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False flag method Olympics 2012 update.

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by saladfingers123456

If you have done all this research, present it. Merely saying you have and them lambasting the rest of us for the perceived lack of research is weak.

How are the Games different?

What are the signs?

Why would they do this?

How will they do this?

C'mon, cough it up. Stop dancing around the issue with long winded drivel, spit it out.

And when nothing happens, because it won't, what does that say about all your "research"? Like Freeborn said, you and others will come back to make some fluffy excuse why they didn't go through with it and then we'll meander along until the next big, global event and we can rehash this whole conversation as if the other (hundreds) of times that it failed to happen never even took place.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by saladfingers123456

She is the standard bearer for Team GB's athletics squad, having competed in many World Championships, taken titles and was favourite to her nation proud in the Home Olympics. The BBC were fawning over her because she was tipped to win Gold and did, in style I might add, in front of a home crowd in our Olympics, coupled with the fact injury made her miss the 2008 games, so she has a point to prove.

The fact your using numerology to try and prove she has some esoteric link is weak as you'r clearly not even scratching the surface of the questions your asking, but coming up with nonsense to justify your position.

You can add her numbers up in many ways and with some creative thinking, you can make them into whatever numbers you want.

For example, Lilli Schwarzkopf who came 2nd in the same event got a total of 6536 points. 6+6=12 and 6+5+3+6=20...Oooooh....

Her competitor number is 1965.. 1+9+6+5= 21, turn it around and it makes 12. Wow, if we add that and her points total, we get 2012....

See where this sillyness can get you?

It couldn't possibly be just that the numbers on their shirts are assigned to them per event (hence why Ennis is 1856 and Schwarzkopf is 1965) and, it would appear, is based on their world rankings in order. It has bugger all to do with any devious plot and you're really reaching...

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 02:43 AM

Originally posted by saladfingers123456
The flood aspect is the bit that has really stood out through all of this. So keeping an eye on the weather systems more than anything else. Maybe not something to set off WW3, but something to knock out the money centre of the UK. Financial collapse. Some pretty heavy weather systems are due to head our way over the coming week.
But hey.. see what happens huh


For London to flood it would have to the most catastrophic of downpours, coupled with a hight tide AND the Thames Barrier failing. Not gonna happen.

Calm down, have a brew and enjoy the games. Stop worrying, it is all in your mind and you're feeding your own fear by grasping any and every straw you can...

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 04:31 AM
What I don't get is that if there is a group of people who are working towards a NWO, and we'll call them the Illuminati for want of a better name, and this group of people have an enormous amount of power, influence and wealth, enough in fact to manipulate and control world events to bring about some sort of Armageddon scenario.

Now my question is, to what purpose?

According to the theory they already have immeasurable power and wealth - what do they get out of causing global destruction and devestation and the breakdown of the financial system, (which they control and use to increase their already unbelievable wealth and power)?

If they have the power and influence to bring that about what more do they want?

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 04:48 AM
Still enjoying this thread even though it is now the 5th and we all seem to be here and the world continues to to turn (although the red button was rather slow to work yesterday
and today it seems).

I find the numerology and symbolism fascinating, but wonder if we can do the same and find things in any given event/book/date etc. I think it is possible to do this with anything we choose and see things and make connections to a conclusion fit in anything we want. A task for another thread perhaps?

The number meanings was particularly interesting.

On a small note about the water symbolism a few pages back. The fact that water has a memory is quite amazing. Made me immediately think about all the radioactive water Tepco has been releasing.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 08:32 AM
So Stu... can I remind you of how you entered this thread? Do you mind?

There is a Royal competing in the Games, didn't you know? Watched yesterday by Prince Philip and Princess Anne..

Just pointing it out and also so I can bookmark this thread so I can come back and laugh at the paranoia in a few weeks.

You clearly get pleasure from wanting to mock others, because you feel that your opinion is right. That sir, is arrogance.

You base this upon previous experience. That peoples predictions in the past have some kind of bearing on this current discussion, while again, stating quite clearly that; you like to put all people who mention anything regarding Flase Flags and WW3 into one basket, and you like to laugh at them. Laughter is pleasure. You claim that unlike all "you people".. you actually know how the world works.

Oh, trust me, I've been laughing at you lot for years.. I've lost count of the amount of false flags that have never happened, the amount of times WW3 was supposed to kick off and nothing.. The common theme amongst most who believe such nonsense is a blissful ignorance on how the world really works.

