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Experiences of Sleep paralysis and a real ghost story! yes it sounds stupid ;D

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 07:47 PM
Hello guys this is my first thread

Been a long time lurker!... and just wanted to share my crazy dreams... or rather sleep paralysis experiences... All in all i think ive experienced it maybe 10 times, but only 5 of them were interresting...

One time when i was around 13-14, i was sleeping in my uncles house, and i wake up in the night, its pitch black outside and i see a woman standing at the end of my bed, in what looks like a black sheet, and i got really scared! Because both my uncle and my sisters dad have told me off this lady. So naturally i got rly rly scared
... And i told myself no, no, no this cant be real... Im gonna close my eyes and then she will be gone!... I closed - opened and there she was right next to me, i was so terrified i couldnt even move... And i tryed in all my might to move and make her go away... She started bowing towards me and i SCREAMED "GET AWAY FROM ME"... And i came to my sences, i was early morning outside... And yeah i think that was my first sleep paralysis ever... (atleast the first scary)...

Second time im 15 or 16: Im sleeping in my mom and stepdad's house and i wake up in the night hearing childs chatter in the distance (sounded like kids talking and having fun)... I roll over to the other side thinking theyre just on their way to school, i fall sleep again, but wake up again hearing the child chatter... I look out the window and i see its pitch black, i pick up my phone to check the time and its 03:15 (at night)... Im like wtf, must be hearing dreams ^^... I lay down again, and i dont fall asleep, im just laying for maybe 4-5 seconds before i hear the child chatter again, the chatter strengthens but i cant make out what theyre saying until some little girl voice says NIKOLAJ WAKE UP!, NIKOLAJ WAKE UP!, NIKOLAJ WAKE UP!... I open my eyes in fear and move my back towards the wall, my pulse is rising and im really confused and scared... Suddenly i see movement infront of me, below my bed... And a Elbow comes up all black, with some dark blue symbols flowing all around the arm, The elbow moved in notches up, until it makes pyramid shape, then the creature moves its hand in notches towards the bed, im breathless my pulse is going insane and i cant belive what im seeing... The hand starts moving towards me in notches(scary notches!!!)... And i muster all my strength and shout Piss off, the arm evaporates, Im scared #less and thinking... That had to bee a dream, but i woke up in the same position and it didnt feel like i awoke, it felt like i was already awoke... I pick up my phone to check the clock and its 03:17... i wonder if its a dream or not, since i was able to move without trouble right before the arm appeared... And i experienced none of the usual symptomes of sleep paralysis... "blurry vision, lack of ability to move, unable to talk, no dissyness"... Exept when the arm appeared, i frozed obviously...

I realize there isnt enough room to write down all my experiences, so i will cut some of them short!... I read that u could get out of body experiences from sleep paralysis. So naturally the 2'nd or 3'rd sleep paralysis after that i was keen to trying... So i lifted my head, and everything turned white... It was really really hard to keep my head up there so i was dragged back "into my body"... were all looked normal and i tryed again and again a couple of times... Nothing happened besides everything turned bright white whenever i moved my head up, i realize i should have started with my arms or something rather then my head... But meh what ya gonna do. I think this might have been potential for a OBE...

I also woke up in my parents livingroom on the couch, only to see that the entire room was backwards (like a mirror)... Saw a entity crouching in the farthest corner of the room, i couldnt move or talk, i was very dizzy and i got scared... and i thought to myself OK NOW I CLOSE MY EYES AND WHEN I OPEN THEM HES GONE!... I close my eyes, open them, he Rises to his full size, moves to me at DRASTICAL speed in notches, looked quite weird... His face right infront of mine... i dont recall what he looked like, but he strangled me... it was quite perculiar... again i FOUGHT myself i guess, and BROKE free and yelled him away, and woke up...

This is my most resent sleep paralysis worth mentioning... Im asleep in my couch, i wake up in paralysis and i can hear my friend and brother moving around the house and talking, then i feel a presence behind me, i feel something bad is going to happen, i start hearing chatter that isnt my roomies or brothers, and i muster all my strength to rise my head and turn... When i was laying still i was in my livingroom, broad daylight everything as it should be, but when i rose my head it was like the room divided with some kinda lab / operation room on my backside and the livingroom on the other side, with 2 aliens behind me... talking, with some strange stuff in their hands... They both look at me and one of them says "Hes strong this one" And i get SLAMMED right back into my normal position and they insert something in my anus... IT HURTS INSANELY MUCH AT FIRST... And it just keeps INCREASING... Like a low pitch sound going to a high pitch sound.. I can do nothing but succumb to the pain, and it was like my mind was forcing me somewere away from the pain, and it stopped hurting, the pain was still there, but it was like it was to much pain to "understand"... I dont know if that makes any sence but thats how it felt... I woke up with pain in my ass, and i yell WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my roomies is like, What?... "I JUST GOT ANAL PROBED I THINK"...
Was quite disturbing... But i didnt fear them, i dont fear anything anymore... (not just after that, but also before)... I know im strong, and were only as strong as we choose to be...

