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The Lawyer War

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 12:43 PM
I have a brand new dream.

If I had umpteen billions of dollars and made umpteen billions of dollars a year, I'd hire me an army of lawyers ten thousand strong.

I'd use them to fight anything that isn't constitutional in any way that I can. Eventually I'd be so disruptive that nothing would get done. Imagine lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit being filed against anybody who supported anything that went against the constitution in any way shape or form.

If anybody put a price on my head, I'd put double the price on the person who put that price on my head.

And anybody who threatened my life in any way will have a price put on their head.

Anybody who tried to slander me in any way would get a libel/slander suit against them, and even if I lost I'd make it a Pyrrhic victory because I'd cause them to lose so much money that it wouldn't be worth the victory.

This seems to me to be the only way to bring the country back to its roots any more.

This country was meant to give personal liberty and freedom to people, not to regulate everything all to hell and back so that literally there is no freedom to do anything anymore.

You can't go someplace without the Feds keeping an eye on you. You can't buy a soda without the Feds sin taxing you. There is so much surveillance now that you really can't do much of anything.

Alas, I am only a peon. I have no real money because it's all being taken away from me in the guise of doing the greater good to help somebody ebcause somehow that other person deserves it more than me even though I want to work and earn my keep and be a productive member of society. But it's just not worth it anymore because the government will just take it away, and there's nothing a little peon like me can do about it except whine and vote about.

But the vote doesn't really matter anymore. It costs a hundred and seventy million dollars to run for President of America and the only people who have that kind of money are the rich billionaires of this country. Congress and senate costs millions of dollars too, so really, a guy who makes $35,000 ayearcan't really run for those positions either.

And to top it all off, government has a lot of power to bully people into submission, and to force people to take what the government wants them to take, which is Obamacare.

So the vote doesn't really matter because the powers don't care for the little guy. They just want to be rich. It's the money is all they care about.

Whining doesn't work. They've got entire agencies to spy on the American people like the German Stasi spied on its citizens during the Cold War. They were able to monitor nearly the entire population of Germany and listened for code words that would indicate a person was a potential terrorist who should be monitored.

So really, soon we won't be able to because they don't care about the constitution either, and are working, and being highly successful at it, at undermining more and more of our rights and privileges as time goes on.

So these are the problems America faces, and really, only the wealthy can fight this kind of power. Any act of violence against the government and you're a terrorist.

So perhaps the only way this power of the government can be brought down is to hire an army of umpteen thousand lawyers to be disruptive as much as they possibly can, and use the very laws against the people that wrote them.

Ah well, one can dream.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 01:27 PM
If I had that level of resources Id go a step further.

Id open free schools around the nation, higher the best teachers, pay for the top research in education.
And every one of the schools would hold a strict focus on Constitutional Law and history.

I am sure in a generation of this, the world would change.

buy paying that mean lawyers you just feed the current system.
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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 02:58 PM

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