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Obamacare And SCOTUS Decision, Political Madness Indeed.

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 05:33 AM

So since the SCOTUS decision I've been thinking about the points to take away from this and digging further into what Obamacare really 'is', when you get past the touchy feely "it's gonna save us all" rhetoric. Usually the facts are daunting than the propaganda.

I would like to refer to some cursor facts gathered by a poster at Fire Dog Lake (Liberal website..wink) by a poster who sourced her findings. It's titled "Obamacare Fact Sheet". Rather than report the data, you can read the link:

On a more personal note I see some CHEERING this decision, for what may I ask?

From where I sit I see the following:

1) Insurance companies benefit as much if not more from Obamacare.

2) If it was a 'tax' all along, why not just do Universal Healthcare?

3) The new word for "Penalty" is "Tax".

which brings me to number

4) If this 'tax' is aimed at those who cannot afford to pay for insurance, and decide they don't want a PRODUCT, then is it not discriminatory? What do we call it when a tax is imposed on a real or perceived CLASS of people?


Because let's be honest. Those with steady coverage or large sums of money need not worry about Obamacare at all, as they will not need to participate or abstain, they're covered.

5) What precedent has SCOTUS just opened by interpreting that a PENALTY for denial of a service or PRODUCT is a 'tax'? I.E. SCOTUS, which works on precedent just opened the door for the slimy types who needed that door opened. Powers of the Judicial Branch just tipped the hat to the Legislative Branch, which can tip their hat to the Executive. Awesome?

6) According to Obamacare, you cannot be jailed or penalized for refusal to cooperate. Yet by 2016 the fines for this vary from singles to families, and some 'taxes' (penalties) can run in the few thousands. What's worse. a few days in jail or your wages being garnished in a RECESSION (read Depression)???

This will backfire and there is no seen road to Single Payer/ Universal Healthcare. And there is no road for cheaper Healthcare from Private companies on the horizon.

SO, we are stuck with Obamacare, and now we have an added "TAX" (well some of us), added debt to the already outstanding trillions, and no way back.
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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by PaxVeritas

From where I sit I see the following:

1) Insurance companies benefit as much if not more from Obamacare.

Focusing on the insurance companies only.....

They are all under that new 80% - 85% rule already in effect.
(the larger the company, the higher the percentage is)

That means 80-85% of health care premiums must be spent for actual health care, or returned as rebates to patients or employers paying the insurance.

I would say that the larger companies will easily sustain this rule.
(I believe they had lobbyists hard at work during the writing of the PPACA)

The smaller companies won't.

Now we get "consolidation" as the larger companies take over the smaller companies, or the larger companies sell more policies as the smaller companies go out of business. Either way, the larger companies get bigger.

This scenario is similar to the big banks "eliminating" the small banks.

At the same time as this happens, we also see less "resistance" from the insurance companies to healthcare cost increases from the "providers".

The costs go up for actual service and the insurance companies complain less because they must spend the money anyway, and as soon as that 80% - 85% margin is breached, they simply raise the rates to maintain profits.

Insurance is a pyramid scheme.

The ones getting super rich from this is the health provider companies. Most of them are large corporations.

ObamaCare (a.k.a. PPACA) has no provisions for price controls of service (I think).

The very largest insurance companies will be the survivors.

The very largest providers will be the survivors.

Most small companies will be bankrupt.

I call it Marxist / Corporatist.

Looking at "Who Pays"...........

The "taxpayers" do:

a) directly through the "exchanges".

b) semi-directly through your employer.

c) indirectly through the penalty for not having insurance.

The "taxpayers" not only pay for the "collectivism" of healthcare among themselves, the "taxpayers" also fund the non-taxpayers through Medicaid etc.

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