Is that not arrogance? You want to have a go at me... about arrogance?

I always laugh to myself when people, when challenged about their crackpot theories, resort to the personal attacks and the black and white "well if you don't believe this then you must believe everything the Government says", or worse yet, "your a Government disinfo agent".

Again... your mind is already made up before entering in to the discussion. You show no evidence what-so-ever that you have researched this at all. You think we are "crackpots", and thus, you wouldn't look at what was actually said, or research yourself because you already have an opinion formed, that anyone who raises issue with a possible future event is... and I'll select a few words of yours from just the above posts... paranoid, blissfully ignorant, a crackpot, and unaware "of how the world works".

So let us get this clear, before we move on, you have shown yourself to be arrogant (while accusing others... me of the exact same thing), and you have shown yourself to be extremely rude from the outset.

It was a general, catch all comment matey, you took it to be a personal reference when I was directing my comment at the group, as this is a thread full of people claiming to know that some hideousness is imminent.

So... you have a thread full of people who are claiming to know some hideousness is imminent. But you know otherwise? Because "you know how the world works"? Because you've seen previous "predictions" come and go? That doesn't sound like someone who has looked at the information, or done reseasrch on this topic to me. It sounds like the words of someone who has been tainted, and is now totally closed to any possibility. You let yourself be fooled in the past? and now what... you spend your time here mocking anyone that you previously would have believed hook line and sinker? When I ask what your purpose here in this thread is, I'm asking, what have you got to bring to the table?

From the above, it would purely seem to be pre-conceived ideas and notions, arrogance and mockery.

You say that I am "Making an assumption that we/you haven't looked into anything based simply on the premise that we disagree etc"

No, I base it upon what you have said previously. In fact, here are your own words on the matter.

I just don't believe this will happen based on some wild and crazy nonsense posted on ATS.

You don't believe this possibility (and no one here is speaking in certainties, just strong belief) "based upon some wild and crazy nonsense posted on ATS.

Again, you confirm that you have already made up your mind.. that anything such as this, is just wild and crazy nonsense.
What do you bring to the table Stumason?

You have made your point clear several times now. You have brought your dismisal of the discussion to the table. We "get" that you reject the whole concept completely. That is fine. I am not going to try and force you to believe what I say. I'm sure you are strong enough to make your own mind up... because you already have, from the moment you entered the discussion. This is why I ask, and I'll rephrase it, why are you 'still' here? You don't bring balanced arguments to the table, you bring mockery as a whole. It isn't a very respectful way of presenting your opinion. But you expect others to treat you with respect? To take your opinion seriously?

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 08:32 AM

Admittedly, despite being a sceptic for the whole NWO thing, I am "prepared" just in case of a major disaster, but that's just good sense.

I'm glad you are prepared. Despite all of the above, I don't hate you or wish bad things on you. But one of the key reasons I have been actively involved in this thread, and ATS as a whole recently, is that I feel that everyone needs to get prepared. There are signs everywhere that we are moving into a time when money is going to be devalued horrendously, or possible collapse of the banking system in the west. We have crop failures heading our way. We have a build up in the middle east with Iran, and a huge amount of warring talk in the mainstream media.
You might be a sceptic of the NWO, your choice, but IF they wanted to make their move (if they exist as I personally believe), and install a one world currency, then the conditions are almost set for that to happen. This is in part the basis of why I believe that an attack on London, attacking Canary Wharf through natural disaster or bombs, would be a likely move to create collapse of the financial system, allowing them to move in and offer their sollution. Conditions have never been so right.

So Stu... just going back to the start, you need to reassess how you talk to people, because anything you say after such an opening will be treated with a reasonable level of questioning and possibly hostility. You reap what you sew.

Personally, I've not treated you with the same tarnishing of a brush... I haven't dubbed you as a disinfo agent or shill... I merely asked a perfectly reasonable question. Why are you here, when you have already brought your opinion to the table more than once?

It isn't a loaded question, it is an honest one.

I can't relay everything I have seen... I work too y'know. I've tried to post up interesting information in this thread... starting points for others to research themselves. Some might be wrong, some might be right. Do I have to serve it all up on a plate to you?
It would take hours and hours of work... maybe days. For you to review it all at this point would take you even longer.

It is quite frankly too late.

