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RH Negative blood type

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posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 05:18 PM

Yeah sure i have got two for you, there is another 2 i think on the search engine on this site.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 05:41 PM
Im rh+ and the thing i hate about it is the fact the my blood
does not clot like normal blood types, which means its a pain
when you cut yourself, esp when you have a blood,pulse,veins,
heatbeat phobia like i have

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 11:52 PM

Originally posted by BloodSister
Being infertile is just down to the individual..

The anti-D injections are to prevent complications

The point was Liger, mule, etc the offspring of two different species in the same family will become infertile if we are to believe the science evidence, even the giants of the bible were as much from what I understand. So unless your child becomes a giant and infertile I think it is safe to say we belong to the same species Rh- or not.

Yes as i was saying

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 04:28 AM
We are all the same species but some of us carry the blood off a different species

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 04:42 AM
If, as some posters have pointed out, this is a result of two different, but similar species mating in the past (Zebra/Horse etc), then surely the obvious stands out......not breeding with extra terrestrials as some of you hope, but merely the result of homo-sapiens breeding with something like Neanderthals?

Makes sense to me if the cross breeding theory was to be right.

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 05:39 AM
I was born of a + mother and O neg father, I inherited my fathers blood type. My mother had no complications carrying me, but did miscarry a child a year previously. That could just be down to sheer bad luck.

Now obviously being O neg myself and a mother I have had to have the anti D injections at the end of each pregnancy. All of my children are + blood group. Obviously living in today's world we of the maternal neg persuasion are fortunate that we have these injections to hand or else we would have serious issues. My ex mother in law although she managed two live births, one sadly ending in massive medical complications and cot death didn't have the luxury of such an injection and suffered about 14 miscarriages before hand. The only success she had was when she was in her mid forties and no doubt her last chance saloon.

I have no idea why we should have such a large amount of neggers here. I would like to think everyone is being honest, after all there's certainly no shortage of peeps who look in and say they are +. Does my blood make me feel special in any way? Not really, just makes me feel odd and sometimes a tad uneasy. So maybe that's why there are so many of us neggers here, especially O neg. The knowledge that you are a universal donor kinda goes hand in hand with many peoples topics on ATS. It seem's natural that many of us should gravitate to here.

Anyway, I like woogles theory. But if I pegged anyone to have neanderthal genes it would be my mothers side. They are all prone to having short hairy legs.

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by BloodSister
We are all the same species but some of us carry the blood off a different species

That is an interesting concept. Because if two distinct species did mix in the past then that new mixed species should have died out and that blood with them. Because none of their children would be fertile to carry the bloodline through generations. So that leaves some sort of manipulation alternatively that the Rh+ developed from and older Rh- bloodtype we all had because of some change in environment, illness or a new foodsource perhaps? Maybe the Rh+ became the dominant bloodtype world over because most of the ones that did not have it died? Or perhaps it was the other way around?

There are ancient stories which seem to suggest that we were created as a slave species to 'the Gods' and that we did not have the means to procreate at that time. Then we were modified at some point 'given' the means to multiply with out the help of the Gods. who knows interesting none the less

Just a thought.

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by IAmD1


There is one thing i dont really understand, is that.. Before mum was pregnant with me she had RH+ and then when she was pregnant she then turned RH - ( Well mum swears by it, but im not sure).. I only know i have RH- is because when i had an abortion they had to test my blood and then had to have the anti- D injection on my bum cheek! lol! awfuly suprised lol.

Blood changing because of the enviroment ect seems to not add up. I just cant get my head around such a big change from something that removes the Monkey Protein completely and attacks the baby.

Wouldnt scientists put it down to something like that? because they put it down as a random mutation, and obviously its not a natural occurence for such a drastic change in the blood group, so thats where the random comes from i guess?

