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The New Frontier of Humanity: Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 01:37 PM
What are you willing to sacrifice to live a "civilized" life?
There is an excellent thread on ATS right now that is discussing Chinese Ghost Cities posted by seabag.

I began typing a reply to that thread, but the more I pondered and the more I typed, my answer evolved into a related topic that I thought worthy of it's own thread.

So as not to derail seabag's thread, and to present an altogether different perspective on a similar topic, I would like to present for discussion:
What would ATS members choose when faced with the choice to continue living their lives in the "civility" that we have become accustomed to, or live as outcasts of society with the possibility of being hunted down for eradication?

Of course, everything has its price and those choices would not be without their caveats.
Let me expound on that general postulation a bit and create a fictional, but possible scenario:

It is my contention that these highly organized and efficient "ghost" cities could possibly be being built for population control.

At the proper time, under the proper circumstances, those individuals who embrace a global world order under a global leader will unite in these cities. There will be jobs, protection, electricity, medical care, food, clean water, education & comfort afforded to those who choose to participate as citizens of this new world order.
Although the order will certainly be global, there will be settlements located on all continents and in most former major countries so every nation, creed and race will have the opportunity to become a part of this new endeavor of humanity .

However, all those who desire to be a bona-fide citizen of this endeavor and desire to participate in this "step forward" in human civilization must be "logged" into the "system". This may or may not include a DNA scan or record, but it will absolutely include some sort of identifiable marker on each and every individual. If you're not logged into the system, then you will be left to live a barbaric life among looters and criminals in abandoned cities or fend for yourself in a nomadic lifestyle among the wandering outcasts that refuse to assimilate in these cities or be marked.

Since the new cities are self-contained, most are located safely away from large, formerly inhabited areas and will most likely have some type of graduated security system among the radial parameters of the city itself. Major highways and roads are not necessary, as all cities will be connected via some sort of inter web where communication can be easily mass-transmitted to all settlements.
Travel outside the city will be forbidden, but this is in the best interest of it's citizens since it is only for their protection against violence and disease.

All those who choose to govern themselves will be considered treasonous, mentally unstable savages and/or unreasonable, ignorant religious zealots, who will be hated, hunted down and killed because there is no room for the likes of that mentality for a truly civilized and advanced society. Any and all activity and movement outside the parameters of these cities will be constantly tracked by countless drones that were once used by the military, but have been re-purposed to find cells of "non-citizens" and in conjunction with providing location intel to dispached ground troops, eliminate them. Only when this threat has been completely eliminated, can there be travel between the new cities and can the progression of this new civilization of mankind move forward.

So, with that possible scenario in mind, where would you find yourself?
Would you embrace the amenities afforded you by this new form of society? And possibly see it as a good thing for humanity? I mean after all, you would have a job, medical care, water, food, and this would be especially expedient for someone who has a family to take care of.

Or would you see this as a "comfortable dictatorship"? And possibly see it as a global effort in the enslaving of mankind under the guise of the maintenance of a true "civilzed" society? I mean after all, you really can't put a price on freedom. And for those who have families, this would be an especially difficult decision to justify when basic necessities for survival are at stake.

For me, I guess ultimately it would come down to the decision of living "civilized" or free. And I will choose freedom at any price.
What do you think ATS?

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 02:07 PM
Well the thing is, we in the US are already living under a sorta comfortable dictatorship. I just listened to the head of World Net Daily tell Alex Jones that a drone buzzed him. Even if you hate Jones, Agenda 21 is on it's way to hook your utilities and appliances into their National Security State. My TV has this local channel originating out of my town hall, and it only runs info slides for the public. One is, how "a new utility partner is on it's way here" to make things different for us. Agenda 21. "Look for your (snailmail) notice." Did I vote for that? No. My mother was told, in her village (public notification for the residents) that people in their --houses-- are not allowed to keep more than 2 cats. Thank God she only has 2 cats, otherwise Vader's Stormtroopers, I guess, would come and sieze the rest.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Cities like that seem like a sort of prison city.

You're under controlled conditions, always watched, always under the rule of those in power, and you're always on the verge of being locked up or kicked out. Sure, it looks nice. I couldn't think of a better way to keep a captive population under control. Offer them tons of amenities, opportunities, leisurely activities, and a feeling of freedom. And to keep them under control you implement rules that threaten to remove these freedoms if their broken. That would be an interesting scenario, these cities would look great to anyone who wanted to live a civilized life. I bet people might even flock to them and join a waiting list for a nice city life.

But really, it's not much different than what we have now in our society as a whole. Certain countries are left scraping up the rice from airdrops and humanitarian missions while other countries blatantly throw away perfectly good food. This "fictional" scenario is nothing more than a highly likely outcome of a future societal shift in the exclusivity of a "civilized" life.

Great thought provoking thread!

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 02:18 PM
what if those 'ghost cities' were just the Red Chinese version of 'shovel ready' work programs ?

the complex construction projects have no infrastructure like turd herder facilities or electrical substations that are active on a coal fired electric plant at the energy end

i don't know & all the info we get is filtered through the policy/planners of the 'Party' that disseminate 'facts' thru their own puppet MSM (copied from the USA model no doubt)

yeah... we can get all conspiratorial and make connections that make sense to our own personal models but the bottom line is that it is all speculation... bioth your hypothesis and my counter-perspective... enjoy the academic gymnastics

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by stupid girl

You spent a lot of time on this post, good job.

However, the utopia you describe is what some call Socialism.

And Socialism can never work because of one human quality that can not be controlled: GREED.

No matter how nice your life may be, with everything provided you, people in that society will ALWAYS want bigger, better, faster, more.

From there, the society breaks down, crime ensues.

If we could change one thing about human kind, the GREED gene would need to be eradicated.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 04:04 PM
You give only two possible scenarios from which to choose.

Option A -


Option B -

There is always an

Option C - Exusing yourself from this miserable hellhole and exusing a few of the people who help make it so miserable too. Just sayin'. There is ALWAYS another option.
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posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 02:13 AM
When freedom means free to abuse, harm, dominate, intimidate, steal, degrade, destroy, manipulate and take what ever you want with disregard of the consequences, freedom does have its problems. The questions of motivation are also a big one as sometimes it is right to kill, sometimes it is not. As I look around the world and see the moral standard declining, so is society, the quality of life and civilisation as trust is breaking down and being replaced with fear to form the social cohesion.

Sometimes living like an animal looks a lot more civil than living as a human as there are no personal desires or agendas. Self determination has been a powerful gift, it would be sad to see it go as it gets out of control.

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