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Olympics Whistleblower Fears For Safety, Reveals [REAL] Identity

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 11:09 PM

Originally posted by googolplex
Now the terrorist know exactly how to beat the system,

>Implying the "Terrorists" are a real threat

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 11:44 PM

Originally posted by googolplex
Now the terrorist know exactly how to beat the system, if things don't change this could doom the Olympics for real.

It's one thing to blow the whistle, but what he has done is going to get people killed.

He should be arrested as a cohort of the Terrorist.

But the terrorists ARE the system...

Originally posted by Portugoal
Take a look at the newest macots for the 2012 London Olympics. If this doesn't scream Illimuninati symbolism I don't know what does.

London Olympics 2012: Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, drips off the old block.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 11:50 PM
Not sure why he should fear for his life? It's not like he gave groundbreaking information. It's pretty common knowledge that security firms hire bozos. I've never encountered a highly dignified nor intelligent security guard. TSA?

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 08:19 AM

Originally posted by antar
Interesting, he does have it right that staying public will be his only hope for survival. It is tragic we live in a world where the truth gets you killed.

If anyone was going to "get him", what makes anyone think they will "get him" so soon after his whistle blowing antics?

If anyone is to "get him", it will likely happen in many years time from now, when other events are on everyones minds and everyone has all but forgotten about this guy.

But why exactly is anyone going to kill him because he came out and said security preparations by a private security company are below standard?
I really don't get this guys paranoia.
Which makes me think he is simply trying to create publicity for him self, to get his name out there.
Don't be surprised if in a year or two he releases some movie or documentary. You'll be like, "oh that's the guy who blew the whistle on London 2012 security preparations."...

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by BLV12A

Its weird how some people get killed right off the bat and others are left to fear and stew. Used to be just one in a million blowing the whistle now everyone is joining the bandwagon of truth. They cant kill everyone.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by seenavv

Hmmm, will they still proceed with their plots now?

It would seem too risky, people are too awake now.They stuffed up 9/11 by being just a little too lax with all the details and the payback starts here

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 04:44 PM
WHAT IF Ben Fellows is a disinfo agent?

Seems we label someone a "whistleblower" and immediately believe them. O righto, he's one of us!

I'm not saying he's a liar and that I don't believe him but where is the proof? All we have is his word. And frankly, I've not heard of this guy until he called the AJ show...

Also, he's the only one from the security team that I've heard come forward... and how do we even know he really was hired for security?
I could easily call the AJ show and come up with a very detailed story, being a creative writer with a film production degree.

Here's a non-Alex Jones interview of Ben Fellows (aka Lee Hazledean)...notice his extremely erratic laugh that pops up all over the place. Kinda creepy. Just an aside, really.

I just think we need to have better discernment.

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 08:27 PM
i think all this hop la is to throw the public off where the real threat is. i have been following the other post. i think he is on to something. i dont know if this is relvant
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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 08:43 PM
this is nothing

olympic security is 1000 times better than U.S. Airport security.

hell you can bribe TSA agents to do anything, and anyone can get hired to work for TSA it's a min wage job most the time.

anyone with good social engineering skills can get anything they want past TSA.

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