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Great Warning was cancelled, brace for the Chastisement

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 06:01 AM

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 06:13 AM

Perhaps they may find it useful in the time left between the rescue and the Chastisement.

I repeat from my first posts that it is Possible theGreat Warning to be cancelled. It is not explicitly found in the Bible. While the Chastisement is - 2 Peter speaks of earth on fire, while the worthy ones are rescued. Notice Peter does not speak of the Second Coming at that moment, rather of a new earth where righteousness dwells!

So, is the Warning cancelled? Generations waited for the Warning. It just didn't happen.

If anything is true about 2012 (or should it be early 2013) from Nibiru to comet, to galactic alignment, then may be we are facing an impeding Chastisement. There is simply no time for the Warning and the Miracle.

What is your intake ON THAT?

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 07:01 AM
IF, and I stress IF, nothing planetary or extraterrestrial happens around the end of this year, THEN

I'd expect rapid deterioration of international situation in early 2013. That will result in a rather fast escalation towards a global conflict. Unlike the prognosis of MAD, I suggest that Russia will somehow neutralize America (let say space weapons, or combination of first strike and agreement) and then will march thru Europe unrestricted. That fits a number of prophecies that are too long to quote.

Unlike the prophecies that always expect the pope at the time to make a consecration of Russia to stop the invasion, I invent the factor of the Russian Orthodox Church that is now having a leading role in society, and that might bless such action. Will therefore the Russian church be made to believe ina closeness to her sister church - the Catholic, and somehow to avoid the no-return point if possible?

So in fact here I propose the Chastisement of planetary scale is leveraged to a global conflict and the planetary part of it is postponed. In other words, I contradict my previous posts. I assume I might be wrong in them.

That is the purpose of discussion - to review different positions, to compare and critically analyze them. the function of the human brain is that. And not to receive ready solutions. As we see, even prophecies do not fulfill in a century or two. What to say of personal views of common people.

I am sorry if understood wrongly.

On video: Russian armors move thru Moscow streets in Victory Day rehersal - this is what Europe might see one day on its streets

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 07:18 AM
The opposite scenario: USA uses its drones, smart weapons, and unknown space weapons (as X37B and TR3B) and neutralizes Russian nuclear deterrent first. Then it will be easy to force any political solution to the Russian federation that is in fact a conglomerate of nations historically connected by the Tsarist empire. The model of USSR disintegration will be repeated. I.e. we may have Yakutia independent, one of the richest and least populated regions in the world.

For a number of reasons, from prophetic to geopolitical, I think that scenario won't work in practice. Either USA will not do it in first place, or Russia will know it and will strike preemptively.

Is WW3 part of the Chastisement? I think - yes. Not because Bayside said so. WW3 was in the cards for too long time. The reasons for such a development are not eliminated until now.

Probably, a peacemaker would avoid WW3. But then some of you would call him the antichrist , and the new world order - a NWO. BTW the pope just spoke of a moral international authority. This is not NWO is it?

OK everything will be decided on Dec 21 or in the period until Jan 7 - the Russian Christmas. There are at least 2 unproven seers today who say the antichrist wil rise at the end of this year. I don't say they are right. I just list it for review. Joe Coleman and the EU unnamed female seer The Warning Second Coming. For more you could check Courlisius website.

One more thing - if Russia attacks, it doesn't mean she is the antichrist. She is rather the Bear, and would make the road for the antichrist. As the Revelation speaks. IF and that is a big IF that may take another thousand of years.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 07:41 AM
Christmas is of no concern for a possible timing of the attack. When Putin was president in his second term, he did ICBM tests exactly on Christmas day 25th for several years in a row. We are talking of big missiles tests.
As you know, Christmas is celebrated in Russia 13 days later according to the Julian calendar that the Russian church still uses instead of the calendar of pope Gregory - Gregorian that all countries adopted in the last centuries for civilian use, including the orthodox countries.

