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It is happening! Experiment based on ET Information!!!

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by kauskau

Dear Kauskau,

you are onto something and I am really glad I stumbled upon this "fred" (thread) of yours. This person resembles a Zen Master and his teachings, minus all the religious dust. The conduct is fresh, full of koans and really hard to swallow for the ego. Truly a gem of knowledge for all those who know how to handle it properly.
If you d be so kind to let me know how your life has changed since you first recognized the hidden truth in this outer shell, because you ve surely adapted a lot of insight and I am interested in the externalisation of the path as well.

greetings from the very republic without peace treaty since so many decades

keep up the good work

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 06:32 PM
I here tell Bashar is coming out with a new YOUTUBE instructional tape....How to eat Jelly Bean and Fart in Technicolor...I can't wait!

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 05:27 AM
reply to post by expelliamousse

just read your answer and i am glad that you "felt" bashar.
ok i ll try to answer without thinking to much even if there will be many mistakes as i will try to answer it more in my language to make it more easy for me...

So! How did bashars concept change my life: before i stumpled upon bashar i was in a really long search. I tried several techniques of meditation and had a lot of contact to buddhistic teachings. At the end i was really interested in mystic teachings from all over the world...Zen was a field which i also was very interested in.
I met some enlightened beings and read some books of them (like Eckhart Tolle, nisargadatta, wei wu wei, mooji, ramana maharshi, karl renz etc etc). I could see the truth in all that teachings but still ich felt depressed because my mind "would not become quit" was always talking and really choatic in its approach to understand its frustration and its search for a bigger understanding.

So there was still a deep depression because the enlightenment which was teached in which i believed to be a state of my essence was not really approchable for me. I wanted to "EAT the chocolate instead of just BEING it".

At the beginning when i stumpled upon bashar i was really sceptical. His whole way of talking was loud and "american" in a way...but still i was really interested in how "the seeming actor darryl" would lie the beginning i would just want to find out how someone can trick so many people for over 25 i listened to him and tired to focus on "breaches" (dont know how to call that in english: like something which shows that he is not in the "flow of truth" but in the "remembering of a lie).. To explain :there is one thing which i could see about people who lie which all have in common..they can trick people for a few minutes and act like they would not have to memorise what they say but then you see that the way they try to "construct the lie" is obvious by their way of tallking and processing the thoughts.. But Darryl did not do that...i was listening for hours and hours..and could not see one moment where he went out of the flow...where he memorised or became "unsecure"... This itself was a skill of a genius for me. So i began to listen to him in a way like: "what could he answer to this question..what could he answer to that questioN" etc...and every answer was "pure" in a way.. My intuition never doubted an answer of him. This was new to me. I am a really sceptical guy and my intuition normally is not satisfied easily because i always feel that "humans" only have a limited perspective and tend to generalize things that are only valid in their own reality.
I did not have this feeling with i listened to him for hours and hours..i guess now its really so much i can not even count.

How did my life change: my depression is gone. In a way i accepted my responsibilty for my own thoughts. I am more open to "other realities"..even to realities of people who back in the days i called "sick" or" pathologic"...
I am really aware now of the possibilites the universe has...but the most profound change is: my trust in reality came back!
I could explain that much more deep in german but i guess its enough for you to understand that i really trust this guy. And i never..never had a teacher...i would call bashar my Teacher! And everyone who knows me, know that i never experienced such a trust in a "knowledge of someone else".

I am glad that people like you exist! And i am positive that more people will feel bashar.


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