But I am honest with what I am doing here.. I have said I will put my hands up and say "I am wrong" if nothing happens. I have only ever encouraged people to take caution, be prepared, but largely to make their own minds up. If your mind is made up, and you don't think there is anything strange about the Olympics, then there is nothing more you can add here is there?

But again... I post the following image.

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by saladfingers123456

OK, fair enough, I know I can be an arrogant tosspot as well, but that doesn't stop me pointing out the obvious that you are also guilty of the same with your assumptions! Let's start again, shall we? Admittedly, I was grouchy this morning as getting up at 0530 on a Sunday is wrong...

As for laying out what I know, I have in this thread (at least I think it many of them around) laid out why I think the NWO is a big pile of poo. I have also alluded to two quite good examples of REAL FALSE FLAGS and how they are done that everyone has glossed over..

Pearl Harbour: Strong evidence that the US knew the attacks were about to happen, yet they do nothing except move their carriers, leaving the rest of the fleet to get creamed. They did this as it gave them a reason to join WW2 that up until then, the US public had no stomach for.

Operation Northwood: A plot to blow up an airliner and frame it on Cubans in order to get the US Public to go to war with Cuba. The planned was shelved as it was deemed to heinous a thing to risk being exposed. This was in the 60's when the US was in the grip of the Cold War and paranoia ran rife too.

Now, taking into account the historical facts, we can then make a reasonable assumption that "TPTB", such as they are (and again I see nothing to suggest a Global conspiracy - more in a bit) do not have the stomach form this sort of thing, lest it comes out. However, they are quite comfortable with allowing a genuine terrorist/enemy to perform an action that would give them reason to strike back and further strategic goals, a la 9/11.

However, it must be pointed out that every example in history of a possible "false flag" has been done against the US. People might claim that the London bombings were the same, but it makes no sense logically. "They" had no reason to bomb us to get us to agree to something, as we were already in two wars anyway. In fact, it is highly probable that the attacks were in fact genuine because of the very wars we had got sucked into.

Some like to claim there was an exercise taking place the same day, this is not the case. It was a conference, not an exercise and it took place in the years prior and, I believe, has taken place since.

As for there being a singular global conspiracy, that doesn't stand up to scrutiny either. For one, I do not believe that the Chinese or Russians are party to this and have their own agenda, plus it would seem logical that there are several groups of powerful people at play. If there was a singular group at work, then they could have easily implemented a one world Government or whatever you wish during the days of the European Empires, especially the British.

As it turns out, the British Empire was dismantled at the behest of the US so they could get their fingers in our pie after WW2, so I do not believe that whatever group(s) occupy the US and pull the strings there are not the same as the one's in Europe, who aren't the same as the Russians, Chinese etc. If there is a game afoot, there are many players.

I'd love to add more, but I have run out of time and must go home.. Maybe some more later

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by Freeborn
What I don't get is that if there is a group of people who are working towards a NWO, and we'll call them the Illuminati for want of a better name, and this group of people have an enormous amount of power, influence and wealth, enough in fact to manipulate and control world events to bring about some sort of Armageddon scenario.

Now my question is, to what purpose?

According to the theory they already have immeasurable power and wealth - what do they get out of causing global destruction and devestation and the breakdown of the financial system, (which they control and use to increase their already unbelievable wealth and power)?

If they have the power and influence to bring that about what more do they want?

Well, personally, all I can offer is opinion on this. But I'll share what I believe, and what makes sense.

I'd say that it needs to start with the very words, New World Order. We know that such a concept is in the minds of those up top, because they seem to love dropping this phrase at key moments.

So if the idea of a New world order exists, then the Old World Order is currently in play. It isn't what they want.
Our current old world order can maybe summed up by the following.

Old religions, with opposing viewpoints have a strong grip on mankind as a whole. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, as well as the non faith athiest. I don't mention all religions, because I don't feel that all religions have such a death wish.

We live in seperate countries, with different currencies, different idiologies and different political systems.

There are massive cultural differences between the people of Earth, again, that cause a lot of disharmony.

We have racism, sexism, and all manor of predudice.

It is probably fair to add the modern state of mind, certainly in the west. That of self entitlement. Escapism. Selfishness. Plenty of hate, fear and aggresion. Though, it is also fair to point out that this state of mind has been helped along by the very same people who seem to proclaim the dawning of a New World Order.

