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Baltic Sea USO: 3D Sonar reveals perfectly straight lines and angles embedded into the structure

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by MartyMan

I'm sorry, but giving interviews does not count toward college credit. This is the internet, hence you claiming you know one of the people on board can certainly not be verified unless you're willing to give names/proof. Since this project hasn't caused government scrutiny, there's no reason to think anyone involved is in any danger, and you should reveal all the details about this person and the team, including advanced degrees or certifications they have achieved that enable them to speak with authority on a topic like this. I got my scuba certification a couple of weeks before a vacation and can operate a fish finder. Is your friend more qualified than me? Scientific proof will always outweigh amateur conjecture.

And just tit for tat, you shouldn't believe anything I say on face either. Which is why I try to source as many things as possible. In example, here's a Popular Mechanics story that calls into question their methodology:
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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by jcolsto

I guess some people stilla haven´t realized there is a much, much higher science hidden from the public eye. Of course this is nothing new in gvmt circles and aliens have been here for a long time. It is the same thing with the third eye, supernormal abilities, Gods and demons in other dimensions. Everyone must enlighten by himself and there can not be public proof since then this dimension of illusion would be meaningless to position people according to their deeds.

In this UFO case it sems obvious they found something but in any case there will always be hardcore sceptics who have absolute faith in our public onedimensional science. That is normal since there must always be balance between different kinds of people.

Basically, since we are at 2012 it does not really matter if they find something down there now. Other things with much, much bigger impact will soon take up people´s attention. This is the endtimes, remember.

/Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good, Falun Dafa is good

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 01:58 AM
So.... Who else can't wait to say "Yeah! In yo face!!!" To all the skeptics with their condescending ridicule tactics who put a million
's after their comment? The polite, civil skeptics I have no problem with

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by Gaussq

You're speaking in terms of mysticism and religion now, which cannot be debated. If you want to believe that there is a higher scientific understanding that only a few elites have, and if you want to believe that without any evidence, that's surely your right. At this point, we've reached an impasse.

I'd love to be proven wrong (if I weren't interested in these topics I wouldn't frequent this board), but considering public statements by verifiable experts, by the team itself saying it's a natural phenomenon, the reluctance of anyone else in the world to be willing to examine the structure or verify what this team is saying, combined with the request for financial assistance and the original intent of the crew (treasure hunting), I can't make that leap. If you can, more power to you. Have a good night.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 02:28 AM
I'd really like to believe that it's a UFO. If these reports are true, I would say it's a good possibility. Don't forget the second anomaly that was found.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 03:06 AM
It's a giant cork! Don't pull it or the ocean will go down the drain! lol
Seriously though...the divers said its texture was that of "concrete". That's strange. If it wasn't I'd say it was a unique rock formation. Also, divers described a black powder substance which was "seeping" from the cracks of the structure(maybe volcanic material?). At this point, I don't know what to think. I still think the cork idea is cool to ponder.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by 3n19m470

When you don´t have any problem with any kinds of people no matter how badly they behave, that is when you passed a major test as a human being I guess. At that point your tolerance would have reached another dimension.

As I understand it at my level all people have a true, good side with white stuff in another dimension and a bad, karmic side with black stuff. Bad people are dominated by their karmic side and that is because they have alot of black stuff in another dimension. When we realize that this dimension must contain all kinds of people from the worst to the best and that it is all normal, at that point our tolerance will increase and the bad side will be restrained since we won´t be upset with any kinds of people.

Different people, different fates.. Just my two cents.. And btw, I recommend everyone to read the book Zhuan Falun to understand what human life is all about, it is free to download.

/Falun Dafa is good

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 04:03 AM
Some more idle speculation: Could this anomaly be an outcrop or spewage of magma from under the ocean bed? The funnel and cap shape suggests this to me. As there are so many threads on this, forgive me if this has already been suggested.

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 04:12 AM

Originally posted by Gaussq...aliens have been here for a long time....the third eye, supernormal abilities, Gods and demons in other dimensions...2012...This is the endtimes, remember.

I agree that these things (plus UFOs - well, alien ones, anyway) all belong together in one set. However, where we don't agree is that this set they belong to corresponds to reality.

