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Great Warning was cancelled, brace for the Chastisement

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posted on Dec, 4 2012 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

FlyersFan I demand you apologize for your words of demonic connection. I may not be online to read it, because the 3 days approach fast, and whatever follows or precedes them. It is important for you, to put in order your own house - if you are indeed as honest as you present yourself in your beliefs. It is important for the readers too. One cannot just call God's grand plan for the Universe that we have a very little glimpse on it - demonic! Next some may dream of the Medieval burning of books and people as well, if such a power is granted again.

I don't really want to finish with that kind of rhetoric. But the readers should understand that the world is on the brink. Not a demonic phrase on internet is what matters. We'be heard worse things recently.

OK let me finish again with "Buchenwald alarm bell" a Russian pop song performed first in 2001 Victory Day concert in Moscow (here 2002 performance). It speaks of the burnt Jews in Buchenwald Nazi camp, how their souls speak telling us of the nuclear fire that will make the oceans tremble, and to take the peace (when there is a chance). Pretty close to Akita (or Neues Europa- =Fatima-3). This is not a joke, or to call someone something online and then to accept Holy Communion (consecrated or not). We all are on the brink of a mega disaster, if we do not react fast enough. I say that for everyone.

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 04:41 AM
Breaking news: CERN will make its BIGGEST experiment from Dec 17 -21, after which it shuts down until....2014! The news is online, pls check it out.

This is connected to the GW and Chastisement, or the sequence of events we expect by prophetic sources. I am really sorry there aren't that many devote people who at least read some popular explanation of that new physics. 50 years ago it was necessary to know the Atmoic bomb is something real, and not to just brand it "devil's work" and shut eyes and minds for real consequences. Fatima could be understood only after 1960 for that very reason. Could I be more clear of the need to know the basics? Tomorrow those who today sideline it, and even offend the voices of people like me, may appear to be in a curved space-time with no exit until God permits it. It may happen (just suggestion): inside is the antichrist's "short reign" of 3.5 y but repetative events. We just DON'T KNOW. 'We cannot imagine what God is going to allow to happen in the world', says one seer.

So far we know CERN has successfully done several big projects: 1. creating a heating bigger than that of the Sun millions times more, or as big as in a supernova; 2. modelling of the Big bang conditions in nanoseconds after it. 3. Production of mini black holes at a fascinating rate of 1 per minute or so. (The theory says they instantly evaporate, but we may not be able to check the theory since they are smaller than particles and may just sink in the Earth's core moving thru atoms as thru empty space...until they get enough in numbers and mass - that was one suggestion by physicists that appeared in American courtroom against Fermilab).

Those are the proven successes of CERN. It couldn't succeed to find the Higgs boson or god's particle, that theoretically would give it off-limit powers on changing energy-matter via various interactions (such as gravity, electricity, nuclear) as well as new interactions and dimensions not known in the macro world.

I put it all together, it may seem unfit, but you may do your own research on all that.

Now what? Now CERN will do even bigger experiment than that all! We don't really know what will be done on 17-21 Dec! With the capability to create singularities (mini black holes) and energies varying from that of the sun to that of the supernova, although concentrated on small regions, could we expect all that will be combined together in a giant experiment? Could we have created an artificial ergosphere around the planet? Or to activate natural processes beyond a barrier of some sort? I don't think they will destroy the planet by making a big black hole (it was theorized if possible how little the chance of that is). But they could create probably a curved space-time around the planet as some "shield" against some real or imaginary danger. (such as Planet X, comet, or hostile aliens). If so, this will be the worst case scenario, because the curved space-time allows all kinds of paradoxes including closed time-like curves and even loops.

For more info, I guess you check the article in Wikipedia about Ergosphere. Notice the Time component is NEGATIVE. This is all derived from Einstein and is neither sci-fi nor futuristic research. The futuristic one is not published in wikipedia and is rather secret.

Next stage is to search for scientific articles in the Cornell University - Los Alamos pre-print server You just need a couple of key words such as black hole, wormhole, collider, CERN, singularity, or whatever you are interested in. The abstracts do not contain fomulas and are pretty understandable. Of course you can download the entire papers with formulas.

I hope some very devote but uneducated persons wouldn't say they needn't pay for ...something like BS?

The fervent devotees will regret the lost time when they could educate themselves a little more about all that.

