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Navajo & Yee Naaldlooshii: A forbidden love...

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:24 AM
--- The Beginning

To start off – most of you will more than likely think I'm trolling, others will more than likely think I am a nut job. If whatever happened to me was either a figment of my imagination for overacting to my thinking or the fact this actually is going on in my life. Let it be known that I will keep myself anonymous, would rather not the world to know who I really am. But I am going to ask you a serious question: Have you ever fell so in love with someone that your life ceases to hold meaning? The fact that every thought even to this day, even if you have someone or not – your heart begins to fail, only to force yourself back to life with one glimmer of hope inside of you that in the end everything will be alright.

Not for me. The reason why I post this is now is due to the fact that for people who know me know my past and have helped me cope through it. The only reason why I write this now is to actually tell my story – because in a few months I will no longer have net access and it will probably be a long time before I can get myself back on my feet again, since I am writing this out of one final plea that is left inside of me said person, who will go unnamed – You must look deep within yourself to know the fact that I have always worn my heart on my sleeve for you and what I have for you is unconditional love.

The truth is, I never gave up on you...

You gave up on me... And I am honestly tired of hiding this inside of me.

Most of you will need to understand - that I used to be like some out there. I had never believed in the paranormal or super natural. Though, I did have an interest in it because it always gave me the 50/50 feeling of a “...What if?” in the back of my mind. I always taught to keep an open mind by my parents and that is one thing I will take to my grave and take no doubts to an out come that could possibly be true. I admit, I was a geek – the internet was my only way of socializing while having to deal with family issues, my friends where busy their lives, as we all are. It began eight months after my mother passed away due to terminal brain cancer. Sadden my family was, but also ripped apart due to such a loss – I had found myself in a long distance relationship. Her name started with a T; we had been together for five years and I was invited to spend Christmas and New Years with her family. It was 2004 getting ready to cross in to a new year.

The overall visit had been fine – and I so happened to of gotten along with her three brothers. Well, Christmas had came and gone and it was the 27th when it happened. Her two brother's wanted to show me something. Let it be kept in mind that I was in the city of Drums and the Hazleton, PA area. It was snowing out that morning, being woken up at 5am wasn't really cool in my opinion. At first I had thought I was in serious trouble because the two oldest brother's wanted to show me something. So my first mental reaction: Oh great... I'm gonna get my ass beat in. Well, we got in to the car and we traveled about 45 minutes outside of the area to place called Burwick, PA. It was here that I had been taken to a cemetery that did not have four points, instead it had three.

From what I had been told that occult activity had been conducted here years ago and that the cemetery was build 100 years ago. Well, of course you're probably going: Oh! Everything starts in cemeteries as the creep cliché... It wasn't the place that wasn't so important, instead they had taken me to an unmarked grave stone that was on a hill, behind it a trail Upon standing there, all three of us got silent. I remember it like it was only yesterday...

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:25 AM
Brother A: Hey, you want you told us you're into dark and creepy haunted places right?
Me: Yeah! I think this stuff is interesting but I don't really actually believe in it.
Brother A: Oh? An unnamed child lays in this grave.

It was then that the two had taken me back behind the path and we walked the trial for about twenty-five minutes. I was the notified that we had found ourselves at one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania and it was known as the Witch's/Devil's Triangle, a place so haunted that local law enforcement would tell locals and tourist not to even bother coming here at night because of how dangerous it is (apparently people had gone missing in these woods for a long period of time, I am assuming 100-200 years?) Now, what I am about to say will sound like something out of a non-fictiona novel or sounds like something from a movie – please, as I mentioned I am a serious schitsophrenic or this in fact happening.

Well, for starters I believe it was either done the 1692 – 1693 (The Salem Witch Trials) or in the 1878 known as the Witch Purge, but I am going to keep the group affiliated with this out of the circle due to respect. According to locals, the legend of the Devil's/Witch's triangle that three women had been hung in these woods by farmers, wrongfully convicted of witchcraft, it was said around their necks they had worn a triangle medallion to symbolize their coven and sisterhood. Well, upon me being told the story of these women I had been told something that didn't happen until many years later...