Another restrain for a Russian attack in the winter is the winter itself. being a Northern country, Russia is covered by snow even in its European part where Moscow is. What to say about the frozen airfields in Siberia and the Far East that are closest to USA and Canada via the North Pole and Alaska. However, that may be exactly the motive for a winter attack. USA will not expect it. While Russia created a special task force for polar operations, and has the biggest ice-breaker fleet. Moreover, an air borne troops landing in Northern Canada will meet no resistance and will roll thru the ice. Especially if covered by ICBM fire. The picture is rather drastic. The West is NOT PREPARED to withstand an all out war. The hope that MAD will stop it, is growing thin. Especially if Russia evacuates underground the main cities, for whatever reason (including let say they announce Nibiru is coming, let go underground).

Is there a hope for the "Christian West"? As long as it is still Christian. I believe the worst can be avoided, and not by the help of the peacemaker antichrist.

One big step in that direction would be the immediate and full acknowledgment of Extraterrestrial contacts from all sides. Because all - USA, Russia, China, India, Brazil, UK, France, have it. You may revert back to the older posts. If such an event happens, it will turn the scales. But again some will call it - the antichrist coming by extraterrestrials. ...You will never satisfy all the people.

So what's next? A worldwide war, a nuclear winter, Nibiru, impact winter of comet, famine and disease, or a peaceful time with a Great Warning and extended period of grace, as some call it? Such extended period of grace for me will be the worst case scenario. The agony of the world only will deepen to explode with multiple force later.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 08:19 AM
All of these scenarios may be a child's electronic game compared to the following: Putin said in the sidelines of a G20 meeting (or was it G8) that because of the differences for the American ABM in Europe, Russia already installed new type of unknown missiles in Cuba. Only carried out those words of Putin. No other news agency, be it Russian or Western. Indeed, if there is a repetition of Cuban crisis, with new unknown missiles (I forgot the name, but it is not among the known missiles) and if the media talks about that, we are going back to the worst standoff in history, only with better weapons this time. But not talking about that won't make the missiles disappear yes? I doubt Pravda would dare to post words of Putin that he never said. Or that could be a "test" only how the West reacts. Even if it is a test...From Cuban based missiles to USA there is no practical salvation. Unless USA strikes first. You can watch again the excellent film "13 days".

The worst case scenario in the WW3 scenarios is that there is a limit the atmosphere could bear from nuclear explosions on the surface. Notice the difference. The surface bursts only could lead to flames after, that will consume all flammable things in the cities. According to estimations the smoke will make a nuclear winter for years. And even worse: there is unknown tresshold to start a nuclear chain reaction in the atmosphere itself. The Nitrogen N2+N2 reaction was feared by Oppenheimer and his collaborators at the time of the first tests. It is supposed by some that a 100mgt bomb could trigger either the nitrogen ignition, or nuclear winter, or both. The USSR test of Tsar bomb was very much feared by USA, urging K. not to go with it. K. just scaled it down to 57 mgt - the smae bomb but with graphite rods to slow down the reaction. What if indeed 100 mgt would make the point of no return? What if today there are even bigger devices?
Rand McNally proposed a nuclear tornado on a continental wide size - smaller than the entire atmosphere burning.

In either of these cataclysmic scenarios we reach to the border of endurance of human species and the life on earth as a whole. Only protected underground or evacuated thru spaceships/stargates would practically survive. Is it the scenario that will be unfold? Is this the Chastisement, or part of it? In either way we are dead by then, if we just behave as nothing will really happen. Life disappearance and all souls to go to heaven and hell, this is not what is God's plan - the creator of life, yes?

The Russian children pop band Neposedy has its latest song "world without borders" that sings of winter and darkness all around the world. The song is optimistic, says the children's light from the eyes will break thru the darkness and the earth will start all over again. I posted the youtube in this or other thread of mine. It is worth of seeing what these young pop bands do. They prepare the pop esp the kids. On other occasions they sang of extraterrestrials or ride to another planet. But this one was shocking, just released in September - the last concert. It just mirrors a nuclear winter that should be spent underground.Or if you will - 3 days of darkness. But I think they meant more than 3 days...

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 08:52 AM
You might be actually sorry if my first prognosis does not happen by the year's end. The plan B is worse.

Some history would be beneficial too.

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
WHO IS SATANIST FOR ME...If tomorrow...we are clearly offered a way to salvation (most probably by spaceships, but also underground and may be stargates for fast movement to another planet) AND IF SOMEONE IN THAT MOMENT SAYS THIS IS A TRAP FROM SATAN AND CALLS FOR THE PEOPLE TO STAY AND DIE for me that someone(s) will be servants of Satan.