One of my nice experiences with paralysis was as following...
Im sleeping in my apartment, on my stomach... I hear a cat miaw, and i think to myself my brother forgot to shut the door and the neighbors kitten got inside
(they had it on a string, and it always tryed to RUN with all its might into our apartment, poor kitty
Im so bloody tired i just ignore it and go back to sleeping, but then i hear it again as if it walked right beneath my bed, i couldnt move, suddenly i felt it go up on my back, and start "getting comfy"... U know when u cuddle a cat and it does that stuff with its paws hurts sometimes but nothing u cant bear!... Thats what it did on my back... And im like WTF how did the cat get inside here, the door is closed... I muster my strength and turn around to see nothing... Im like "aah sleep paralysis or a dream, ofcourse"... I get back to sleep only to wake up a second later after hearing the kitty again... along with it on my chest, is standing a old man... All white (not skin color) with his cat cuddling up his leg he looked like what i would describe as a fisherman of some sort, pipe in his mouth, a cap that looks like what a fisherman would wear!, a big beard and a pipe in his mouth, hands in his overalls (no it wasnt papaye, he didnt have beard!
). He looks down on me, and im somewhat scared but not rly i knew he wasnt bad. He looks me in the eyes for maybe 3-4 seconds before turning 90 degress and walking into the wall with his cat. After that i could move, and i was like wtf!... But not scared, more puzzled and curious...
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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 07:48 PM
as one last thing i wanna tell you a ghost story i experienced while i was on vacation in the Acores... Me and my sister shared our room. First of ill illustrate how our bed arrangement was, the . is a dresser, the :: is a bed, and _ is free space between the beds, the ] is a wall. The === is the way towards the toilet and entrance to the hotel room... (toilet is marked as T) it was as following: E=EXIT
E=======(Livingroom here) -->Balcony
T].::_::.(Livingroom here)--> Balcony

my bed is to the left sister on the right... I wake up to see a girl in underwear (thinking its my sister) moving from the end of my sisters bed towards the bathroom, but when she passes my upper left corner of the bed she makes a turn towards my open area left of my bed were the dresser is at the end, i just woke up and my eyes are drowsy, i ask her "what are you doing?", and then i realize that it aint my sister, but some other woman... Shes tall, she has vet dark blond hair cowering her face, and she had the body of a model, her lingerie was Black with red flowers.. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and after 2-3 seconds she faded into thin air over maybe 2 seconds... I was puzzled :S turned on the lights... took my clothes on, went downstairs in the lobby, smoked ciggys... and spend maybe 1-1½ hour puzzling over what i had seen. I get back inside the hotel room to find all lights turned on, tv on, and my sister awake.. the time was maybe 05:30 in the morning, so was rather odd to find her awake... I asked her why she was awake, she says "well shortly after u left i recalled a nightmare, or a dream in the night"... already there i was shocked and could almost guess what she had dreamt!... She starts explaining me her dream "i woke up during the night, and by the drapes there was standing a woman with wet dark blond hair and after a couple of seconds she faded into thin air... I tell her that i saw her too, obviously as i tease my sister often! she didnt belive me. Then we start to take turns explaining how the girl looked, and we describe everything correctly... Were both freaked out, my sister doesnt really belive me and makes me swear and promise several times. But to this day were still 100% sure we saw a ghost, or maybe just a flair in dimensions... Whos to say... When i tell the story to my friends, i might aswell have told that i saw bigfoot, i can tell on them they dont belive me. Even though i have a person to back up my story. But i dont care, i know what i saw, and i know it wasnt a dream.

Ive always been fascinated of dreams and sleep paralysis and meditation...
So just wanted to share some of my odd experiences! havent really shared any meditation storys but i will at a later time. Hope u enjoy the read and maybe have some spooky or beautyful or just simply strange story to share with me!

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 08:30 PM
You sound like you are a good candidate to practice Astral Projection. Sleep paralysis is also known as the mind awake/body asleep because your mind has awoken before the effects of '___' have worn off. This is also the exit stage in astral projection, oobe, remote viewing etc..

There are several things you can do to help you on your journey. One is that negative entities like the projection of the old hag can be easily combated by some simple methods, one is to project a bubble of white light surrounding you, imagine the bubble of white light is expanding as you breathe. Also project love, these entities feed off of fear and are repelled by feelings of love.
Another tip for exiting your body is to when you are lying down and ready to exit, imagine a rope dangling from the ceiling directly above your bed. Use that rope to pull yourself out, one of the unnerving aspects of doing this is that you will experience quite deafening white noise and your body will likely be vibrating quite badly. Try not to focus on these as that will bring you back in to your body as you are bringing your attention back you your physical body rather than on your astral body.