I hope all that will be somehow stopped, incl may be by a major war. But God may permit it, as the 3 days of darkness, Chastisement etc. We have been warned a chastisement that never ever occured on earth will be permitted to happen. Perhaps it is now?

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:34 AM
Although I do not agree with much of what is written in this site,, I have to point out your attention to the fact that the site owner predicts exact dates for the Great Warning, Miracle, Chastisement, Rapture and reaching to the Second Coming period.
"Possible Dates of the Great Warning December 28 or January 22".
I will not comment on the dates or the way they are derived. But apparently many devote people are expecting something extraordinarily to happen exactly now. With or without Mayan calendar. I had to report that for the sake of the people who might not have that info. The rest is expectation of 2 weeks more.

BTW That site is very much anti-UFO and demonizes all that flies. (how would Ezekiel 1 wheels be classified then). On the other hand, Bayside is one of the few apparitions that say Rapture will occur. Others being the Irish seer Joe Coleman, the John Leary's early messages, and a couple of others.

It is a pity how much divided the catholics are between themselves, and not a real unity could derive any meaningful conclusion, out of the abundance of spiritual graces they have been overflooded during the last 2 centuries alone.
On contrary, the Orthodox christians have less apparitions (or less reported, less popular may be) but are much stronger in prayer, fasting and moral life. Perhaps they have a better chance to get out of the biggest trouble since the Flood (be it the Great Trib or not). Moreover, the christians in Russia already passed thru their Golgota, that the Western loosen christians wouldn't bear even for 3 consequent days if God has appointed that same fate to them. In a certain way, Russia passed her Trib (if not the Great Trib). Think whatever you like, but it is one thing to do these reflections of End times in the superabundance of a western democracy, and another thing to do it let say in Siberia, in Asian or African third world country. Or in the very devote catholic Latin America that no one knows why is kept in extreme poverty all the time...No matter no abortions are officially permitted there, and the people go fervently to mass. Where is the logic, if any should be sought? You decide who will God spare, and who will hold accountable for what is the worst condition on earth since the Deluge (several apparitions of Our Lady say so). God bless you all!

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 06:19 AM
Where are the most true Christians? I could start another thread, but in fact there is no time for that, and I just want to put some touches to what has already been said. For whoever has ears.

Transfiguration Cathedral in Berdsk, built in 2004,
Novosibirsk-Berdsk Eparchy

Shall we run for refuges in Siberia, in underground Cold war era cities, now with newly built churches and clergy not corrupt? or perhaps in Amazonia and Brazil more general, where several apparitions of Our Lady occur today, that are not among the headlines of catholic webpages? The West is gone spiritually. What remains at the end? Not who wrote better in a forum. Not who wrote from a Western point of view of superabundance based supremacy on all topics, because it comes from the West and therefore should be the right one (including a better English). It remains what happens on the ground and who got God's grace similar to the one given to Noah to sustain the life and continue humankind. Believe whatever you want to. But the time is SHORT! If you are in the West, in America, the best you could do is to search for holy places, refuges around you, where you could hide in case the Chastisement indeed comes. Because if many of you guys reject the spaceship rapture, then you are left behind and will have to hide. It is as that simple. The Vatican hill and Rome at that time may be under the water, as seen on movies. I don't know who is Petrus Romanus, it may turn to be pope Benedict or his successor. But it is predicted - Rome will be destroyed. St Malachi is not the only prophet who says that. The Church (as a whole) will continue, with those who God has chosen to continue. Perhaps it is you.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:21 PM

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:46 PM
Extremely and imminently urgent Rosary of Flame of Love

Apparition nihil obstat given by cardinal Erdo of EU conference of bishops, Hungary. The apparitions are of Jesus and the Virgin Mary to Elizabeth Kindelmann, a Hungarian mother of six, between the years 1961 and 1981. Elizabeth died on April 11, 1985. It's through her that the Virgin Mary has put into our hands a new means: "The Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart. "

It is noteworthy that apparitions took place during the Cold War in Socialist Hungary to a mother of 6, widow, who worked in a factory to make the living for her children. She had extraordinary spiritual gifts, similar to those of St Faustina. Later the movement Flame of Love was established.

From the Brazilian site I get the info the movement got imprimatur also from cardinal Echeveirra Ruis.

