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Police Attempt To Raid Garage Sale with AirSoft gear, Get Kicked To Curb (video)

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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by AgentSmith

Cop was clearly being a dick. Stepped right on the property without permission and was rude to the lady, doesn't matter if she was rude back, he started it. I have nothing against Americans, but you are the average american who has had his right stampled on.

Either way you look at it your wrong. Thats why the cops left. And that's the law, they knew their rights. You write these super long responses, but the fact remains. YOU ARE WRONG

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:29 AM
Mum says "quick get the airsofts....

Dad quickly throws two to the kids...they flip the tables....bang bang...

The cops over react...they SHOOOOT bang bang.....

Everyone clappps!!!!!! Chhheers go out....Yup I think that would have showed the Copwatch cam something.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:29 AM
"We already know who you are", seems like this isn't the only time they have been police trolling, and what annoys me is the cops seemed to be pretty nice and polite about the whole situation, they just wanted to check they weren't selling real guns and be on their way.
When someones nice to you then you should be nice to them back, its the decent thing to do, especially if its someone who could potentially help you out in the future by apprehending a burglary or saving your life.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:32 AM

Originally posted by JacKatMtn
This was a complete overreaction by the folks holding the sale..

Someone called the police, (who hasn't had a nosy neighbor), and they thought that there were weapons being sold...

The Police respond, show up, to check the sale.. the sellers had nothing to hide, and this would have been done in a minute flat, if they just let them verify that no firearms were for sale. Once they saw that it was airsoft stuff, they would have thanked the sellers for their time, logged the info, and moved on..

It's getting ridiculous these cop bashing events.. :shk:

Sorry, but they are paid the by the government who are in turn paid by the citizens. They should be questioned in every respect.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:34 AM

Originally posted by Romekje
reply to post by JacKatMtn

Would it have been so hard for the cop to stay on the sidewalk and just ask what they were selling, instead of just barging onto the property without permission?

This is what invoked the response of the civvies.

I find it hard to imagine if the cop would've stood on the sidewalk and simply asked "is that a real gun, may i see it?" that the situation would've progressed the same.

Again I am confused. I realize this couple have some kind of history with the police.

But if I have a yard sale, that in itself invites strangers into my driveway. If a cop is on his way home from work and wants to stop and buy I would not mind a bit.

Clearly the people were expecting this, I think they may even have initiated the call about the guns...

The cop went and was looking at the gun. I would have told him the price. I would have treated him like a customer, he has the same right as the others that came onto my place.

If he then said someone called and told us they were real..I would say, well as you see they are not...over done. Maybe he would buy...

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:35 AM
Isn't this the way things are supposed to be handled though? Aren't citizens supposed to stand up for the rights and when they do aren't police supposed to acknowledge and respect the rights of the citizen? This was like a training course and both parties passed. If the cops actually felt like they had proper business in being there to "look" due to a complaint or call, then they would have done so, but they backed off. This went down just like it was supposed to go down. So why is everyone b!tching and moaning? Isn't this what both sides want? Peaceful resolve?

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by Dizrael

Originally posted by Quoop

Originally posted by Dizrael

Originally posted by Quoop
reply to post by AgentSmith

Actually if you don't want someone on your property you have the right to remove them from the property. the cops weren't there to look at the goods. They were there because they recieved an anonymous call, read my above post.

And the retard award goes to..... YOU!! Congrats man

i think the award goes to you... you are both supporting the same point.

LOL I changed my mind, you clearly have the award shined and in your mantle. We are supporting opposite points, in case you don't notice.

Originally posted by AgentSmith
reply to post by Quoop

Hello? McFly? I wouldn't even be surprised if the woman called the police herself or got one of her friends do. You could see the guns from the street, someone calls the cops, they arrive, they see the guns, they investigate.

They turned up on a tip off and could see the guns clearly there from the street, it's so blatantly obvious that the woman is looking for trouble only a retard couldn't see it...

Originally posted by Quoop
reply to post by JacKatMtn

Alright bro, can I have your address? I'm gonna call the cops and tell them your selling m4's out of your basement. They're just gonna take a few hours to rip your house apart. Just doing their job after all since one person called and complained.

Originally posted by AgentSmith
Regardless of wherever or not it's legal to exclude/include any specific person or groups of people from a yard sale, if you have a bunch of weapons that look realistic and illegal from a distance on display I'd be pretty worried if the cops didn't want to have a look.
I expect the same people would complain if some local nutter had a machine gun on display in his window and one day used to it shoot up the neighborhood, of course the police couldn't do anything because it was on private property...
And aren't there some sort of reasonable cause/suspicion laws in the US? Common sense would suggest that the sight of what appear to be weapons in plain sight would warrant a quick inspection.

unless you are the WORST at sarcasm, sure sounds like the same point being made here...

so either you get that award, or you get the one for sucking at sarcasm. you pick.

