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American Companies should outsource jobs

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 11:37 PM
It always makes me cringe when I hear people talking about outsourcing as though those jobs belong to America. Those jobs belong to the Shareholders and many times in order to compete in the Global Economy, you have to move your plant to India or Indonesia. Where do Americans think all these cheap goods come from?

Places like Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General and more stay packed. If you look at a lot of those goods, they're made overseas.

The problem is Big Government and massive debt.

We need to cut the Corporate tax rate to 25%. Capital Gains to 10% and allow repatriated funds to be invested back into America without being taxed. Companies have 2 trillion sitting on the sideline and it's because the Government is like the Mafia. They want their cut off the top before it can be reinvested into the economy. Also kill some of these regulations.

This is silly. Allow that money to be invested into America and the Government will get there money when it enters into the economy.

Obama and the Democrats are just hostile to business. He called working in the private sector working behind enemy lines. This is what you would expect a Progressive Marxist to say.

You never hear Obama and his friends talk about the liberal actors and singers who all have Production Companies that rarely produce anything. They start these Corporations to avoid paying taxes. This is why you always hear about some actor or singer in trouble with back taxes.

They get paid 5 million for a movie and they funnel it through their "production company." This is because Corporations pay taxes differently then the poor working guy/girl. Corporations work, get paid and then pay taxes after they have reinvested in their company or maybe they did some angel investing. The working guy/girl works, pays taxes and then gets paid.

This is why I'm for a National Sales tax so people who work can spend what they earn. This is how people build wealth. If you make $1,500.00 then you should take home $1,500.00.

It didn't take a psychic to see that the manufacturing base would be hit because of cheap labor. But when we have a small government and small debt, the American people can borrow and consume more because other Countries will hold are debt as long as we consume their goods. The problem occurs when Government borrows and spends as far as the eye can see.

We have to be a Consumer based society until we find new industries that will replace the jobs that left and are never coming back.

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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by neoholographic
It always makes me cringe when I hear people talking about outsourcing as though those jobs belong to America. Those jobs belong to the Shareholders and many times in order to compete in the Global Economy,

Nobody is forcing corporations not to outsource, but people are rightfully angry. Corporations have saved billions of dollars in the form of taxes from the government all these years. We give these tax cuts to corporations in the hopes that they'd hire American workers and benefit the American economy, yet we do this and they outsource our jobs and find short cuts to save profits. In the end it's their choice, but it's in really bad taste, and we shouldn't be rewarding businesses that clearly demonstrate that they are of little benefit to the American economy.

We need to cut the Corporate tax rate to 25%.

Do you realize the main push factor for businesses outsourcing jobs? Because of slave wages in other countries. In countries like China and Vietnam workers have little rights, they work a tiny fraction of what folks earn at average in developed countries. When it comes to saving money, saving profit, nothing beats slave wages, and this includes cutting taxes. Do you really think corporations will dump slave waged workers because their corporate taxes in American are cut by 10%? You can't compare the two sorry.

It's interesting you say we should cut corporate taxes. First of all, in the 50's corporate taxes accounted for approximately 31% of revenue to the federal government, today it's less than 10% of where all revenue comes from:

Corporate tax rates are at a 10 year low. Corporate tax rates have been significantly cut since Reagan administration:

This hasn't stopped the rate of jobs being outsourced. You can't beat slave labour. We talk about how countries like China, Vietnam, India, are all extreme socialist nations and communist nations, but in actual fact these nations are corporate dream lands. Minimum wage is virtually non-existent, no workers protections by their governments, it's perfect for them. Those people in those countries live in absolute poverty.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by Southern Guardian

First the Corporate tax should be low. If you haven't noticed they're still jobs and companies in this Country. Here's an article from the liberal Huffington Post.

U.S. Corporate Tax Rate To Be Highest In The Developed World

WASHINGTON, March 30 (Reuters) - The United States will hold the dubious distinction starting on Sunday of having the developed world's highest corporate tax rate after Japan's drops to 38.01 percent, setting the stage for much political posturing but probably little tax reform.