Still the Rosary of the Flame of Love is not found in the new site. However devote people have copied it from the old site of the movement. It has imprimatur a German bishop during the Cold War.

Start by making the "Sign of the Cross" 5 times in veneration of the Saviour's 5 Holy Wounds.

On the large beads, say:

"Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Pray for those who seek refuge in you."

On the small beads, say:

"Holy Mother,
save us through your Immaculate Heart's flame of love."

You finish the Chaplet by praying 3 "Glory be".

This apparition comes after the great devotion to Divine Mercy of St Faustina. You may consider Elizabeth Kilderman as the next big mystic of our time. You can read parts of the spiritual diary that are a hard mystic literature. Whatever the future of that apparition (already ended) there is nothing to stop you to say the prayers fervently. There are more shorter prayers at the websites. The time is ending, and this extremely powerful source of God's grace thru Mary hasn't been used by so many devote people, who otherwise say other prayers abundantly. Let take the may be last source of God's grace, that of the "willing" ray of light besdes the two others of the Blood and Water, and let use it wisely in the ast days we have on planet Earth.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Could you so kindly direct me to the passage in the scriptures that describe the three days of darkness??

I seemed to have missed that one.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
FlyersFan I demand you apologize for your words of demonic connection.

What the hell are you talking about?? Do you even know??

1 - The fact that aliens most likely exist is proven by the Drake Equation.
2 - Science isn't demonic.

3 - THERE IS NO RAPTURE IN SCRIPTURE. That's the truth of the matter.

4 - You 'demand' something from me? HAHA .. go jump in a lake (of fire).

5 - I'm calling you out on your hypocrisy. You whine about the consecration of the mass not following church rules (even though it does), but then you totally ignore church teaching on 'the rapture' not being biblical. You cherry pick. You have no right to complain about other people being cafeteria catholics when you are doing the same thing. Calling you out isn't a demonic connection. It's just calling you out.

6 - I have no 'demonic connection' .. but I'm really thinking that YOU might.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:10 PM

Originally posted by radpetey
Could you so kindly direct me to the passage in the scriptures that describe the three days of darkness??

It's private revelation from alleged Marian apparitions and cannonized saints.
Many of the alleged apparitions that speak of this have been CONDEMNED by the church.
(Garabandal for example)
However, there are many saints who have been canonized who have spoken of the 3 days.
And some private revelations have been approved by the church.

But the bible itself does NOT say 'three days of darkness'.
It speaks of darkness .. but not a specific 3 days of duration.

“And the sun will be dark when it rises and the moon will not shed its light"
(ISAIAH 13:6-10)

In that day there will be no light; the luminaries will dwindle.”
(Zechariah 14:6)

“From it will be a unique day neither day or night but it will come about that at “evening time” there will be light.”
(Zechariah 14:6-7)

“who darkens day into night”
(Amos 5:8)

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

That's what I figured...The entire world of faith is in shambles because of private revelation!!

Thanks for responding.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

Originally posted by 2012newstart
FlyersFan I demand you apologize for your words of demonic connection.

What the hell are you talking about?? Do you even know??

2 - Science isn't demonic.

4 - You 'demand' something from me? HAHA .. go jump in a lake (of fire).

5 - I'm calling you out on your hypocrisy. You whine about the consecration of the mass not following church rules (even though it does), but then you totally ignore church teaching on 'the rapture' not being biblical. You cherry pick. You have no right to complain about other people being cafeteria catholics when you are doing the same thing. Calling you out isn't a demonic connection. It's just calling you out.

6 - I have no 'demonic connection' .. but I'm really thinking that YOU might.

Flyer, you not only call my ideas demonic, but you insult me personally and send me to hell. One may wonder what doctrine you follow, because this is not the official Catholic doctrine. You didn't answer whether you are a sedevacantist, i.e. whether you do not accept John XXIII and all the following popes.

December 7 - besides Pearl Harbor anniversary, it is also anniversary of
1965 – Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras simultaneously revoke mutual excommunications that had been in place since 1054.

How about double Paul VI as double John XXIII? That is absurd and does not correspond to the historic facts. Thousands people if not more would have noticed such thing. And the anathemas would still be laying upon.