Brother B: Beware of the Wolf man...
Brother A: For he is a bad sign...

After they had told me that – I really didn't know what to expect, honestly figuring they had just been attempting to creep me out because I was, at the time dating their sister and they had probably never expected me to return. Well, I came home two weeks later to a location I am not going to discuss due to privacy reasons: I for one began to notice a strange notion of events take place. For starters when I came home, I felt like I was being watched 24/7 by something unseen, late at night I would feel old chills all over my body and my hair would began to stand up straight, it was during my sleep I would began to hear strange voices, like a thousand whispers going off at once, there had been so many it was impossible to understand them all. It was around this time that I began to notice my girlfriend's family at the time had began to act rather strange – always down her throat for no reason, constant negative family reactions – bitching, screaming. She used to sit there and tell me how her parents would force her pills down her throat, its not my fault she suffered from serious depression after her father shot her own dog for no reason.

Well, she began to complain to me about cuts, scrapes, scratches, bruises. At first I had simply thought
her parents had been neglecting/abusing her, but she constantly insisted that nothing like that was going on. She had simply told me, calmly that she was worried about these random markings would appear out of no where while she wasn't just asleep, but also awake. She would often tell me that she would wake up to seeing “Dark eyes” upon her. At first I am shaking my head, attempting not to believe in any of this. Just thinking that her two brother's had gotten to me and that she is just playing the part to scare me away more for a practical joke.

Well... A year went on, stranger things began to happen, I was now eight-teen and had slept down stairs and keep in mind that I normally sleep with a pillow over my face (when light instantly hits my eyes, I will acquire an instant headache when I first wake up in the morning.) Well, you know that wide awake, snappy feeling? Like as if you know for a fact that in your room that you truly aren't alone?

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:25 AM
Well, I lifted up my pillow and the entire basement had been pitch black, but looking above me I had seen this full blown levitating specter or apperition above me, her body face down towards mine – I could easily see her outline, her hair had went all the way down past her bottom half and she simply just wore a gown of white. All it or she did was stare at me – and at first I had thought it could have been the spirit of my mother, but the way she looked I knew for a fact it wasn't. The first words that uttered out of my mouth “Please, don't leave me.” and she faded away like a dimming light, until you could see the outline of her shadow vanish. Instantly, I fell back asleep (oddly.) The next morning I had shot up out of my bed and ran upstairs and told my father, he believed me.

Well, later that evening I finally was able to talk to T. (the girl I was with) and all seemed fine, it was great to see her happy that evening! Well – it was then she began to wince and scream in pain/agony and the scream she gave off, even to this day haunts me. You could actually hear her stumble and it took her a minute to respond to me and this is what transpired

Me: You're scaring me, are you all right? Babe... Tell me.
T.: Did you F***ing hear that?
Me: No, what? (at this point I am being skeptical, but at the same time shaking)
T.: I just heard something growl at me and I felt like something rammed its hand through my stomach.
Me: ...You're kidding me right? I think you're just imagining things...

All seemed fine after that, because I had assured her that she was just making things up. But it shocked me to find out that week later that her father and her got in to a fight and we had both lost our child due to her stress. It was then she slipped in to a major depression – over the fact that her dog died, that her father had to go off and do this, she began to accuse me how I was “Never” there for her, but in reality I was... The second year of my mother's death came, she dumped me. I was bedridden for weeks, to the point of puking up blood, being only 18 years old. I had became a fraction of the innocence I used to be, having to deal with the losses of that and having to lose it all – my mother, a child, my fiance at the time. It was then one night I had stumbled out of my bed, getting on to my knees and screaming out to God for the first time in my life.

I had shouted: I don't want to feel this anymore!

– The Change

Instantly, a flash ball of light, a sphere entered through the far end of my basement and it came towards me. The light came to me in a zig-zag motion and kept disappearing. When it finally went through my body, I had been taken to my knees and had fallen back: instantly I had felt no pain, the tears stopped but at the same time I felt very different, like something was taken from me or sealed off. It was then that all around my house seemed calm, I had felt free. But it wasn't over...

