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20 Posts & a Mouthful

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 01:23 PM
After four months I have finally reached enough posts to start my own thread, which will probably be my first and last. Things have happened to me over the past year that have been unexplainable and life changing. I feel like the Gray Area is the best place for me to post my outrageous claims/visions/whateveryouwanttocallthem, and I would enjoy feedback positive or negative. First I will give you a brief background of myself and then get lay out my claims and theories.

To the beginning, in 8th grade at the age of 14 you could say I was on the path for success. In the gifted program my whole life, excellent grades, a good group of friends I basically had everything I needed. Unfortunately my mom raised me a single parent and I did lack that male figure throughout those pre-teen/adolescent years, but at the time I didn't fully grasp why. I knew my father and he was very impactful on my life, but we just kind of lost touch. Besides the point, that becomes relevant later. Half way through eighth grade my mom settled down with my now step dad and we decided to move. I absolutely hated it and tried everything in my power to move back. From 8th grade through my sophomore year I tried my hardest to fail classes and stopped caring. [SNIP]and started hanging with a whole different crowd of people. Here is also when I get heavy into conspiracy theories and really becoming "anti-man." I learned of the 9/11 cover up and this sent me into a spiral of research. Junior year I got back in touch with my father and we began airsofting together. I learned how to operate weapons of all sorts, learned tactics, stealth and really enjoyed the sport. Stay with me it will all come together in the end. My dad was also into conspiracy theories etc, and we would talk about them for hours on end, to this day even. So I graduated high school and went off to college and started really dabbling in extracurricular activities. Through these experiences I broke down this matrix and I can say I almost fully understood their/whoever they are's agenda. Now to what I believe was my first, but certainly not my last extraterrestrial experience. It was one of the last days of the spring semester and all my friends and I were playing ultimate frisbee at a park near my school. We took a break and I was sitting on a park bench staring into the sky when I saw the weirdest "cloud" I have ever seen. It looked like a S-shaped string hovering in the sky and wasn't terribly big, but we paid it no mind. Within minutes however that would all change. The "cloud" began to grow larger and almost spiral and the air became very still and dark, almost as if a tornado was forming. This was impossible however because just minutes before it was easily 80+ degrees. The cloud got bigger and bigger and almost looked like a tunnel in the sky now, by now everyone at the park is staring at this thing and I felt the most malicious energy coming from this thing. Then a single what I can only describe as a fighter jet came streaking across the sky and flew directly through the cloud and within seconds the anomaly was gone and the sun came back out. The whole ordeal lasted maybe 2 minutes but it shook me to the core. It was the event that had me reading ATS everyday. Phew*

Now I will list a few more events that happened to me that I believe to be significant.

[SNIP]Every single song told me vivid stories and I was blown away at what I was hearing. One song told me of the origin of our species about we were created by scientists who got imprisoned for their doings. Another showed me of an alien war between some reptile looking creatures and aliens from above. All of this was very crazy at the time but I figured the drugs had my imagination running wild, until May when I saw a video that changed me completely. All those crazy thoughts I had were cemented by this man. I have now watched nearly all of his videos and believe in what he says 100% Feel free to check him out, indeed a wealth of knowledge.

*Every night I try and watch the stars for an hour or two and you would be amazed at what I see. For starters, once I was on the phone with my dad and I was outside for no particular reason and I decided to look up. Right by the big dipper a massive red glowing "star" was dropping from the sky and I quickly told my dad to look. He too saw it and then it simply phased out. It was so powerful it brought tears to my eyes. On another occasion I had my mother and younger brother outside with me and my little brother spotted a moving star. Not a shooting star, but a solitary moving star. It came from behind the moon and flew across the sky until I could no longer see it, minutes later another flew back in the opposite direction into the moon. I now see these moving stars all the time and they have a benevolent energy to them.

*Here's the kicker and how I learned how to break the matrix. I had the house to myself for the weekend and my friend and I sought on to learn the secrets of the universe. We met a nice lady named Lucy and a few of her friends and we had a wild night. Outside you could see a dome in the sky and I believe this to be the quarantine Ra talks about in his videos. There was also a field of some sort, a purple grid paper like field that was everywhere and on everything. It stopped abruptly however at nature. [SNIP] The man doesn't want us to be one with nature and vibrate on her level. We watched the sunrise the next morning and this left me speechless as well. As the sun rose it looked like a black hole, and what I could only describe as gears were coming in and out the sun and things were flying in and out.. We went to a high point up this small cliff face where the grid paper didnt touch us and we could clearly see the dome over my neighborhood.

Now me and my friend are currently prepping for a SHTF scenario so you can usually find my lurking in the survival section of the forums. I left out a large portion of details but f you wish to really discuss anything you can U2U me and we can talk more there

Sorry if things don't make sense, I'd be more than happy to clarify but it is hard to get my thoughts out on paper sometimes. Thanks for reading. 13love



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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:18 PM
You were mentioning a band... but it was never named... What band was it? And dude i been having weird wake up moments of clarity lately too... i mean i base my life around the possibilities of conspiracies so im awake to it all but i get it in a simple manner and how the intrtwine

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 10:57 AM
Sorry mods! And the name of the band or person is "Ben Frost" song labeled the Carpathians to be exact. That isn't a link referring to drugs though.

posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 04:46 PM
"discussing furtherance of financial schemes"

No talking about business then. That is such a general rule. There are too many damn rules on this site.


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