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The Woman @ The Well: How the Historical Jesus Performed a "Miracle" + Reflections.

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 08:06 PM
Bear in mind that by the time they arrived at this half way point at Jacob's well very near Sychar, they were out of food, and water, how convenient. The timing, was perfect.

Tired from the journey, possibly hungry, and thirsty, the disciples having been dispatched to buy food, alone Jesus rests, and waits..

7 When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink?” 8 (His disciples had gone into the town to buy food.)

9 The Samaritan woman said to him, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.[a])

10 Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

11 “Sir,” the woman said, “you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water? 12 Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well and drank from it himself, as did also his sons and his livestock?”

13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

15 The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.”

16 He told her, “Go, call your husband and come back.”

17 “I have no husband,” she replied.

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 08:26 PM

Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband. 18 The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.”

19 “Sir,” the woman said, “I can see that you are a prophet. 20 Our ancestors worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”

21 “Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

25 The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”

26 Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”

The Disciples Rejoin Jesus

By now of course most will have figured it out, how easily it would be, on such a well travelled road or path, from Judea to Galilee, to inquire among travellers heading in the other direction, from Galilee and even Sychar itself, who the women is who gathers the daily water from the well, so you could say in this sense that the women's reputation might have preceeded her!

That he thought this all through, well in advance, enough to figure out precisely when to run out of food and water there at about the half way point back to Galilee, setting up the scene by which he would be alone at the well when she arrived, thus sending her to town as a rather enthusiastic messenger, by the time the disciples return with their coveted food (they were probably very hungry and thirsty themselves), reveals something hidden by the story (making it's authenticity more likely within this framework of contextual criticism). At the same time what it shows and brings forward for our consideration, is Jesus' sheer genius, AND his taste for a really good time, while getting everyone else (both sower and reaper) in on the party so to speak, both disciples, who represent the twelve tribes of Israel, and this little town of Samaritans smack dab in the middle of their journey, a town with a powerful history running back to Jacob, and a displaced and previously exiled people with a disjointed or checkered history, not unlike the woman at the well herself. It was an excercise ultimately in the loving retrieval and the grafting back on, of a lost sheep/severed branch.

Jesus could easily have asked someone along the way - who gets the water, when, and who is she, what's her story? Heck he might even have had options among women who go to the well for different groups at different times, but found this woman's background to be particularly interesting (I'm sure he thought, when he heard of her, "OMG that's perfect!"), and the timing also serendipitous to their journey ie: arriving at noon on that day.

It's brilliant in it's utter simplicity, but reveals someone who really thought things through to the nth degree and who planned for all contingencies, mixed of course, with great faith in divine providence, all the way along. He saw the signs, adopted them and ran with it, Jesus obviously had a very fine sense of irony and of fated destiny whereby all things work together for the greatest possible good.

But we're not done yet, it's when his disciples return that it starts to get rather amuzing and playful, where the lesson is offered, and the outcome dramatically altered in a new and paradigm-shifting manner demonstrating an absolute triumph. Like I've been saying, he was a real master, and a great and playful and even humorous tactical-made-practical genius without comparison then or now.

After all, a gang of 13 Jews entering the Samaritan village of Sychar, uninvited, with meager food supplies and no water, just woun't have gone over in the same way! LOL!

It was not a coincidence, and they didn't just happen across Jacob's well, and he didn't just happen to be alone by the well when the five-times married woman just happened to come along at noon to collect her daily water in a jug, which she leaves behind as she runs through the fields to town to tell everyone along the way that she'd just met a prophet claiming to be the Messiah who knew everything about her past without ever having met her before.

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 10:03 PM

The Disciples Rejoin Jesus

27 Just then his disciples returned and were surprised to find him talking with a woman. But no one asked, “What do you want?” or “Why are you talking with her?”

28 Then, leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people, 29 “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” 30 They came out of the town and made their way toward him.