Japan and the United States have been tied for the top combined, statutory corporate rate, with levies of 39.5 percent and 39.2 percent, respectively. These rates include central government, regional and local taxes.

Japan's reduction , prompted by years of pressure from Japanese politicians hoping to spur economic growth, will give that country the world's second-highest rate.

This has triggered complaints from U.S. politicians and business groups.

The average 2012 corporate tax rate for the 34 developed countries is 25.4 percent, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

"As countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom have moved to reform their tax systems and lower rates to encourage economic growth, America's inaction puts American worldwide companies at a competitive disadvantage and threatens our economic recovery," said Bruce Josten, an official at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

People need to realize that American Companies have to compete with companies around the world. There's a reason why other industrialized countries want to lower their corporate tax rates. They want to spur economic growth.

Again, these jobs are not "our jobs" they belong to the shareholders not you.

America has a GDP of 15 trillion dollars. That's number 1. China is number 2 with 7 trillion dollar GDP.

The fact is American Capitalism has made us the most powerful nation in the world. So the problem is not evil Corporations. It's not even about jobs. The problem is:


We have a 15 trillion dollar debt and this crooked, corrupt and out of control Government has us in almost 16 trillion dollars in debt!!

If we had a 15 trillion dollar debt and a 7 trillion dollar GDP, we wouldn't have these problems. Why aren't you asking how the Government has blown almost 16 trillion? They always claim that we need to fix everything under the sun. These crooks have us in close to 16 trillion dollars in debt and they haven't fixed anything?

Bush and Obama have spent us into oblivion.

Bush cut taxes which is great but he did nothing to control spending. He gave out 12 measly vetoes in 8 years and he spent like crazy. This is vs. Reagan who was around 78 and Clinton around 37 Vetoes.

Obama is a big spender who thinks we can spend our way out of this. WE CAN'T!

The more the Government spends, the worse it will get. About 50-60% years ago the Govt. could spend a billion dollars and 80-90% would help boost the American economy.

Today, if the Govt. spends a billion dollars, 40-50% will be spread out overseas. So Americans just keep sinking deeper into debt as they waste and spend more money.

Obama and the Democrats keep asking why are we just getting this little bumps and then the economy falls again after they have spent all of this money. It's because we're in a global economy with cheap labor that both Republicans and Democrats pushed for.


You have to depend on Consumption until you find industries to replace the manufacturing jobs that left. I believe Bill Clinton understood this and this is why he said the Era of Big Government is over. Consumption falls when Govt. debt grows.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 07:41 AM
Who the hell can be for outsourcing millions of jobs and ruining standard of living, all so shareholder and CEO's can receive a huge profit.

If corporations want to cry about having to pay such a high tax, they could always move to China and be owned by the state.The US could do away with all the free trade agreements they signed that benefit big corporations shareholders and countries with slave labor.

Let me guess you want the US to become like China, let big corporations pollute all they want and see Americans jumping off buildings over work conditions.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 08:36 AM
Love this. Whenever someone cites either 'Democrat' or 'Republican' in their argument (attempting to say that one is somehow different than the other) then they are either trolling or are blissfully unaware of history. That said, corporations want it both ways. They want to take advantage of the public infrastructure here in the U.S. but outsource employment to slave-wage countries in order to improve their stock value. Who owns the majority of stock and other investment vehicles? The middle class? Nope.

Forget what the corporate tax rates are --- that's mostly irrelevant. Take a look at what they actually PAY in taxes. Paints an entirely different picture. There was a time --- not all that long ago --- when employers paid the majority (sometimes even 100%) of employees benefits --- particularly health insurance. They learned that they couold imoprove their bottom line by reducing what they paid in benefits, eliminate them by going mostly part-time and 'contract' labor or just go somewhere that doesn't even have benefits. People's need for healthcare, however, doen't change. So how do they make-up the difference? They pay out-of-pocket (reducing their standard of living) or increasingly show up in emergency rooms to get (usually long overdue read: more expensive) care that they can't pay for. Hospitals are left holding the bag forcing many under and the remainder to raise rates to make up for the shortfalls. That's the spiral we've seen for decades. Look it up. It's real.

