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DoD Reprograms $8B, Pakistan Closure Costs $2.1B

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 12:48 PM

DoD Reprograms $8B, Pakistan Closure Costs $2.1B

Pakistan’s refusal to let NATO access its ports and roads into Afghanistan has cost the U.S. Defense Department more than $2.1 billion in extra transportation costs to move supplies and equipment in and out of the country. The stunning revelation of the exorbitant cost comes as the Pentagon continues to negotiate with Islamabad to regain access to the supply routes.

Pakistan closed the ground route to NATO supplies after a U.S. airstrike mistakenly killed 24 of its soldiers last November. The only other access to land-locked Afghanistan is through the Northern Distribution Network, a series of roads through Russia and Central Asia.

Panetta told the Senate Appropriations Committee in mid-June that the closure of the Pakistani routes was costing the U.S. military about an extra $100 million per month. These new costs were disclosed in a Pentagon budget document — called the omnibus reprogramming request — sent to Congress on June 29. In the document, which is traditionally sent to lawmakers at the end of each June, DoD asks for permission to shift already appropriated money within its own accounts.

This is bad news for the military, and mostly the American Tax Payer, considering the Pentagon and defense contractors are fighting Capitol Hill against automatic budget cuts...

The Pentagon is working with defense industry CEOs to tell Congress it must take immediate action to avoid automatic budget cuts, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said during a June 29 briefing.
Sequestrian Budget Cuts

This is so out of control. Our defense budget is ridiculous! An $8 billion dollar defense budget failed to stop 20 hijackers with box cutters from attacking us....on our own soil nonetheless! We spend more on defense than most countries spend on their entire federal budget! Its insane! I say cut the hell out of it. Kick these dirt-bag CEO's out of Washington and start bringing our troops home. Although Washington has already set its sights on the Asia-Pacific so we'll dump more tax payer dollars there. Geez! How many wars do we want to fight? Salute to the good ole United Corporations of America!

Let's see...the Army wants $1.7 billion, the Air Force wants 369.2 million, and the Navy wants $790 million bucks! Holy cow! Wars are expensive, Mr. Panetta! Maybe we shouldn't be fighting so much?

DoD Reprograms $8 Billion!

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