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Hello ATS

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posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:23 AM
I've been visiting the site for some time now and finally decided to join.
I'm from the most dangerous city in the USA, where ignorance is the [SNIP]. I just don't get it. I ended up here trying to figure that whole thing out and got sucked in by all the great stuff; The laughable posts, the ones that make you
, and the weird ones. I guess I was tired of reading posts and having things to say but not being able to say them.
What's good!?

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posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:25 AM

but not being able to say them.

Ah welcome, Yes I too remember many a night screaming at my computer "are you f-ing kidding me" before finally biting the bullet and joining this nut house.

Welcome to the asylum, strait jackets on the left, tin foil hats on the right.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:28 AM
Hey Brother!

Welcome to the forums, good to have a tough guy as a friend (YOU) as I'm sure a town like Flint is a maker of some tough people.

Don't mind the disinfo-nerds - they lurk here harder than anyone. Just follow your instincts and you should be alright!

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:55 AM
Welcome to the mad house.

Happy posting and remember to use the search function its your Friend

Some Tips n rules

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:46 PM

Welcome funkadelikbob


Be sure to try out Ask ATS with any "search words" of your choice, you will find numerous threads to choose from to add your thoughts to. Once you have achieved the minimum of 20 post replies, you will be able to create your own threads in their appropriate areas & additionally send & receive messages to fellow ATS members.

Here are some handy links to get you oriented into now becoming a valued member of ATS.

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Terms & Conditions Of Use (Please read second)
Visit here next - ATS Freshmans Forum
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*** Please have fun, ATS at times is like a rollercoaster ride! But be aware if you act in an uncivil-like manner, discuss personal illicit drug usage, use profanity, troll, intentionally spread a hoax, spam, advertise and/or get verbally abusive, you will be removed off the ride by a Moderator. This is for your safety, & also for those both young and old on the ride with you.

So buckle up, keep your arms within the ride's comfort zone, have fun and "Deny Ignorance"...!

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 02:44 AM
I find that a lot of people don't know they're tough until the need arises. It's surprising what things you'd be willing to do when you have to.
I don't look at myself as some tough guy but people from other cities do tend to get that impression, especially after they know I'm from Flint. Sometimes, when me or my friends have told anybody a story about the crime that happens or the ignorance that people put out there, they tell us we're liars. Anyways it's mutha[snip]ing crazy out here, and I thought it might be nice to have some sort of conversation involving critical thinking instead of the meaningless things that people talk about day after day.

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by funkadelikbob

Hello and happy 4th of July. Welcome to ATS

Feel free to ask me for help anytime.

I'd appreciate your support. Please flag the thread below.

Vote for me - ATS Regent contest

Thank you and have fun.

posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 05:42 PM
Hello there, son!

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 06:10 PM
Hello there! Glad you came here :]

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by ToTheMoonAlice

Dad?.... Can it be?!

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:44 PM
Welcome to ATS!


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