I'm not worried about that ufo scenario as it just doesn't seem very realistic to me nor announced by prophecy.

However, if Putin and Obama (or probably the future leaders) have the sense to realize prophecy is being fulfilled and open their underground sites (if they indeed exist), I see absolutely no problem in seeking such shelter - that is if one trusts their particular leader. (would still need to rely on the spiritual teachings, however).

But I fear almost all the world leaders will be in denial of prophetic fulfillment, and despite sudden big changes on the planet beforehand, world war will develop somewhat slowly and these world leaders will be in an unbelieving spiritual haze that won't benefit the people.
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 03:44 AM
who knows Phantomfire, perhaps it is so.
Thanks for the comment.
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 04:47 AM
What exactly Putin said about Cuba, in Pravda (bold and underline is mine)

"In 2001 I, as the President of the Russian Federation and the supreme commander, deemed it advantageous to withdraw the radio-electronic center Lourdes from Cuba. In exchange for this, George Bush, the then U.S. president, has assured me that this decision would become the final confirmation that the Cold War was over and both of our states, getting rid of the relics of the Cold War, will start building a new relationship based on cooperation and transparency. In particular, Bush has convinced me that the U.S. missile defense system will never be deployed in Eastern Europe.

The Russian Federation has fulfilled all terms of the agreement. And even more. I shut down not only the Cuban Lourdes but also Kamran in Vietnam. I shut them down because I gave my word of honor. I, like a man, has kept my word. What have the Americans done? The Americans are not responsible for their own words. It is no secret that in recent years, the U.S. created a buffer zone around Russia, involving in this process not only the countries of Central Europe, but also the Baltic states, Ukraine and the Caucasus. The only response to this could be an asymmetric expansion of the Russian military presence abroad, particularly in Cuba. In Cuba, there are convenient bays for our reconnaissance and warships, a network of the so-called "jump airfields." With the full consent of the Cuban leadership, on May 11 of this year, our country has not only resumed work in the electronic center of Lourdes, but also placed the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles "Oak" on the island. They did not want to do it the amicable way, now let them deal with this," Putin said.

No one has ever heard of mobile missiles called Oak
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 11:14 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
who knows Phantomfire, perhaps it is so.
Thanks for the comment.

On the other hand, 2012newstart, it is true, that before terrible war and great disaster spills into Europe, I would indeed expect some major announcement fully connected to prophecy, (possibly the last Fatima Secret by Pope Benedict XVI)

(obviously it would be up to each person and certain major political leaders whether they believe the announcement(and possible other warnings) or not.)
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 12:13 PM
Medvedev speaks of aliens

"Another of the journalists asked whether the president is handed secret files on aliens when receiving the briefcase needed to activate Russia's nuclear arsenal. "Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special 'top secret' folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet," Mr Medvedev answered playfully. "Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country ... More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called 'Men In Black' ... I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic," he says."

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 12:02 AM

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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
I will leave granted with ingratitude after providing tons of info for free to the interested users

There's that 'complaining about not getting money' thing from you again. Those who really care about others would just tell them truth (and make sure it's really truth) without wanting something in return.

Matthew 5:42 Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you.

Matthew 21:12 - Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

Luke 6:34 If you lend to those from whom you hope to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to receive as much again.

Luke 30 Give to everyone who begs from you; and if anyone takes away your goods, do not ask for them again.

I will not be called demonic by people who pretend to speak on behalf of catholic church.

I said that the Rapture Cult is considered demonic doctrine ... it's considered that by many christians. The vast majority of Christians reject the Rapture Cult teaching. I never said that YOU were demonic.

And I'm perfectly capable of stating exactly what the Catholic Church believes. It's not that hard. OFFICIAL Catholic sources are available online for anyone who wishes to read them. FOR FREE and (unlike your postings) without anyone expecting gratitude or payment. If official Catholic teachings clash with what you are posting .. that's your problem .. not mine.

So you are done posting? Okay. Bu-bye.
Mods can close the thread if they like
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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

This line of Christian Eschatology(Pre tribulation Rapture) is considered a heresy not just in the Catholic Church, but the Reformed Churches as well. Its one of those seductive teachings that appeals to the flesh

This is the Great Chastisement for the dispensationalists

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 06:02 PM
I think it is a monumental mistake to listen to anything that is said from a so called apparition.