– The Meeting

Strange things began to happen around my house, the whispers started to happen again. This time I was able to hear a female voice call out for me. Lights began to flicker, TV's would oddly be shut off, phone calls would be interupted (Due to either the phone carrier, or another unknown explaination?, things would be moved down stairs, foot steps could be heard, banging on the walls, ceiling, things would go missing and appear else where. An example of this is when my cousin had lived with us and we could not find the flash light, only to find it on the floor around the kitchen table with it oddly turned on. It was at this point that I had gotten so fed up with things that I decided to be a friend who proclaimed himself to be a Wiccan and a Native American “Demon Hunter”,

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:26 AM
Having told him my story from thus far as you have currently read – he took out his grandfather's staff and made me place my forehead on to it, explaining to me a vision would be granted and that when I come through I must tell him what I had seen. In this vision I had found myself in a cathedral, before me stood this humanoid dragon like creature, its flesh blue and its eyes, mouth and snout had burned that for fire and in its hands it wielded a spear. The version would then flash like this this

Blonde Hair/Blue Eyed female
Blonde Hair/Blue Eyed Female
Blonde Hair/Blue Eyed Female
Black Hair/Dark Eyed Female
And I came through... I had explained to him what I saw.

Friend A: You need to find this person or you already have.

It was this point he wouldn't say anymore, the only thing he had told me is that my “Destiny” had been uncertain. The strange part is, two months later after this “ritualistic” event I had oddly found myself with a blonde hair, blue eyed girl. We had only been together for about five months – it was around this time that she began to discuss her interest in the paranormal. She would explain to me how she would want to summon demons to use them for power, in order to gain what she wanted. From my personal opinion, I was skeptical but also had explained her not to toy around with that sort of thing, nor less wish upon it. She asked me about my personal experienced and I had began to explain to her about my story up in PA.

It was oddly strange that after I had told her this story: her family began to act very negative towards her. Her mother began to develop strange mental issues, and the girl I was with would complain about nightmares, cuts, scrapes, scratches, bruises. All the negative influence was being thrown on to her and she had done nothing. Straight A student, awesome goals and parents. It was then that she oddly told me two things within 48 hours

Day 1: The Spirit of a Native American boy has followed you home, you remind him of his father
Day 2: The Mother is with you.

After that, I never saw her again. She basically dumped me, dropped all contact – woe I hate the quest for love. But I couldn't really understand as to why, because I for one and others know that I am not abusive person and that in person I am known for being a very compassionate, loving and supportive person.

At the age of 19 I had found myself with a new woman, very sheltered and her name will go unknown as well as the others. She was the typical goth chick, free-spirited – even to this day I have to respect how she lives her life and not to mention I am proud of her new blessing with her and her fiance.
When we had been together, she had been living with a Pagan friend of hers, that she worked with (I assume was her manager.) Well, this “Manager” she lived with had claimed to be a high priestess. Upon me vising her house one evening for Halloween – things weren't the same. Her manager would call me asking what I had brought into her house, that it would simply not “Go” away and that the girl was oddly freaking out. Strange part is, at this point I had forgotten all about it – I was trying to be a normal 20 year old, get back in to college, have fun and pursue my life goals. It was then I had taken notice that her room mate would explain to me that she would wake up with odd cuts, scrapes, scratches and bruises on her body. At first they believed me! I was shocked at the astronished anger they had been giving me – but they had found it odd that she would grasp at her throat and fall down to the ground like as if something unseen was choking her. I didn't find out until many years later that she had told a friend, that she had claimed to have seen a woman jump on top of her and began to choke her.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:27 AM
This girl had told me something stranger: A woman with mutlicolored hair is about to enter your life, her dark eyes being twin to yours, she wears glasses and plays bass. I was stunned at this, because, at this point I am starting to think: What the heck is going on? This can't be right – everyone is just messing with my head for laughs. It was at this point I had forgotten about it and simply went on with my life. I figured – I'm just going to escape this, I even went to see therapist because of this and assumed that I was a crazy!


