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Ultimatum that faces us! (MUST READ!)

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 10:08 PM
The actual thing we need, is beyond free enterprise, ie Venus Project, NO MONEY, NO BANKS, and especially this NO RULERS OF ANY KIND< BYE BYE, GONE, JAIL FOR THEM.

People, grass roots councils, and turn taking, high cosmic education.

TRUE SOCIALISM, TRUE EQUALITY. There is ZERO freedom for most people in this hellzone world of haves and have nots. EVERYONE COUNTS, and no forcing, only volunteering. We co-own earth and resources, BUT I don't stand under all the ludicrous Control Freaks laws either. Basic Common Law means we don't kill, raper, rob, abuse each other, but it doesnt mean we dicate to each other, imprison each other over controlling natural resources and all that grows on this planet. It doesnt mean, you can tell someone what to plant in their front yard, or whether they hang they clothes outside, it doesnt take away sovereign rights. Most of what we think are laws are not laws, they're criminal legislation.

Any other system than what I have hinted at is illegal as it harms other people, it is slavery and slavery is massive harm, it is facism and control, and that is harm.

So, Freedom and Equality with some laws protecting us and nature from violence, in place, and alot of meeting up and counsels, are both needed, wedded together. Mom and Dad, Sophia and Father. Wedded together. Its the one and only way we pass the tests and go home.

By the way this isn't free enterprise. This is an illegal pyramid monopoly system. Free enterprise means lots and lots of grass roots ethical businesses bending over backwards to be the good guys and hero's and try to win our support, where we buy from each other.

In a true free enterprise system the whole grass roots bottom of the pyramid would be wealthy.

This is just something out of a hellzone instead.
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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by TechUnique
I don't know how much more I can stress this.. I'm joining a local socialist group. I suggest you all at least consider the same.

If you care that you're being #ed anyway. Maybe you enjoy being democratically #ed. At least its democratic

You have to understand that any system is only as good as the humans that run it.

The very definition of human is to be greedy, selfish, and lustful. This is why every government throughout history has failed, and will keep on failing. Just as every home needs to be remodeled after a time, every government needs to be remodeled by the people. It's just a shame that this usually requires bloodshed.

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