It would be really intriguing if this thing were to turn out to be a UFO, a super secret doorway to the Shining One's lair or whatnot. But it's a rock, and the Swedish equivalent of the Sham-wow guy.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 04:18 AM

Originally posted by MrJohnSmith
reply to post by Arken

With respect, I would like to stick with my original thought, when this unusual geological feature first made the news.

It is a geological feature, albeit an unusual one, the like of which may never have seen before, it may even be unique...

I'm sure the truth will come out eventually, and prove to be somewhat less fascinating than the hype....

It could be, no one is arguing about that, it's just some of the accusations against the expedition team of a hoax are rather outlandish. They've never stated taht they've found a ufo or anything, they simply don't know what it is.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by jcolsto

If there was public proof of aliens and a higher science, how could the gvmt explain that? Would it not be an extreme situation if they admitted that they cooperated with aliens for many decades without informing the masses? Would it not disturb our human society severely? If a UFO shows up and then escapes the next moment into another dimension, is that an easy thing to handle for this materialistic society?

Then people would really know there are many things hidden from their flesh eyes, things they never ponder about now since they rely on a onedimensional experimental science, the evolution theory and atheism. Actually, all this will stay hidden until the very end when everything will be revealed. So we should just follow the natural and not try to care much about things beyond our control and the human society is really beyond our control.

I´d say that public proof of aliens, UFOs, supernormal powers, Gods, Demons etc would all undermine the illusion people live in now. Didn´t all prophecies say Gods will be visible at the very end at Judgment? At that moment it is too late to change our minds and start respecting Gods if we didn´t before. So human life is a big test to see who can enlighten to truth and be clearheaded.

There is an old saying: "Only dead fish follow the stream"... It has a very deep meaning to me.

I believe the significance of the Schrodinger Cat is underestimated. In my humble opinion it supports old times faith in destiny since all events a human being will encounter already happened to his bodies in all the higher dimensions which are ahead of us in time. So people are just being taken for a walk in the park during their lifetime as a human being, unable to change any major event, it is all predestined and already happened to their bodies in those dimension that are ahead of us.

People can only handle their suffering well or badly here. In my opinion this is why religion promotes detachment from worldly events since then you avoid to make new karma(black stuff). So religion is also a form of higher science, completely hidden from modern man or most of the clergy..

And now Falun Dafa has arrived with the highest law(Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance) of the Universe being the holy grail that ancient people were searching.

Just my two cents, no truth can be offered from me.

/Falun Dafa is good

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 04:44 AM
Some closeup pictures of the anomaly and a few interesting theories in this video:

(please forgive if this is a repost, I looked around but didn't find this video.)

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by FOXMULDER147
I'm very suspicious about this whole thing, and about the "Ocean X" team.

Can't place my finger on it yet though...

I think it's how much their logo looks like the X-Files logo... that and the 'tune in next week' attitude that cause me to be sceptical.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by Nightchild

This picture is a great depiction of the scene thats most likely being played out down there! But it begs the simple questions: 'Why cant this company just take a sample of the structure and have it analysed? Is it a foreign material? how old? Chemical makeup? surely this would appease peoples curiosity in the meantime?

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by Bedlam

Maybe. Maybe we're the first. Until you have more than one data point it's not possible to say.

I agree, we could be the first but hard to believe with such a vast universe. But a possibility. Personally I dont think we humans are that special.

300 feet's a technical dive. If you have a 1 atmosphere suit, you can do it all day long, but it's tough to move around in one and they're expensive as hell, also takes a lot of maintenance. You can also do that one in "moon suits", the sort where you're supplied by air from the surface. Also tough to move around. If you wanted to crawl all over it with some degree of freedom, the best way to do it is with trimix using a CCR. This lets you spend a relative lot of time on site, but at that depth will wear you out due to temperature and breathing mix density at depth. You also have a relative lot of compression chamber time since trimix has nitrogen in it. It's going to be somewhat expensive any way you go at it. 300 feet is a pretty deep dive, one for which you will have to pay well for equipment and divers. I've been to 180+ feet on straight air on what was essentially a bounce dive a couple of times, deeper on mixed gas and trimix. I think the deepest I ever went on a task dive was something like 250 feet on trimix with a CCR, but I did a LOT of line time on the way back up. It was also a night dive so I spent a lot of time basically napping clipped to the line stops. If it's warm water you can spend a lot more time before you poop out, dry suits add their own special issues.

