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Two weird dreams, most realistic I've had in a long time

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 02:49 PM
I'm not saying these are prophetic or in any way really meaningful for interpretation but I wanted to at least try to describe them so I don't forget.. and I thought perhaps some of you might find them interesting.. I have a feeling the second dream will draw more response..

Anyway.. ignore my titles, they don't mean much other than to be descriptive.

Dream 1: The Great Flood

This dream was the most realistic in that I truly felt like it was happening.. in the dream I was laying in bed and it was around 11:33pm according to the clock..I always keep a bottle of water on the table next to the bed since I don't feel like trekking downstairs at 3am if I'm thirsty.. never the less, I reach over where it always is and I knock it over with my hand by mistake.. I hear it land on the floor and splash like it spilled out, so I reach down and I feel my hand go into water maybe a foot deep. Keep in mind that this dream all the while feels like reality.. I really believe it to be happening.. I go to try to reach up for the light and turn it on but it just clicks and I think the power must have shorted the electricity.

The next thing I do is decide that I have to go open the door to the room and try to see what is going on but when I get down into the water it's deeper than I realize, much colder and it feels like the water is electrified .. it's not a strong shock but it's stronger the moment I try to move .. The whole room is pitch black except for the red digits of my digital clock and a pale blue light from my computer case which just kind of set an extremely eerie mood .. that's when I started to panic and woke up after I kicked my foot and busted the foot of the bed ( a bar that runs along the top ) ..

Of course I quickly realized that it was a dream.. though I did ironically knock the water over it seems ( cap on ) and it was 11:38pm when I looked at the clock..

Any way .. the only thing I think could have influenced this one is that I had just been reading about the storms in Florida.. and while it was realistic to me.. I'm on the second floor and there's just no way..

Dream 2: Strange Building

This is really an odd one for me for some reason.. basically I dreamed that I was in some kind of palace or something, it felt like something from long ago or out of a fantasy movie.. there was a huge center room with black and white sort of exclamation points coming to a point in the middle... bad way to describe it I suppose.. maybe more like flower petals with the circle in the middle .. rounded at the outer edges of each.. the "petals" as they were, were white while the rest of the floor was black .. If you were at the center of the room you could walk out a door and find a staircase that spiraled up around the room.. the room itself had ceiling probably 75-80 feet tall or more.. and it was maybe 70 x 70 square .. just estimating! ..

so I walked out f the room and went up the stair case to find what looked to be a dining area.. rather small given this large room I just left.. The dining area had nothing special to it other than it was much more cheery looking I guess .. the walls were pale blue, nearly white .. solid concrete/stone floor light shining in but I couldn't see any scenery outside, just light..I walk over to the wall next to the stairs that lead back down to the room and I see a little window looking down into the giant room.. on the base of the window is what looks to be a phone pad only the buttons are metallic .. this was the first clue that I was wrong and that this wasn't some place back in time but it was modern ..I didn't know what to do with this pad so I dialed my old phone number on it .. ( odd because I'd forgotten my old / first phone number ) .. when i finished dialing I heard sound from somewhere.. no speakers I could see.. but I heard static as if it were from a bad phone connection with a short in the wiring.. and I heard the voice of a man speaking in a slow, deliberate voice .. almost reminiscent of the HAL 9000 computer from 2001 now that I think of it... it sounded like a recording.. but I just couldn't make out a word that was being said over the static interference.. it got worse and worse until it just went silent and then the lights went out.. I woke up to the gentle sound of an iPhone app I purchased.. ( the app is designed to wake you up slowly rather than a harsh alarm clock )

EDIT/Update: to clarify a point and expand on something ..

I said if you stood in the center of the room you could go out a door and walk up a spiral staircase.. that sounds like the stairs begin in the center of the room. what I meant is that if you stand in the center of the room you can see a door way which lead to stairs..the room had four walls .. the stairs incircle it outside those walls.. the room itself was like some giant chamber with no purpose, aside from the floor pattern it was featureless and the only light coming in is via the window at the top, which is the dining area I mentioned.