There's another ancient astronaute theory about them mutating us slowly.. Like the noah story.. Noah's mum got pregnant when she never had sex, just like Mary. And there is a thought on the whole Noah's ark theory about it actually being a DNA bank just like we have seeds in volts. Who could really get two of every animal on aboat anyway!

RH- people seem to have a thirst for research and information on this and alien subjects and the truth ect.. You know that saying....' Its in your blood '

I find it some what odd that the amount fo people dont even think any of this stuff is interesting.. Its like, it isnt inside them to think like that, its like their blind to it! im going off the actuall

y subject but, when i try talk to friends about it, its like telling them a really really hard math sum, they just dont get it lol.

Wonder when we will know the truth! i HAVE to be alive for it lol

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by 13th Zodiac.By the way it is not O(Oh) it is 0(Zero),meaning zero rheasus monkey.

Not at all. It's O, as in not A and not B. The Rh factor is the + or - at the end.

Nor is it a "huge mutation in blood". It's a surface antigen, not a structural protein.

There are a number of others, they're just not as important or common. (see also MNS antigens)

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 07:40 PM
Heres the big daddy of ATS negative blood group threads, its discusses it in detail along with the "alien " connection. It make for very illuminating reading

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 09:33 AM
im O RH - my mother was 0 rh - so is my grandmotheron my fathers side and two of my daughters . as well as my sister .

i dont know iv lived a fairly normal life so far .. i guess ..

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 10:05 AM
Conflicting stories already in this thread. I'm o-neg. So, is it O meaning oh, or 0 for zero? I always thought it was the letter O.

What about the rh thing? If I'm neg-O does this mean I am in no way connected to a monkey? Am I an alien? Anyone want some blood?

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by wigit

I am sure its O not 0 because wouldnt it be like..

0 neg
1 neg

But its A, B, O and AB..

yes your blood doesnt have the monkey protein, and in some what sense, yes you are an alien lol

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 12:08 PM
I am A Rh neg.

There maybe a reason as to why there's larger than statistical average of Rh neg poeple on this web site.

There are some "traits" that seem to go along with being Rh neg. Many web sites out there have this list or something like it. According to what I've read, not everyone has every trait on this list.

Traits of Rh- Negative Individuals

A feeling of not belonging
Truth seekers
Sense of a "Mission" in life
Empathy & Compassion for Mankind
An extra rib or vertebra.
Higher than average IQ
ESP Ability
Love of Space & Science
More sensitive vision & other senses.
Increased of psychic/intuitive abilities
Cannot be cloned
Lower body temperature
Higher blood pressure (some say lower)
Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyes
Red or reddish tint to hair color
Increased sensitivity to heat & sunlight
Unexplained Scares
Piercing Eyes
Tend to be Healers
Empathetic Illnesses
Ability to disrupt electrical devices
Prone to Alien Abductions
Experience unexplained phenomenon
Physic Dreams and/or Ability

A while ago I saw a website that had people actually share their experiences. Another one that didn't make this list was weird reactions to medicines. That stuck with me, as I have some odd reactions to medicines.

Here is a distribution of blood types and groupings

Just some food for thought.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 01:22 PM

Originally posted by wigit
Conflicting stories already in this thread. I'm o-neg. So, is it O meaning oh, or 0 for zero? I always thought it was the letter O.

What about the rh thing? If I'm neg-O does this mean I am in no way connected to a monkey? Am I an alien? Anyone want some blood?

It's O, the letter. The - means no Rh factor. Rh factor genes appear in a number of mammals, not just rhesus monkeys and humans. It's just that that's what they were making serum out of when they discovered it. This antigen from rhesus monkey serum reacts with 85% of humans - what's the 'rhesus factor' telling us? It stuck after the fact, although technically it's the rho or D antigen.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 01:46 PM
I would like to add that this blood-type has also never been able to be duplicated. We have synthetic blood for every other group, but still have no synthetic for rhesus negative. Also 0 negatives cannot take blood from ANY other, except their own.