No where in the scriptures; that I know of anyway, does God speak through an apparition.

Just sayin'

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 02:37 AM
I have to add one more post in this thread although I abandoned it due to a number of reasons. Perhaps it was good to abandon it.

Right now, I am a zealous supporter of the Great Warning messages and apparitions, starting from Garabandal, and those following ones who are consistent with Garabandal. I also believe the Great Warning is a secret itself and includes much more both as events and as intensity than the seers are permitted to tell us.

The reason to do this post is not only to say sorry for previous statements. Everyone can err.

But to give crucial info about the Great Warning itself. It well may be on March 10, 2013. There is a comet approaching the sun as we speak.


Comet Pan-STARRS, now visible in the southern hemispherre, is brightening as it plunges toward the sun, Amateur astronomer Ian Cooper sends this report from Glen Oroua, New Zealand: "Despite lingering evening twilight and the glare from a nearly full Moon, Comet Pan-STARRS is a 3rd-magnitude object with a fine orange dust tail visible in both binoculars and small telescopes." In early March, the comet will pass about 100 million miles from Earth as it briefly dips inside the orbit of Mercury. At that time it is expected to brighten another three-fold to 2nd magnitude, about as bright as the stars in the Big Dipper. Whether Pan-STARRS will actually be visible to the naked eye through the glow of the nearby sun remains to be seen; this NASA video explores the possibilities. Whatever happens, observers in the northern hemisphere will have a front row seat as the comet crosses the celestial equator on March 12th. Stay tuned!

The other issue that is important for the Great Warning, is the pope in Rome to FLEE under the circumstances. Indeed the Great Warning apparitions differ on what exactly those circumstances will be. Some other seers that are not predicting great warning, such as Elena Aiello, or St Pius X, see it in a different way - as a flee after massacre in the Vatican. There wasn't anything like that around the resignation of Benedict 16. However, the fact is present: that he left the Vatican and Rome, perhaps under unimaginable pressure of sex and other scandals from within the church "the wolves" as he himself called them. We have the fact of his flee from Rome and from the see of Peter itself (the prophecies did not mention of resignation rather of physical removal from Rome, so now we have the bigger). May be it is it for the purpose of fulfillment of Great Warning predictions.

It remains to be seen whether the Great Warning will occur in reality this year. If so, the only possible date for the Great Miracle this year is April 11.

I leave that topic open, although I do not intend to pour more info here because it seems its purpose is done long ago. Look for March 10 and April 11!

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 02:47 AM
The only reference from the Revelation for an event that matches the description of the Great Warning, I see the three angelic warnings in chapter 14.
One may see allusion to it also in the 6th seal. But too may people have seen too many things in the sixth seal. While the angels definitely pre-warn the people still living on earth at that time in Revelation 14. The question is are we in that time? I don't have a better answer. We have events happening in Rome, comets around (this current one is not the only one), and we should be open for the possibility what the children in Garabandal have said to be the truth. If I remember they didn't speak of a comet, it was added later by other apparitions. Anyway, we have to be tuned for "what the Spirit tells the churches" as St John was at his time. I think I am concluding my job with this, in this particular thread, because otherwise should start questioning from the very beginning, and I don't have that much time. You can also browse my other threads of Fatima that discuss the issue in length including by adding unknown elements such as extraterrestrial dimension of prophecy. You can do that by clicking on my profile and then on the threads that I authored.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 01:17 AM
Having much said, and even more passed between the start of this thread and now, I feel obliged to add something new to the old topic of Great Warning. I already did so in other threads, but let it make easier for the concerned reader who cares for one of the most intriguing Catholic seers view of coming cataclysm.

In today's reread, I find the Great Warning not so much an event of "warning consciences of personal sins" rather than warning and giving chance of the world to choose a different fate from the cataclysmic one. Indeed the wording used in Garabandal and elsewhere after, is predominantly fundamental catholic, that is near to wording of those circles even today. Perhaps a believer of these prophecies could hardly reconcile with the new style introduced since after.