So, corporations get to stay in the U.S. taking full advantage of our infrastructure, wielding their financial power to influence legislation and politics in their favor while expatriating jobs to low-wage countries. All so a relatively small number of shareholders benefit at the expense of the majority of the country. And you wonder why this country is circling the drain? Sociologists, socio-antropologists and political historians have long used disparity of wealth as a primary indicator of the stability of a society. The greater the disparity the less stable a society. The U.S. has become more disparate (and thereby less stable) at a historically unprecedented rate over the last few decades. If this country has any hope whatsoever of regaining it's stature and stability corporations have got to start acting like members of the American society and not pimps for the 1%. Is government a problem? hell yea it is. Was Chicago politics in the 20's and 30's a problem? Absolutely? Why? Because both have been bought-and-paid-for by 'business'. So yes, government is a problem but it was MADE a problem by business and business influence.

Your argument is so outrageously short-sighted it's sad.
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 09:09 AM
It no longer matters if we outsource jobs America is dead there is no turning back unless you want a nasty 2nd civil war wich will last 5 years and in the end the NAU will still prevail i promise we have already seen it in our computer simulations. Welcome to the North American Union and its 5 interlocking superstate sisters and one world government made possible by the internet. don't you people realize all of this was planned a long time ago by very very smart people and it is not all as sinister as you think. it is for the betterment of humanity. if it s a one world government no more war. Maybe just small pockets of underground resistance. We can do so much working together as one it will be like unlock bonus level or secret board on a video game we will be rewarded its not going to be as bad as people thing. there will not be one person controlling it. Get over your fear accept the NWO - OWO. God and the devil have calculated it there are no winners here they have made a truce. Now everyone can get on with there lives. Evil must always occupy the same space like a battery has a positive and a negative to produce a charge, well that charge is the essence of life itself you cannot have one with out the other. there will be no world war 3 god and the devil have made and agreement with each other there will be a one world religion a mixture of the best parts of each religion Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. You are either with us "OR" against us it dost matter life will go on whether you are a part of it or not. notice the emphasis on "OR" or "ORE" the word or is stabilizer or a power base we get a lot of our energy from "ORE" or mining. in therms of the universe or multi-verse god and the devil are the same person or entity. its a closed system think of it as the ultimate confusion emphasis on "FUSSION". think of it as a person with a really bad case bi-ploar schizophrenia When ever you pick a side you put yourself in danger and create and tipping point or instability. you must find a way to away stay in the middle or neutral. We have run the simulation through our most advanced supercomputers and each side always losses it MAD. The people i know are already trading with the new currency called the "WEN" or new backwards its a digital /paper cash hybrid and they are practicing the new religion of peace the only thing they cant decide on is the name of the new religion i think the consensus for it is to remain nameless and just keep it a symbol its a beautiful logo its a mixture of all of the 4 major religions I mentioned. It really has something for everyone a lot of symbolism and even some real magic. Reminds me of the fifth element. It is the next step in evolution, change or be left behind like the dinosaurs. alot of people are scared of change. there are some elements on the inside that are plotting against humanity for themselves they must be found and executed. the new one world order is not a bad thing its a good thing. I will post a picture of the new currency and NAU id as soon as i have posting rights. Also we have started a North American Union Transitional Council or NAUTC on facebook to help people with the transition and alot of the logistics, like food stamps and medicare. We expect there to be major disruption during this time period which could last anywhere from 6 months to 2.5 years so we are urging people to be as prepared as possible as far as survival and emergency preparedness. The police department and national gaurd are being trained as we speak for help with the transition. Come on people don't you see what s going on here where are your spidey senses? what's so matter all that fluoride in the water have your third eye blocked or something you might want to use some sound waves to break up all those crystals formed on your pineal gland, LOL

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:24 AM
Again, Government is the problem.

Standards of living were fine when Companies were outsourcing jobs and Government debt was low. This is because a Consumer based society is a more affluent society.

This is because you get more Entrepreneurs and people going back to school to retrain for new and better jobs.

