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24 hours of Paranormal Activity at my house

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 08:33 AM
I consider myself a skeptic on this subject. I live in a home with my Fiance and our 9 year old son. Our son was away last weekend at his grandparents house and I was upstairs while she was downstairs. I distictly heard someone yell upstairs to me saying "Dennis" (my name)..... I walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled down "What?!" ... when I did this ... my fiance also walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled "What?!"

Well, both of us heard someone yell "Dennis" in what appeared to be a children's voice but our son was not anywhere near the house and there was no one within sight when I looked around the yard.

The experience completely freaked the two of us out ...

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by DoubleDNH

That reminds me of something that happened to me not long ago. I was down in the basement working on plumbing and was expecting my wife to get home from work any time. When the dogs started barking their heads off I figured she was home. This was followed by a distinct and loud "Honey" called down toward me in the basement in what I thought was my wife's voice. I answered but heard nothing more. When she didn't respond I went upstairs to see where she had gotten to and low and behold, her car was not in the driveway and no one but the dogs was up there. She got home around a half hour later and said that was the first she had been there since morning...

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 12:44 PM
Hey there, Great thread.
I just want to ask, this may sound a little wierd,but have you experienced any problems with the lights in your house? like are they blowing out often, or any other electronic equipment problems. I think a few of the other guys mentioned spirits ghosts etc. draw energy but knowing what to look for is the key.
I bought A house for a great price, mortgage was awesome way cheaper than any renter anywhere.
not long after I moved in lights would flicker, go into brown out and come back up dull out and flicker, continuously blow, in all areas of the house, some light bulbs would explode sending glass everywhere.
I got it all checked out by an electrition and there was no problems anywhere, fuse box , wiring, light batons, all good.
The sattelite TV would lose connection (this could happen in the instance of severe cloud cover) on cloudless nights or afternoons.
I had a Glass sliding door explode into shards, just like a bullet went through it, I searched the walls and ceiling for an entry hole for a projectile and nothing, so work that one out.
for some reason i never put it down to the paranormal but i just fell into this trance like state of depression and emptiness, i didnt want to talk to anyone i just wanted to sleep, my body ached, and my mind felt foggy and i just didnt care about anything at all to the point where i just wanted it all to end for some reason.
But everytime i left the house for an extended period it was amazing i felt so good, but i didnt realise it at the time.
Anyway there is no exploding lightbulbs in my new house, touch wood

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 12:53 PM
Good morning,

I slept in because of how late I stayed up on the project. I apologize for the lateness

Kentuckekycowboy2 - I will answer that in a little bit but thanks for the question. I have something that I am here to say and I will come back and answer your question during the video render process.

I woke up this morning a little disappointed. I thought that all of the work that I had done produced nothing. Some here have suggested the possibility of the slider opening because of the dogs. I did catch the youngest dog standing in front of the door on tape. She was by herself and whining and sniffing at it and scratching the glass a little. Hard to tell what that means since she is a pup and curious. About what? Who can tell. She didn't manage to open it, just seemed to paw at it a little.

Other than that all of the video and photography that I did produced nothing. My last ditch effort was to place the microphone into my closet next door where some of the other activity happened and go to bed. Prior to that I had sat quietly in the room with the microphone and meditated a little. Nothing too ridiculous, just quieted myself to focus on the now. Then I asked a series of questions. After this I analyzed the audio. It is a grueling process. The only sound came from the question "what is your name?" On the silence that followed I heard to sounds that could be syllables. This makes it hard to interpret since the consonants are missing. It's just two vowels.

Sounds like, Kevin, Devin, Ebin, Slevin. Heck I don't know. I put a lot of effort into that one and it never got any clearer. than I gave up and decided to set the microphone in the room and shut the door for the night. I announced what I was doing then went to bed. When I woke up this morning and checked my videos I saw nothing. I started to form my plan for writing down for all of you what I had done and how much of this was not proven through the means that I attempted. Coffee in hand I began the process of checking the audio that I let record while I slept.

I had set the mic not to turn off unless the air was dead silent, this means that the mic should never shut off unless it is in a vacuum. I have 18 minutes of dead air after you can hear me yawn one last time in the other room. Not a minute into the recording I heard something that gave me the bumps, I just got them again writing that. I will share it with you guys when I go back next door but I wanted to produce something worth while for you to catch, and honestly I needed to leave the house for a second. The recording picked up what I believe is someone saying "nice man" It will be on the final video. I stopped there cause I'm a little freaked but when I finish typing here I will go back and finish the audio.