------ The Demonic Equinox

Lunar Eclipse 1 -

This was the first Lunar Eclipse that took place. Considered one of the most longest and deepest Lunar Eclipses of its time. Around where I live at the time, the snow began to set in, as it seemed winter came to my location early. It was here that night my left hand began to burn, on it I had noticed dots began to form on it. But I quickly dismissed it as just cold weather irritation to my skin.

Lunar Eclipse 2 -

The second eclipse didn't take place until 12/20/2007 – the first Lunar Eclipse that befall the Winter Solstice. This rarely happens, the last time it took place was in 1638 – so 400 years later this eclipse came and that moon that night was scary as hell. Because not only was a it a full moon, but the crimson red on it had a very creepy vibe about it. It was that night I began my left hand burn yet again and upon doing so – I had felt this BURNING like as if my hand was being driven in to the flames of hell itself. It was then I quickly took off to my friends house.

I began to notice the red dots form and form more until it took the shape of an inverted pentagram the more he Lunar Eclipse came in to view. It was then I had gotten to my friends house worried, his sister is a wiccan. It was then they had both seen my hand and his sister freaked out, with no idea as to what it could of meant. It was then he looked at my palm closely and said “You might be meeting your soul mate soon.”

Well, it around this time my father began to get very sick. It soon that he passed away due to his illness, the night after he died, it was way past march and I was now 21. The night after my father passed away I had wittnessed a blood moon. Either it was that or an eclipse that didn't really seem to get much attention, but a third? It was this night I had asked out loud to something of the unknown, who I considered “god”, which in reality I did believe in. I got so sick and tired of losing my parents, my family, tired of how oddly things kept happening to me and I said: God, please let me find someone like me – my true mate and love. And after that night... I will never forget the events that are about to transpire for the next five years.

It was then I had met her, for I will not speak her true name because of lore reasons and honestly it is very forbidden me to talk about this. The only reason why I am writing out my tale is due to a serious heart break. We had been very insepertable, doctors claimed that she had me 98% cured just by her being around me. We had been very close, very much in love. She had been a very, very, VERY beautiful navajo woman.

The first thing I need to mention is that we have the same eyes to the point where it is impossible – that was the first thing I had noticed. When I had explained to her the sitatuion before the events of us meeting she had told me the following – the same day and night she had told me about the “Bloo Moon” and how she called upon someone and that she had told me...

“You called upon me.”, it was then she had been telling me strange things, the oddest things – at first my meter was going off and in the back of my mind I had felt like I had discovered a true witch. She would tell me the most strangest things in mere hints.

Hint 1: I prefer being up at night, I feel more alive, ya know?
Hint 2: I prefer to walk around naked...

She also had a very strange sexual appeal and odd sense of a dominating personality, in which I will not go into details. She would tell me how she would have claimed to “see” things before they happened and that her father had visions.

Hint 3: The people around here don't like my father, he is an ex-medicine man.

Hint 4: She claimed to believe in “God”, but at times told me she didn't believe in “god” and used the 3 fold rule...


Hold on here – how can a reservation not like their own medicine man due to culture reasons? Was there more to it than this? How come to the more I found it strange – she had told me oddest of hints, especially when we had began speaking of marriage...

Hint 5: I can't marry you, I'm Navajo!
Hint 6: Our child will be very special and won't be like normal children...
Hint 7: She oddly knew what I was always doing, where I was, who I wa with with no way of knowing

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:28 AM
Hint 9: Always knew the day before that something “bad” was going to happen and checked up on me.

It was then our 1 year annaversy – all seemed fine and I had given her three items of mine, one of which was a CD with a song on that I had written for her. The other two items had been a shirt and and an old spiked collar (Yeah, I used to be a “goth” kid back in high school, sue me.) It was then after that a week later we had been on the phone and her sister's had been shouting that her father had a vision. It was then at this point that set backs began to happen and the oddest of things would happen... It all happened during practice to me. The guitar I had used to write her that song had been smashed by a friend of mine, which later I got so depressed about because it really did hold true sentimental value. It was then I had gotten a txt msg from her sister, who had gotten into a conversation with me about how much she spoke of me, how much she “cared” for me, and what I wanted to do with my life. I had explained to her sister that I wanted to get into psychology/law and of course a master's in music so I could teach schools. The response she gave me was very unwanted and it made me think I was being used for what I was doing...