The end of the Old World Order can only be marked by chaos. A New WOrld Order cannot be something that we transition into, given all of the above. There would be a huge amount of opposition, as billions are accustomed to the paradigm that they were born into, and have had reinforced by the society within which they live.

To create a New World Order, there is only one true path. Collapse.

Not just collapse of the monetary system, but religion, borders, and all oppositions. There are billions of people out there in their own paradigms that are formed by the institutions of the Old World. I believe, that if they wanted to usher in a new world, then it would require an apocolypse. Not the end of the world (i.e. the destruction of the planet), but the end of the old world. A destruction of everything we hold dear, our reality.

So, how do they do that? How do they bring it about?

Well, I think we are seeing it before our very eyes. The narrative is being controlled to fit the expectations of all those who have something to lose. Firstly, the collapse of money. When the money dies, what will follow? Panic.
I don't discredit the idea that the Georgia guiding stones represent a good summary of the intended outcome.
500 million people will be left, once all of this is over. So about 6.5 billion people need to die.

That is a frightening concept.

So money collapses, panic ensues. Very very few people are prepared. Too busy living in the current paradigm. Too busy playing games, tweeting, sharing pointless commentary on facebook, etc etc. Attitudes that nothing ever happens, that everything repeats itself, eases the minds of many. As in, "oh we've had recessions before", we've had world wars, and everything sorts itself out. I perfectly reasonable argument, that was totally valid up until about 30 years ago.

That is no longer the case.

The orchestrators of the New World Order realised that they need to manufacture a collapse. That we cannot possibly carry on as we are. That there is nothing they can do to reduce the population down. Not enough bullets, and not enough will to pull the trigger. The only way to create this massive population reduction, is to turn man upon each other. To be the willing participents in their own demise.

They control all the money. Check.
They have disrupted the supply chain, and replaced them with pure channels that they control.
Walmart is a prime example. ...All the little guys, the independent shops, the direct from farmer to customer chain is gone. Super markets rule.
If money dies, then the giant food chains will stop. No more food supply.
If money dies, the oil stops... no more transport.
If money dies, then who will be going to work? Who will maintain the electricity supply, the water? Do you think anyone will be going out and thinking of others if money died? Of course not.

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 11:41 AM
So when the money dies, so does the supply chain that we have been made to be dependent upon.

It will be survival of the fittest, or the most prepared.

There will be terror all across the world. The signs of the apocolypse will be foremost in peoples minds. They will see people killing each other over the smallest scraps of food. They will feel helpless to look after family and friends. Religious hatred and the end times will have Christians and Muslims fighting on the street, trying fullfill what they have been taught to expect.

It will be horrific.

The only thing of value will be food, water, and in the early stages, perhaps protection, sex, maybe drugs.

All of this, because of the collapse of the monetary system. I'm sure I'm not even being comprehensive here, I'm sure there are plenty more consequences.

The ones that survive, that make it through will be the ones that see it coming. That prepare themselves. That can grow their own food, that group with people they trust. That make preparations for the immediate effects.

I suspect that the mass population reduction wont take that long. With a build up of dead bodies, disease will be rife. Insect populations will grow to gigantic levels with such massive food supplies. So yes, again, apocolyptic pestilance. Just like the bible said.The insects carrying disease will do their fair share of damage.

Meanwhile... the trillions upon trillions of dollars/pounds that have been sucked up over the last hundred years have been diverted into underground bunkers, with enough supplies and resources to keep the brightest and best safe, while we have to fight it out for ourselves.

Oh, I didn't mention the war. Another possibility, is that protection and survival might be offered through joining in a huge war. The last effort by governments at control... but also to help in the reduction of the population. Using religious hatered to fuel the anger of billions. This will spill out into China, and the whole world.

Then, months.. years later? The orchestrators, the architects surface.

A New World Order. But, I suspect that they might not be as we suspect. That it wont be a control grid. It wont be based upon the Old paradigm. It'll be something else entirely. They might not represent what we think.

I feel that all they ever did, was give men choices.. and the worst of men gravitated towards seeking power over other men, greed, all of the worst traits you can think of. It was inevitable. It will be these people who wont survive. Selfish traits are not a long lasting strategy.

So with one foul swoop, they bring about the end of organised religion, a divided world, the greedy, the power hungry, the worst of men.

What is left, are the survivors, the free thinkers, the ones who work together to look after each other because of love.

The meek actually do inherit the Earth.

