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Thats Strange, For Two Weeks in a [Row] Toronto Experienced a Heat Wave

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by muzzy
I don't know how old you are but I lived in Mississauga and Toronto through the 1980's and we had many long periods in the Summer where the temperature was in the 30C's,and humid with it.
Sure get the extremes there -25C in the Winter when I was there too. Thats why Ieft.

Why are you talking in F?
Canada went metric in 1975

2.9C here where I live now, and frost on the ground.
"cause us Americans can't understand that celcius jibber jabber. They tried us on metric in the early 70s. When I was in elementary school they tried to teach it. That lasted about a month or so

Now I need two tool chests. one for metric and one for standard (yes to me it's standard not inches
) 10mm, 7/16' or 3/8" maybe 11mm Dammit! I've got to take 4 sockets with me to turn a bolt! At least I can still trust a claw hammer.

I rented a really nice Lincoln Mark ??? something or the other in Canada last year while on vacation with my family. I thought to myself "this is a smooth car I'm going a 100 and feel like I'm doing 50 or 60". "These Canadian drive like race car drivers, always passing and looking over at me like I'm driving to slow" then it dawned on me........."ah! stupid metric speedometer!
" "It's an American car why does'nt it have American numbers for crying out loud!."

I went to Niagra Falls. "Celcius, liters how many meters deep and wide!?!?" I didnt know how to think. I looked across to the other side "there is where my kind are......"Fare..n.high..t.. ah, however the frip it's spelled!! Inches and feet! My people! Oh how I long to be amond them with our yardsticks and 12 inch L.P. records"
Then I saw a fat kid throw his MacDonalds bag in the falls and It looked like someone else was getting robbed.

"Guess I'll stay over on the Canada side a little longer!"
Now about your two dollar coin.................

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 09:55 AM
Still a drought here in WI, in fact yesterday the governor declared a state of emergency. Around my neighborhood there were cancelled fireworks displays and others that were not cancelled started fires, like the Waukesha display which was stopped half way through. All the grass is just dry tan colored dust now and we are still hoping for rain.

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