“All she wants is a band boy, nothing more.”, with my guitar smashed, this statement echoed in the back of my head so I had asked her for assurance, that if she truly did love me. It was then she got angry at me... It was then that I come to find out that the poem was written to Germz, who which she hung out with that night, after “Pissing” her off due to my wanting of assurance – it was the first poem I had ever seen her write, which was directly written towards me and her, accordingly, she had stated that she and Germz are best friends and that this song was born...

October then came that year and I had promised myself deep inside that I – vowed never to get her involved with what happened in my past. I had never told her anything of my experiences, nor less what I've been through besides my family past. I really didn't want her to know I was a denounced Christian because of the fact I stopped believing in God after my mother died, but I didn't actually practice anything. I was just honestly an athesist, but didn't get in to satanism because of the fact that it didn't really “Seem” all that there for me, so I decided to do what I normally do: Survive, life life and have fun. So I had began to speak to her about my experiences... It was there she had cut me off.

Her: Have you ever heard of a Skinwalker?
Me: Huh? What is that?
Her: Uh * sutter *
Her: I can read minds...
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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:29 AM
At this point I was very skeptical, it's October, Halloween is coming around and of course everyone loves to get in the mood for Halloween! Well, almost everyone. She got very quiet for a good five minutes over the phone and began to whence in pain and scream as if she was being tortured by the Spanish inquisition. It was at this point I had kept asking her – if she had been ok, was something wrong? I told her that she was scaring me and that she needed to stop, but deep in my mind I am thinking I am seriously being screwed with. It was then I made first contact with whatever it was that only two things I can think of

Hint 10: She claimed to have been born with blonde hair and that things happened during her birth

A. I assume she had this already inside of her


C. It was taken from me because...

Hint 11: She claimed to be a “Healer”

It had taunted me, told me that it “was hers” now, that I could not help her and that if I even so attempted to attack it/help her that it would kill her. It told me that there was nothing I could do and I had explained to it that it had no idea who it was screwing with (referring to me and her.) I even demanded it names and all it did was laugh at me. Jesus, God? Whatever? NOTHING worked. After an hour of pleading, screaming, attempting not to have my will broken that she finally came through and this is what took place..

Her: So do you know what a Skinwa--...
Me: Uhh, do you even remember what happened?
Her: No what? I was sitting here talking to you reading this book.
Me: Do you even know how much time has passed? It's been nearly two hours since you said that.
Her: What do you mean?
Me: Look at the phone (her name) and tell me I am not making this up.
Her: Stop you're scaring me.

It was then she began to avoid what was going on. It was from this point on that I had began to find myself in a never ending struggle because it was then at the point of our down fall. She began to act strangely towards me, calling me for no reason – screaming at me horrible things, then our phones would oddly go out, no dial tone, nothing. I would call her back asking what her problem was – and she was oddly wondering why I was having some strange attitude. I also had found the fact she began to act more sexual than noted, and sometimes during our “Time” together, she would oddly go in to these trances that forced me to stop all love making with her. She would go in to these trances like I was “raping” her, which in reality, I wasn't. I kept asking if she was okay and if there was anything I could do. If I denied her sex, she would get angry at me. Oddly enough she kept mentioning “Children” to me.

It was then she got very ill... I had called her quite frequently to check up on her and was even gonna do the ol' cliché make her grilled cheese 'n soup to make her feel better. It was during this time that we began to have even more serious fighting, she began accusing me of cheating, screaming at me about things that I didn't do, such as ignoring her phone calls, ignoring our “time” together, when I've been sitting there the entire time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. She kept telling me how she didn't “love” me and how much of an “A hole” I was to her. Which was stranger? It was then it came out to me again...

It: Give me a child
Me: No.
It: Give me a child or she dies.
Me: No, I refuse and would gladly sacrifice myself for them.
It: Haha, you pathetic fool you are not worthy, she doesn't love you
Me: She loves me more than you'll know
It: Then she dies.
Me: No! Please, I will gladly give you our first born child. Just please, leave us alone! PLEASE.