Well, that is what I make of the concept, and it is why I feel that the Olympics actually mean something. The pieces are actually in place to bring this about, and all it takes is the knocking of the first domino of the financial system. Quite how it plays out is a different matter, but the above is a good indicator.

Or... everything just carrys on, and nothing ever happens. But it is important to acknowledge the situation we are in with regard to the supply train. The things we now rely on. If they were knocked out, would we be able to carry on as normal? Personally, I don't think so.

But hey, it is just an opinion. The question is, is it right? Thoughts?

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by stumason

Awesome. Many thanks for understanding. I hold my hands up too... I ain't perfect. But I do like to discuss in a reasonable way, and I'm glad you have engaged... honestly I am.

You make a very valid set of points. I suppose that the view point changes significantly depending on whether you agree with the idea of an "illuminati"/NWO agenda.

I take your points, and view point on board. But I ask you to have a read of my reply to Freeborn above. I'm not saying that this IS the reality, but it does make you think. Like I say, I like the discussion. There is no denying we are in fraught times.

Glad we've worked out our differences. And for what it is worth, I apologise if I have shown arrogance and bad feeling in the past. Hope we can move on.

I look forward to your thoughts.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by saladfingers123456

Thanks for the quite extensive reply, it's much appreciated.

I just don't get why this group of people - Illuminati / NWO or whatever people want to call them - who have allegedly spent literally hundreds of years in building up their control of the world through it's financial institutions, religions and governments would now want to use these very things to deconstruct the world they have developed.

Ok, I get the point about depopulation - but given the wealth, control and power they allegedly have surely there are far more efficient ways of achieving this other than bringing about wholescale global devastation and destruction.

Given that we are talking about the annihilation of 90% of the world's population I think the effect on the survivors would be the same regardless of the method.

I see that you differ from the majority in that you believe that the instigators of this NWO ultimately have good intentions and that a harmonious world will result from all this.
I doubt that the murder of approximately 6.5billion people is the best basis for a new, loving, caring society - I for one wouldn't feel the least bit disposed to show anything apart from complete abhorence, disgust and outright rejection for the instigators of such a scenario if I was a survivor - and hate breeds nought but hate.

I don't doubt for one minute that there is / are a group, or groups, of elites etc who try to control and manipulate world events to further their own agenda's.
It is open to much debate though exactly how much success they have had and exactly what their long term goals and objectives are.

And I'm at a complete loss to understand why they would use something like the Olympics to send out cryptic and secret messages.
What's the point of that and who are they intended for?
How do they benefit from that?

All this alleged numerology - why, what's the intent? Where does the 'power' come from?

Whilst I'm not that arrogant, (I hope), to dismiss your theory and belief out of hand but I've got to be honest and say that I'm not convinced, not by a long chalk.

I just don't understand what these elites / group(s) get out of it - they allegedly have all the power and control that they possibly could have - if they wanted to use that for good then they could quite easily do so now - and the same applies if they wanted to use that power and control for 'evil' - what's stopping them if they have all this power and control?

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 12:50 PM
Well I don't know where you got that info from salad, but that's kind of how I've seen it too. Don't tell me, charlatans.
In our imeadiate little worlds all around us, everythinkg is cosy and fine, it's fine in our country most of the time, apparently. But the world is in trouble.

Humanity is suffocating earth, due to corporate greed and dependancey on these greedy corporations.
Do we have choice or are we born into a system that is unescapable?
Is the system benifitting the public or just those that work for the system, while the public are made poorer and poorer?
Humanity definately has an enemy that want to enslave, label and control it. So what do we do? It doesn't exsist but this it what it seeks to do. We are stock. Weather you like it or not, to this current system that is all we are.

What the NWO seeks is to consolidate all global systems, be it economic, education, religion, military, into one, and move another step closer to its goal, which is allways, to remain in power.

Now if this NWO was seeking the opposit of what it stood for it would be considered by many, but the sneaky, deceptive, corrupt, nature of our system and it's pillars of society has the masses not trusting them as far as they can be thrown. All everyone sees is a fat cat with a smelly cigar, sitting at a huge desk, with an evil grin, rubbing his hands together with not a ounce of compassion. Pure greeeeeeed.

And the NWO seems to be persistent, more charges fines and penalties are introduced all the time, chipping away at the freedom you have to do what ever it is you choose to do. If it goes this way for let's say just 100yrs, how many more fines, charges, and penalties will be introduced? How many do you think will be abolished? Just from what change you seen in your life, where is it going? If the pattern continues. What do we do? I know.... It doesn't exsist.