31 Meanwhile his disciples urged him, “Rabbi, eat something.”

32 But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”

33 Then his disciples said to each other, “Could someone have brought him food?”

34 “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. 35 Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.36 Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. 37 Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true. 38 I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

So the disciples, upon return, with the food they were sent to buy in tow, which they urged him to eat, see this woman Jesus had been talking to, leave her jug of water at the well, forgetting it, to head off to tell everyone about this prophet who knew her past, while those she tells along the way start making their way through the fields towards the well to see for themselves. Thus, when Jesus says "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." they presumably turn and look, only to see a field with people starting to walk towards them from the Samaritan town of Sychar, people who will shortly be inviting them all to come and stay with them in their town, to both recieve Jesus and inquire into the nature of his wisdom (and feats of prophecy..) and to provide for he and his group where the food was probably much better than what the disciples had purchased, and the joy of mutual sharing and celebration, first rate! Who knows, there might even have been wine and song and dance and certainly story telling and Jesus' teaching of the kingdom life and the gospel of eternal life, what a time it would have been for one and all during that two day stay, something that would not have otherwise occured by any other means than the way it went down under Jesus' leadership and rather cunning orchestration (to say the least).

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 10:14 PM

Many Samaritans Believe

39 Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.” 40 So when the Samaritans came to him, they urged him to stay with them, and he stayed two days. 41 And because of his words many more became believers.

42 They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said. Now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.”

~ John 4 NIV

At the end they made a point of saying to the woman "We no longer because because of what you said" (mind reading). No, it's because we've heard him ourselves that we know/believe, not because of your testimony." (paraphrased).

They seemed to feel that it was important to make that distinction. Now we know why. Surely he filled them in in the process, or while not discounting the assumptions of some about the woman's testimony, those with greater wisdom and insight might have recognized this, and thus the clarification that their belief had nothing to do with the woman's tstimony, but came solely and directly as a result of his teachings.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 10:19 PM
So while they stood there waiting for the Samaritan people to arrive, I like to imagine that Jesus might have asked them if they (the disciples) were thirsty, gesturing to the water-filled jug left by the woman, in haste. "How was the shopping trip? You guys thirsty? Anyone for a fresh, cold cup of water?"

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 10:34 AM
I have had many dreams of the Water, and it is always the same, clear, colorless, without surface reflections, and not interacting with the soil thru which it flows. In fact, as I see it in my dreams, it is almost not there unless looked at directly.

Is the woman at the well, after all, not all of us? Think on it.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by Lazarus Short

Indeed, we are, like her, always seeking something else, something new and different, but never satisfied, and if confronted with that which satisfies, we'd forget what we came for, and run.

I realize that this analysis of this particular story in the Gospel of John may not have been so well recieved by either believer or sceptic alike, and yet when carefully examined, open-mindedly, within the framework of the contextual criticism being offered, it becomes rather obvious that there's much more going on than meets the eye, which in turn reveals a still larger and more complex story within which the presence of Jesus (Yeshua) as a living historical figure becomes increasingly hard to deny, especially when you realize how fun and charming, humorous and inviting he was, and how penetrating his insights, and far reaching his vision and mission, and planning, whereby every good ending/beginning always begins with the end in mind no matter the obstacles encountered (and anticipated?) along the way.

Deny Ignorance!

Best Regards,


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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 10:54 AM
Whoever (whether believer OR sceptic re: the historical Jesus) reads this thread from start to finish without skipping or scrolling, and who is able to approach the information presented with an entirely open mind, free from any prior bias or preconception - may you find the humor in it, which is the same good-willed, good-natured humor shared by Jesus and presumably, the person who wrote the account in the first place, although who, in simply reporting, might not have even been aware of it, in which case it's even funnier still, by far.