As Government debt grows, this begins to eat away money that would be used for consumption. The family of 4 that used to go out to eat every Friday decides to start staying in to save money. This affects the Servers, the Host, the Cook, the Guy who delivers the food and more as less people start to eat out.

As Government debt grows, the guy who was about to buy that big screen TV from Best Buy settles on a used TV to save money.

Outsourcing jobs because of cheap labor was a no brainer as both Democrats and Republicans pushed for more free trade.

The problem is the Governments massive debt.

Also, people will elect Politicians no matter how crooked they are. The people in the District jump to the support of the crooked Politician and then complain about Government.

American Corporations have to outsource jobs in order to compete Globally. The same people that complain are fixtures in places like Walmart. If these people will only buy American and pay the higher price, then maybe you will get less outsourcing. Stop buying the cheap products if you don't like outsourcing.

The first thing that happens when the economy tanks, is Govt. blames the evil Corporations because they don't want you to look at their massive borrowing and spending.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:39 AM
Depends on who you are. If you hold a lot of stocks that pay dividends, then yeah, f everyone else maximize profits. If you can not afford a large portfolio yet...

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 01:24 PM
auto companies in japan out source jobs to small companies in japan.
many small mom and pop companies make parts for japanese cars,
auto companies in korea out source jobs to small companies in korea.
many small mom and pop companies make parts for Korean cars,

US auto makers set up factories in china or mexico to do the same thing .
By the way this is not outsourcing if the company owns or runs the factory out side the US. its called off shore manufacturing.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 01:44 PM
reply to post by neoholographic

You keep saying it's all about 'massive government debt' but you fail to explain exactly how that impacts working America and jobs. We (the masses) are screwed because we lost whatever equity we had in our homes (which for the vast majority of people is their only asset --- not stock portfolios), prices have steadily increased (especially healthcare, energy and education), jobs have disappeared.

Explain to us all how the simplistic statement that 'massive government debt' is behind all this.

Not saying there isn't massive government debt nor that the whole 'lets have wars all over the world' that we'll have to finance wasn't a stupendously stupid idea but iy would seem your view of global economics is a bit anemic.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 02:39 PM
The ops point can be sumed up with one simply question:

Why is it cheaper to have goods and services made 10,000 miles away and shipped here than it is 1 mile from where a person lives?

Taxes,regulations,real estate loans,insurances,lawyers, and a myriad of other reasons because of bloated government,

The simple fact is when your a business and it costs more to keep the doors open than they take in, and wages increase,insurance increase,the value of the dollar decreases there is but only one choice stay in business or go bankrupt.

Far too many people vilify corporations but then again everyone has to be incorporated these days from the guy selling hot dogs on the street corner to multinationals.

Business do not care where they do business, or where they make a product they only give a crap about the bottom line, and where they have the most potential for growth.

With that growth comes profit that gets re invested back in to the company, that increase wages and a whole list of other positive attributes,

America has outsourced jobs, it's government because they are too greedy, and created a slave class in China and India just as long as the American get's what they want, and they are all to happy to use the sledgehammer Government to give them what they want. but that is a duel edged sword.

Americans have priced themselves out of a job, to the tune of 88 million Americans out of work or underemployed to a 16 trillion dollar deficit.

To the worlds largest single healthcare provider that covers over 120 million Americans via medicaid,medicare the largest healthcare monopoly the world knows, and that is trying to crush the private healthcare industry,

Then Social Security that has also destroyed wealth, and job creation to the tune of over 70 million Americans agian no private investment firm has anywhere near the "net worth" as that has.

112 trillion dollars that should rightly be in the private sector that would increase the standard of living,increase jobs, produce more products,better products.

But nope there are those who scream no no no no Government knows best.
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by neoholographic

The size of Government debt does not even come close to influencing consumer spending at all. Not a single person I know considers the size of Government debt before purchasing anything. Just what fantasy world do you live in? Stagnant wages and monolithic companies that must destroy everything in their path like Wal-Mart do. Current tax rates have never been lower in this country yet somehow no jobs have been created instead we have seen a steady decline in good paying, benefit filled jobs traded for off-shoring and low paying part time jobs to benefit those who don't think they need the rest of us.

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