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 01:50 PM
I have to say, that I'm not convinced in any way that the NWO agenda has good intentions. As you point out Freeborn, the method would seem abhorent. Sickening. Perverse.

This is the conundrum that plagues me daily.

For the sake of this discussion I'll suppose that the NWO agenda exists (but understanding that they might not).

There are alot of people on this planet. I know that some people say that given the right conditions, we'd all be able to live and eat at this level of population. I'm sure that is true, but I think it is also rather Utopian, and unrealistic.

As it stands, population continues to rise. Our effects on the environment (and I mean animals, plants, the oceans, and maybe even the climate... but that is for another thread
... but essentaily our supply of resources and the system that sustains them is in serious trouble. Only the most short sighted would disagree on that.

As a species, most of us display very little self control, or personal responsibility. Left unchecked, our demise is inevittable. The idea that God or aliens are going to turn up and save us, is a big hope.
Belief in God, is also a belief that all of this awfullness is preordained. Revelations. So it removes responsibility... thus it will carry on until the prophecy is fulfilled. Just to note, that is where I feel we are almost at.

Aliens... well, I'm not sure if I was an alien visiting this planet, that I'd know how to help. Parking up on 'someones' state lawn wouldn't solve anything. They could tell us that we need to love one another, but humans as a whole would be suspicious. We'd also be a huge threat to them. A landing is unlikely... and wouldn't solve anything. Again, the religious tell us that aliens are a deception, and demons in disguise. So we are no further ahead.

So, no one external will save us. We can't save ourselves, because the greedy force you to play their game. Their game is the system. You can't even live outside the system anymore. You become labelled as a terrorist or an extremist! No opting out.
The system was created and then refined by the worst of men. Constructed through fear and greed. I'd say the foundations of the Old World Order can be found in religion. "In God We Trust". The outcome of a society based upon these things is going to end with a pretty nasty downfall, for all the obvious reasons.

So back to the NWO. Is it seperate from the Illuminati concept? Maybe. The whole concept of the Illuminati is enlightenment. Now although this could be a deception, if we took that at face value, then they could be seen as facilitators. They don't actually commit any crimes against man. All they do, is give space for good men, or bad to take positions of power, and what these men do in those positions is up to them. Choice.
If those positions were taken by the bad men, the greedy, then they will do all they can to keep on increasing their power, to have more and more, and because all us lot at the bottom keep buying their products, and keep them ...even elevate them higher and higher, then we have made a choice too.

We could just switch off the system from the bottom up, through rejection. But we let them consolidate power to the point where if one of the foundations of this society were to be kicked out, the whole thing comes crashing down.

In this scenario, the Illuminati haven't done anything wrong, they have presented a choice. We all supported it with our pounds and dollars. We let the worst of men in, and we gave them what they wanted. We let ourselves be distracted, and then began the escapism ...when the results of our choices began to show within the world.

The illuminati are connected to the music industry. Listening to Rihanna for example... some pretty base and sad messages. Whips and Chains, materialism, all that is bad in the world. Now is Rihanna bad? I don't know, but her message along with GaGa could be there as a choice. We don't have to listen to her music, we don't have to support her, but enough do. It is their choice. They are subscribing to that paradigm.

To me, their feels like there is a huge split in modern thinking that is manifesting. Those that are rejecting the system and all that it represents, and then those that blindly accept its doctrine, willing slaves, people living in escapism and in fear.

Those in the first group, the ones who reject it are looking outside of the mainstream news to work out what is really going on. They are the ones who are on ATS and similar. They are the ones who are bracing themselves and preparing for what would seem to be on the horizon. The only thing that drives them nuts, is the slow pace of reaching the end game. Shouts of "Get on with it already!".

Well, I think we are almost there myself.

LOL... sorry Freeborn, I'm not sure if I actually replied to you properly. When my mind gets going on this, I kind of lose my thread a bit.

I think there might have been an answer in there somewhere!! All theory.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 02:15 PM
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And I'm at a complete loss to understand why they would use something like the Olympics to send out cryptic and secret messages. What's the point of that and who are they intended for? How do they benefit from that? All this alleged numerology - why, what's the intent? Where does the 'power' come from?