Best Regards,

Your brother in Christ

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by lonewolf19792000
reply to post by NewAgeMan

And in going away to go back to his deep Jewish spiritual roots and to prepare himself for re-entry, while retaining a state of absolute purity for say about 18 years, might the historical Jesus not be considered a human historical crossroads in and of himself, spanning not only Jewish tradition and understanding, but also Greek thought, Egyptian thought, to the the living streams of Toaism (that arose from the sacred science of Brahamidva), of which there were three - eminating from three enlightened masters who lived almost contemporary to one another approx 500 years B.C., and what does the star of Bethlehem signify as an allegory, and the three gifts of the Three Wise Men from the Orient (far east), could that represent the three flavours of Taoism in the persons of Lao Tsu, Confucius and Buddha? All of that certainly could be the case if during "the lost years" he was in Persia, and beyond, where ideas about spiritual growth and perfection formed the very lifeblood of the whole civilization, while the Temple back home became increasingly corrupted by Roman Imperialism and by a strict religious doctrine and code of conduct and ritual devoid of any real heartfelt love and devotion which in Jesus' world is synonymous with the very will of the most high Godhead.

The 3 magi who found Yeshua as a child (toddler) came from Babylon, 700 miles to the east. They came bearing Daniel's gifts. On his deathbed Daniel told the Israelites who stayed with him after the captivity was over to deliver his treasure to the Messiah at his birth. Daniel was a biblical astronomer and prophet, he knew when Yeshua would be born. He was made a eunuch and so he had no sons so he sent his treasure to the Messiah down through the ages. You can tell the Magi were jews because they wanted to worship the new "King of the Jews". The Tetragrammaton YHVH was encoded in his name and title that they spoke, the very same title that was nailed to the cross over his head at his crucifixtion, Yeshua Ha'neseret Ve'melekh Ha'yehudim...YHVH (YHWH).

The "lost years" of Christ were not spent learning mysticism and all that other crap. He was the adopted son of a carpenter and he would have been learning the trade as the firstborn son would have taken over his father's trade. It was as a carpenter where he began to learn he was a maker/builder. At the age of 12 he was schooling pharisees in the law and he knew things he should not have and it astonished them. I don't believe those stories about him talking as a baby. What Mary and Joseph knew of him was told to them by Gabriel.

I think we're both right, in so far as Jesus was himself a highly trained individual who left and then returned to Jewish society AND that the Magi were Jews connected to Daniel, since no one else, not even Zorastrians from Persia are going to rush to Judea to worship a child as their king, that makes no sense.

And there's this that I've come across, shared by another poster. It's a MUST SEE! The end of it left me speachless and crying, out of recognition, because the God he describes, in conclusion, what I would call a Superdeterministic God of infinite intelligence and love, is one that I've encountered myself, and this is him again, as Jesus and the life of Jesus, whereby even though Jesus knew what he was doing all the way down the line, the whole thing, the whole frame the way it all fits together - it's HIM! That's his M.O. the way he operates, whereby in encountering him one is left both laughing for joy and saying over and over again - how did he KNOW?!

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Originally posted by johngrissom

Absolutely extraordinary! Thanks so much for sharing. The conclusion he draws, at the very end, about superdeterminism, that, is the God I know and have encountered once myself. It's him!

While everyone else just posted knee-jerk based on all their preconceptions and biases, that flew right under the radar, and isn't that the way!

Quite the sense of humor and TIMING this God of ours has. It's incredible, yet credible, from every angle and perspective.

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 01:59 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
I think we're both right, in so far as Jesus was himself a highly trained individual who left and then returned to Jewish society AND that the Magi were Jews connected to Daniel, since no one else, not even Zorastrians from Persia are going to rush to Judea to worship a child as their king, that makes no sense.

That said, given the ancient history of the Jews, as a potentially wandering Aryan (civilized) tribe, and the degree of cross-cultural pollination and information exchange that could easily have occured and would have, through the movement of people and goods (and ideas) right across that entire region via the ancient trade routs running from Babylonian Sumeria (and Ur, Abraham's birthplace) through Persia and all the way to the Indus River Valley, it's entirely conceivable that the term "Magi" (astronomical wizzards) could be interchangable with the Persian Zoroastrian Magi, yet involving different "schools" of sky watching prophetic ancient wisdom masters. Regardless, there seemed to be a great repository of accumulated ancient wisdom teaching, including precision astronomy, from outside of Jerusalem and the Holy Land (from Judea to Galilee), and that's the key I think to understanding the historical person of Jesus the Christ.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:33 PM
The Real Star of Bethlehem

32 But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”

33 Then his disciples said to each other, “Could someone have brought him food?”

34 “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work."

