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I've had enough.....(for now).

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by Klassified
Agreed. But for some people, their opinion IS the truth. Their perception of reality IS reality. Just ask them. And this is why I stated it the way I did.

Yeah I hear ya.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 05:32 PM

...and I agree with other posters about denying ignorance,

What is this new meme that I have been seeing a lot lately? "Denying Ignorance"? It even sounds rather silly and very negative. That's like focusing on a negative ("ignorance"), and then pouring more negativity into it ("denying").

Basically you are worshipping DENYING instead of EXPLORING. That is not wise.

I would rather "Ignore denying" than "deny ignorance", because ignorance is only lack of knowledge and information. You can't beat ignorance by denying it, but with filling it with knowledge, information and if you are lucky, wisdom.

It's like denying an empty bucket is somehow the proper thing to do, when it's only common sense that actually filling the bucket is what is needed.

Denying is fear-based emotional reaction of a small and closed mind. Why would any normal, sensible human being practice it? Denying doesn't bring anything positive and constructive to the world.

Criticism is good, questioning is good - asking questions also (almost the same thing), explaining things to those who are ignorant is much better than DENYING those people (how do you 'deny' ignorance anyway, especially without simply ignoring the ignorant?).

These negative memes and sayings, idioms etc. are very common on this wretched planet. People talk about "killing", when they mean "success", they talk about "devastation", when they mean "winning people over". How twisted is that?

Is it really necessary for people to be so negative, and use such negative (often double-negative, even when something 'positive' is meant, like "not bad" etc.)?

Can't we use positive thoughts, memes, idioms and word patterns?

As I said before, I'd rather ignore the deniers (who only waste everyone's energy they are in contact with, without bringing anything constructive to the table) than 'deny ignorance', whatever that really even means. And I'd rather explain things to the ignorant than deny anything, because it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

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