Lol wait your joking right? My point being that an anonymous call shouldn't result in an illegal search? I was asking Mr Smith if he would like the same thing done to him? Not so much sarcasm as an ironic question. Are you going for the retard award two years in a row now? You pick

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:41 AM
Funny thing is, my son just opened up his Airsoft retail shop. We're right across the street from a bank. People have actually parked at the bank, popped their trunk, and taken their guns out. They then walk across the street to our store. We have 3 spare gun cases for when the gun leaves our store, but we can't really control someone else on the street on their way in. We post that guns should be in a case, but that's not always going to happen. The police have never come by, and all the neighboring businesses know what we sell. In fact, several of them have been customers already. The head of the city's SWAT Team is also a customer. Methinks we won't have a problem.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:42 AM
I still feel the officer had the right to check them, this whole encounter could have taken 30 seconds if she was not confrontational with the police. However, she knew her rights and was not wrong in this situation but I feel this was a bit unnecessary

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Domo1
You know what I did? I thought when she said 'yeah but this is our property' she was implying that being a renter gave her rights to the whole complex. Oops.

So one more question. If someone is having a yard sale, doesn't that essentially mean anyone walking by is invited onto the property? Including law enforcement? I'm not sure.

If I had been the responding officer I would have walked up, asked to speak with the person running the yard sale, politely said, 'Ma'am we got some complaints and I'm sure everything is fine, I just want to make sure everything is safe'.

I really disliked the cops attitude, and also the woman's.

I would also like to suggest that this woman begins UFO hunting. She's Johnny on the spot whipping out that camera!

Clearly a History there we don't know the facts about between the woman and the police in that area.
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:45 AM
Knowing your rights, and exercising your rights are 2 very different things. I'm sure all Nazi's weren't the horrible people everyone portrays them as. I'm pretty sure all police aren't the horrible thugs we see killing innocents. The uniforms gave them power and immunity in both cases. Kudos for these citizens for knowing their rights, and exercising them.

The american addiction to violence is a horrible thing and we have just seen the tables turned on the team who encroaches on freedom of citizens every day.

True freedom knows no threat. Police are a threat because they use force and violence to ensure "civility". How free is that? That's no different than the US trying to make the world more peaceful by shooting everyone. Just another step in the wrong direction.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:47 AM
Ok I have read some of the posts and had to get my 2 cents in,

Have most of you even seen and held an air soft gun?? From 5 feet away they look real!!!
Come on people!! Bashing cops for doing there job??

Also get this right, yes it was private property but the guns can be seen from the street! A cop has every right to check to make sure they are safe!! If they were inside the house and the cop saw it from the front door he has every right to check to make sure they are safe!!

The way the police acted was very good, the owners of the property were idiots!!

All the owners had to say was " sure,check them out, they are air soft" and the police would have been there only 2 min and left

Why all the cop bashing??

Just hope you bashers won't need the police in an emergency!!

I've had the police check my rifles on numerus occasions, and I'm allways polite and let them check the serial#s and when things.come back ok, we sit and talk guns for a bit most of the cops wanna know what kind of guns they are and where they can get one, they love the scopes and accessories , I've even invited a few to go shooting with

Be respectfull to
Law inforcement
You just might need them one day!!

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by verschickter
My feeling is this was a set up to gain material.
Its so obvious to me, but thats just my opinion.

Private property rights or not.

maybe you are right
this copwatcher group is suspicious
they keep saying this .. im with copwatch

the cop probably realise he was tricked and let all go

i think this is what happen after review
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:49 AM
I'd bet the cops were called by people who just wanted to create a problem for these folks.

Why doesn't anybody ever tell you who complained about you? Don't people have a right to know who made the complaint against them?

I'd bet if this were to happen, complaints would drop.

People should have the right to know who made a complaint against them, because making complaints against a person who isn't doing anything illegal and just minding their own business could be considered a form of harassment.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:50 AM

Originally posted by Sek82
Okay Ben I like your threads but this one... I'm not taking the bait.
So they are selling Airsoft guns, no big deal once that is known. But they could very well be real M4s from a distance, can they not? They got a call from some other concerned citizen and are just responding to it.

So residents are holding a Garage Sale, and when a cop steps up to check out the wares, the "Private Property" card gets pulled and I'm supposed to side with the idiots selling this stuff?

Well, first of all calling people idiots just because they were having a garage sale isn't necessary.

Second, who the hell was the "concerned citizen" who called the police on their neighbor? I will happily go to my grave knowing I have never, and will never call the police on a neighbor. I dont care if they're having a party, or if they're sitting their garage brandishing firearms. You just dont do that....the only time in my LIFE that I ever was forced to call the law in my neighborhood was when some drunk guy crashed into my neighbors house while they were on vacation.

And guess what, this was the middle of the night and the guy had enough time to dispose of his alcohol bottles that were in his car, and have a tow truck haul his car away. The police never showed up. It made me sick.