So, not only did Jesus figure out, in advance, how to do this little trick with the woman @ the well, to orchestrate a "harvest" of grand proportion (in effect, rebalancing the defecit of karmic debt) in relation to that town, the otherwise lost sheep of a town ("You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.") called Sychar - he also went on to do greater things still, on a path leading inexorably to a blood red moon (solar eclipse) to occur on the fated day of the passover celebration, as a 33 year old Magus (King of Kings), who's very hour was already established yes, "from the very foundation of the world", with the moon, the sun, the planets and the starry heavens, his witness, and his testimony.

What bravery and courage is this?! What a marvel! (that's the understatement of the ages as there are no words to describe it).

How did he KNOW and know what to do? Was he boxed in by prophecy? Or did he not also see and recognize in the framework of that box something greater still, that imbedded within it, and within his Magnum Opus (Great Work) resided both his own ultimate liberation, and our own..? ("If I seek only my own glory then that is no glory at all!").

And that's what I like most about Jesus, is his triumph, his celebration and the sheer joy on the other side of all the heartache and sorrow and suffering, because that is the true nature of the living water of eternal life unending, and overflowing (upwelling) that he freely gives to all who thirst, that we might at long last be fully satisfied, if not also utterly astonished and ah.. gobsmacked, at the same time!

To Jesus!


Best Regards,

Your brother in Christ

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

Revelation 22:17 KJV

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 04:42 PM
At this stage, as a reflection (I did say in the title "+ reflections") I would like to offer this song, for contemplation..

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
How did he KNOW and know what to do? Was he boxed in by prophecy? Or did he not also see and recognize in the framework of that box something greater still, that imbedded within it, and within his Magnum Opus (Great Work) resided both his own ultimate liberation, and our own..? ("If I seek only my own glory then that is no glory at all!").

He was, of course intimately familiar with the Torah, so he knew and spoke of "the sign of Jonah" (spit back out of the belly of the beast), and that Isaac was spared in the nick of time, the real sacrifice already reserved in the form of a two horned ram caught up in a thicket..! and he also realized that when the strong man is bound, all his treasure could be pilfered leaving nothing behind, of any value.

He sure did a number on them though, later that day, when the earth shook and the sky was darkened, they must have been totally freaked out, never mind the sight of the opened and empty tomb three days later..

Which I suppose brings us to the Road to Emmaus and the future heavenly life and travels of a man known as Issa.

And so indeed the dance went on!

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
The "Last" Supper

Fastforward approximately 35 years:

A man, a Pharisee, rides a galloping horse on the road to Damascus, his mind driven by a singular religious conviction, his heart, by an anger verging on hatred and a lust for vengeance growing only stronger with each arrest (and even the occasional "sentence").


WHAM! Blinding White Light, ("I can't SEE!"). THUD. Hit's ground. Tumbles to a painful stop ("WTH?"). Hears a voice, a pleasing to the ear almost mirthful, and certainly a kind, loving voice...

"Saul. Saul. Why do you persectute me?"

"Who ARE you Lord..?!!!"

I tell you, in all truth, that it's a joke and a triumph that just keeps on getting better and better, for all those with the eyes to read and the mind with which to process and evaluate these matters of great import and export.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 10:55 PM
Final reflection (for now..)

This belongs here in this thread I feel, so I just had to quote it here.

Originally posted by adjensen
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Thanks, NewAgeMan... after an evening of watching Richard Dawkins (for something else) that was the perfect prescription to counter that nonsense

I think I'll listen to Lockridge's "That's My King" (with thanks to NOTurTYPICAL for always bringing that to my mind) to finish off the night.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by adjensen

Thank you too! At first I wasn't sure, though the folksy black minister of the south might have been putting one over on me, but then it continued.... and now here I am in tears, look what you've done to me!