Thanks for this info, very interesting. I have a question: Would you say that it is normal for them to dive every 2 to 3 weeks considering the depth and costs involved?


posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 06:29 AM
Lol get over it. It's not an alien vehicle.

God some people are so desperate to believe.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 06:39 AM

Originally posted by Screwed

Originally posted by bluestreak53

Originally posted by Chrisfishenstein
reply to post by Arken

At least this story is beginning to get interesting now!! The electronic equipment failing within 200 meters of this thing, and now these awesome details!!

Thanks Arken! This might just be the biggest story we have ever heard about!!

IF, things all add up to what it is looking like so far anyways.....

S&F Arken....Great thread

The only thing that makes it interesting is that some people believe all of this. I think they are just making up stories to keep they audience entertained and breathlessly awaiting the TV premier of the "Baltic Yahoos" reality comedy show.

Just another totally pointless and stupid thread.

I don't normally like black or white thinking but,.....

You are either a government shill, paid to post in onlone forums such as this, and do your best to sway public opinion/ derail,mock,and ridicule any thread which has the potential of waking the masses and creating a national security threat.


You are a very fearful person who sees this as something soooo threatening to their fragile worldview which theatens to totally uproot all of your deeply held, firmly planted beliefs and makes a mockery of everything you always thought you knew. This MUST NOT be true and you will do anything and EVERYTHING to allow yourself to keep your head buried in the sand.

Which one are you?

I DO NOT forget A holes who just think they can let # fall out of their mouths with ZERO consequence or accountability.
As this continues to unfold I WILL make references to your assanine post and position and I will KEEP making references to your assanine post until you beg me to stop. You will eat your words whether you like it or not. Hope you've got plenty of ketchup.
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Sort of harsh and ........ honestly, you came off as needing to go to de-caff............ His/her comment wasn't that provocative...... what's up..?

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 06:47 AM

Originally posted by grey580
reply to post by bhornbuckle75

I don't know. We will fnd out though.
Especially when they get better sonar readings.

I'm going with your theory , or picture. I'm going with this Licant........ uh, "L" thing... it seems really the most likely. Of course I'm no geologist, but I was thinking volcanic maybe. But what do I know, I'm just an observer at this point. What have we got now, 6 months of 'air time' here. I really think a lot of obfustication is going on in an effort to sell more tickets..... Where's the 'T Shirts' ?

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 07:05 AM
It just doesn't seem nature made, too circular from the artist diagram! Though it seems more rooted, I might not be a ufo though.
And from the description, it doesn't seem to be nature made.

Almost like a giant metal screw, I was actually looking for the groove on top for the screwdriver
(from the art work)

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 07:08 AM

Originally posted by Silcone Synapse
reply to post by dashdespatch

I have speculated the same,or maybe a few soviet nuke subs/experimental reactors,encased in concrete.
The sections on the exterior may be casemate lines,and the hollow passages may be the inside of any number of secret soviet projects.

We know they were active in the black sea area.

Whatever it is,its fascinating IMO-and I wish some folks would just give it a chance,rather than claiming its a load of baloney before we know the reality of the subject.
In this vein of thinking, I wonder what the depth here relative to the deepest Balkan Sea depths are. Then the remoteness ie. unlikely to be observed if say it were a nuclear whatnot being buried with concrete. In other words, would this location be the most prudent to use to avoid any prying eyes from seeing some highly Illegal dump? I was in the masonry trade for many years, actually a career in it, lifelong. When we pumped concrete of any appreciable amount under watter, it quickly sluffed like a pancake. The only way to build height was to pump really dry mud ..(concrete) and only then could we build a base....... without the use of forms to contain the shape. Still, when pumping mud, we almost always had a beehive shape to it, and an occasional avalanche/sluff from one of the sides wherever the weight over stressed the ability for the mud to stay in a uniform shape. This is just the characteristic of mud in a concrete pump. A second difficulty would be guiding the end of the concrete pump hose to get the desired pile-up shape.

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