When I sat down to do the original recording I had brought an offering of beer. I know that it sounds silly but I felt at the time that it would be a nice gesture. I sat it down and asked my questions and then that was it. I asked if the thing would mind posing for a few pictures. I was very polite. As I said there is nothing on those pics but a closet.

That is it for now. I want to go back next door and finish this up. I came to let you know the progress and take a calm-down break.


posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by kentuckycowboy2
reply to post by Mrgone

Mrgone , not to derail your great thread but could you describe this thing with the tentacles , It sounds like something similar to a thing I saw in a recalled memory I have in a journal.

OK, KC2, I have a little time while things render so I would like to answer your question. Here is the story in a nutshell. Thanks for the interest. When I am done I hope to hear your story as well. If you don't want to put it here would you mind PM-ing me the story. I would love to hear it.

I'm 39, live alone, no pets. My bedroom is very quiet and I am self employed so I can sleep-in when I want. On this morning it was around 5:30 am. Not when I like waking up. I had the sensation that I was in my room and looking around from the bed as if I was awake. Believing that I was awake I went to get up and check the time since it was still dark. I couldn't move. From my bed I can look through the reflection of the bedroom window and see the bathroom door. There is a night light on the wall in there that gives off a subtle orange glow.

Looking into the reflection I saw something step into the door way. At that point all that I had was a vague sense of movement so I looked at the door to my right. Nothing in the doorway. I looked back left to the window and saw clear as day a figure back-lit by the bathroom that had what looked like a bunch of snakes for a head. The diameter was about head-sized but the top was about 18" of writhing snake-like tentacles. I panicked and began to attempt to scream. I couldn't move.

Move sleeping moans became so labored that I awoke gasping for air. I was in sheer terror during the episode but once I awoke and realized that I could move I had no panic in me. I just sat up and ran through the whole thing so that I could tell my friends later.

I haven't seen it since. thank the stars.

Hope to hear your incident soon.


posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 03:55 PM
Final Conclusion:

Thank for all of you who have come to this discussion and experiment regarding what has been a somewhat reoccurring incident at mine and my neighbor’s homes. I am going to wrap things up now with my final analysis of the situation as well as my findings. This was a bit of a slog so if you’re still with me then I appreciate your interest.

After laying out my initial post Most were quite supportive of the situation:

Originally posted by Astrithr
Cool, thanks for sharing! I wish there were more threads about paranormal stuff here, that's why I joined ats in the first place...Maybe you could try capturing an evp too? ...

Originally posted by subfab
reply to post by Mrgone

this is a very interesting thread.
i hope that what ever is happening it can be easily explained by something like a squirrel or something like that. but, if it is something other worldly i hope it's not mean...

Originally posted by tport17

Originally posted by Astrithr
Cool, thanks for sharing! I wish there were more threads about paranormal stuff here, that's why I joined ats in the first place. I get soo tired of all the political bickering that dominates now.

...Very interesting story here! Can't wait to see if you catch something on video. Don't give up on here. There are still some of us around....
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Then there were the skeptics:

Originally posted by combatfoo2000
Interesting story however me thinks paranormal activity 4 is due for release soon.

Originally posted by mee30
Not interested unless I see pictures or video,...Again sorry but just the way it is...

Originally posted by DaTroof

Originally posted by Mrgone
reply to post by Ben81

I also have an update on the door. She had removed them to clean out the closet last week and placed the doors back on wrong so that the wheels were off of the track. It made the doors harder to slide. I put them back on the track this morning but this means that when the doors opened by themselves it was harder to move them.

...My guess: Upon incorrect door placement, which interferes with the pre-existing wear pattern along the wheels and the track,

Originally posted by Skywatcher2011
...she is either a strange woman, or she left some mushroom soup on the stove

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Originally posted by Ben81
You like to do amateur movies

and there is many other in your YT account

This will hurt your credibility a bit

why do i now get the idea that you will maybe trick us on your next video
by opening the door with a fishing wire and say it was paranormal activity to get some attention
on your video and amateur production skills...for me your YT account is a bummer

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 03:56 PM
And great advice:

Originally posted by Ben81
...Once you let the doors open at all time has a gesture of respect and kindness
things will change for the better and the paranormal activity might even cease

good luck

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Some shared stories:
All of you contributed in some way and that is why I would like to say, Thank You.

Now on to the meat and potatoes.