And it's true.

Thank God or we'd all be totally screwed, but gratitude and joy, not fear is the real response. He's the courage, on the other side of fear (said like a black preacher!)

Nighty night.

Love to all, in Christ, the everlasting happiness... etc etc.,


God Bless you all, and may you all, to whatever degree, however big or small, however fast or slowly, open your hearts up to the love of God, and become a work in progress on the path of progress towards a greater glorious perfection, I think it's high time to get on the path of the love of Christ and begin trying to sincerely follow him. I'm back! I seemed to have persuaded my own self in the process of trying to persuade everyone else!

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 06:34 PM
The Real Star of Bethlehem

This idea, that Jesus was himself aware that his life was framed in the stars, and that he carried out his work in relation to a timetable that concluded with a solar exclipse and a blood red moon on good Friday (passover), continues to blow my mind. "From the very foundation of the world"... wow just WOW! That's the superdeterministic God I know, and I tell you it's just the funniest thing imaginable for those who "grok".

Edit to add: In case this was missed I thought it should be added so as to get the whole picture being presented here.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by jmdewey60

Originally posted by jmdewey60
reply to post by NewAgeMan

. . . the bulk of the Gospels holds water and there is most assuredly a historical Jesus present in the midst of it all, it's unmistakable.
Paul said Jesus was resurrected, and that is the main thing and different Gospel writers can describe what they think happened when that fact was discovered and I don't think it is so defeating to their integrity that they don't match up. It could be there was an inclination to add some profundity to the telling that kind of goes over our heads today, not being in the same sort of cultural milieu as they were.
I think it is helpful to me to know that there are little hidden messages built in and to be open to finding them. I have been reading a couple authors who have spotted those things and I seek those out (in addition to the more mainstream sort of interpreters of course).

What, you don't think Jesus completed the whole ritual and finished what he started? Don't be absurd, it's no FUN without the resurrection, and it means everything. Did he totally die DIE? I don't care, all I know in examining the whole thing is that it was meaningful and that he knew what he was doing, and that he was obediant unto death. If his resurrection was "seeded" into the minds of people like Nocodemus and Joseph of Aramathea, or even a certain Roman soldier, that they came to recognize and understanding what he was doing, made it possible, makes no difference if Jesus was himself double-blind going into the ordeal, and suffer grievously he certainly did either way. I think he made it through by a mere thread, but that's just me. Nevertheless, the whole ritual as an enactment of an eternal evolutionary process of death and resurrection still functions, within the entire frame of prophecy, to a t (literally) That it was done in conjuction with the natural order also of the clockwork and the prophetic, communicative movement of the moon, the sun and the starry skies, well, let's just say it's the whole work, whether Jesus completely and utterly DIED and came back to life, or not!

Don't you see the marvel in it, in what he did, and why?

Read the passage involving the Road to Emmeus, and note how the resurrected Jesus, while still bearing physical wounds (now well on the mend), talked with his friends and explained everything to them, while employing the art of disguise, even asking for food when he was hungry, and you'll see. He made it! He went thorugh the eye of the needle, a "camel" or water bearer, across the desert of human history!

But he didn't know precisely HOW it was going to happen, until it happened, until he woke up naked, or bandaged, in that tomb, enough water to go three days, not even knowing until it happened how or who orchestrated it ie: he left it in God's hands. Mind you, upon awakening and realizing what happened, I'm sure he danced around in that tomb while praising God and shouted out, NICODEMUS! And laughing his ass off no doubt too!

And note the men in dazzling white, who the women encountered when they went to the tomb to treat the body as per custom, and what they said (no doubt there again either) with a very big smile..

When you consider the principal at the heart of it, it doesn't matter if there ARE any bones, because it's the kind of thing you just can't make any bones about!