And god forbid if you want to have a garage sale, or setup a lemonade stand, then all of the sudden they're johnny on the spot
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posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by James1982

Originally posted by Wertdagf
Airsoft guns are marked by having an orange plug over the barrel of the gun.

It looked to me as if these peopel had removed all the orange markings from the guns, and as such are presenting them as leathal illegal weapons.

I used to make a decent amount of money importing Airsoft guns from Hong Kong and reselling them. The whole orange tip thing is a gray area. I've done tons of digging myself, and actually paid a cheap lawyer his minimum 2 hour fee to look into the issue for me. Basically, unless the replicas are crossing state lines or being imported into the country, they do not need an orange tip.

If these were real guns, why do you refer to them as "lethal illegal weapons?" You do realize real firearms are perfectly legal, right? You do also realize that private party sale, where a private citizen sells a gun to another private citizen, is perfectly legal without any sort of license or paperwork, right?

The only POSSIBLE crime there would have been selling illegal select fire guns, or weapons the violate minimum barrel length regulations. But, it's impossible for the cop in the video to know if any of those guns (IF they were real) were select fire, as pretty much every single popular assault rifle out there is made in a semi-auto only model for the civilian market. It's also perfectly legal to own, sell, and buy full-auto firearms made pre-ban.

Just like it's perfectly legal to own, buy, and sell shotguns and rifles whose barrels are shorter than the minimum length regulations. In both cases, all that's needed is to pay a tax stamp and file some paperwork.

So basically, there is ZERO evidence that these people where doing anything illegal, ZERO probable cause because there is no law being broken regardless of whether or not the guns were real.

If someone calls the cops and says "the neighbors are selling guns" the correct reply from law enforcement should be "So what? That's perfectly legal. Please stop wasting police time"


Gun laws in California regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the state of California in the United States.[1][2]

Semi-automatic firearms that the state has classified as assault weapons, .50 BMG caliber rifles, and magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition may not be sold in California. Possession of automatic firearms, and of short-barreled shotguns and rifles, is generally prohibited.

Sales of firearms from one person to another (private party transfers) must be through a licensed firearms dealer using a Private Party Transfer form. The licensed dealer may charge a $10 fee, in addition to the $25 transfer fee that the state charges.

I live in Ca and didn't know this

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:55 AM
Okay, so I guess I am confused. I totally get the Police harass ordinary people on a regular basis, and many of them abuse the system (I can't tell you how many cops I have seen texting/talking and driving). I do however believe if there is a report (true or not) that real guns are being sold at a garage sale, that would be probable cause to look through there stuff. If the police had the report and call documented why would they not have to investigate. Let's just say they were selling guns, the cops came and this happened and they left as they do in the video, and then someone was shot on accident by one of the guns. People would be OUTRAGED that a report of guns being sold was not followed through and the Police dept would be sued for wrongful I right or wrong?

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by phroziac
Why do so many people on here think its illegal to sell a gun at a garage sale? Hell i bought a 12 gauge in a gun store parking lot....from the owner of the gun shop. No background check, no atf forms. 100% legit as it was the guys personal gun, not being sold in the gun shop (but he stores his personal guns in the back). This guy is cool and just wants me to get the guns i want.


Sales of firearms from one person to another (private party transfers) must be through a licensed firearms dealer using a Private Party Transfer form. The licensed dealer may charge a $10 fee, in addition to the $25 transfer fee that the state charges.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by James1982
reply to post by EyesWideShut

Your missing something though...

You need probable cause that a CRIME is being committed. Private party sales of guns is NOT a crime, so what exactly did they have probable cause for? They needed probable cause that there was illegal gun sales taking place. They had zero evidence for such a crime.

This would be like the cops coming to your garage sale with NO guns being sold, and say they have suspicion that you are selling stolen property. No real reason, just the simple fact you are selling goods means those goods COULD be stolen. That's not probable cause, that's called a fishing expedition.
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Guess it is illegal in CA

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by Bedlam

Originally posted by Domo1
I really appreciate you're civility. You make very good points.

I don't have a boner for cops per se. It's a thankless job. A few of them really like the control part and come off as jackasses. Unfortunately they're jackasses with weapons, so it's a bit different than having a jackass #-n-git clerk.

Of course, in this case I think it's probably Officer Bubbles vs Attitude-chick and they deserve each other. Maybe they'll eat each other up like Kilkenny cats one day.

I've only had two crap run-ins with cops, the first of which sort of set my baseline skepticism and distrust for them, but that's life, I guess.

The problem being...if the good ones get treated with disrespect, when they are willing to put their life on the line to uphold the law, for your safety and everyone's...
Then all the good ones will leave and all that will remain are the really bad, or the good will turn bad out of anger and frustration. Non of that helps us any.

I recommend we treat the police with the same we expect... until that specific officer does something to not deserve that respect.

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