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Dyatlov Pass incident

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:33 PM
On January 25th, 1959, 11 skiiers becan their ascent up what is now known at Dyatlov Pass because of this incident. Some very mysterious things happened on this expedition and even to this day remains a complete mystery as to what happened to them. This is a good read.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This one will leave you scratching your head for awhile.

edit: mods, I don't know how this ended up in the religious conspiracy section, but I was sure I put it in Mysteries. Can you be so kind as to move it for me? Thanks.

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:42 PM
Very interesting indeed, but next time please use the "Search" function.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:52 PM
I typed "Dyatlov Pass Incident" into the search function and nothing came up, so not my fault. I tried.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by Kratos1220

That was a great story. Thanks.

My only question regards the higher than normal level of radiation.

Sucks that this won't be explained cause it's an awesome slasher film premis.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 02:13 PM

Originally posted by Kratos1220
I typed "Dyatlov Pass Incident" into the search function and nothing came up, so not my fault. I tried.

Funny. I typed "Dyatlov Pass Incident" into the search function and got this:

dyatlov pass incident
The Dyatlov Pass incident (This one is yours)
The Dyatlov Pass incident--Russia's Mountain of Death
The Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident
Dyatlov Pass incident
Death caused by a "compelling unknown force" - Dyatlov Pass

Notice it picked up threads on Dyatlov Pass even when "incident" was not in the title. So, not counting your thread, five different threads came up, and this was just the first page of eight.

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 05:15 AM

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 06:01 PM
I have thought of the unfortunate and unexplained death of these students for some time and as Spock stated
in Star Trek – quoted from Sherlock Holmes “… when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…”
I originally thought that it may have been the Russian army with concussion bombs that were dropped on them by accident.
The army had used this location for secret tests.
Some mention that the army secretly arrived at the crime scene 1 week before the rescuers found the bodies.
This could answer a few of the mysteries but not all!
Why their tent was on the side of the mountain and not logically down at the tree line for shelter and fire wood?
The army could have moved the tent up the mountain to change the crime scene.
Why there was radioactive material on some of the clothing and why they were not wearing any protective clothes for the harsh climate?
The army could have changed their clothes and confiscated clothing which showed being radioactive.
Though all good explanations, I do believe there is only one explanation that holds up to all facets of this case!
Yeti or Abominable Snow Man encounter!
Why would anyone set up camp on the side of the mountain when there was a forested shelter a short distance down the mountain?
On research I found that the small tent used was not their main tent – they had left supplies at a base camp and were using this very small tent for an excursion.
What was their purpose for climbing the Ural mountain range?
I googled Russian news broadcast for 1958 and there was an interesting account a few months earlier of Yeti encounters on this range. That year a number of local Mansi tribe people disappeared.
After this investigation the Russian Government banned all further investigation or reporting on the Yeti with threats of incarceration.
These students may have been acting as investigating reporters and photographers and had to have a cover to conceal their true purpose.
The one person they added to their close group was a guide familiar with this territory. A note on a printed paper in their possession was scribed “From now on we know that the snow men exist”.
Although they used guns to protect themselves in this wilderness terrain for previous trips (pictures show), they did not carry them this time in case they were stopped and questioned.
Whatever attacked them in their tent did not bite or claw but had extreme power to crush
A similar attack at Yale BC in the 1800’s by some gold miners who claimed to have captured a baby Sasquatch and in Washington State 1920’s of an attack:
In 1946 Cultus Lake BC a newlywed couple disappeared from their cabin with only large footprints found surrounding it.
Case Scenario
The illogical pitching of their tent in the open may have been due to a scare from the locals at the last settlement which told them about reindeer being found dead in this area.
They may have felt more secure making camp in the open rather than down within the trees.
After taking off their heavy outerwear and boots and due to the small space within the tent along with the moisture and smell, they would have left this clothing outside, at the back of the tent with their packsacks to dry out. They could have left them in what appears to be an overhang on the rear of the tent where the exhaust stove chimney exits.
They entered the tent in their long johns and tent slippers and had supper.
Shortly after supper 2 of the men went outside to urinate (documented) with a flashlight, which they left on the roof of the tent (documented) and a lighter and cigarettes to have a smoke. It was written in their diary that the women did not want them smoking in the hotel rooms or tent.
While out they were attacked and forced to flee down to the forest for cover.
There they built a fire for warmth and to keep any predators away.
On hearing the commotion outside the tent, 3 students went outside to help with a flashlight and were also attacked.
They fled down the mountain unable to reach their outerwear at the back of the tent.
The Yeti’s attack then centered on the 4 remaining students left in the tent.
The Yeti unable to open the tent door or cut through began to pound on the center of the tent with the students inside slicing their knives back through the tent in defense. It has been reported that Yeti can use sticks as weapons and may have poked through the open slits of the tent with one of the ski poles. It was documented that numerous knife cuts were found on one of the ski poles
The Yeti attack temporarily stopped when they noticed the fire down at the tree line and the 3 students heading towards it with the flashlight (documented and found on this trail still in the on position).
The Yeti have been reported that they are not afraid of fire or light.
The Yeti caught the 3 students before they could reach the tree line.
Yeti use their large powerful arms to club and then bear hug their quarry until subdued and unconscious, all similar injuries reported on the students.
Seeing that the fire was attracting the Yeti the 2 students at the tree tried to franticly put it out, it was reported that one of these student’s hands were burnt possibly by this action.
Next they proceeded to climb a tree.
The report claimed they had climbed the tree to observe if their tent was still there to return to for their survival gear.
The problem with this was that it was after sunset in winter in Russia.
I googled if there was a full moon that night and there was not, so it would have been pitch dark.
The only reason to climb a tree at night would be to try and elude a predator.
It has been stated that Sasquatch can climb trees.
One of the students was found a few hundred feet from the tree still clutching a branch as if he had been dragged down from the tree.
When the remaining 4 students of the group did arrive at the tree they found their companions dead so they removed what clothing they could to keep warm rather than return to their tent and what they thought was back there.
They then went to a ravine and dug a snow cave for shelter.
Unfortunately the Yeti were waiting for them in the forest and pursued them, cornering them at the ravine some short distance away and finished them off.
One problem with the Yeti theory is that no foot prints were ever found.
The explanation is it was sometime after the encounter, in winter, in a valley known for wind.
The Yeti/Sasquatch have a very large bipedal foot, much like a bear paw snow shoe which would leave a very flat shallow print.
These prints would easily disappear with weather conditions.
The final explanation may be the hardest to believe and that is - why have no further sightings or findings been made of Yeti in this location?
With all our technologies these mountains and the world in general have become a lot smaller but the Universe is immense and unknown.
There were unexplained lights in the sky at this location seen by other observers.
Strange creatures have been reported all over the world with similar globe light occurrences (Kentucky Goblin Encounter,Chupacabras, Ogopogo, Lochness Monster, and other such things).
Many documented encounters with Sasquatch have been reported with similar globe lights seen in the vicinity.
Could it be that there are time portals throughout the Universe and these creatures accidently pass through them?
Could a nuclear blast such as the 1957-58 Russian accidental nuclear explosion at Kyshtym ( just a few miles south
of Oblast Swerdlowsk where these students were) cause a rip in our universe?
This accident reportedly killed 1000’s of people and contaminated a 100 square kilometer area with high level radiation.
Could the radiation on their clothing have come from physical contact with these entities or the terrain
One such strange occurrence happened in Manila in 1593 where a guard was suddenly transported to Mexico City
All in all strange and unexplained things happen and it is left up to us to ponder what the truth might be.
Thanks for your ability to have your mind open to care for an explanation for these unfortunate beings

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