P.S. I realize I misinterpreted precisely what you said, which was that the fact was spun in different directions, but I'm not about to edit or mess with what I just wrote so I therefore wan't to communicate this little P.S. here, so that you'll know I know we're both on the same page. Cheers, NAM

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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

I don't just believe in the physical, but man has been doing all those things throughout the ages, in different places.....and he his "justice" was the deliberate mutilation of babies and kids through his destruction- forgive me if I don't follow that line

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan


The story you have quoted from the Bible is the corrupted version, I said corrupted because this account erased the detail containing the coming of the Messenger of God, which was contained in the original gospel..

I ask each and everyone who profess to be a follower of Jesus Christ, to read this version carefully and with discernment, and then say if this not be the truth..!

' Tell me, would it have been a great sin of the priests if when they were carrying the ark of the testimony of God they had let it fall to the ground? The disciples trembled hearing this, for they knew that God slew Uzzah for having wrongly touched the ark of God. And they said: "Most grievous would be such a sin." Then Jesus said: "As God lives, it is a greater sin to forget the word of God, wherewith he made all things, whereby he offers you eternal life." And having said this Jesus made prayer; and after the prayer he said: "Tomorrow we needs must pass into Samaria;, for so has said to me the holy angel of God."

Early on the morning of a certain day, Jesus arrived near the well which Jacob made and gave to Joseph his son. Whereupon Jesus being wearied with the journey, sent his disciples to the city to buy food. And so he sat himself down by the well, upon the stone of the well. And, lo, a woman of Samaria comes to the well to draw water. Jesus says to the woman: "Give me to drink." The woman answered: "Now, are you not ashamed that you, being an Hebrew, ask drink of me which am a Samaritan woman?" Jesus answered: "O woman, if you knew who he is that asks you for drink, perhaps you would have asked of him for drink." The woman answered: "Now how should you give me to drink, seeing you have no vessel to draw the water, nor rope, and the well is deep?

" Jesus answered: "O woman, whoever drinks of the water of this well, thirst comes to him again, but whosoever drinks of the water that I give has thirst no more; but to them that have thirst give they to drink, insomuch that they come to eternal life." Then said the woman: "O Lord, give me of this your water." Jesus answered: "Go call your husband, and to both of you I will give to drink." The woman said: "I have no husband." Jesus answered: "Well have you said the truth, for you have had five husbands, and he whom you now have is not your husband."

The woman was confounded hearing this, and said: "Lord, hereby perceive I that you are a prophet; therefore tell me, I pray: the Hebrews make prayer on mount Sion in the Temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem, and say that there and nowhere else [men] find grace and mercy of God. And our people worship on these mountains, and say that only on the mountains of Samaria ought worship to be made. Who are the true worshippers?"

Then Jesus gave a sigh and wept, saying: "Woe to you, Judea, for you glory, saying: "The Temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord," and live as though there were no God; given over wholly to the pleasures and gains of the world; for this woman in the day of judgment shall condemn you to hell; for this woman seeks to know how to find grace and mercy before God."

And turning to the woman he said: "O woman, you Samaritans worship that which you know not, but we Hebrews worship that which we know. Truly, I say to you, that God is spirit and truth, and so in spirit and in truth must he be worshipped. For the promise of God was made in Jerusalem, in the Temple of Solomon, and not elsewhere. But believe me, a time will come that God will give his mercy in another city, and in every place it will be possible to worship him in truth. And God in every place will have accepted true prayer with mercy.

The woman answered: "We look for the Messiah; when he comes he will teach us." Jesus answered: "Know you, woman, that the Messiah must come?" *She answered: "Yes, Lord." Then Jesus rejoiced, and said: "So far as I see, O woman, you are faithful: know therefore that in the faith of the Messiah shall be saved every one that is elect of God; therefore it is necessary that you know the coming of the Messiah;." The woman said: "O Lord, perhaps you are the Messiah." Jesus answered: "I am indeed sent to the House of Israel as a prophet of salvation; but after me shall come the Messiah, sent of God to all the world; for whom God has made the world.
And then through all the world will God be worshipped, and mercy received, insomuch that the year of jubilee, which now cometh every hundred years, shall by the Messiah be reduced to every year in every place." Then the woman left her waterpot and ran to the city to announce all that she had heard from Jesus.


