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chilled out

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 12:16 AM
(If you aren't a Heep fan you can skip to 7:45)

A lone wolf howled at a cloud-banked moon, long... slow ... mournful. The covering darkness drew an eerie silence. The calm before the storm.

Suddenly it was just there... a vortex of wind and light that caught him up and carried him aloft only to drop him back down again. As he looked up the light became dimmer with the distance until no light was left, the final pinprick vanishing with hope... but still he dropped. Deeper and deeper into a dark abyss that was gradually filling with more and more voices... voices of anguish and despair.... louder and louder until it was a deafening roar.

He wasn't worried about falling so much as he was about impacting the bottom. Before he knew it he was just there, no impact, but a cacophony of misery that haunted the soul rang out from innumerable voices all wailing endlessly and feeding each others anguish.

The chorus of madness was drawing him in, the darkness magnifying the feeling of gloom,... he yelled "silence!" and all went quiet.

A voice hissed in the distance "you do not know your place" and while quietly uttered those within earshot whimpered out fearfully that caused a wave of whimpering as it spread outwards.

"Show yourself demon" he said as the mob began to clamor in apprehension.

"Silence!" he commanded again and all went into shocked but quiet disbelief.

A pair of red eyes became seen, and as they approached like a floating mist shrieks and screams could be heard as kicks were thrown at all in its path.

"You dare to call me forth! Your insolence is your undoing for it was my hound that beckoned you."

"Yes, I heard the hound of hell and am here but not for your pleasure,... but for your end." As the eyes drew nearer the shape of a gargoyle became more and more visible.

"My end?" A rumbling laugh shook the air and made the mob retreat in fear.

"You have no powers here for as soon as you lash out you become one of them." A self assured smile crept up on the features of the demons face as its arms swept out to encompass the mob.

"I have powers you could never comprehend evil one for I am an impenetrable fortress of love and there is nothing you can do to me."

The gargoyles tail swished angrily as its heart rate increased with rage. "Be that as it may, my minions are beyond your reach as am I and this is my domain. Of what battle can you wage when I hold all in my hands? "

"No, you can't be touched, nor shall your followers be taken, but you do not recognize me." A look of regret passed across his face as he glanced around at the untold numbers of eyes that reflected the demons red eyes.

"It matters not who you are, you are still without power to harm otherwise you become like them" as he swept his arms again in an all encompassing gesture.

"It matters greatly for while you have reigned in terror and bloodshed and all your minions chose to be here with you than to love others, I am come to end it all for it is I who have the power to stop time."

"When hell freezes over!" were the last words ever uttered in that dark place as it was sealed with a kiss.

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