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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 09:17 AM
Hiya Everyone.

The following side project that I am putting together might be of some use to everyone else here at ATS, especially those of you, like me, with a slight sociological bent. While the majority of my work over at my Blog will be of limited appeal due to it's heavy Magickal/Occult influence, my new 'Fox's Newswire' section (so called because my nickname is Fox, and not because it has any affiliation to the media company) should be worth a look. The project involves linking up to odd and bizarre stories from the mainstream news agencies (newspapers, online editorials and TV networks for example), ordering them by date of publication and breaking them down by subject area.

As is to be expected (as it sells papers), there are a lot of occult crime links currently, with other subjects, such as magick/witchcraft and mass hysteria also represented. I even have an interesting skeptical vs belief section, which is a good read. I'm the first to admit that there is a massive dose of 'mainstream media missing the point' in the links I've collected thus far, but that's part of what makes reading them so interesting - especially when they get all riled up over nothing as they are prone to do. It's only small at the moment (roughly 100 links or so) but I plan to update it as often as I can, man-hours permitting, so do check back once a month or so and see what's new, eh?

I'll link you up below...

Fox's Newswire

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