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Vote for the ATS People's Party (Summation)

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posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 01:34 AM
To the excellent members of Above Top Secret, i am here today, representing you all in the race for the title of ATS Regent.

Starting, i would like to thank Beezzer for initiating the Regent race and subsequent debates. It has been an awesome experience
. I would like to thank and wish the best of luck to my fellow candidates. You are all great, and it is awesome just to kick back and have civilised chats and debates with you all
. I would like to thank the mods for policing the threads and making sure that some candidates didn't go overboard. Always there and always helping, thanks

If the ATS People's Party is elected we will:

1: Create region specific boards. The reasons behind this are:

- It will give the sense of a "Home" board to members from regions all over the world

- Members enjoy posting important region relevant threads, with most the time, said threads being ignored if outside the USA. Creating region specific boards will allow members from the same region to post relevant topics, getting the much needed attention, and being able to discuss in depth the severity of the problem.

- The boards could also be used as a place to cool off and research region specific threads.

2: Enforce the T&C's by working hand in hand with moderators:

- Members will be provided with either U2U's or threads regarding the T&Cs. While this already happens, i feel it could be done better with everyone's cooperation.

3: Promote Equality:

- Everyone deserves to be treated equal as we are an International community.

We have further policies. For more information on the ATS People's Party, please look here:

The ATS People's Party is for the people, and as such, everyone is considered equal. While our party has its core ideologies, members of the party, and ATS in general can enter discussions with myself at any time. ATS is driven by the people and they are the ones who deserve to make the decisions. If one is concerned regarding any situation, they can contact me and i will help them out, or we can make decisions together. Then i can report said decisions to the moderators and owners of ATS to see how they feel about changes. I would even go to polls to get majority's decisions on changes.

Furthermore, i view the title of Regent as one which should be held by everybody, not just an individual. Even though that opposes the very definition of itself, i feel that it should be. We would all be regarded as a "regent" if the ATS People's Party were to be elected. The reason being that we can all improve ourselves, we can all promote the ideologies of ATS, and we should all promote equality. As Regents, we will help newcomers and usher in a new age for Above Top Secret. I would be acting as the middle man between yourself and the moderators. I will take into account all your concerns and proposals. Together, ATS will become stronger than before.

I have enjoyed the race as it has allowed me to (hopefully) destroy all the conceived views regarding myself. The old daaskapital is no longer. Together my friends, we can achieve great heights for Above Top Secret! I now ask of you to please vote for our party. To do so only consists of flagging this thread. Thank you all, and i leave you with our party's campaign song.

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