One of the biggest delusion of the current common members of the catholic church is, that it is the ONLY church established by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ established only one holy apostolic church (not catholic church), and it includes the 12 apostles (Matthias replacing Judas) and their descendants. Peter alone has 3 churches descendants - Rome, Antioch and Alexandria, who have branches later. When we speak of Coptic pope of Alexandria, we speak of apostolic descendant of St Mark who in turn was ordained by Peter. No matter they are not in full communion today.

St Ephraem the Syrian of 5th century (recognized as church father by all churches since the Church was not divided at that time) talks about the Rapture. The Rapture is well inside the Holy Scripture, and I gave the exact places where it is - some 10 passages or so. No word of you or hi-rank official that that event is predicted by jesus. The catholic church avoids talking of end times, except for saying we are not in the end times. Perhaps we are not, I don't know. But Jesus speaks of rapture, and the catholic church does not. Sorry.

I really hope pope Benedict or other hi-rank people will reverse that non-teaching, by accepting the extraterrestrial presence. Thus, the lift of by spaceships in the time of need will be the natural way out in the time of disaster on earth. Including when the time comes for the Rapture event. You never commented Ezekiel 1. He speaks of spaceships in the forms of wheels.

Flyer, you fail to response to key moments that I wrote. You may hate I write at all, I am alive at all and not already in hell. You are out of touch with your own declared church to follow. The Catholic church officials would not agree with a number of statements you made, because they are 21st century people, not 17th.

The latest statement of yours proves where you stand on most if not all questions. To wish someone to go to hell! Oh my God! I revoke my "demand" for apology. I don't need your empty words whose purpose is to delude as many readers as possible. Something like a mass sacrifice on the following events, when the catholics (and not only) will be asked to stay and wait their death, not to jump into the spaceships and be saved.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:13 PM
Rejecting the space ET and their spaceship presence has multiple roles. We see the strongest catholic fundamentalists along with the protestant fundamentalists taking position of demonizing UFO. (I don't speak of the user Flyer now - she might be on a way to recognize them...somehow). By doing that, they practically shut down the door of physical salvation of their followers in the coming disasters (whatever kind they might be).

What does it mean? Let put to rest the rapture disputes, we may not be in the End Times indeed. They may come after aother 1-2 thousand years. We don't know. The practical rejection of phyical salvation now, would mean the following:

The most devote people, those who buy the fundamental ideas of both catholics and protestants (however diverse otherwise they might be) will be willingly left behind and as consequence will die. Perhaps a handful will hide and be saved to witness the destruction. However the chruches wil be decapitated by their most devote members.

Will be saved those who do not pay attention of such fundamental teachings. Those who do not care of words but of real salvation, of themselves and their families. Those who want to continue the humankind. If not possible on this planet, then on another one. They will not be the strongest believers. God knwos who will be the called ones. I don't know their number either. Hope to be larger.

What is prepared by fundamental teachers right now is a de facto mass sacrifice on earth of the best devotees regardless of the church.

I hope the Russian orthodox church will not give up to the temptation to expect end times fanatically, or to demonize fanatically all the flying saucers. I hope the strong personal connection with the civil authority in Russia will help the Russian orthodox bishops to embrace the salvation for their people. So to be the first church to rise in the post-cataclysmic world, be it on this planet or another one.

I hope of course for the catholic church and its leaders to do the same. For all the other apostolic churches to do the same. For the brothers and sisters from the protestant churches to do the same.

But if you follow fundamentals of any church you are just doomed. Your generation will cease. And you will not fulfil the plan of God for your future descendants, "to become as numerous as the stars in Heaven" - God to Abraham.

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:29 PM
Flyer, I will post one last answer to you personally. First of all my English is not good enough to understand all wording wrangling you use to explain or excuse your previous wordings. I accept the things much simpler. You called me somehow demonic and I wanted apologize, as it is normal to want. Now I don't want it anymore after the last insults you threw at me.

I am not obliged to follow any 'rules of church' that you almost demand of me, as if it is you who decide what rules who would follow, interpreted by you online.

I will not declare the church I belong to, out of security concerns. But I am a devote Christian, not cafeterea catholic ( to avoid stronger words: who do the abortions - those who accept holy communion on sundays).

