, further, after having read pages UB 1016-1018 “Melchizedek’s Teachings,” I have to admit, I am even more at a loss as to what I could possibly offer. Perhaps my soul or heart knows, for my brain does not. Yes, I have the book. It’s been in m possession for a few years now, but it was so difficult to read, I never really started. Perhaps it is a good idea to trust I will learn something from it should I only try.

I googled Amenhotep and psalms, and a little came up, but anything you can offer would be very welcomed. Also this is Amenhotep III you are speaking of, correct?

It’s thrilling to learn of my angels, Hanna and Tirsmoyna. I only hope that I can accomplish that which we have evidently set as a goal. And, you are correct, these wonderful beings are indeed special and talented and I thank you and them for allowing me to know this disclosure.

The information you provide on what will soon be discovered about Sonta-an and Sonta-en is an extremely interesting tidbit. Are you able to provide additional facts of upcoming events that will herald in our new world? In other words, is there information you are able to provide for those of us who watch for these things can emphatically say – “Ah, it’s happening, it’s now. That’s a sign for sure.” Does that makes sense? Something that we can hope to see and witness personally. This would go beyond the extreme weather changes that are currently occurring around the world.

On another note. Yesterday, while I was awaiting your reply to my query, I felt something inside my head I had never felt before. It’s difficult to explain, but it was as if I have had a cold or some sort of sinus congestion my whole life and my head was filled with cotton. All of a sudden, the cold/congestion was cleared and my head was extremely light and felt so incredibly wonderfully curious. Instantly, I sat straight up and thought “well, this is strange,” but I thought it while smiling because the feeling was overwhelmingly wonderful. Then afterwards, when I had sent my reply to you, there was a lightning strike while I was working on a report. I was wearing headphones and when the lightning struck, I felt and heard a loud screech in my ears and my computer shut down. No one else in the office was affected. I know I’m reaching here, but are these some sort of signs?

So, do you know of something occurring while I was awaiting your reply that could have caused this sensation? I chalk up the lightning and that particular event to an upcoming electrical storm. But, the other, I have no clue.

Again, Aronolac, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, assistance, and thoughtfulness in your responses. They are very much valued and appreciated.

Blessings to you.


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by Gutterpus

Instead of me winging spelling of names which gets me into difficulty sometimes, let me reference a section of the text you own. If you would go to Paper 95 Section 4, you will read that the Egyptian authorship of some of the Psalms and even the Proverbs is authored by Amenemope. I also want to confirm for you that your guide’s name, Amenhotep, is correct but I confused it with Amenemope in the transmission. I am no expert in the Egyptian dynasties and have confused these names. My sincere apologies.

Your guide is Amenhotep, and it is not the III, but the IV who works with you. Even more confusing to history is that when he assumed the throne, he was Amenhotep IV, but changed his name later to the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Your guide is that former Pharaoh and who used both names during his reign. If you ever have a chance to speak with him, you might pursue his interest in archeology since he became a citizen of the universe.

With regard to Proverbs and the Psalms, I reference these quotes to fill out the information (correctly) I attempted to give you earlier. [Because there are now several editions of the Papers with page numbers not being the same, the practice now is to reference the Papers, the Section, and paragraph number which is how the reference is given below.]

95:4.5 In the Book of Hebrew Proverbs, chapters fifteen, seventeen, twenty, and chapter twenty-two, verse seventeen, to chapter twenty-four, verse twenty-two, are taken almost verbatim from Amenemope’s Book of Wisdom. The first psalm of the Hebrew Book of Psalms was written by Amenemope and is the heart of the teachings of Ikhnaton.

95:5.7 Ikhnaton was wise enough to maintain the outward worship of Aton, the sun-god, while he led his associates in the disguised worship of the One God, creator of Aton and supreme Father of all. This young teacher-king was a prolific writer, being author of the exposition entitled “The One God,” a book of thirty-one chapters, which the priests, when returned to power, utterly destroyed. Ikhnaton also wrote one hundred and thirty-seven hymns, twelve of which are now preserved in the Old Testament Book of Psalms, credited to Hebrew authorship.

Now let me address the sensation in your head you said you felt. While the lightning strike was coincidental (and I can understand why you would think it was a sign), the head sensations are the result of my attending Angel, Manotia, traveling to your side to, well, “check you out!” She provided you with a change of thought pattern to show you what it felt like when you made contact with your Thought Adjuster. Now you have the experience of your body’s (head) reaction to the spiritual down thrust of energies that does more than clear you sinuses as you surely felt. The Seraphim have a unique relationship to the Thought Adjuster. Angels of this order attend human beings all the time and look for the signs of Adjuster attunement. They work with them and do their bidding when they are ready to come into the consciousness of their wards. Your Adjuster is about to speak with you, and it has been determined you have to have some idea of what it feels like. Unfortunately, it can not be predicted as to what will be said. Perhaps your Adjuster will announce the incarnation of the Magisterial Son. This has been promised to happen for some who have attunement.

Since I am out of space in this window once again, I have to leave for now some of your other comments and inquiries. Thank you.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:13 PM
Hello Aronolac,

A friend of mine (Sled735) suggested I visit your thread, and I'm glad I have. When time is available for you, I do have a couple of things I'd love to find out about. First, I believe I "channeled" someone else in December 2008, and it has totally changed my life. I am wanting to return to this, and my question is: did I actually channel another entity, or access my own higher consciousness? And also, the spiritual gifts I've been given relating to ghosts and crossing spirits... which way am I supposed to go: working cold cases, helping spirits to cross, or counseling people new to paranormal sxperiences? I really don't know which way to point myself!

Thank you so much!

Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could you find out who my guide or guides are?

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:20 PM
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To both whos2know and Starcadia -

My apologies getting to you late. Whos2know you present a dilemma. Let me give you a visual picture of the means available and your case. If I were an archer, the lack of information you show in your post about real conditions you have in life, I would be aiming an arrow of information at a target sitting 1 mile away. Accuracy is not available at the distance you present me and I can hardly see where to aim. It is okay and it is not criticism but it is being honest about the lack of vision I have with your request. Being lost and feeling lost are two different things. I am not so sure that the energy I feel from your self is truly lost, but a little confused and frustrated for the lack of action you crave to "get going". It may help to know this stagnation you feel will pass. It always does when the world starts to go crazy, and this world and your world will do just that. You will have not a lot of time to take care of all you need to soon enough. Enjoy the quiet and the relative tranquility you now experience while you can.


The voice you heard calling you has a logical answer. It is the voice of the Adjuster. When people become solidly done after a day's hard work, they want to relax and let the drain take away the tired. Your indwelling spirit works with you best when you sleep, and if your sleep is disturbed by being over tired, or perplexed, or for a lot of reasons otherwise, he needs to shock you awake and make you alert. That way sleep may return and often, not always, your mind is attentive to the name called to you and not the original problem that made you sleep fitfully or not well. Yes, there are variations on the name calling and I have had them too. I have had them scare me even knowing what was happening because it was so clear and so loud. It happens, and it does not happen that often, but please understand that while you are a material being, you also have a spiritual center, and that center, as you get older, becomes more dominant in your life. You may find yourself doing things you said you would never do because as spirit begins to dominate, your indwelling will prompt your mind to find something different to do you never would have thought of ten years ago as possible.

Raising children while becoming attuned in this day and age is quite a circus sometimes. The mind gets divided between the need to work with a more soothing environment, but the kids see to it that is not easy to do. Somehow though, it works out in the end.

Thank you for your interest and comments.

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