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Is Google's Larry Page Dying?

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 09:27 AM
Google (GOOG) prides itself on not being "evil." But is it just a tiny bit evil to keep shareholders in the dark about why CEO Larry Page is missing some key events this month and next?

Google Inc. says Chief Executive Larry Page has "lost his voice," but it won't say much more about the matter. Some corporate governance experts think the Internet company should speak up.

Different sources are confirming that something is up with the Billionaire Co-Founder of Google, Larry Page. He has apparently, "lost his voice," and has been skipping key Google Meetings and he will not be attending Google's upcoming I/O conference this summer.

A couple of scenarios could be playing out.

Remember that months before Steve Jobs' death, he wrote a cryptic letter to Apple warning of impending doom, but reassuring stock holders and employees that he will work with Apple for as long as possible. That was followed by a long period of silence and company restructuring. Google has already gone through that restructuring process earlier this year, so no needs to worry about that.

Larry page wrote a company-wide email to employees stating that, "there is nothing seriously wrong with me" and that he would "continue to run the company," according to a person familiar with the matter.

Former CEO and Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt said that,"Larry will continue to run the company, he's running all the strategic business decisions and all that."

Investors however, are worried, "We have no specific reason to think there is anything more to Larry's condition, but we find it odd that the company would already rule him out of the 2Q call which is likely still a few weeks away. We think this could raise some questions among investors." wrote JP Morgan stock analyst Doug Anmuth in a note to clients.

A CEO who keeps a mysterious illness from investors and the public is not doing a good job as CEO! Health Concerns are supposed to be made public. It's likely that Google may not even know what illness Larry Page has. After all, what type of illness can cause one to lose their voice for a month, and only their voice. No other symptoms? Anyway, Google's stock has taken a hit recently due to these pressing health concerns.

However, ANOTHER scenario could be that Larry Page has been threatened in some way by other top Technology Companies. Namely Oracle or Apple. Those not in the technology industry may think that its a clean industry where this type of corporate espionage doesn't occur. But Come On. All Billionaire playboy nerds like conspiracies and want to be James Bond! Are they working on something secretive that other Technology Companies do not want them to release? Is Google Glass something that makes technology companies worried? Or is it something even more shady?
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