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Lost story of alien tomb

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 02:41 AM
I was once thrown in jail (for false accusation / ignorant Portland cops, after I called them) and came across this book while I was in there;

A story about a man who was ill, feverish cold, immune system running high.
It was his turn to watch the entry to a tomb. This particular tomb was an alien tomb but to the general public, it's where 3 priests are buried in the side of a mountain.
The man's shift was in the middle of the night.
Well that night, some type of moon alignment or full moon was taking place. He felt the urge to enter the tomb, and when he did everything was not like the normal limestone walls and such as always, but completely blue crystal.
He wandered in and saw one or more of the priests rise up out of his coffin and speak or something.
I think the priests had elongated skulls btw.
In any case, the man was scared white and ran out of the cave. There may have been more to it... the scale was all wrong, he said the crystal tomb was either much larger or much smaller and swears it was not a dream.
Nobody would believe him the next morning. He was a young fellow, maybe a kid, not sure how old though.

So does this story sound familiar to anyone? It's supposed to be a real place somewhere and I'd like to visit there.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 03:47 AM
Do you remember the name of this book?

It sounds like an interesting read.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 06:06 AM
reply to post by mikefromspace

Hallucinations, lucid dreams caused by high fever? Or just another fantastical story because you have to admit , planetary alignments waking ancient aliens is a bit corny.

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