The other thnig is if I had to describe the MOOD .. it would almost be like something out of the game Myst or Riven

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 02:50 PM
These dreams were both ultra-realistic .. All of my senses were at play.. which is just unusual for me in general.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 03:39 PM
Interesting dreams I have no idea what they are about though.

I had three dreams last night all very real. I even had thoughts in them and I can still remember how things touched.
I even felt cold in one of them. The first one was about snow. The last was about a village fete.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 11:24 PM
I have had a great flood recuring dream also but everytime is diffrent.First time it happened seemed very real .Than it happened again and it was difreent and last week i had a dream after a dream where i would wake up and see a wave coming tho i just remembered right now when i am writing that i have had a dream where i was on a hill and there was water coming up and i was trying to get as high as possible but that was many year ago.I wonder if it has anything to do with that.Kinda strange that i remembered that while i was typeing.If i remember right in the old dream the water came slower or i rememeber it that way.This time there is a big wave because i see it when i look up.In the first big wave flood i see the wave coming over the trees.Have no idea where i am.So i am looking at it and i am sure i am going to die and sit down and hold my breath tho i don't remember even breathing except after i can't hold it and face it and i start breathing air i think .Than i wake up.At the point where i hold my breath i remeber a calm feeling and no fear at all.The second time (tho it could be the third time if there is any conection with the one years go) i see a wave going over a mountain or a hill but this time is 2D(the wave comes from right over a mountain or hill that is on the left side). Now this other time when i am having this dream of this wave i wake up everytime after it passes over tho i don't die in all of them.In one i see the wave coming over some supermarket that i see looking thru the window and than i wake up and it happenes again but this time i run thru some kinda forest tho it seems like a really small one.While am running i see a big tree and climb it as high as i can and i look down but it's like i'm of orbit because the wave passing looks so small and when i saw the tree before climbing it didn't looked that tall but above the hight of the other ones.In another one i am somewhere between some hills with other people(also in the one where i hold my breath there are people around but i ignore them)and water is coming but looks more like is leaking and than the wave comes.That's what i remeber right now.Please Excuse my flawed english spelling wherever happenes

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 03:06 AM
dreams are not something i have to often,last 1 was 2yrs ago,maybe a bit longer.before that,hmm can't really say for certain,5/7 years probably.So last night i goes to bed(00.10hrs)approx,slept until 04.15,gets up an empties some waste water---then back to bed,lay there for 10 minutes,a bit warm/not overly!!G/friend wakes an goes to the toilet,comes back to bed.The dream,,i'm in a boozer in Edinburgh,the girlfriends with me,everythings cool an were having a good night a couple of drinks,then she gets up an goes to the toilet,i sits there for a while but she don't come back so i goes to look for her,at this point i leave the pub an go down the street to a rank of taxis,no sign of her,so i makes my way back to the pub,on the way i think--a ha i'll give her a phone,puts my hand in my pocket an pulls out her phone,this was like no phone on the market,made of what i can only think of as small pieces of glass or crystal,so anyway phoning her is out the window,so back on up to the pub.on the way i pass through an outdoor area of a cafe with tables an chairs,at 1 of the tables near the door back into the pub is a girl lying slumped to the side snoring,same hair/shape/size as the GF,so i goes over,touches her shoulder an she wakes up,as she does her hair goes from brown to blonde,an her face changes,she don't look so good now,so i back off an go through the door into the pub,there is a balcony an i look down to see her out on the other street running at 90 degrees down the royal mile,speaking to her daughter !!!! so i go down the stairs an out on the street to see her get on a red an black bus which drives off,i run after it but give up after 30/40 yards,then i hear this low growling just behind an to my left,a huge dog,i mean 7/8 feet is running at me, i realize this dog is a werewolf so drop to the ground,it barely cleared me an i hear it skid round an come at me from behind,at this point i think your about to loss your front teeth an kick back a couple of times hearing it yelp.....only it was not a werewolf yelping,it was my GF, feck,she smacks me round the ear an i wakes up,an she asked me wtf was the matter cause my face was all contorted like i was having a fit or spasm,i could smell the animal as it passed over me !! got up right after i told her about this,07.20hrs,
edit on 28-6-2012 by dunc4 because: i just looked at her shin,omg she has to very big bruises,i'm i in the shyte.

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