It was then it faded, she came through and she realized I was really depressed and asked what I had done. I had explained to her...

Her: If I was there (my name) right now I would seriously punch you.
Me: Do it, you know what will happen
Her: Oh? Or what?
Me: Nothing, because you know I will NEVER hurt you.
Her: I know.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:30 AM
Me: I will do whatever it takes, either if I put my ass out on the line for you in order to set you free and save our child.
Her: You Promise?
Me: I promise.

It was that week that things took the turn for the worst. I could see it all slipping away, our relationship was being destroyed by something unseen, but at the same time was it? I had woken up one morning, and it was the worst morning of my life... Spring was about to hit, so weather was basically warming up and I had just got an odd phone call from her at that time. She was screaming at me horrible things, such things that it had me broken to my knees. I admit, I am bipolar and suffer from serious depression and at this time my medicine wasn't even kicked in yet. It was like this woman or whatever it was knew HOW to attack me mentally. It called me curse words, it told me she was cheating on me, that she didn't “Love” me.

It was then I had said to her “Please, I really need you right now (her name), please don't do this; just who the HELL are you?

That is when I heard that laugh again, that her voice changed...

It: She doesn't love you...
It: She hates you...
It: She's cheating on you
It: Give me a child

I firmly stood my ground and remembered all that I had learned from experiences and denied it. It was at that instant it said the worse low blow in the history of be even being born.

It: Very well, I will find her another!

Oddly our phones blew out again, no dial tone. For fourty five minutes I sat at my bed side, thinking of all that happened and instantly I just knew I was being screwed with, that this wasn't nothing more than a mental mind toy being jabbed in to my head to toy with me so someone could get their laughs off. I had called her back screaming at her in a way that I had never done towards anyone in my life... It was like she had no idea what happened...

Her: (My name) what's going on?
Her: (My name) STOP what's going on, what happened?
Her: STOP you're scaring me, what happened whats wrong?
And when she had thought one simple sentence would make me forget it all and snap out of it
Her: (My name) I love you...
...I made the worst mistake of my life

It was at that point I had broken her mentally, she lost all hope in me and I knew at that moment I had lost the woman I loved very much. She hung up on me and I sat there with the oddest feeling in the pit of my stomach that this wasn't my fault, that something strange was going on. I didn't speak with her for another week. It was then one night she had called me and said on to me...

Her: After tonight, I will NEVER remember you.
Me: Wait, don't, I told you this wasn't my fault, something happened (Her name) I can't explain!
Her: It doesn't matter, I'm sorry I wanted to tell you but it hurt me so bad not to. (My name).
She oddly felt very confident in my guitar and musicianship skills
Her: You will get famous, but I am not the one you're suppose to be with: her name starts with a J and will be a VERY Important person in your life.

After that, she started speaking some strange lagauge, like her native Navajo toungue. At the end of the ritual. It was after that I had been left forgotten.

Hint 11: She will overly get aggressive and state she doesn't perform “rituals”, like she was accused of something.

Then a year later – I acquire a strange silver triangle medallion in my guitar box. It made me think back to the story that I was told when I was seventeen by the two brothers. I had never told her this story... It was then five months after that my friend who is like a sister to me, who's name starts with a J appears on my door step. With her, she brings a man who proclaims to be a “Lycanthrope”, it was then I remembered the quotation “Beware of the Wolf man for he is a bad sign.”

...To be continued. :/ This is true. This isn't for lulz...

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:38 AM
Pics or it didn't happen

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:38 AM
Hi and welcome to ATS.
That is one hell of an introduction, but I think it belongs in the short story section.
Enjoy your stay and I look forward to reading more of your story.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by nolabel

That was an introduction ???

I thought it was a goodbye? When he said he wouldn't have net access or something I dunno it was on page 2378, btw that is a very long story!!! S@F

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 09:36 AM
Thank you. No, I've been holding this back for years, these are actual true events that had taken place for me and are still going on to this day. This isn't some deranged work of fiction. I am simply seeking one's opinion, suggestion, skeptism...etc.

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