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Whilst the woman was talking with Jesus came his disciples, and marvelled that Jesus was speaking so with a woman. Yet no one said to him: "Why speak you thus with a Samaritan woman;?" Whereupon, when the woman was departed, they said: "Master, come and eat." Jesus answered: "I must eat other food."

Then said the disciples one to another: "Perhaps some wayfarer has spoken with Jesus and has gone to find him food." And they questioned him who writes this ;- , saying: "Has there been any one here, O Barnabas, who might have brought food to the master?" Then answered he who writes: "There has not been here any other than the woman whom you saw, who brought this empty vessel to fill it with water." Then the disciples stood amazed, awaiting the issue of the words of Jesus. Whereupon Jesus said: "You know not that the true food is to do the will of God; because it is not bread that sustains man and gives him life, but rather the word of God, by his will. And so for this reason the holy angels eat not, but live nourished only by the will of God. And thus we, Moses and Elijah and yet another, have been forty days and forty nights; without any food."

And lifting up his eyes, Jesus said: "How far off is the harvest;?" The disciples answered: "Three months." Jesus said: "Look now, how the mountain is white with corn; truly I say to you, that today there is a great harvest ;to be reaped." And then he pointed to the multitude who had come to see him. For the woman having entered into the city had moved all the city, saying: "O men, come and see a new prophet sent of God to the House of Israel"; and she recounted to them all that she had heard from Jesus. When they were come thither they besought Jesus to abide with them; and he entered into the city and abode there two days, healing all the sick, and teaching concerning the kingdom of God;. *Then said the citizens to the woman: "We believe more in his words and miracles than we do in what you said; for he is indeed a holy one of God, a prophet sent for the salvation of those that shall believe on him."

After the prayer of midnight; the disciples came near to Jesus, and he said to them: "This night shall be in the time of the Messiah, Messenger of God, the jubilee every year that now comes every hundred years. Therefore I will not that we sleep, but let us make prayer, bowing our head a hundred times, doing reverence to our God, mighty and merciful, who is blessed for evermore, and therefore each time let us say: "I confess thee our God alone, that hast not had beginning, nor shalt ever have end; for by thy mercy gavest thou to all things their beginning, and by thy justice thou shalt give to all an end; that hast no likeness among men, because in thine infinite goodness thou art not subject to motion nor to any accident. Have mercy on us, for thou hast created us, and we are the works of thy hand."'

Having made the prayer, Jesus said: "Let us give thanks to God because he has given to us this night great mercy; for that he has made to come back the time that needs must pass in the night, in that we have made prayer in union with the Messenger of God. And I have heard his voice."

In the night of the Miraj or Ascencion of the Prophet Muhammad it was narrated that the Prophet Muhammad led the prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem where all the souls of all Prophets were present.including Jesus and they all prayed behind him.

- - -

Jesus said, a time will come that God will give his mercy in another city, and in every place it will be possible to worship him in truth. And God in every place will have accepted true prayer with mercy.

The other City mentioned here is Mecca. The Prophet Muhammad said that one of the things that God has given him that He did not give to the other Prophets before him is that the whole earth has been made the place of worship for him and his followers. In other words offering prayers is not confined to certain places of worship. And to him the earth is given for purification, in case water is not available, it is lawful for my people to perform ablutions with earth (Tayammum) and to cleanse themselves with the soil, if water for bathing is scarce.

So why was this very important part of the story been taken from the Bible? Except to deliberately erase the Truth about the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, another Paraclete like unto Jesus, another Messiah after Jesus?!

5:83 When they listen to that which hath been revealed unto the messenger, thou seest their eyes overflow with tears because of their recognition of the Truth. They say: Our Lord, we believe. Inscribe us as among the witnesses.

Woe to those who write the book with their right hand and said this is from God..

2:79 Therefore woe be unto those who write the Scripture with their hands and then say, "This is from Allah," that they may purchase a small gain therewith. Woe unto them for that their hands have written, and woe unto them for that they earn thereby. -
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