It all comes down to energy manipulation on a spiritual level. Messing with the vibrations if you will. Now, if you are the type that doesn't believe in energy, doesn't believe in the spiritual, only believes in the physical, then you will have a hard time understanding this because you literally won't be able to see past your own nose. But the short answer-the purpose of both things is energy manipulation.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 02:18 PM
Actually, I'll continue.

If the illuminati are "good guys" then it might explain why they present messages through the media. Warnings of upcoming events. A code to be broken and interpretted, so that those who look can see ahead, and avoid the unfolding events, or at least prepare for them.

This in part is the basis of much of the research in this actual thread (or was at the start). I personally believe (and I don't expect anyone to agree) that there are messages being passed along. If you look hard enough, if you can work out the way that they are presented, then you can get insight into the plans of the ones that work against us. They can pass these coded insights over to us through popular culture, as they (being at the very top) are aware of almost all high level plans, good or bad.

But I also hold another view, in which the illuminati are the bad guys too. But if they are evil, there is only one real reason why they would display their plans. It isn't that they want to tell us what they are going to do, it is something much deeper and worrying. That they believe in some form of black magic, that is tied in to a much older understanding, and ancient knowledge.
The numbers, as part of a spell, encoded into the designs of plans play a part in making the events manifest.
This is where it all starts to get a bit weird. If you look into the history of the freemasons, or perhaps a certain branch of the masons, you start to find some very weird things. Distance and angle relationships betwen significant points on Earth. Geometry played out on a massive scale. I'll try and find a video I pasted elsewhere that really goes into this. It is nearly 4 hours long, but it is a real mind trip.

Coincidence starts to fly out the window when you have seen it. It makes you question everything.

It also leads to a totally different understanding of who these people at the top are and what they believe.

Non of it is clear cut. In many ways, it leaves more questions than it answers, but you begin to to understand that the paradigm we have all been brought up in is certainly not what it seems.

If you can find the time, I'd maybe ask you watch the following video, and I know it is a big ask. But it is hard to discuss this whole thing without seeing some of the things that I've seen.

I think, if I was forced to pick a side that the illuminati were on, it would seem more likely bad.. but I have no solid answer myself. I'm still exploring. This is why I want solid debate on this. I think there is something here we need to start waking up to.

Anyways, here is the vid...

I do want to say at this point, that in no way do I assume to be correct or have all or any of the answers to any of this. All I do know for certain, is that there is a veil between what we assume is reality, and what is going on behind, everything I have seen in the last few months leads me to this conclusion.

I don't think it is simple paranoia. It is there, it is very real, and I don't know what it means. I also feel that we are running out of time to actually find out too (thus my earlier post).

Like I say, I urge you to watch this video. It is quite shocking...

Edit to add: I'm not totally convinced that the guy in the video is totally correct in his conclusions, but that shouldn't detract from his findings and connections. Again, it is a springboard for deeper study and idea. He does a good job of trying though.
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So when dos the last people from Tanzania arrive to compete at the Olympics?
This is how it could go.

13 days before the Olympics ends and they all go home to their own countries.
The last of the Tanzanian competitors arrive, and start to hug and cough on ever one.
The incubation period for EBOLA is 16 days.
So All of the people Now infected with Ebola go home.
Homes all over the world.

This will kill hundreds of thousands to hundreds millions.
The world would have No choice be to impose Marshall Law worldwide.
That means No Elections and the NWO has Started.
No one would say Any thing or do any thing to stop them take over.
If they do this they have won.

hundreds of Olympic posts!!!
just to hide the truth?
but what IS the truth?

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The last of the Tanzanian competitors arrive, and start to hug and cough on ever one.

Good thing that isn't how Ebola is transmitted.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
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The last of the Tanzanian competitors arrive, and start to hug and cough on ever one.

Good thing that isn't how Ebola is transmitted.

The virus has been confirmed to be transmitted through body fluids. Transmission through oral exposure and through conjunctiva exposure is likely[42] and has been confirmed in non-human primates.[43] Filoviruses are not naturally transmitted by aerosol. They are, however, highly infectious as breathable 0.8–1.2 micrometre droplets in laboratory conditions;[44] because of this potential route of infection, these viruses have been classified as Category A biological weapons

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 07:43 PM
Ebola virus is spread through close personal contact.
body fluids contain large amounts of virus.
Go Look it up.

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
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The last of the Tanzanian competitors arrive, and start to hug and cough on ever one.

Good thing that isn't how Ebola is transmitted.

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