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Red States should vote for Obama

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posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 12:19 AM
Red State’s Addiction to Welfare – A GOP Dilema

You hear it almost every time a Republican presidential candidate speaks – the evils of welfare. They speak about how THEY are opposed to an Obama welfare state, where personal responsibility has given way to an addiction to handouts.

Red meat for Red states? Do you know what the irony of this position is? Red States are the ones that receive the lion’s share of welfare. To be more precise, they receive more from the system than they put in.

The graph above actually cuts the GOP some slack by including Florida, Colorado and Nevada, all states that went for Obama in the last presidential election, as Red States.

Red States vs. Blue States: Who Has The Highest Level Of Health Care Uninsured?

Red states vs. Blue states. Republican vs. Democrats. Who has the higher level of uninsured when it comes to health care, and who has the lowest?

As you can see from the chart (above) just released by Gallup, Texas tops the list of states with the highest percent of uninsured residents, and Massachusetts tops the list of states with the lowest percent of uninsured residents. And if you continue down the lists, blue states have higher levels of insured residents than red states, overall.

In fact, every state in the top ten with the lowest level of uninsured residents is a blue state, and almost every state in the top ten with the highest level of uninsured residents is a red state. Exceptions are purple states and California.

makes no sense to me.
people hate obama for the things the red states need the most.

btw i voted for ron paul in the iowa caucus and am a registered republican .

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 12:28 AM

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by elitegamer23

...Umm.. fining people to buy health insurance WILL NOT insure the vast majority of the Middle Class .. in fact, because many small businesses will likely drop insurance, lack of insurance will likely be to expensive for the Middle Class because insurance is EXPENSIVE.

It just means now we will have uninsured folks paying a few hundred dollars more a year in taxes.

As for your stupid picture, and believe me, it's stupid, it all has to do with WAGES. So I live in Oregon, and our average salary is about double where I grew up in Ohio. We pay a ton in taxes, we earn more money, but life is more expensive here. The feds kick back what it takes to run their basic operations, but because our tax base is higher it offsets what they give.

Most "Blue" states are high-density urban states with a larger population earning more money.

"Red" states are often "cheaper" states to live in, the cost of living is lower, wages are lower and thus Federal tax collection is lower. You'll also find Red States who focus on agriculture, have very low populations, or are locations of high expense endeavors such as Alaska or border states along the Southern border.

Not that income has anything to do with how one votes. It's split quite evenly throughout the income brackets....

(And I can also tell you that every state on your list of "most insured" are also the most expensive states to buy insurance. And nearly all have some form of subsidized insurance program the state pays part of, as well as a strong Middle Class as well as Unionized labor within their urban centers that often have coverage. I was a licensed insurance agent in 30 states. Texas was the cheapest to buy insurance.)
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