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Let's make Obama Care fair

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 02:17 AM
First off I hate Obama Care, but the argument I am about to make is somewhat in favor of it or at least a form of it that is not the horrible law that was passed.

There could be a way to make it so you are not forced to buy insurance or pay the tax/penalty for not buying insurance. If you buy insurance you will have a card ie form of proof of coverage. If you pay the penalty, then essentially you will be on the public option and this should also come with some proof of coverage. If you did neither, then you will have no proof of coverage and when you show up at the ER you should be forced to pay up front or if you refuse to do that, then you should be left to bleed out in the parking lot. They could even have a bin in front of the hospital for all of the dead beats that don't want to pay. It will not be for the homeless and poor. They will be covered due to the fact that they met the income requirements to be covered. It will be filled with middle class people who could have afforded to buy insurance or pay the penalty but chose not to and, then sealed their fate by showing up at the ER without any cash.

I truly think that is fair.

None of the law applies to me, so I have not delved too deeply into the matter. So forgive any logical errors and correct them if you can.

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