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Stefan Molyneux Versus Professor Vladimir Safatle 'The Function of the State in Society'

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 05:38 PM
I had to put this video here because I do believe this is truly educational and it is something I would love everyone to watch. It is statism vs anarchism. It is a long video but please, please, please give it a try. Especially statists, for anarchists well it will be preaching to the choir, but enjoyable non the less.

The first few minutes are in portuguese then after that the debate (I have to use that loosely here) is conducted in english.

I know it is customary to give a brief summary but really it is far too long for that. Statism vs anarchism will have to do I'm afraid.

Any way I'm not interested in stars etc (after all I'm only pointing you in the videos direction), but flags would be great just so more people can get a chance to see it.

Okay so please watch and enjoy. Also leave your comments as to who you think "won" Thank You.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by mee30

I think Prof. Safatle's positions and questions lacked eclectic richness when compared with Stefan's presentation. Admittedly, however, English is not Prof. Safatle's first language--perhaps not even his second language. Such a barrier may be more significant to Prof. Safatle's presentation than is obvious. Either way both hold beliefs that may or may not reflect knowledge about how the world is & the superstructure that praxeology ought to fall under (i.e the degree of state intervention) when is is reasonably framed & understood. From that standpoint I think Stefan proceeded in the best direction by defining key terms & establishing historical, moral, & rationalistic basis for what proceeds from the definitions by both comparision & contrast; moreover, I did not get the sense that Prof. Safatle's presentation expressed equal vigor.

What I found most interesting occurred on/about the 47:00 minute mark when Stefan discussed "addiction to violence" & the relation violence has to the state.

An excellent complement to the video you've posted can be found here:
No surprise that it may be found at the Mises website

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