I would recommend finding an audio copy of Dr Monroe's original hemi-sync recordings as they are good for giving practical tools for working in the astral plane. He was the man who developed the system for the CIA in the MKUltra project.

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by Johnkie

A friend of mine had similar sleep paralysis issues and black hooded figures hovering around her bed.

She identified then as being demonic and that she was possessed. The entity would cause her face to distort and she would "cackle like a witch" whenever something with the touch of the demonic came near her.

The manifestation of the possessing spirit had her hospitalised several times and would often tell her to self-harm.

She experienced the prayers and hymns of her friends and husband as being actually physically painful.

After two years of prayers, exorcisms, and baptisms, she heard God say that it was over and she has never had a relapse. She also now fosters young children and babies and has become quite good at identifying and breaking spiritual oppression off these youngsters.

She is not exactly an exorcist, but works with Psychiatrists and the Church in helping these poor kids (some with foetal alcohol syndrome, some born addicted to drugs and most of them, abused).

No one could figure out why she was possessed for so long when she was a Christian (born again type) and was prayed over by so many. She says that God has revealed to her that she has a special ministry and gifting now because of what she went through.

I have seen her calm a screaming, struggling, terrified child that the paramedics were going to sedate, just by praying and hugging the child.

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by mclarenmp4

Thanks for your info and i will definetly try that.
But regarding your tips for the hag, i think thoose experiences helped me stop fearing stuff like that... I have been a somewhat coward before, but not anymore... I feel free, i am depressed over my family and friends dont feel the same way as me, i wanna share everything, i mean why not! u scratch my back i scratch yours... But time after time they dissapoint me... Not that, that has to do with anything. But i feel strong, i feel very strong. And i fear nothing anymore. I guess i wont know until i experience real life terror. But for the time being i think im good.
And i do wanna try astral projection, but ive also heard alot of people say its a bad place, even if u experience good stuff, its just a illusion made to trick you... or something... Personally i pray before trying, that if astral projection or w/e is part of the truth i would like to experience it. If its evil i dont want to...

Im gonna make a thread tomorrow i think, about some interresting lucid dreams ive had. Gonna cross my fingers for a OBE tonight! and the rope thing sounded like a really good idea !

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by chr0naut

im really sorry to hear that
mustve been terrible for her and you, and her nearest ones ofcourse...
I havent seen a shadow entity for maybe alot of years, i stopped fearing them, and they stopped showing. I laughed and mocked them. Also i prayed that god or whoever is in control would watch over me, and that i would shower the evil beings with any love i could spare! so they may see that love, and truth is the only true path. Who knows, maybe a demon can have a change of heart too! (Darth vader anyone!?)

Gnna go to bed, thanks for your reply gn guys.

Ow and just for good measure, im not a religious man. Praying should come natural to any being. Be they religious or atheist... Because all in all, we gotta belive that something greater then nothingness created this existance... I belive in intelligent design, be he god, allah, buddah... For me he / she / it is called Truth.

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 08:44 PM
well i didn't read the op's post because..well anything longer than a couple paragraphs i ingore everything but the title lol. I've seen some things in sleep paralysis along with many people i know. it's a fairly common thing. Are the things you're seeing real? Maybe, i think a lot of them can be explained by unconsciously giesting beings into existence and well since the mind is geared towards negativity for survival reasons it unconsciously creates negative beings. but i suppose it could just be an old fashioned ghost

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 05:04 AM

Originally posted by biggmoneyme
well i didn't read the op's post because..well anything longer than a couple paragraphs i ingore everything but the title lol. I've seen some things in sleep paralysis along with many people i know. it's a fairly common thing. Are the things you're seeing real? Maybe, i think a lot of them can be explained by unconsciously giesting beings into existence and well since the mind is geared towards negativity for survival reasons it unconsciously creates negative beings. but i suppose it could just be an old fashioned ghost

Ye it is kinda long soz
... But i had the same theory. U wake up into sleep paralysis, u get nervous / scared, u project thoose things into existance... If they are real or not i dont know... I guess in some way u can say they are real. We are the product of our experiences... As for the ghost story at the end... im 100% sure that was real.. it was like nothing ive ever experienced before, and my sister saw it the same night to...
Btw after the Alien visit paralysis, i havent been able to sleep paralysis proberly, ive only experienced it 2 times since my "encounter" in maybe 2-3 months... Its very odd, first time i woke up, laying on my side, and ontop of me was some dark rectangle of some sort, blocking most of my view... Second time was tonight after i went to bed, i was laying on my stomach, with my head to the left, i wake up and there is some kinda dark entity ontop of me, i could see its face in my peripheral vision, it was white eyed, with big rows of white teeth, just laying ontop of me holding me down... I wasnt scared at all though
... Was laying and saying, dude # off, i aint scared of you, now get off me so i can start doing something with this paralysis etc etc... was quite lol.
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 08:22 AM

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