BTW, I did a thread a few years back about us changing and advancing this mutation by making available a shot (Rhogam) for expected mothers, that any other point (that we know of) children would have been miscarried, and now with this shot children that normally would not have existed can.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 03:11 PM
I actually find this quite fascinating. Curious if it's possibly from cross mating between human species, such as when neanderthals and other early relatives to us still walked the earth. S+F for bringing this to my attention!

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by NoRegretsEver
I would like to add that this blood-type has also never been able to be duplicated. We have synthetic blood for every other group, but still have no synthetic for rhesus negative

That's because Rh negative indicates something's not there - in this case, the D antigen. As it's not there, you don't need to synthesize it. In fact, no blood substitute has the Rh factor. It's pointless. You can give Rh negative blood of the same major type to an Rh positive recipient with no problems at all. It's the other way around that doesn't work. Synthetic blood doesn't actually have antigens, major or minor.

Rhogam doesn't "mutate" "modify" or "change the blood type", it's an antibody to the fetal blood cells that slip into the mother's circulation. This keeps her from developing mass quantities of the same antibody herself. The whole idea of rhogam is to keep the mother's immune system pacified as regards fetal Rh+ blood.

posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 04:17 AM

Originally posted by BloodSister
I would like to re-post the thread about the RH Negative blood type..

I am hoping people will have their say and experience as an RH Negative blood type and also any who is or who is not RH Negative could give some opinion on this also

Funny how scientists put it down to a random mutation though...

But what mutation could cause such a massive change in blood?

If you seek you will find

As unimaginably immense and old the universe is We are told microscopic life might (might) exist on other planets eh eh

The universe also has countless space-time configurations and dimensions, we can only see a speck of it with our senses/telescopes

Do you really think all the races/cultures evolved from Africa? especially in such a short time?
All the cultures folk lore tells you where they come from but SCIENCE is blind to what they are told

You know how humans like a status-quo:
we are quarantined to stop our religions escaping, to stop the madness spreading and can you blame them, Star Men can be as gullible as we are. We are also way too aggressive and childish to be welcome or to last long

Science lacks spirit and you cant teach an expert anything also with science you have secret science and science for the masses

the War of the Worlds radio incident was a test to see how people cope and many cant handle the truth

trillions of galaxies and each galaxy trillions of planets over trillions of years old and countless space-time configurations and dimensions

even if each galaxy only had 1 star man race there must be many trillions of races in our space-time configuration and dimension

the Creation is like a wild forest

(ask your spirit to remember your dreams when you wake up)
dont pray to one of the gods
pray to Your Spirit
your spirit is REAL and is a part of the Creation

we only work with half of science with NO Spirit knowledge:
here are a few mind/eye openers people wont know and i know you will realise are true, you know all things have an opposite right?

then why dont we here about bellow from science:
there is an opposite to black holes
repels not attracts)
there is an opposite to suns: black suns that shine darkness!
there are opposites to explosions, with many repercussions for most science especially energy production

men are not men: let them know why,
milk has female hormones so makes men think like a girl and soft body
try for 2 weeks only drink rice or oat milk you will see i dont lie
soy milk is bad also so dont drink it

posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 05:39 AM

Originally posted by Klassified
It could be those, but it could also be that 0- isn't as rare as it is said to be.

Type O- makes up 6.6% of the US population, that is over 20 million Americans...
worldwide, type O- is approximately 303 million (4.3%) humans...

now my wife, she is type AB-
less than 2 million Americans(0.6%) and less than 32 million worldwide(0.45%) have this blood type.

Not sure where people got the idea tht type O- was all that rare. Its acutally more common than AB+ in the US.

ETA when my wife was pregnant with her daughter, she had to take RhoGam to protect her daughter from being attacked as a foreign object in her body. Without this drug, there are severe complications, usually miscarriage.

Our son however is also a negative blood type, so she did not have to take any drugs to ensure his safety while in utero.

Not sure what my blood type is....
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