I took video of both rooms day and night. Nothing of great importance is presented in those videos except the youngest dog whining at the glass closet and attempting to sniff through the door. This could be a curious puppy. It could be something else. At any rate it is proof to me that the dogs are aware of the room but not quit proof that they opened the door since she didn’t actually open it. Still, it’s hard to call that proof either way.
At the end of the clip her older brother comes into the room and leads her back out of the camera view. This all happened while I was working on the computer about 12 feet away.
My conclusion on that is that it was inconclusive. Too bad.
There were suggestions that I hadn’t investigated the obvious. There were attempts to derail the thread. The only times someone thought that they had the definitive answer were of a Christian angle. One person suggested that it was a demon. Not my belief.
So we come to what I do have. The EVP was my last ditch effort to catch something and by the time I was analyzing that data I was pretty much under the impression that I had nothing. Then I found the following sounds that were quiet interesting.
Indulge me for a moment while I lay out the events.
I attempted black-room-flash photography on both locations. To no avail.
I set up videos at both locations. Only the dog seemed to take interest in the glass doors. Nothing in my Apartment closet.
I let the owners 2 cats into the crawl space. Both seemed inquisitive but not at all tweaked. They sniffed around the space(for the first time in their lives) then came out when they were ready. They did not seem disturbed in the slightest.
I did the EVP experiment and found nothing of note on the recording during my question session. I must go into detail to preempt the video that is linked below. (sorry, still haven’t taken a moment to learn how to post video. That comes after this thread.)
When I did my question session for the EVP I brought an offering of beer. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I sat the beer in front of a stool in the center of the room and asked if the person might mind sitting down and having a drink with me. Both beers were set down and I didn’t touch mine either.
I asked the questions then asked if the person would mind if I took their picture. After that I left the beer sitting on the floor and went to check the audio.
EVP analysis is grueling like I’ve said. I don’t know how long I was at it but I decided to go to sleep. My initial conclusion was that I had nothing so I went to bed.
I set up the audio recorder to record until it ran out of memory, I got 18 minutes. This audio is what is most prominent on the video. I awoke today expecting to deflate all of my findings for all of you and close this thread with nothing but a dog sniffing a door. Lame.
Then as I sat pouring over the audio recorded while I slept, within 2 minutes of listening I heard the words “nice man” Clear to me but I am sure that the ‘armchair investigators’ out there will say ‘I don’t hear anything but hiss’
That is why I don’t count this as evidence. I count it as the strangest thing that I picked up. And that is all.
Here is the only recording that came through on the video that is slightly audible.
Nice man 125hz
The rest of the files are as follows in order and did not come out sounding anywhere near the original recordings once I put them onto the video.
Yes sir 125hz
Night troop 2Khz
We’re almost there 1Khz
Can’t go 1Khz

(For an example of what I sound like as opposed to these sounds I tried to include the following clip of me dreaming out loud. Just moans.)
My sleeping sounds 1Khz

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 03:56 PM
Again, this didn’t sound out as well as in the original recording. So I didn’t put it on the video.
On the video I will repeat the sound three times. I know that this is an audible Rorschach test. So you might hear something completely different. For instance “nice man” could be “rice ban” or “lice fan” I am not here to tell you what You are going to hear. Only what I thought that I heard.
And if you expect to listen to the video and hear something without using headphones or cranking your speakers then you expect too much from a novice like me. I didn’t capture proof of ghosts. If you don’t use headphones or turn up some good speakers then you won’t hear it. Don’t use the speakers on your laptop then come in here saying “I didn’t hear anything”. We get it. You wanted to say something but didn’t have anything to say.

Nice Man-EVP

In the end this was a lot of fun for me. I’ve always wanted to do something like this and finally got the chance here with my equipment and knowledge of video and audio manipulation. I could see doing more with the EVP but I find that sort of work tedious and would rather do it somewhere that there is reported activity instead of my own closet

I would still love to field questions and hear from you regarding your own stories.

As always, thank you to all who have come this far with me.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by Mrgone

U2U sent
Thanks John

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by Mrgone

hello Mrgone, did you figured out what was really going on with you?, in that point YOU as spirit were wake since you still act as you're the body in this dimension which means you still attached to the sleeping body "your body" if you remove the thought of that you're leaving the body in that point you'll break free and can take a look around other astral being who's moving around what ever you saw at that moment was astral being.