It doesn't take much theology to see many of the hosts brought on large masses are brought after the consecration. Recently I see they started bringing them at the beginning - perhaps they read what I and others alarmed online. Those ceremonies are easily watched on TV or online and you don't have to be a catholic or to go to sunday mass to see that. I will stop at this point, because the next is to refer to Daniel's last sacriledge, that I hope we haven't reached to yet.

To say the rapture is not in the Bible because the church says so? Is the church above the Bible? Is there a dogma to forbid the rapture? What if the church says otherwise tomorrow? Jesus talks of the rapture and that is enough for me to believe Him.

Ezekiel talks of ET wheels (Ezekiel 1). There is a progress of you in that direction. As well as progress from top papal astronomers to acknowledge theoretical possibility of ET life, and even readiness to baptize extraterrestrials - ref. Fr Funes on youtube and other interviews, mgr Balducci.

I regret I entered in dispute with you at all. I needn't apologize for anything, but this is my sorry for spending all that time in dispute.

You have no right to call me whatever. This is personal attack and I accept it as such, from a person who would think of herself hi things of christian morale. Pity. I answered you already and will try to forget it.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:00 AM
Will Russia and the authentic apostolic Russian Orthodox Church outrun the Western churches in bringing the Gospel and saving the people to another planet? Actually who will do it first, who will do it at al? All the rest are empty words that will lead us to a mega death. Sorry, but I do not accept that perspective.

Australian PM (mocks) Mayan end of world. Or does she? She is with clean hands right now. 14 more days to see.

I cannot forget the scene in the film "2012" how the St Peter's dome fell upon the faithful while they were leaded by cardinals in prayer. Will it happen in reality? WIll the faithful will be blindly led until the lats moment? Or will someone of them offer a way out of the doom?

I know Russia survives this time because Our Lady said so in Fatima - Russia is mentioned at the time after. Our Lady did not mention another nation by name, except for Portugal. Many nations will be annihilate, not necessarily by Russia, but may be by natural disasters? I don't know what I don't know.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:22 AM
or deluded by satan

If tomorrow we are clearly told the mega disaster is coming (ex. see Nibiru in the sky or anything of such a magnitude),
and we are clearly offered a way to salvation (most probably by spaceships, but also underground and may be stargates for fast movement to another planet)


for me that someone(s) will be servants of Satan. They will cause a mass murder and de facto sacrifice of people to satan. Satan is a human murderer from the beginning, says St John. Moreover satan wants to kill all jews to make irrelevant the promise of God to Abraham - will make his descedants as numerous as the stars in the sky. By now the jews or anyone else are not as numerous. The stars at lowest estimate are some hundreds of billions in each gaaxy in hundred billions galaxies. Not so many people have ever lived on earth, let alone descendants of Abraham. I believe God's words, that He did not create us for a mega destruction. Even less "in the name of Christ". Let remember the darkest ages with the burning people "in the name of Christ". Let never repeat that again! Christ himself will judge those who do it again.

But let not give ourselves to such people and their erroneous deadly proposals. They already pop up among the protestant pastors who already demonize everything that flies. Even if they believe a rapture as almost naked free flight in the air up to heaven. I don't believe such a rapture. I believe Elijah's taking with chariot - spaceship.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 02:31 AM
For the unbiased reader I will give two sources to follow the latest news. That may save your life. Don't believe wolves in sheep clothing anymore.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 03:42 AM
Flyer, it is interesting you pretend to "drive me out" after I said may be 5 times that I am leaving the forum, and the earth. Sorry but I have more important work than that. I have a ticket for...Alfa Centauri? Don't know. Anyway.

Is this kind of ships I also don't know. After the Australian prime minister Gillard said Mayan end of world is ...almost true, I expect other politicians to give more clear directions of evacuation. Perhaps Putin himself will announce the rescue plan for one of the biggest Christian nation on the world. I am IN. You by all means - NOT. It is interesting what position pope Benedict will take. I bet 70:30 he will bless the rescue mission. And I bet 99,9:0.1 that the Russian patriarch will bless it too. I don't really care what isolated groups of self-righteous people and doomsday cults would say. I want to live and to let others live too, including the generations after me. If Abraham thought like today's doomers (both believers and secular) he would have killed Isaac, and everything would have ended then. God is beyond the prophecies and prophets. JESUS IS A PROPHET TOO the biggest one. Beware of false Christs, of cloned Christs and of blue-beamed messiahs in the air. If you are still on earth, you may have an "apparition" personally designed for your brain. Technically it is possible. Only - is this the time? No one knows. I am leaving with the ships, the left behinders will have to figure it out.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 03:59 AM
Will the Orthodox Christianity be the religion of the galaxy?This is what is being decided as we speak, besides the other important question of physical rescue of the people. The religion and the nation that will be saved most, will determine the outcome of the Christianization of our galaxy - and in future projection, beyond it.