Still, if we look more globally, a planetary warning should come to give a chance to all those who want to make the difference. What personal sins it has to do with, unless someone is a second Hitler? The very idea of sin is limited, since we do not have the definition of the original sin itself. (how could be possible the original sin to be translated with the sexual pleasure in procreation act, as the doctors of the church said in the Middle ages, if we accept the life as gift from a good and carrying God?)

Having in mind recent developments, including the discovery by telescopes of thousands planets outside the solar system, and conservative estimates of 1/5 of all sun-like stars to have earth-like planets capable of harboring life, one cannot but awe before God's creativeness that surpass our wildest imagination and dreams. What more than contact with these worlds is about to happen in order to free the humanity of "sin" and wrongdoing, suffering and ultimately its own end prepared by nukes and otherwise?

The humanity and each individual should be given a chance to decide. Do they want to continue the current course of even more personal suffering and societal upheaval up until the end of Armagedon-like scenario? Or do they want something better promised by all the prophets and by Jesus Christ himself, and never happened on the surface of this planet?

Whether the choice of the better part humanity will be fulfilled by spaceships carrying them out of a planet destined for doom, whether it will be a different timeline (and the first would also be a different timeline) developed in another dimension as some say, or otherwise that we don't know yet? It doesn't matter so much. What matters is the choice that will be given, even to the smallest in age, and weakest in understanding. Because "God did not create us for wrath" said the apostle.

Did He create for wrath those who didn't believe? I am not the one to judge. We see how Saudi and Iranians, Sunni and Shia are ready to enact all prophecies of doom upon themselves. Will that be part of the Chastisement? Developed in time, it will lead to worldwide clash of civilizations, with the Christian one not to be an exception.

That doesn't mean there aren't Muslims, Buddhists may be in their majority, who will choose the better way of God's promised land, Ascension, or you name it. May be today's Christians will be a minority in the world after, who knows.

Great Warning may happen tomorrow. It may take the form of ET Disclosure with spaceships or otherwise. Whatever it is, it is sent by God to save us. Enough of theology of sacrifice that sees the human life as mere chain of sacrifices (not voluntary) until his very end, in order to achieve the next "better life". Multiplied by countless human fates, it gives the grim picture of a human society destined to suffer all its history and to end miserably, as described in Revelation, with few saved. Where is Jesus' promised kingdom then? Are his words empty words to be fulfiled in unknown afterlife only? Where is the Prayer Our Father Thy kingdom come?

No, don't tell me it is only " within us, invisible". It is, and at the same time it should be manifested if there is a slight truth and power in Jesus' words . And we believe there is. The time of darkness and mad sacrifice for nothing in return must end. Before we reach the very end of humanity the way we know it.

Actually we are talking of a BIFURCATION of humanity in two (or more, may be just two) branches of independent histories from that moment on. My personal view is the uplifted one will find its future history nt entirely on this planet. There are other views that is see it differently. But that is not the most important thing right now. The most important is to oppose the satanists, luciferians as called by researchers, who want their timeline of destruction to win. Who want a world war or something equal in magnitude to happen. And to say "God punished the world for its sins". Whose sins, pardon me? Isn't it the gross sins of exactly those dark lords, or is it the personal shortcomings everyone is born with? Let define better what is a sin, and a free will, and let lot copy blindly manuals of Vatican as outdated as some of its servants are.

The fact the above things were never made a DOGMA shows that some within the early Church left the door open for the Church to enter into that new era of peace, despite the fact many of them rejected it as being "anti-christ induced deceit of end times". What worse paradigm that envisions God's liberation promised by all prophets, to be called anti-christian? Then what is the good one, the destruction and everyday martyrdom until the earth rotates may be? That, and not the kingdom of peace, is anti-christ and satanic. Let be clear about that. God is not a villain of a sci-fi movie. Many Christians make Him looking like that, mocking His image and name. As Scripture says, "God's name is cursed among the nations because of you..."

I will end this post open ended, expecting for new events to follow shortly the absurd start of 2016 in Middle East.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 01:20 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

In today's reread, I find the Great Warning not so much an event of "warning consciences of personal sins" rather than warning and giving chance of the world to choose a different fate from the cataclysmic one.

Wait. You mean you were wrong?
What if you're wrong this time too? Why should we believe anything you say from this point on?

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