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aussie illegal immigration problem about to be stopped.

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by daaskapital

I don't know what It's like up there mate, but there were actually a couple of them down here that got their asses handed to them for looking at some guys Mrs here a few months back! I know for a fact that problems arise when too many of them congregate or partially take over whole areas and simply don't want to integrate with the culture, or learn English.

Collingwood for example is a place where virtually every shop sign is in Vietnamese, the place is a dump! But growing up in the SE suburbs (Dandenong, Clayton) I grew up with mixed races and learned to treat each person on individual merit. There are some really decent people out there, but they just have to leave the "excess baggage" at home. There should definitely be a better way of screening first.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 05:43 AM
If I lobbed up by boat to China and claimed political persecution by Julia Gillard and demanded smokes, free food and lodging plus spending money, then burnt down the joint I was staying at wtf would you expect to happen ???

These cockroaches who come here by boat without visa's deserve to be sent back to their country of origin via a trebuchet.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 06:13 AM

Originally posted by mazzroth
These cockroaches who come here by boat without visa's deserve to be sent back to their country of origin via a trebuchet.

Second, the reason Australia can appear so generous with offshore resettlement is because Australia consistently ranks near the bottom of industrialised nations when in comes to people arriving and seeking asylum. The controversies that erupt when a few hundred refugees arrive in boats can be seen as all the more irrational when contrasted to the tens of thousands who arrive year after year seeking asylum in some European countries which are far smaller in population and size.

Eventually Australia is going to have to engage more directly with the large numbers of displaced people in our region.

It’s time we ditched the fear and loathing approach that has lain beneath so much of Australia’s political psyche over so many years, and gave a rational approach a go. It wouldn’t hurt us  — and it very probably would reduce the hurt suffered by people who are already suffered more than enough.

I am happy for you that you were lucky enough to be born in a nice country. Most people are not as lucky as Australians.

Australia needs to take more refugees, not less. And why would you call these people "cockroaches"? Are you from the Shire or something?

People on boats are only a fraction of the refugees that seek help from Australia.

While guys like you are arguing about this non-issue rubbish, they pass 'covered bond legislation' behind our backs. Do you know about 'covered bond legislation'? You should. We may have been able to stop it being passed if the Australian public was not so very easy to manipulate.
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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 06:55 AM
We are not being overrun by hordes in boats. It’s a nonsense. A few numbers...

There have approximately 14,000 “boat people” arrive in Australia in last 4 years. The majority of onshore (that is, they come here and then ask for asylum, not the other way around) arrive by plane - about 42,000 in the same time period.

Of these arrivals there are currently 4900 people in detention (as of the end of May, 2012). This includes offshore such as Christmas Island.

On average, around 90% of the asylum seekers that arrive by boat are assessed as genuine either at first pass or on appeal. Only 40% of those that arrive by plane are found to be genuine.

On the other hand, there are estimated to be about 58,000 people currently in Australia who arrived on a “valid” vistors visa (probably not all that valid since many of them must have lied about their visit to obtain it) but are still here - some of them 20 years on. They didn’t risk their lives getting here, they are not running from persecution and death. They are not asylum seekers. They just flew in and stayed. Who are they? They are from the UK, the US and S.E Asia.

The 2 largest groups of asylum seekers that arrive by plane are Chinese and Indian.

A noticeable lack of middle eastern folk in either group.

But there are many people from the Middle East amongst the boat arrivals - in fact they are the the majority, mainly from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. All are within their rights to seek asylum, onshore, under international law and conventions to which Australia is a signatory, and, as I have said, most are found to be genuine.

Any yet, it is this minority of largely Middle Eastern, largely genuine asylum seekers that are the ones that our politicians, media and ultimately we demonise. We never hear about the ‘plane people’, we rarely hear about the ‘overstayers’.

We should be asking ourselves why.

Are we so blinded by politicians’ posturing and half truths, using the misery of others to gain votes - not to mention the sensationalist rubbish that goes on in the media - that we can’t step back, fact check and think for ourselves?

Are we so lacking in imagination that we cannot imagine that popping down to the local embassy for a visa might be an issue? That carrying identification might be life threatening?

Are we so lacking in empathy and compassion that we cannot imagine how desperate you have to be to get onto one of those damn leaking boats, perhaps at the cost of all that you own and possibly your life?

We are better than that. I am not saying we should open our borders and be a free for all. But lets have a bit of fact based rationality, tempered with humanity. We are supposed to be about a fair go and giving a damn about the underdog. Cliches I know, but not such bad values to hang on to.

Some sources - but you will have do some math

asylum stats Aust Parliament

Asylum Seekers - Aust Parliament Library

More stats - Monash University


posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 07:03 AM
Immigration is one of those subjects that cannot be spoken of without "racism" ending any arguement.

People forget that "lucky" nations were created and built by their citizens. The same thing is true about "unlucky" nations. There were also built by their citizens.

When enough "unlucky" citizens arrive and settle into another nation, expect the "luck" to run out.

I cannot comment on Australia's problems as I have never been. I do see first hand what becomes of an area when "unlucky" immigrants gain the majority of the population. My old neighborhood was lower middle class 20 years ago and was about 80/20 mixed whites and hispanic. It was a little rough around the edges but people could walk outside at night and the neighborhood was clean and decently kept. Today it is 95/5 Hispanic and white. More than half the houses are gone (demolished to limit crime), and people dump trash right outside their yards. Chickens and goats have replaced dogs and cats in the yards.

Rather than blame the people that came here and made the area the same as the ones they left, some people actually blame "white flight" for the situation. It blows my mind that people cannot just put blame where it belongs.

Immigration is the key to national survival. People should be able to go where opportunities are. The influx of new ideas and new blood can have far more benefits than problems. However, simply moving away from one area and destroying another serves no rational purpose. Perhaps if people were to "stay home" and make their countries a better place they wouldn't have to move. I know that is a simplistic approach and will never happen. It is far easier to move to a nicer area and allow it to be trashed the same as the last place.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 07:37 AM

Originally posted by daaskapital

Originally posted by Legion2024
Why do we keep them segregated to start with

Because some do not fit in with society...

In the end we are all human.

That is true, but many times have i come across immigrants who think they are superior...they tend to hail from the continent of Africa...

I too often find this

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by muse7
reply to post by Bilder

Nationalish IS a dirty word. Nationalism only leads to hate and a feeling of superiority

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having National Pride as for it leading to hate and superiority,thats rubbish and anybody that gets those feelings has other issues at play.
These people are economic refugees they pass through several countries on their way to Indonesia before ditching their papers,some even fly straight to Indonesia,they know when they get here its taxpayer funded handouts for the rest of their lives

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