Will it be not Rome? (that according to prophecies old and new will be destroyed rather soon)?

Will it be Antioch churches that lead to St Peter's throne - when he was in Antioch?
Will it be the Alexandria church that leads to St Marc, who in turn is chosen by St Peter?
Will it be Thomas (Indian churches), Bartolomew (Ethiopia) or Simon and Jude (Armenian apostolic church)?
Or all of them?

The protestants do not have apostolic succession, and thus even if they spread the baptism they cannot spread the fulness of sacraments. I don't know about the Anglicans.

Questions that are decided as we speak. Because if the majority of ships carry not Roman catholic bishops but Russian and other Orthodox bishops, then the result will be an Orthodox Christian Evangelization in the Milky Way galaxy.

go call that demonic, so I know where you stand. Christianization of the galaxy cannot be demonic, rather the demon fears it.

Jesus Christ died and resurrected for ALL of His creatures, He did it ONCE ON EARTH, and will not be repeated again in the Universe. The truth of the Risen Lord will be brought to there, despite the fanatical opposition of limited number of sects and fanatic cults today who would say the opposite.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 04:07 AM

I bet the pope will back and bless the ships and will send enough bishops on them together with rescued faithful. Otherwise Roman church ends on Earth, in whatever apocalyptic or planetary cataclysm scenario one may imagine. It is as simple as that.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 05:34 AM
The user FlyersFan does not represent official Vatican or anyone official from the Catholic Church. Rather her statements differ from those of papal astronomers, or catholics who work in secret projects (such as Andrew Basiago, Hoagland, other christians). Thanks God it is so! Her statements are frightening and if projected would lead to a dark future. One cannot really call demonic ideas of spreading Gospel further from Earth, and send someone else to hell because that someone dared to speak publicly his free thoughts. We are not in the Middle ages anymore. Actually, I don't know what she called exactly demonic in my writings, and why she sent me to hell. Perhaps in her explanation post she will explain what from ALL that I have said is exactly demonic, and Why I should jump in the lake of fire. Or it was a trick to drive me out of forum by forcing my angry responses. A trick of paid agents used frequently in forums.

I really hope the Catholic Church representatives who probably read here will take seriously the issues discussed, cleared from the personal emotions. Mostly it is the issue of the impeding rescue of large groups of people from earth, coupled with the issue of who will be sent as their spiritual director(s) in the ships to other star systems. That will ultimately reflect in the question of Extraterrestrial baptism, that has already been discussed by pope's astronomers.

Since Russia showed it is connected with ET of some kind (see video of pyramid), logically those issues have been discussed not only on political level there (Putin-ET) but also on church level. Perhaps the Russian patriarch is by now fully convinced in his historic mission to send Gospel preachers to other planets.

It is not a race who will baptize more planets. It is a mission with two important legs: salvation and rescue of as many people from earth as possible before the doom of whatever kind strikes, and second - spread the Good News to as many Extraterrestrial races as God gives - to everyone who wants it.

I believed this forum is on a level to discuss such questions, providing there are staunch believers in it. However, I see that belief is rather fanatical or very one side skewed, and does not accept different views even within the Churches or groups on Earth today. What to say about such a innovative question as spreading the Gospel outside the Earth. It is a pity because those people (they know who they are) will call themselves the best Catholics, and they create a false image of the Catholic church online. I doubt the unbelieving people would like to follow such kind of catholicism. Let alone the Extraterrestrials who most likely intercept by now everythin online in making profiles of how the humanity thinks. They would be rather disappointed. It is good that those who will rescue us, do that out of love for the Risen Christ -- the One they have heard about (thanks to their advanced tech - thousands years ahead of us they can "see" the crucifixion from 1970 light years away...), the One they want to encounter directly thru His representatives on Earth. Will the servants be worthy? Or the Master will send other servants?

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