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The Trap : Forced Labor Gangs

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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 11:40 AM
In light of this morning's victory for the Federal Government and the will of the elite over the will of the people. I want to remind everyone applauding this that:

a) The Federal Government and its owners do not care about you. The more people left uneducated, unhealthy, and in poverty the better. A nation of critical thinking, healthy, and independent people in dangerous. Competition is a sin to them.

b) This opens the door for all kinds of 'save the children', 'we care about you' taxes.

c) Taxes causes poverty and limit choice.

d) They don't need your taxes to pay for universal healthcare - the taxes won't be used for that. They'll invent money to pay for substandard health care but use the lion share of it to kill people. They spend $1,500,000,000,000 more per year than they take in in taxes and we're in decline now without the taxes.

e) I look around right now in most of the country side and see 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 people living in poverty with no possibilities. The number of independent businesses is in decline. The poverty rate is increasing. Vast swaths of the United States are in decline.

The inevitable solution for a nation of people in debt, unable to feed themselves, unable to provide the basic necessities for themselves, and rely on a government that itself is bankrupt is forced labor gangs and camps.

The idea is already being floated around as the taxes increase and the entitlements increase. Why pay for people that refuse to work so force them to work for their benefits.

There is precedence for this around the world. They are impoverishing the people through globalization and taxes to build a massive lower-class and will then turn around and demand servitude/labor for continued support. It WILL happen. Last year in Hungary, the government touted the 100,000 new jobs they would create by forcing Gypsies and welfare recipients to work in labor gangs managed by militia.

This story plays out again and again and its just a natural leap in logic -> we don't have the money or will to pay for people to sit around, we don't have the economy and jobs for them to work, and people are basically just intelligent animals capable of serving us so lets force them to serve us under penalty of starvation.

Again - I'm aiming this at all of your do-gooders that have been touting this law and the idea of liberal economics to save the poor. You aren't saving the poor - you are creating the poor and then you'll obliterate the human spirit all together.


If Congress can reach out and command
even those furthest removed from an interstate market to
participate in the market, then the Commerce Clause
becomes a font of unlimited power, or in Hamilton’s words,
“the hideous monster whose devouring jaws . . . spare
neither sex nor age, nor high nor low, nor sacred nor profane.” The Federalist No. 33, p. 202 (C. Rossiter ed. 1961).


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