I'm telling you this because i practice and experienced the same things a lot, imagine that if you were able to detached the thought of that you're not the body and you're the being inside the body, you've could've moved around and even went next door to take a look if there was really "ghost" so to say or the same person that your son described the person if was there, and you could've saved all that hard work that you did.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by Mrgone

abd thanks for the hard work that you did, that was a good experience too.

in near future we're going for same kind of expedition, but this building is really hunted, and we're gone document it on video, we're not gone get inside because we can get in a real troubles inside with the entities, cause they've been put there so to guard to building from intruders.

i will interview the people who live around that place so to know what's really going on in the building, i will include that also in the documentary

than i will post my experiments also over here at ATS.

have a nice day

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 05:43 PM

Originally posted by SilentWarrior
reply to post by Mrgone

abd thanks for the hard work that you did, that was a good experience too.

in near future we're going for same kind of expedition, but this building is really hunted, and we're gone document it on video, we're not gone get inside because we can get in a real troubles inside with the entities, cause they've been put there so to guard to building from intruders.

i will interview the people who live around that place so to know what's really going on in the building, i will include that also in the documentary

than i will post my experiments also over here at ATS.

have a nice day

Thanks for the kind words and advice. I am going to attempt your suggestion tonight. I believe that this is possible but I am out of practice. Never really got the hang of it myself.

Also, where are you going to for your investigation? If it is within 100 miles of my location I will gladly lend whatever help that I can to the investigation. Equipment, extra pair of hands, whatever is good. You can U2U me the info if you like.

good luck anyway.


posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by Mrgone

Fascinating thread - Thanks!

I've been following since the beginning and eagerly awaited your results. Like many other posters on this thread I am also naturally sceptical yet I've also had some of my own experiences.

Anyway, on to the EVP: I've had a good listen and I agree with you, it does sound like 'Nice man' although, the first word is louder and clearer than the second, so for me the second word is debateable but the first word is in my opinion 'nice'. The voice strikes me as belonging to a man, not an elderly one though, either young or middle aged. Was the beer before or after the recording? If the beer was before then 'Nice man' would be a very legitimate response and maybe evidence of communication.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by Insomniac

Thanks. Yes the beer was the first thing to hit the ground in the closet with my verbal request for an audience. It was the reason that I goosed out inthe morning.

I haven't mentioned this yet but if you notice the list of possible words from after I went to sleep you can notice that some are at different frequencies. This one sounded younger than the one at the higher frequencies. The 1 and 2 K seemed a little gruffer.

I appreciate you sticking through to the end. Sorry I didn't cath something more tangible.

I will be keeping an eye on things from now on and won't bother really posting up a new thread until I get something that is interesting.


posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 08:23 PM
Are you looking for proof to share, or are you looking to do something about your friend?

If you are looking to do something about your friend, I'd appreciate a picture of your property, the area where she was seen, and the closet you are talking about, or any other location where this effect has been noticed. A map of your general location would also be helpful.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by SibylofErythrae

I don't think that it is neccasary to do anything about it. the neighbor and I agree that the feeling of someone around is absent for the time. And she wasn't really looking to "exercise" or anything.

Could you be more specific about how you can be of assistance? The thread has a pic of her closet but I could put a presentation together and U2U it to you. I believe the presence to be mostly kind at my place.

Anyway, thanks for asking.


posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by Mrgone

Sorry for bursting your bubble. I just thought you might like some insight from an actual paranormal investigator. You're vibration theory seems so much more plausible...or, perhaps your ghost only needs that door once every seventeen years.

Cheers. :/

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 12:06 AM

Originally posted by AFewGoodWomen
reply to post by Mrgone

Sorry for bursting your bubble. I just thought you might like some insight from an actual paranormal investigator. You're vibration theory seems so much more plausible...or, perhaps your ghost only needs that door once every seventeen years.

Cheers. :/

An actual paranormal investigator? Very impressive credentials there.

Cheers :/

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by Mrgone

People will offer all sorts of advice here but the best advice when dealing with spiritual matters is in the Bible (our spiritual guidebook and basic instructions before leaving earth manual).

Jesus cast many demons out of possessed people, do not be deceived into thinking he cannot stop these goings on in your home if you pray to him sincerely and ask for help.

Bottom line: Seek Jesus and these demons will not want to stick around. They literally fear his presence.

Start praying... If your not right with God now would be a good time to invite him into your life. Deliverance from evil spirits is an act of God. If you try to do it mans way you will just increase the problem.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. (Acts 16:31)

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)
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posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by RevelationGeneration

Thank you for your advice. Your sincerity is genuine and I appreciate that

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